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on 29 July 2012
I bought this camera without seeing one in person before-hand. But having had nothing but good results from Canon products since my first digital camera back in 2003, I wasn't worried. I can safely say this camera lived up to my expectations. In a nutshell it is easy to use, takes great photos with excellent colour accuracy and is in a size format which easily fits in your pocket (it is very roughly the size and weight of two iPhone 4S's stacked on top of each other). Having owned an Olympus Tough "underwater" camera before this one, I love that the canon uses more plastic for the body - I had huge issues with corrosion build-up on the Olympus even though I was religious about rinsing it off after using it in the sea. Two standout features that blow me away are how quick it turns on - I haven't had a chance to try it side by side, but I swear it turns on faster than my Canon D450 SLR! And the other is that the minimum focussing distance is ridiculously close. You can put the camera down on something like a LCD screen (i.e. that has its own light source) - literally rest it on the surface, and it will focus on the pixels on the screen and take a sharp picture of them. For all intents and purposes, it appears to have a truly infinite focal range from 0CM to the horizon.

Now for the only negative I've picked up so far - there is no lens cover. This is the first camera I've ever owned (and the number I've owned over the years adds up to double digits now) that does not have some form of lens cover, being it either a lens cap or a built in cover that slides over the lens when you power down the camera. Even the Olympus Tough had a little plate which slid up over the lens when it was off. There is nothing like that on this camera. Which means you have to be careful - you can't just chuck it in your pocket or bag if there is something else in there too, and you have to be aware of leaving finger prints on the glass in front of the lens if you are not careful about which side you grab it from. It means you have to have some form of case or slip cover for this camera. And the description of the camera did not make this obvious which is why I leave this review for fellow purchasers. Overall it's highly recommended, but just make sure you grab a case for it too..
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on 5 March 2014
I've always bought Canon cameras, you might pay a little extra for the name but 9 times out of 10 it's worth it for the great quality you get.
As a general use camera this is OK, it takes a decent photo and has good zoom.
However, when you come to use it in water it has several negative points:-
1. The lens is right at the top corner of the camera meaning if you're not in the water yourself, you need to submerge your whole hand, with camera, to get a shot. When you do this you can no longer see the screen on the rear of the camera so have no idea what the camera is looking at. This might be fine for diving or swimming, but if you're rockpooling or stood by the edge of a pond and want a shot then forget it. All other Canon cameras I have have the lens in the middle so why Canon put this one at the top I don't know.
2. The camera is waterproof, the strap isn't. Nice thinking on the part of Canon to supply a textile strap on a camera designed to be used in water.
3. The macro is rubbish. Considering I have about 3 'point and click' Canon digital cameras, all of which have very good macro, the macro on this fails dismally in comparison.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2016
 My first underwater camera, the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 left me dissatisfied with its cheap video look and shocking sound quality. It didn't fare much as a stills camera either. I knew it was time to trade up and after doing some research I finally settled on this Canon model, and my first Canon camera too.

Build Quality

The camera is robust and 100% airtight. Access to the circuitry is through a snap lock that is very sturdy. However the large screen on the back can AND WILL get scratched very easily, especially if you are taking this thing into ocean with you. If doing so remember to purchase the wristband floater attachment. Even screen protectors won't have much of an effect if you are getting them wet.


The settings on the camera will only take a few minutes to master. If you are new to digital photography it might take a bit longer. The lack of a viewfinder can be particularly annoying, especially on sunny days when you will have difficulty in framing a short by only looking at the screen. The GPS function is extremely handy when uploading pics to Flickr. It's also very accurate and can often pinpoint your location down to nearest yard. You have to wait for it to find the coordinates first though, so be patient if you turn the camera on and take a pic right away. GPS also stays switched on while the camera is off which drains the battery quickly, so be aware of this and keep an eye on the power bars.

Photo Quality

As with all point-and-shoot digital cameras there is a disappointing flatness and oftentimes a washed-out look to the pics you'll be taking, especially if you set the ISO speed to automatic. This can be fixed in post, but it's also an acceptable flaw if you are simply using it to document your activities rather than taking important pictures. It also depends on your skill as a photographer. Aspect ratio can be set to widths between 1:1 to 1:78:1.

