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on 28 January 2014
This arrived and Christmas eve we opened the packaging which was really badly beaten up. I wanted to put this on the electronic devise when I signed for it but apparently there is no option for that. The paint work did have scratch marks and rub marks on it from being in transit but we shrugged that off thinking that as Christmas was the next day we would just have to live with it. The worse bit though was when we put the front wheel on and noticed how buckled it was. There was no way of hiding that as it would of been dangerous to ride. One very up set child as no present for her. Sent it back but still have had no refund or exchange which we asked for.
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on 20 July 2014
Don't bother buying this bike, cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for. this is my wife's account which I am posting on, as that is how we purchased the bike, I am writing the review because I am the one who in the last sixteen months has lost count of the number of times the chain has come off, not that it has stretched, as it was like it from the start. The front brakes fell apart on the second outing, fortunately, we were able to find all the parts on the dusty track, and rebuilt them. The left pedal has fallen off twice.This is our sons bike which he doesn't use very often, and besides his school and part time job are only a mile away, most time he walks.so it has had little use.Also he is not the type of kid that wrecks things intentionally or otherwise.
The brake pads need replacing having been only half worn, due to lack of available adjustment. As I was checking/adjusting these, I noticed the threads for cable lock adjustment, on the brake lever bracket, were chewed up. These have had to be adjusted a few times to compensate for the poor brakes.(by myself only) overall build quality poor/bad. I know it's cheap, but it should at least be safe. I know I should have returned it/complained/asked for a refund, but as a qualified motor vehicle technician, it's not beyond my engineering capabilities. Although even I am struggling with the poor quality of materials used.For the not so practically minded- avoid, or send back asking for a full refund. These bikes are not safely engineered or constructed properly. I will be investing in something of better build quality, as I am really not happy letting our son ride this contraption.
The kids at his small school , reckon they are rubbish too, and kids know about these things!
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on 8 March 2014
On paper this looks like a good deal, but I can't stress enough that this bike does not represent value for money.
Even ignoring the fact that my bike initially arrived with the front forks crushed so was not fit for purpose, and that the speedily sent replacement had a buckled front wheel (and it was way more effort than it should have been to arrange for the first bike's collection - multiple emails on my part and things just not being dealt with on the other end at first) eventually I had a fully functioning bike. Merely six months later after dealing with ineffective brakes, noisily creaking build quality and finally the front gears giving up the ghost it transpires that elements that will wear out on most bikes such as the pedal housing bearings are not replaceable on this model.
Basically you can expect this bike to rust like there's no tomorrow and when (not if) serious faults arise they won't be repairable.
Buy this and you can expect to regularly throw money away repairing and replacing the cheap components, until you reach something that can't be fixed - I got six-months tops sensible road usage out of this bike and not only are there several minor faults, but the whole frame is losing rigidity - you have to ask yourself if that's really worth the money.
If for some reason you're after a cheap throwaway bike, this is fine, but if you want something that will last and give you a reliable means of transport, I can only reiterate DO NOT BUY THIS. Seriously. Don't.
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on 22 May 2016
Bike came with a few scratches which I expected as I didn't pay full price....wheel was totally buckled....tried to get it fixed...Amazon gave me 20 pounds back...just ordered wheel for 40 pounds.....next time I will go to a shop to buy
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on 17 January 2013
My son selected this bike from a few within a price bracket.. and it's excellent.. arrived packaged in the usual big cardboard box. Everything was cable tied together with card or foam between so as not to allow scratches.
Handlebars, seat, pedals and front wheel needed to be fitted which took all of about 10 mins, pumped the tires up and fixed the front and rear reflectors..

also purchased a wind up light (front and rear) kit which fitted perfectly

and away he went..a very happy 10 yr old

A word of caution though.. this is a black bike with very little reflective areas.. so get some spoke reflectors (pack of 36 is just awesome) and some tire flys (valve lights)

Be safe.. Be seen as the slogan says..
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on 17 October 2013
I'm 20+ stone and was looking for a bike to get and start losing some weight. This looks cool and I've had no problems with it. I changed the seat to a big soft one, but apart from that, it was ready to go. you'll love it.
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on 16 August 2012
I bought this bike at the beginning of the week and was extremely excited when it arrived the bike looks stylish and is simple to put together. Although while riding the bike the chain snapped and I was forced to walk the bike home, this infuriated me as I had been wanting a bike for a long time, I paid a lot of money towards it and the I get a broken chain. Not impressed.
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on 3 December 2012
Good overall bike for the money is great value is easy to assemble as most of it is done for you only the handlebars , seat and peddles to assemble
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