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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Power Within
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 24 May 2017
Brilliant nothing more to say
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on 21 October 2017
Awesome album
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on 18 April 2012
If you were never a fan of Dragonforce, The Power Within probably won't change your mind, it's still full of lighting fast guitar solos, cheesy lyrics and amazing vocals but the addition of Marc Hudson's voice definitely adds a new shade to the album.

Dragonforce were clearly were looking for someone to not just fill ZP's shoes, but also to bring something new to the table, which Marc does fantastically. Some of the best tracks include, Cry Thunder, Fallen World, Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Storm.

Why 4 out of 5 stars? The album definitely feels like it's treading old ground, Dragonforce are still reusing lyrics lyrics from previous albums and the overall composition of a few tracks feels extremely familiar. Personally I wanted to hear more tracks like Cry Thunder, the classic power metal sound they were going for mixed with the fantastic vocals and guitar playing of Herman and Sam worked really well. That said the rest of the album is still top notch, the blazingly fast guitar solos, arcade sound interludes and epic song compositions are tighter than ever, making it some of the bands best work to date.

I'd definitely recommend seeing Dragonforce at one of their live shows, hearing the classics with Marc's own style at the 100 clubs was an amazing experience.
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on 16 June 2017
‘The Power Within’ marks the first appearance of new singer Marc Hudson. Although he is an impressive vocalist, there’s something that just sounds a bit off; maybe like he is trying to sound like the previous singer ZP Theart but not quite matching his personality. Musically, it’s pretty similar to previous work, so expect some crazy guitaring and fast pace cheese. The track lengths are a minute or two shorter though, which addresses a lot of people’s criticism that their tracks overstayed their welcome. I can’t quite put my finger on what needs to change to take DragonForce to the next level but this album is good but not spectacular.
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on 18 April 2012
Ive been a huge DragonForce fan for years but I was quite apprehensive to see what Marc Hudson (The new singer) would bring to the table. I neednt have worried, this album is by far there best work. Marc is defiitely the superior vocalist and the variety within the album is a nice change. Songs like Cry Thunder and Seasons move away from the crazy speed metalish routes of the band and add a new dimension through slower but more epic sounding songs. They match this by bringing back some good old fashioned DragonForce style speed with songs like Fallen World. I enjoyed every second of this album and I thoruoghly recommend it to everyone who likes the lighter side of the metal scene :-)

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on 29 April 2012
I'm a big fan and followed them for many years. First off, you can tell that they are changing the way they structure their songs by the fact only one song is 7 minutes long. You can also tell the structure has changed by listening to said 7 minute song as it isn't like their past long songs, its more broken down and works really well. The New singer is amazing and can hit the high notes well! Granted at one point the high note came out of no where but was still impressive none the less! His voice carries all the songs well and will be looking forward to new songs over the years from him!

The old 'all Dragonforce songs sound the same' philosophy to me only half exists in this album. While they retain what made them great to listen too, its easy to see they are trying new things. 'Cry Thunder' is the best example of this! The melody to me seems to have a slight Irish kick to it and simply sounds brilliant (music video of said song here(...) )

I have a feeling that a reason some of their songs in this particular album sound similar to previous years is simply to reassure fans that the new singer hasn't tampered with what made them famous. Personal opinion, but I seem to prefer Marc over ZP, despite still liking ZP.

One last note, the acoustic version at the end actually shocked me as I have never heard them play anything like that before, it was a brilliant shortened version of the song Seasons (shortened due to the fact breaking into solo in acoustic probably doesn't sound the same!).
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on 30 April 2012
I've always had a bit of a thing for Dragonforce. They were actually the first power metal band i really got into, and there's still a bit of a sweet spot for Valley of the Dammned and Sonic Firestorm in me. Their technical wizardry, blitzkreig speeds and unabashed champoinship of cheesy flower-power lyrics along with their wonderful melodies, infectious energy and positive vibe provided a nice respite from the heavier stuff I usually listen to. However, when Inhuman Rampage (basically a faster rehash of Sonic Firestorm) came around the corner, I was craving something with a bit more substance and had already moved onto Sontata Arctica, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Heavenly, Dark Moor, Human Fortress and Secret Sphere among others. I couldn't stand Ultra Beatdown - to me it was just a pile of choatic, uncoordianted technicality for technicalities sake mush. But then after hearing Cry Thunder on the ol' Tube, I decided to give The Power Within a try... and I'm glad i did.