Audio/Video Quality

Sound is below average. Video is quite good considering how small the device is. Aspect ratio is 1.78:1. It's a stills camera first and a camcorder second. You must keep that in mind and if a camcorder is what you are after then it's wise to look elsewhere.

Since I have taken well over 1000 pics since I first purchased this camera about two years ago it is safe to say that it has served me well and will continue to do so. Well worth the money.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 November 2012
I used this camera for a recent trip to Egypt and found it to be excellent in a variety of scenarios.

The camera is very robust, as you may expect, and it feels solid and well constructed. The battery/memory card has rubber seals around it to keep it secure. The menu on the camera is easy to use and navigate. There is a handy record button on the back of the camera that is used for video - this is especially useful in underwater scenarios. The screen is very crisp and easy to view and the size is more than adequate - no expensive spared unlike some other ruggedised cameras.

I used the camera with a class 10 SDHC card so the pictures were taken quickly with minimum delay. This allowed me to take lots of shots so I could find a few decent ones!

The video function was equally impressive, and also has image stability built in that allows for good quality results. I didn't often use it but it worked well.

Underwater was where this camera came into it's own - I used the auto setting and everything looked amazing at around 2/3 meters - anything beyond that was a little washed out but I realised later that I should have used the underwater setting on the camera. The picutres I took looked great though and the colour and vibrancy of the coral and the fish really come through on the screen at home.

The GPS function was very, very useful in that I could see exactly where the pictures were taken on a map - this was good for underwater locations as well as on land - the pyramids for example let me see exactly where I took the shots and I loved this function.

The downside is that the GPS could take as long as 4 minutes to lock on to a satellite and often wouldn't connect. The fact that the toggle was in a menu made it a touch fiddly. It would be nice to have a hardware on/off button and a faster fix would certainly meant I used the GPS far more often.

The only other slight niggle was that the camera wouldn't stand up on a desk due to the position of the wrist strap (bottom corner) which annoyed me as I didn't want to put face down and damage the screen or lens.

Having said that. The camera gives excellent quality photos and HD video. There are lots of options that help you get the most of the scene and a good zoom.

Despite a couple of small issues (that are due to my OCD!) this is a good camera - it's not cheap but you get a good quality camera that will last and provide excellent results.

Highly recommended. There are cheaper cameras, but they may leave you wanting more. The Canon doesn't and does the job well.
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on 3 July 2012
I love technology but am rarely influenced by hype. I first became aware of the Canon D10 via Trip Advisor and some amazing photos taken whilst snorkelling in the Indian Ocean with the D10, which were amazing - a point-and-shoot camera that you could take into the sea without a bulky and clumsy waterproof housing. You would expect some compromise on quality of shots but these were amazing, no Photoshop touch-ups to remove the blue haze that otherwise affects underwater photos. We had booked to go to the Maldives at the end of June and my wife offered to buy me a D10, because my passionate hobby is diving, snorkelling and photogrpahing sights of the same. We saw however that the D20 was imminent for UK release and decided to wait, even though it was about £ 60 dearer than the old D10. New features include waterproof to 10m (no-one can snorkel at that depth anyway !), GPS location tagging of of photoshoot sites, shockproof to 5m (being dropped), ease of moving through menus and an enhanced automatic underwater mode that automatically adjusts the white balance (thereby removing the blue haze that normally occurs) and an underwater macro setting, all easily accessed whilst underwater. The additional main plus that I knew from reviews was that you can actually see the screen underwater in bright sunlight, so no more guesswork in terms of centering the target and focussing.

Then add in HD quality video and unlike many compacts, you can zoom in whilst in video mode ? How do they do it ?!

As if this wasn't enough for a camera, the "dry land" photos, flash, "smile" and "wink" recognition are all so easy to use.

The final point ? What are the photos like ? Unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic from a camera not much bigger than my iphone. The underwater photos in particular are just awesome and no Photoshop adjustment on getting home !.

