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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2012
I enjoyed this film and will keep the dvd and watch it again (the outcome was always predictable so it can easily be watched again when you just want to enjoy a bit of light-hearted froth)!
It had decent film production values - sound, lighting, etc - AND even an above average quota of decent actors. In many ways it really doesn't do any more than this director's previous romcom "is it just me?" except in the earlier film all but the lead guy were terrible actors. There remain a few wooden-tops in this one but they generally take-up much less of the airtime.
I agree with the previous reviewer that the on-screen chemistry between the 2 leads could have been a bit stronger.
Finally, is it just me? (sic) but I really don't get the whole Morgan Fairchild cameo thing would sell more copies? A "Hollywood Legend" - I can't believe they had the nerve to go in to print with that! Elizabeth Taylor is a Hollywood Legend - to me MF is a minor TV Soap Queen who looks more like Barbie's Mum.
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Yes another gay rom com and if that is your bag then this sort of delivers. The plot is that Marshall (Houston Rhines) is approaching 30 and a mid life crisis with equal tenacity. This is not helped by his boyfriend of seven years Gabriel (Noah Scuffman) who is working so hard at his cafe that all he wants to do is come home and go to bed, to sleep that is. Marshall is a semi unsuccessful advertising exec and starts to hate his job along with his situation, his boss though gets some of the best one liners, that would get him in an employment suit as quick as you can say `outdated bigot' - brilliant.

So with no bed time activity other than snoring on the menu, Marshall plays with his mobile phone, and gets to download a free app. This is eCupid, where love is guaranteed. Then stuff starts to happen and he goes from being terminally frustrated to the centre of the gay universe pretty much over night.

This has a fair few laughs and a big moralistic tale written all over its assured face. From director J.C. Calcianno (`Is it just me?') this is well acted and directed and has some very easy on the eye moments, mind you we do get two of the most lack lustre gogo boys ever, but I can forgive them that as it is supposed to be lunchtime (where is this bar?). It does come across as predictable, but also very warm, I wish there really was such an app and I'd be down the Smart phone shop quicker than a prize winning thorough bred. We also have a shoe horned cameo from Morgan Fairchild and bless her for adding some down at heart glamour as Venus the waitress who oozes old world charm and homely advice.

This won't really get your pulse racing, it won't change your life but you might get a nice warm feeling and enjoy a genuinely nice gay movie.
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on 27 July 2013
If you really have nothing better to do, and suicide is not an option, watch this film. Weak plot, pedestrian acting and more importantly NO LAUGHS - a romcom I dont think so. Ms. Fairchild has obviously had so much botox only her mouth moves. For every half decent gay themed film there are a dozen that dont make the grade, and this is one of them.
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on 15 July 2012
When I watched this film, I didn't expect anything epic, so my expectations were already low. It's a good job really, as the film lowered them even further with each passing minute. Don't get me wrong, I like these soft, fluffy films as much as I like ones with a story and it depends on my mood which one I want. So, me and the hubby sat down to this one last night and quite frankly, I would have been better off rearranging the kitchen cupboards; at least that would have been more productive.

The plot is poor and what bit of it there is was flagged so far in advance that even an amoeba could have worked out what was coming. The acting isn't that great (although there are one or two guys in it that don't do so bad) and there was so much sugary-sweet sentiment in the story that afterwards I felt like I needed a test for diabetes.

