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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 June 2012
Bought this for my husband to use mainly for going to and from work - short city commute. It was remarkably easy to assemble; altogether, I spent about an hour unpacking it and putting it together. After that, it could be ridden 'out of the box' without needing to adjust even the tension on the gears or brakes - fantastic!

It has now been used daily mon-fri without any issues, it runs very well. We took it for it's first longer cycle, about 20 km, partially off road, without any difficulties - performed nicely.

There are only a few small drawbacks / problems:

1) the saddle pole is a bit loose, and needed a layer of heavy-duty tape around it before it could be tightened enough for the saddle to stay at the right height. This is not great but it was easily solved and shouldn't put anyone off.

2) It is heavy! the boxed weight is 24 kg, so that the bike weighs around 20 kg. It is therefore not a bike for super-speedy whizzing around. But it is sold as a commuter bike and in this capacity the weight isn't much of an issue.

3) the back brakes rub slightly as assembled - could use minor adjustment (although we haven't actually bothered); but this is to be expected and it was more of a surprise to us that more adjustments of gears and brakes were Not needed.

So, overall, a fab cheap bike that is exactly as advertised.
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on 9 December 2012
Like a berk, I did not read the 700 C bit correctly! Of course the bike is fitted with 28 inch wheels!! ( My age you know ). So to continue - I have now ridden the bike to work for over a week and it is smooth, comfortable and the gear change is superb right out of the box. For a bike of this price, it is well made and DOES require some setup but only after being ridden for a while to let the whole machine shake down. OIL THE CHAIN! It comes dry, as do the cables for brakes and gears. Tighten everything up and away you go. Good bike for the price and easy to push along the road. Put in ear plugs when using the brakes as they make a racket. Overall, very good value for money and well equipped as standard. Ride it for a while and then check EVERYTHING. This way it and you will last a long time and enjoy each other's company. A darned good buy!!s a mad keen cyclist, I have now ridden this bike over 3000 miles and it is still fine! It also tows a KMS trailer when needed and has behaved faultlessly - just look after it!
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on 27 January 2013
Easy to assemble. Easy to maintain. First time ive used grip shift gears and they are fine! For just over £100 you get what you see. My daily commute is a 25mile round trip, so I'll bin this after a year and buy a new one. I'd possibly spend a bit more next time and get the 21 gear version as the 18 isnt enough grunt on straights and downhill.
Very good bike for the price!
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on 27 March 2014
This bike would be great but the problem was that one of the socket was bent, I needed to use a pliers to set it straigth. And the fender had one missing bolt as well. I'm a lot disappointed with this since it was the first time (probably the last as well) that I bougth something like this...

Now after 3 months of the purchase the right pedal broke down, making me fall down, trashing my laptop and making me banging my face into the pavement.

So no, I don't like this bike at all...
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on 2 June 2013
Okay, to begin with, this bike was set up properly when it arrived. Everything was adjusted and set up and tightened to how it was supposed to be.

The reason I purchased this was to get me to and from work (8 miles total per day). My previous bike got stolen, annoyingly!

From about week two, the pedal fell off! This has been a continuing problem. At present it doesn't fall off anymore, just wobbles. I'm not paying for another crank as the cost cannot be justified for this bike.

Also when I was cycling home from work, the front handlebars came very, very loose! This caused me to nearly fall off, I ended up walking home extremely angry at the useless lump of heavy metal I walked home with.

What else, the rear brakes both fell off about 2 months back, leaving me with my front brakes only (but say that, for example, these were worn, this potentially could have been very dangerous).

I have a feeling the brakes fell off because of another major flaw, the back wheel wobbles. I have tightened it and 'remedied' it for a couple of weeks for it to return, (and yes I am rightening the correct three bolts!). When the back wheel wobbles this stops the rear brakes making contact properly resulting in poor rear brake performance.

ANOTHER.... thing! The seat holder is useless and regularly needs re-positioning as over time it falls down.

Okay, this is the last proplem, the gears no longer change properly and I have been advised the bike needs a new chain and rear cog. So screw this bike I hate it.

Please PLEASE save your money and do not buy this piece of rubbish. I am looking to replace and pay for a decent road bike now. I have never posted a negative review on Amazon but this bike is asking for it!

Obviously I will not be getting a refund as it's well past that since purchasing in November or December 2012.

