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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2012
Well I'll lay my cards on the table from the start....... I've been a Weddoes fan since hearing 'Go out and get em boy' on John Peel's radio shows back in the mid 80's.

It's been almost four years since the last Weddoes album 'El Ray' hit the shops so to say I was eager for a new one would be an underestimate, what would Gedge give us with this offering? One things that is fair to say is that Gedge always manages to deliver a classic slice of indie everytime, always taking new twists and turns along the way but staying faithfull to the Wedding Present recipe of clasic guitars, Gedge's lyrical genius to turn the mundane and depressing into indie classics, with the end result of delivering albums crammed with songs that become live favourites quickly.

Well, Valentina does not disappoint............ infact after the first listen I was hooked. From the thumping drum intro to album opener 'You're Dead' through the eclectic yet mesmeric 'You Jane' on through stand out tracks 'Girl from the DDR' and 'Dear Caught In The Headlights' to the albums finale 'Mystery Date'.

Gedge and the Weddoes never fail to be relavent, contemporary and energetic. The tale of heart felt relationships threaded through the album are pure Gedge classics, certainly the added input from Greamme Ramsey to the writing has added yet another dimension to the Wedding Present. Where many of their peers have come and gone, after undoubtably being more commercially sucessfull than the Weddoes, the enduring brilliance and quality still burns strong within Gedge and his band mates...... the Weddoes have delivered a perfect slice of contemporary indie whilst there's little bits in there that take you right back to classics from thier past such as 'Flying Saucer', 'Brassneck' and 'Don't Talk, Just Kiss'.

If you are a Weddoes fan you will not be disappointed, if this is your first venture into the world of Gedge then enjoy the ride and be ready to be searching for the back catalogue.

'The boy Gedge done good'..............again!

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on 24 April 2012
The last great wedding present album was( Take fountain) ok that album was more Cinerama than weddos, but it was a great album under the Wedding Present Name. El ray was ok, but apart from ( I lost the Monkey) none of the songs really grabbed me. Valentina is the Weddos back at their best.
With tracks like (Back a bit) sounding like the glory days George Best and Tommy.although this album is no step back for the boy/man Gedge,( The Girl From The DDR) is pure and fresh power pop.
(You Jane) has a chugging intro that most new bands would kill for, for the fans of the lovelorn (Take Fountain album) you will be spellbound by the pleading track (Stop Theif). The gift and curse of Gedges work is that early on in his career he did three classic albums which he will always be judged on, well finally he has done an album which stands alongside them, raging guitars banging drums and all
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on 11 January 2013
Warning for potential readers: they (The Wedding Present) are without doubt my favourite band ever (they WERE my youth) so this review is going to be a bit of a cathartic ramble so you might want to avoid it!!
I've previously shied away from reviewing any of their albums as i know i wouldn't be able to find suitably descriptive words to do them justice, although i did for some reason review the vinyl version of Watusi (my least favourite Wedding Present album), but i now just wanted a chance to say how wonderful and essential they actually are for any discerning music fan.
When i say "they" i really mean David Gedge because no disrespect to the other players but he IS the Wedding Present after all.
Talking of David (i feel i can call him that after all these years?) he's such a nice bloke, he's always available at the merchandise stalls, he'll sign things and chat, he's even replied to me personally when i complained about their fan club ( i was so shocked i had to write back immediately saying i'm sorry...how sad). I just wish he'd smile more in photos...why so glum David?
My favourite album is Bizarro because for me the best thing about The Wedding Present was the frenetic guitar playing which has been mostly absent since their reformation, perhaps age or guitarist's elbow has been a hindrance, but he does tempt us/me with some on this album notably on "back a bit...stop" but it's sooo short and is followed by some peculiar (too long) feedback, why are you being so obtuse David?
What you get here is the (wonderfully) usual stories of love, loss and relationships and is probably better than El Rey or Take Fountain but, as usual, not as awesome as their hey-days but that's perhaps expecting too much and is unfair as he continually brings out music of a very high standard and i just want the good old days back.
Can't say i like the artwork either and the miniscule writing, some of us oldies need large print please, but anything from the golden pen that is Gedge must be savoured and appreciated...love the line "you abhor me, call me".
There's a thousand things i wish i'd said and done but the moment's gone.
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on 28 March 2012
I've loved the Wedding Present since Bizarro (not sure how I missed the very early stuff, but have obviously bought it all since then!). This album is very much in the pattern of El Ray in my opinion, mainly relying on Dave Gedge's admittedly fantastic lyrics, as opposed to the sensational guitar driving riffs of Bizarro and Seamonsters. I really miss the wall of sound he created on those 2 albums, but it looks as though it may be gone for ever. No lengthy "wig out" guitar breaks a la Take Me or Bewitched which, to be honest, is what I've been craving the band to do for the last 20 years! Don't get me wrong, they are still the most relevant band around and this is an excellent album, which I've been playing pretty much non stop for the past week, but it sounds much more like the recent releases than the undoubted Weddoes heyday of George Best, Bizarro and Seamonsters. If you've already got those 3 though, then this is more than worth buying too.
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on 12 June 2013
I can't say I agree with people who don't think this is as good as the early albums. One of the great things about The Wedding Present is that they do evolve, yet retain the essence of what makes them great. This album has plenty of moments that take you back to George Best, to Bizarro, to Sea Monsters but also to Take Fountain and El Rey, yet still manage to seem fresh and new and take you forward on our adventure with this wonderful band.