I've seen worse, which is why I've given this 2 stars, but it wasn't that good either.
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on 10 June 2012
Taking the plunge to buy a gay film not seen on general release is always a gamble, because other than deciding whether you like the look of the actors on the cover and a general feeling of whether or not you might like the story you are in limbo.
Here I am pleased to say that not only did I enjoy looking at the lead actors, I also enjoyed the story, and the way it was told, once you went along with the fantasy element that was the crux of the plot.
With so many depressing gay films of people dying, as though gay characters should always be punished for being gay, it's nice to relax with mild comedy and drama and romance, will they or won't they, that has this fantasy twist of the programme app he links into being able to think for itself and control and organise his life. Sounds a brilliant idea, if only someone could create it for real!
In a nutshell it was a warm, comfortable, undemanding, romantic film with two attractive leads and some attractive other players, perfectly adequately acted and written and produced, and in a month or so on a dark and wet night I shall be happy to curl up on the sofa with it again. Until it becomes reality, then I'll have whoever the PC sends me!
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on 22 July 2014
Not a bad film, doesn't really make a whole host of sense, but the acting isn't too bad and the guys are MEGA hot. Basically the story is about a couple in a long term relationship who have drifted apart. One discovers a new app for his mobile which allows him to cheat, but the app has an ulterior motive to help strengthen their relationship. Not the best Gay film, but not the worst by far!!!
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on 18 May 2012
......sites such as this, and elsewhere.

And, yes, let me get it right out there and up front: This is a well-done production (Calciano is very good at surrounding himself with capable cinematography and sound folks---there's little to fault). Obviously, his casting personnel have done their best to provide us with cute and hunky co-leads, as well as a fun group of major supporting actors (mention of some, below). It was a rare moment when their character arcs didn't ring true (obviously, the writing helped here). As to Storyline, it's as much one of "today's world" as it could possibly us an enjoyable ride and any number of lessons to be learned.

BUT having said all that, a large reservation remains for me....and it involves the Romantic angle of a story like this. So let me be the Bad Guy in this group and explain my last statement in the following way:

Some pre-release photo shots and a preview trailer led this Fan to believe, or hope, that our Good Director Calciano had perhaps read and paid attention to a past review of mine ("Is It Just Me? [DVD]"), in which I took he and other Gay Romance film directors to task for NOT providing realistic kissing scenes. About his last film's attempts, I basically stated: "Blink and you'll miss 'em." ....And STILL, in this latest work, it seems if you "double-blink," you'll miss 'em. Maybe that's because our two "eCupid" lead actors give little more than quick pecks on the lips or cheek (surely not a case of: "Folks will think I'm Gay"!?). Though I must concede that Frat-Boy Dawson was really "persistent".....and fellow worker, Keith (Matt Lewis, in an exciting performance) gave his lip-lock a really good shot.

Other main supporting actors of note include Andy Anderson (Chris 1).....and of course, the inestimable Morgan Fairchild, as the Divinity Drive-In's Mother Confessor....and Guru of Love (she probably even out-angels Gabriel in this film).

Now, let's hope there is some "learning" being derived from reviews put out there by nonprofessional guys such as you and I. Let's also hope for better film productions in future. (Still and all, I'd buy another of this Director's films.)

By George...I think I've got it! I believe I'll just close out these comments with my parting review words re: our Director's last film:

"So, how to end all this? Let me do it by asking: Is it fun and cute and attention-holding? Well, yes....for the most part. But that doesn't mean it couldn't have been better....and my rating reflects that. (And yes, yes, yes....I have watched it more than once before butting in)."
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on 29 June 2012
Comparing to "Is it just me", "E-cupid" is a big step forward. It's like these two films were created by completely different people.
Of course the latter one is not a masterpiece, but at least it kept my attention to the very last minute. The acting is not bad, there are better and worse moments. Of course the best performance is delivered by Morgan Fairchild. Although, I have this impression that they invited her just to have a well-known name on the posters.
If you seek for a light romcom, not too challenging, then "E-cupid" is perfect for you.
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on 6 March 2013
Funny, as well as romantic, nicely (and handsomely) played, you will enjoy this light comedy.... but that could be your tomorrow!! or it might be it today for you.... Be aware of what you are sharing.... for instance where goes these comments on amazon, once you've submitted them!! Will they be helpful to me someday if I had trouble in my love life!! Remeber, it's light, but far from silly!!
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on 14 February 2014
Turn your brain off, or better yet remove your brain entirely, and enjoy a piece of celluloid fluff. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
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