The Power Within is instantly recognizable as DragonForce, even with a new singer, and isn't really doing anything wildly revolutionairy in terms of the bands sound. There's no forays into prog rock, no avante grade black metal or anything like that. It's as ot always has been - cheesy power metal with poppy choruses and air-guitar inducing solos. However, Power Within does sees the band moving away from the all out technical, self-indulgent and in my view souless sounds of Ultra Beatdown back to a much more memorable and melodically focused style ala Sonic Firestorm and Valley of the Damned. Don't get me wrong, the band still rip it up with reckless abandon, with some ridiculously fast rumming, face-melting solos and the kind of instrumental skill that gives mere mortals nosebleeds. But the sound of the band just seems a lot more focusd and precises, with stronger melodies and hookier hooks, rather then all out technical ability. As such, thesong structures seem a bit more on the simple side, but i think it works a lot better for the band. The songs stand out a lot more, if that makes any sense, and by taking theirfoot off the gas in places, it makes the crazy widdly widdly sound even better. Cry Thunder is a great example of whatthe band can do when they really knuckle down to write something memorable - even the mighty Maiden would be proud of it.

On the other end of the spectrum, this is simply DragonForce as we've always known them. No new influences or ideas, nothing new and really nothing to brag about. However, theyare getting back on the right track with this album, and I really enjoyed listening to it especially after having written the band of after Ultra Beatdown came out. Also, like every Dragonforce release, the lack of variety can wear on me a bit, with Cry Thunder and Seasons being the only real mould-breakers in there.. I just wish the band could progress a little bit, add some new elements to their sound and, God forbid, takes a risk once in a while.

Despite my criticisms, I did have a bit of a blast with this album. The band have found their style, and they certainly know how make it work. Without dropping any of their signiture musical DNA, DragonForce have, in my view, tightened up their songwriting and compositional skills to make an album that might be a bit simpler than the last two outings, but is certainly a much more memorable and musically rewarding experience. As such, listening to the Power Within was kinda like welcoming back and old friend, and reminded my whyI liked Sonic Firestorm and Valley of the Damned so much. It's not my favourite power metal album of 2012 (that would be Charred Winds of the Damned - Cold Winds on Timeless Days) but it'll probably be in the top 5

If you like this, then you might want to check out Pathfinder's Fifth Element or Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time. Kinda like Dragonforce but with more symphonic power metal elements
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on 3 May 2012
I was never a fan of dragonforce, first song i heard from them was through the fire and flames, now for the first song to hear from them you do think it is bloody impressive the speed that they can do but then my brother got the album and every track sounds exactly the same. dragonforce songs are very very boring as they have only made one fast song then one slow song as all tracks sound the same there is only really two tracks. i can only handle listening to the one track then after that i become massively bored. i expect a long song from them that sounds the same as it always has done with the same solo same singing same everything in the end i did not like anything about them.

power within is a different matter, the new singer is not as high pitch as zp and can do a hell of a lot more with his voice. zp kind of shrieked at you and never changed as for marc's voice is warmer and can do high notes low notes fast tempo slow tempo and melodies making the whole thing a lot more interesting and easy to listen to. marc is a great singer and i never really liked zp. as for the rest of the band they do slow down, they still shred on most solo's. herman is like a dog tied to a chain he is being held back some more but you can tell he wants to shred things up. half way through the album the chain comes off and it is like a wall is placed in so he turns round and finds other things to do. he will try these new things but every now and again he tries for the wall. so the first half is fast then the second half is all different. they got Piano then mid tempo stuff a few melodic solo's and an acoustic. so there is a lot of verity and the singer is amazing to listen to and his voice changes a lot to do different things. then the guitars find new ways to play. i still say they need to slow down some more and develop these new skills they have found but it is a very good album it is diverse the singer is one of the best i ever heard and there is verity with the guitars so it not all shred
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on 28 April 2012
I'm glad these guys are back and delivering their formula of speed, precision, awesome guitars, drums and as always a great front man! Making them a classy metal band ! I agree that this is kind of the same formula repackaged, but this is exactly what has made them stand out from the crowd, after a few listens it soon becomes obvious this is an excellent album, with some killer tracks and just leaves you wanting more. For me I say go get it, support DF on the road and welcome the boys back by playing it loud, crank it up !
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on 23 April 2012
I have been following DF from the very early days and this is my favourite release since Sonic Firestorm. I was lucky enough to see the album launch show in Birmingham last week and they didn't disappoint. "Cry Thunder" is my stand out track, clearly Sam Totman was getting all celticy and watching Pirates of the Caribbean at the same time as writing this tune as I can hear elements of both in the song...brilliant!
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