As a diver/snorkeller/amateur photographer with 10+ years experience, I can totally recommend this amazing piece of kit to anyone who wants to take home special memories from special holidays. The only negative ? If only Canon could come up with a version waterproof to 30m (the limit for recreational diving) then it really would be a case of "Canon Can" !
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on 21 January 2013
I love this camera! I have upgraded from Canon IXUS 980 and found Powershot D20 really simple to handle. I tested the new camera while snorkelling and it took a lot of great shots, it was fully waterproof and easy to use in tricky conditions. Unintentionally, I dropped it a few times on the ground (and without the case on) and it survived just fine. The quality of images and videos in HD is amazing. Also, GPS tracking works well for my unsophisticated needs. However, there is room for improvement, as this Canon product isn't so good at capturing the night scenes.
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on 8 December 2013
Did loads of research before buying this camera and it was just as good as I thought.
The seal on all of the ports (USB, Battery slot etc) is a rubber seal with a pull back locking system that seems a bit fiddly but totally worth it. So long as it's dry when you open/shut it, it works perfectly.

I took this camera with me travelling for a month in Vietnam + Thailand and had it under water every second day. In the sea, pools, jumping off a waterfall with it in my hand everywhere and it never faltered. The battery life is good, even with the GPS mode on.

The recording is good, but there is a slight delay from pressing the record button to it actually filming, which did cut off a couple of jump shots (when people other than me used it). Also the film is in landscape shoot, so it cuts a bit off the top and bottom, so it looks like a movie shape screen.

In terms of clarity underwater, it was as good as the water was. In misty water, the shots weren't great, but in crystal clear water, you could snap shots of people/things 10m away.

The wristband was really good and I always felt it was securely attached to my wrist, which was great in the sea/snorkelling. Just be careful to clean it regularly as lime scale can build up in the socket, causing it to become a bit stuck.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this camera. Not only is it a canon, so shots have perfect clarity and great colour (vivid colour setting just boosts this further) but it keeps those standards submersed in water. It may take a second longer to focus underwater, but when it does, the product is great.

Can't recommend it enough!!
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on 12 March 2014
I am a frequent Amazon customer but did not buy this camera through them. I would however still like to share my comments with prospective purchasers. I have been buying Canon products ever since the beginning of digital photography and wanted a rugged, waterproof camera to take with me on a snorkelling trip to the Maldives. I am a keen photographer and have had my share of decent SLRS over the years so have high standards. I chose the D20 in preference to the Olympus rugged based on the Canon reputation? I was not disappointed. The quality of photos and HD video both above and below water is as good as it gets on a compact camera. Indeed I am now using the D20 as my day to day camera. Video viewed through a large screen tv is of a professional quality. The camera is easy to use with good sized and well layed out buttons and it is very easy to switch between the various shooting modes when underwater. Battery life is excellent and usually lasted me for each day although I always take a spare battery just in case. I do not use the GPS facility. The camera does not leak and will be accompanying me on my future trips to the Maldives.

Highly recommended but would also purchase a flotation wrist band to stop you loosing it in the sea.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 February 2014
I bought this for my daughter when she started scuba diving, and we first used it at Sharm in Egypt.

Results were excellent at all depths up to 10 meters, and the optional waterproof case will take it to 40 meters.

However, as it comes out of the box, it is a point-and-shoot camera you can jump off a boat with, and not bother with a housing of any kind. The controls are easy to use underwater and it's small and compact enough to loop round your wrist or hang round your neck effortlessly.

It's shockproof (we proved that!) and boasts GPS tagging, if that is important to you.

Colours of both stills and videos are amazing. The macro function is excellent for close-ups of small subjects. And you can zoom in live videos.

The screen is a real plus -- bright enough to use in the sun and perfect underwater.

Battery life was very good indeed.

The only slight worry was that the camera "froze" a couple of times in the first few hours and had to be restarted. However, this did not repeat itself, and we now have a treasury of photos and HD movies to remember our dives.

I recommend this very highly.
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on 3 August 2012
This point and shoot camera is IMO fantastic.
If you want something that will survive the surf at Typhoon Lagoon, record you kid on her first descent of Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach then this is the camera.
It survived a full afternoon in both parks on at least 6 occasions being carried around in my 'bum-bag' (fanny-pack) which was almost continually full of water.
Exceptional auto shoot with (reassuring) underwater macro setting.
Charged the cell once a day (~30mins) and never ran out of power during moderate use.
Never worry that your camera 'might' get wet - this one thrives.
Best camera purchase ever.
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