The best Wedding Present album is always the latest one. For a while I thought El Rey wasn't quite as good as usual, but of course I realised I was wrong after a while. It has also been a pleasure to go back to listen to Watusi again since its re-release recently too.

These songs are fantastic live too.

Gedge is an underrated genius. I could be sad for the muggles unaware of this, but I do enjoy my secret knowing Mona Lisa smile it allows me to adopt.
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on 16 August 2012
I still crave for more of the early Wedding Present music with the endless strumming guitars and gravely lyric and so have avoided some of their more recent stuff. Based on a few reviews here, and a nostalgic yearning I decided to give this album a go. I am really glad I did. Okay - it is not Bizarro and is more like Saturnalia but there are some damn good songs on here. The lyrics are excellent - as usual - exploring the demise and pleasure of relationships and the tunes are catchy.

This is worth buying for 524 Fidelio, End Credits and Back at Bit...Stop alone but the other songs gel this into an album that I really enjoy.

My only negative is the cardboard case/sleeve the CD came in. Far too easy to tear.
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on 10 September 2012
Wedding Present back on top - great range of songs - with good arrangements.
Would recommend this album to all WP fans and new people too.
WP are so orginal - not like most of the pap put out these days
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on 27 May 2012
As is typical of a new WP album, it takes a few times to listen to before you suddenly realise yet again you're hooked. Most tracks are excellent, but the real stand out ones for me are Meet Cute, 524 Fideleo and End Credits - some of Gedge's best songs ever.

Better than Sea Monsters, Watusi and El Ray...maybe not quite Bizarro and Hit Parade, but their best album since Saturnalia.

"I'm just not happy any more...and for that reason, I'm out."
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on 8 March 2013
I recently returned to the Wedding Present after a long absence. The original 80's albums remain classics. But what I have found refreshing is how David Gedge has moved on and released so many other strong albums. He has proved that he is no one trick pony. The trade mark fast guitars and poignant lyrics remain, but the depth and breadth of the music and lyrics have broadened considerably over the years. I think he remains one of the best lyricists to come out of the UK.

Valentina is a very good album. I heard the Wedding Present play a couple of songs live in Sydney recently and bought the album on the strength of the live performance. I have not been let down. It is a classic, show casing both the old and new of the Wedding Present. Three decades on from "anyone can make a mistake" (the first track I heard) the Wedding Present are still putting out great music.
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on 22 March 2012
Since El Ray The wedding Present have been absent from the album world...no more, this album is freshly released and as you would expect from the 'Weddoes' sounds great with lots of gutsy guitar, lyrically superb, and as ever surprising yet familiar. Can't recommend this highly enough
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