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on 25 June 2012
This panasonic television is the best by far, watching Casino Royale on Blu Ray on this TV is an experience that is quite simply stunning, supremely smooth the picture glides across the screen. This television just oozes quality. The 3D aspect is also very good indeed. I don't normally leave reviews but I had to with this Television - it is that good. Top marks to Panasonic on a fantastic product.
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on 10 February 2013
Really pleased with this television. Excellent picture quality for the price and SMART TV functions work really well. I would recommend playing around with some of the picture settings to improve the image quality.
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on 6 January 2013
I have been a Panny man for years with plasma and lcd tvs in the house. Bought this tv from JLP in December and first few days fantastic picture. I then watched cricket and as the camera pans across to follow the ball the screen breaks up into 6 or 8 very faint vertical screens and stops when camera stops.
A bit concerned I watched some footy the following weekend and some long passes that require the camera to pan across the screen same issue.
Really unhappy. Don't get me wrong they are very faint but once I saw them the first time it was ruined I see them all the time now. Got some tech savvy friends round and we went through every possible setting to rectify problem but with no luck. I popped into Costco and saw 3 panny's lined up, asked them to show the cricket (really handy big bash on so always some cricket) and every screen did the same. More research has found that it is the software that is meant to reduce stuttering/strobing in fast action sports. If you u don't watch sport great TV but if you do steer clear awful picture. I replaced mine with a Sony HX853 which is more expensive but couldn't risk another Panny this year.
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on 17 April 2013
Did not purchase this TV from Amazon but from a very well known large department store.
The TX-L37ET5B model was purchased as a replacement for a 6 year old 32inch Panansonic lcd tv. Having previously expereienced Panasonic picture quality and having read some positive reviews and reports thought buying a Panasonic would be a safe bet.

Setting up the TV could not be easier but that is as far as it goes. Picture quality in High Definition TV and from Blue Ray DVD player are excellent but the Panasonic package is badly let down by very poor quality picture in Standard Definition, the old 32inch Panasonic it replaces produced a far better SD picture. Viewing the screen from any other angle than directly in front, you are subject to what appears to be a bloom over the picture, like looking through a faint fog. The blacks are not black and the picture lack brightness. The "smart" element of this model does not allow access to ITV player or channal 4 on-demand only BBC iplayer. You can access Skype, but Love Films NO.

A very disappointing package. Though I had read many reports before buying, wish I had read the WHICH test report, as this model did not fair very well in there "best buy" list. If you are looking for a TV that produces good quality SD viewing would strongly suggest you by-pass this Panasonic model, wish I had bought the equivalent Samsung model. Buying this Panasonoc TV has been a waste of money.
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on 15 April 2012
I received this TV Friday but did not order from Amazon as the place I got it from came with a 5yr warranty (JL) as spending £900 on a tv I'd like some piece of mind and hassle free if any problems accrued but happy to report so problems with my new toy.
the design of the tv is very impressive and the pictures do not do it justice at all, as i must confess I was not a fan of the design from the pa shots on the net but once at home it really dose look the part and gives the competition a run for its money in the aesthetics department. the bezel is a glossy gun metal grey and looks stunning, the screen is glossy too and dose look more impressive than the matt screen of my previous tv. the TV has plenty of connections on the back from the 4 hdmi ports to the 3 usb ports so a lot of options for users. the remote is light and responsive. now that the aesthetics are out the way onto the tv picture (the most important part).

having owned a 32" lg 720p TV I was worried I wouldn't notice a substantial leap in picture quality as the move from 720 to 1080p wouldn't be as impressive as sd to hd but I was very impressed with the full hd picture of the Panasonic ET5B, High Def viewing is very good with a bright and colourful picture, I did lower the settings a bit as the out of the box settings were a bit too bright and the contrast was too high but have now settled on a picture I am happy with.

SD picture is not as good as my 32" lcd but that might be down to the source being scaled on a 42" led or my signal strenth and the fact ive not spent more than 5 minuites playing with the setings but its not a terrible picture and it will be less than 10% of my viewing as this is my gaming and computer screen.

speaking of gaming, i decided to hold off from last years passive screens due to LG having input lag problems and having read reviews for this model that have reported input lag measuring just 24ms, I decided I would not take the chance of an lg in case the problems repeated this year, I'm happy to report I can detect no lag on my TV so the reviews must be spot on have tested games from Wipeout HD, battlefield 3, god of war to world of Warcraft and has been smooth playing for me.

Films also perform well on the TV with good motion and great picture I have intelligent frame creation set to min as any more and it produces the soap opera effect.

onto the 3d and this is where i have been absolutely blown away by. I really did not think I'd be this impressed by the passive 3d of the tv. when I ordered the tv I ordered a few 3d films such as megamind and how to train your dragon. megamind is a great shocase for 3d (shame the 3d blueray cost so much) with great depth and pop out. 3d gaming was a little hard to adjust too as i focussed too much on the 3d and kept crashing my ship on wipeout hd! lol but was equally impressed with the 3d tech as i was for the bluerays and look forward to more use of 3d in games.

