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on 19 May 2013
This book represents probably the most comprehensive and unbiased biography about Sweet that has been published to date.Steve Priest's book 'Are You Ready Steve?' is a book that is understandably much in demand by Sweet fans but, of course , sometimes an outside observer such as Thompson will perhaps produce a more balanced account concerning all four of the band members. There are more than 274 pages in total but one thing that I do miss, however, is an index.

I found the writing style of Dave Thompson to be engaging and of a good standard grammatically .Sweet fans will appreciate the many B/W photographs that appear throughout the book's pages ( most of which I hadn't seen previously ).As a fan I could hardly put this book down ! I was eager to find out all the information concerning the lives of Brian ,Andy ,Mick and Steve and also about the complex band politics that ensued throughout their roller-coaster career.I did end up learning many things that I hadn't known prior to reading this biography .

One place where Thompson lets himself down slightly is his section about the song 'Little Willy'.He makes much of propagating the idea that the song is full of innuendo but he unfortunately makes the mistake of basing this theory on a falsehood due to the fact that he got the actual words used in the song wrong initially ! This is a relatively minor fault when weighed against the remainder of this otherwise welcome addition to pop/rock music literature .

Being a particular fan of the late Brian Connolly , I feel that there is another interesting biography that needs to be written that has also been well researched .This book does ,however, deliver plenty for Sweet fans to get their teeth into .I am confident that the majority of Sweet's fans will greatly enjoy what this book has to offer ..." Buster Buster ,Blockbuster . Buster Buster , Blockbuster . Buster Buster ,Blockbuster.........."
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on 23 March 2017
Like other reviewers, I was excited that there was finally a biography of The Sweet. They did not achieve the heights that they deserved as they were dominated by Chinn and Chapman's catchy glam pop and didn't get to play on their early songs. They had amazing vocal harmonies (way before Queen) and were accomplished musicians who were frustrated and not being allowed to record their own material. That said they probably didn't always do themselves favours. Who knows what would have happened if they had been able to record their own material and tour America? Maybe they would have been up there with Kiss.

A good read with interviews from the band members and provides an insight into their history and recordings. I also have The Man Who Sang Blockbuster and whilst it has it's faults - anything is better than nothing. Very worthy addition to the collection along with the Sweet by Wolfgang Heilmann ( which is expensive and very hard to come by, but has brilliant pictures) and an autographed copy of Are You Ready Steve by Steve Priest. Would be interesting to read a book by Andy Scott and get his view as he and Brian did not get along.
Recommended for any Sweet fan.
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on 20 January 2011
This is the best and most detailed book about Sweet - but you can count the other books on the fingers of one hand. Sweet are perhaps the most under-rated British rock band of the 70s, and this books does a good job of explaining why. Dave Thompson exposes the fragilities and the flaws in the characters of the four members - basically they weren't too bright and they were very arrogant. Between 1975 and 1980 they were my heroes - and this book reminds you that you should never meet your heroes. The detail of the early separate careers of the band members is extensive, as is the origins of the band's relationship with Chinn and Chapman. Likewise the glory year are well documented - Top of the Pops, the tours and success in europe. In fact the first 200 pages are packed with detail, quotes and opinion (did Mick Tucker really believe that the Sweet Fanny Adams LP was ruined by bad production and that Desolation Boulevard was spoilt by a bad mix? Also it's facinating to read how Sweet so quickly cast off the Give Us a Wink sound).

However, from 1976 onwards the detail gets thin and there are many gaps - just 50 pages to cover 34 years - shame because 76-81 is where their story gets really interesting, and that's where most fans will have knowledge gaps. And what about the 80s/90s and 00s? Ok the releases were few and far between and the band(s) not so great but there is a story there - no mention at all about the 2002 Sweetlife album - by far the best Sweet release since their glory days!

Not for the casual reader - but great for fans of the era.
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on 16 February 2016
Well written and researched. A great read for anybody whose first record buy was The Sweet ('fraid so) but also for those just interested in one of the great under-rated (at least by everybody but themselves) and, these days, unsung heroes of the '70's. Now reading the same author's biography of Sparks, which has also started promisingly
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on 6 February 2016
As a die hard Sweet fan I was so looking forward to reading this but it is so disappointing. It doesn't tell you anything different that you don't already know some of the facts are incorrect. Also there is a lot of reading about Mud, Gary Glitter , Slade etc if I wanted to read about them I would have got their books. All in all not very good.
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on 8 November 2015
Very good book -gives a fascinating background into some of the greatest glam rock songs ever recorded and also the members of Sweet - worth a read.
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on 30 January 2016
great story from one of my favourite groups
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on 26 June 2010
Whilst little of the information will be new to Sweet experts it is still a good read. Could have been a bit more indepth.
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on 11 May 2017
a fun read
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on 30 December 2012
A must for all sweet fans. I loved every page of this book and like the band's albums I was gutted when it ended. Great pics too.
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