Sadly, I have been put off buying a bike from Amazon, steer clear (if the handlebars stay connected) and AVOID!
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on 26 January 2013
Sadly this bike has had issues from the day it arrived, the peddle has fallen off twice, the wheels have been tightened twice, including the spokes that needed to be adjusted. All in all not good, this bike was bought as transport for work and has not yet met the basic requirements.
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on 29 March 2013
This bike was a Xmas pressie. Although I regretted choosing this bike many a time while I put it together and tried to fine tune the gears and brakes, I can say now I am pleased with it - but it took an intervention by Amazon to turn me round! There was a problem with the chain, which really should have been picked up on by quality control of the manufacturer, if there was any! A simple check would have revealed one of the links had been rivetted badly and caused the gears to jump and make a clunk on each revolution. I called Moore Large, who's name was on the manual, but they said they were merely the distributor, not the manufacturer and told me I need to follow it up with the retailer (Amazon in my case) as they don't offer any support. So I emailed Amazon. I'm pleased to say they did respond appropriately and the chain problem was solved with little fuss, other than my time to drop off and pick up the bike to get the repairs done at the local cycle shop.

Assembly was not that straight forward. The manual is difficult to follow, but luckily I am the type that's curious to figure out how things work, so I gradually got the right pieces in the right places. The allen key provided was not really good enough to get the tighness thats needed. Makes for an interesting project, if you have a tool set and like basic mechanical stuff. I did the finer adjustment of brakes and gears after a little research online. If not, many cycle shops offer to assemble them and do all the adjustments for a set fee. My local would have charged £40.

I took it for a first proper outing (only 3 miles) today and it went well enough. The position of the handle bars is a little strange and not as comfortable as it might be. There is no adjustment for that, due to the very basic components used. The top speed in top gear is not great, but acceptable. Low gear uphill, slightly better. I would say the gear change (which is on the handles) is counter intuitive - the opposite rotation from the set up on most bikes (and the industry standard I expect). Brakes were very effective - not too screechy on mine. On the whole, it's not too bad at all though. The low price is the added incentive so my expectations are not too high. I can say at this stage, I am happy with it. Short journeys is what this bike is ideal for, not the name would misleadingly suggest!
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on 8 December 2012
The bike was purchased for £100 via Amazon Warehouse deals (used - good condition) but it was actually a new product with a slightly dented rear mud guard.

You will have to assemble a few parts which is relatively straight forward, but my biggest problem was the Allan wrench which was really loose making it impossible to tighten the saddle properly, so I had to bring it to the next bike shop and ask for a proper Allan wrench to tighten all the parts as they came loose after a few days of use.

Also, the chain is exceptionally prone to breaking when too much load is put on it. My £400 trecking/city bike is much more durable, but then again the latter is on a much higher quality and durability level anyway.

For students this is surprisingly a good deal, but be aware that it is not made to last, and my rear wheels is wobbling a bit which will be a problem according to the guys in the bike shop.

Price: 5 / 5
Comfort: 4 / 5
Speed: 3 / 5
Gear accuracy: 2 / 5 (out of the box)
Chain durability: 1 / 5
Build quality: 3 / 5
Quality control: 2 / 5
Mud guards: 5 / 5
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on 29 January 2013
I bought this bike for a commute of about 2km one way four times a day (hence low usage) and selected it for price to offset the risk of it being thieved on campus. The theory is low unit cost per day for a means of transport that will be virtually expendable after a year+ of use.

Delivery. Arrived within three working days, which is better than expected for the free delivery option for Scotland to Wiltshire. Top marks there.

Assembly. Can be done without reading the manual if you are of even average technical stock. Didn't bother using the supplied tools, so with better than supplied tools I had it up and running in 15 mins from opening the box. Very easy to put together. Tyres are only half inflated, so you will need your own pump.

Quality. Chain snapped on the maiden ride (approx. 200m), and snapped to such an extent that the links bent, which I take as low tensile metal. Bought new chain and that solved the problem. On its stand, the bike also fell over in strong wind and the impact shattered the polymer structure of the front brake handle. I didn't see the fall the judge to intensity of the impact. Superglue fixed that.

Ride. Very low rolling resistance! I have a German hybrid as well (the one I don't want to go walkabout), and this Touriste might be limited in propulsion (through the gears), but you have to do far less pedalling over any distance. This is odd considering how fat the tyres are.
Frame feels very solid underneath you, and with no suspension you are made very aware of the road surface. Haven't fallen with it yet, but would be very interested to see how it handles the extra kinetic energy.
Comes with a very decent saddle - built for comfort rather than the speedy, intrusive hammering of the pesterior designed into slender racing saddles.
Frame is 22", which is right towards the top end for bikes, and probably too high for me at 6' tall, but I prefer the very high and upright riding position.
Brakes need adjusting as you go along, but this is standard for all bikes after assembly.
As for mass - the boxed mass is 18.4 kg, but it feels lighter than that.

Pertinent points:

1. If you buy this, buy a good chain at the same time (I noticed another review noting the chain failure).

2. You'll need, as a minimum, you own pump and Philips screwdriver for assembly.

3. Doesn't come with lights.

I would recommend this bike only for those who can align their expectations with their expense.
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on 9 February 2013
please beware of this company this bike is of very poor quality the company refused to acknowledge all the defects, they failed to return calls or emails to be honest easier to walk after 3months the bike is unrideable.
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