2d-3d was ok just added extra depth to films and games so wasn't that impressive.

the smart tv features impressed and alot of content on to choose from, only used iplayer so far but will use the other features.

as you can tell im impressed with the tv and would recommend it to anyone except those that still rely on SD for there only tv sorce but that might be down to my poor signal or the fact i haven't had a proper ply with the settings. for gamers i would whole heartedly recommend it as it is a very responsive and impressive tv that produces a great picture.
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on 20 June 2012
Extremely pleased with both HD and standard picture quality. Self set-up guide is a doddle and built-in WiFi makes getting online very simple. The built-in freeview & electronic programme guide is really good, though I have SKY+ so rarely use it. Having just upgraded from a Cathode Ray TV set with 4 scart sockets, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to connect my existing analog Wii, & DVD player, camcorder, etc. However, there are enough ports to support old analog devices and SD cards or USB sticks cntaining photos, video footage, etc can be plugged straight into the multiple ports for them. Haven't tried the 3D yet, as I refuse to pay even more money to SKY to watch a couple of 3D channels!! Biggest problem I had was mounting the TV to the stand - there's a locating square pin that is quite tricky to work out, but I got there in the end.

Only real disappointment is the apparent lack of PIP. My cheap LCD TV in the bedroom and my brother's LG TV have PIP, as does my old analog TV so I assumed PIP was a fairly standard feature. The other small niggle is that the set always defaults to the "TV" input when its switched on, instead of returning to HDMI 1 (SKY) or whichever input was last being viewed. Once again, my other TVs default to SKY when I switch them on if that's what I was viewing when I turned the TV off.

The internet features work reasonably well, though the lack of a proper keyboard on the remote makes internet searches labourious. Icons for popular sites like Youtube, BBC Iplayer, etc are already configured. I have high speed broadband (30mb+) but while IPlayer tends to be stutter free, some music videos I tried to watch on YouTube kept freezing so I gave up after a couple of mins.

Would recommend this TV as an excellent TV to enjoy legacy SD TV programmes, benefit from extremely high quality HD programming, and have the capability to take advantage of increasing 3D and internet content in future.
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on 9 March 2012
I bought this before any reviews came out because I wanted a wide viewing angle and LED backlighting. However, I had concerns relating to passive 3D LED TVs.

Edge-lit LED panels can show unpleasant cones of light coming from the LEDs on the bottom edge. Off-axis, blacks can take on a blue hint and passive 3D pictures are poor when the viewer is off the vertical axis. Light-weight sound quality afflicts recent flat panel TVs.

So, how did the TX-L37ET5B do? Well a lot better than I had expected. There were no visible cones regardless of picture, room lighting or viewing angles. Yes, off axis blacks become a pale blue when viewed at extreme angles but for normal angles, black is very dark (frankly, black) and not tinted. The 3D is very sensitive to vertical viewing angle so your eyes really have to be situated close to perpendicular to the screen centre although horizontal angles are very good. Think about this if you are going to wall mount it.

With good source material, pictures can really come to life in 2D and 3D. In 2D, the picture is lively and detailed - stunning on the Avatar Blu Ray. Believe it or not, it's run close on some FreeView HD material though a large number of FreeView HD transmissions aren't that high in image detail.

To me, 3D was a sales gimmick before I got this TV. However, this TV makes a superb job of 3D. Despicable Me is fantastic fun and will have kids and wives screaming and ducking to avoid objects flying out of the TV. I couldn't see any obvious degradation due to the 50% loss of vertical resolution in 3D. Trying Avatar 2D in 2D to 3D mode was interesting but it made a sufficiently good go of this to make it a viable option. Having a big head(!), I found the supplied 3D glasses far too tight but just popped on a pair I got from the Cinema. I've never seen active 3D on TV but this passive 3D appeared comparable to the experience seen in a 3D Cinema.

The sound quality is fine for general viewing but is lacking base even when maxed out. You can wire a separate optical sound feed to your A/V amp that is not affected by the TV volume or mute controls.

The frame is not black but a dark grey surrounded by a clear edge. It's a classy look. The stand is silver so will be dust resistant. The connectors are a wee bit fiddly on the back.

Overall, a stunning effort with only minor flaws - I've never seen a perfect TV. No regrets, I'm glad I went for this one.
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on 30 December 2012
This TV is great and truly gives epic Cinema screen experience to your home. Love the smart technology streaming content straight through your TV is easy and effortless. I was amazed at how good the 3D content was also , had some great family fun already and I've only had it a few days. For the price I wouldn't of picked anything else.
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on 2 April 2013
Very pleased with purchase arrived next day in good order. This was to replace an existing Panasonic 32" which was 6 or 7 years old, although we had been more than happy with that tv we wanted something a little bigger. The improvement in picture quality over the old TV is very marked. HDTV whether through the inbuilt freeview or Sky box is brilliant. Hooked up through panasonic blu ray player which was simple via viera link. Bought Ocean wonderland to try out 3d capabilities and although we were not expecting much it is really impressive (Fish floating around the room in front of you!!). Inbuilt internet much nicer than having to use a dongle and have had no problems using, it connected immediately also unlike some earlier reviews have had no problems with i player so maybe Panasonic have sorted this out. (Shame as yet no itv/channel 4 player.). Sound quality is adequate for us but am sure this would be better with a soundbar if you are happy to spend the extra. As a previous reviewer has said the screen is very reflective but this has not been an issue for us. Overal would highly recommend this product.
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on 3 July 2013
Picture quality is superb.

Sound is crystal clear and fills the room even on low volume.

Size is right for my lounge, around 14 feet viewing distance.

Buy one and you won't regret it.

Haven't tried 3D proper yet (no blue ray player yet) so can't comment.
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