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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2017
Regularly jumps the shark but still amazingly good
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on 12 July 2013
I must admit, this is disappointing compared with the previous series. But, it is Misfits. They're all really good, it just could have been better. A few laughs, but not as many as the first and second series. Getting rid of the character Nathan was a bad idea, and I do hope that in series 5 (announced, and to be the last series) he at least gets a guest appearance.
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on 15 December 2012
Don't get me wrong.....a bad episode of "Misfits" is still better than most things on T.V, however this 4th series is very poor compared to the high standard set by the first three seasons.

The first problem is too many changing characters: Curtis (probably the least interesting of the gang?) is the only original charcter remaining, and even he leaves half through through! Other characters come & go without getting chance to really know them and the 2 new main characters ( Finn and Jess) are hard to like. Whilst clearly brought in to replace Simon and Alisha, the writers try hard to avoid replicating their personalities in order to make sure that Jess and Finn are not seen as replacements but characters in their own right. However, neither of them are as distinct as their predecessors.

The second issue is their powers: they are hardly used and seem almost incidental to the plot. In the first 2 series, their powers reflected their personalities; Simon could turn invisible but you could argue that he was already unnoticed by most people already. Alisha was a pretty girl already used to relying on her looks to get her through life, so her powers of attraction were quite interesting. ( and so on......)
At the end of the second series we saw a decision to introduce a character who could trade powers and that for me was when the rot began to set in. Their new powers bore little or no resemblance to their original powers, and in some cases were quite ridiculous (zombie cats and cheerleaders anyone?) Now this fourth series sees even less reliance on their special abilities which wouldn't be so bad if the script was razor sharp but what have the script writers come up with? Missing genitalia! Really? This is 12-year-old schoolboy nonsense. Although the series has always been character driven at least the whole thing was tied together with their shared powers, but some episodes hardly feature them at all.

Finally there is just not the same sense of fun! The entire series has lost its "levity" and some episodes are heavy going. Anyone remember "Milk boy"? Or the gorilla? Or the real life grand theft auto video game player? No episode in this latest run comes close to recapturing the magic of the earlier series.

Series 4 is an unfortunate continuation of the series with an inconsistent run of episodes that falls short in all areas. Its narrative issues outweigh what's good in the series and this fourth run is easily Misfits' worst outing to date.
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on 29 January 2014
I absolutely fell in love with Misfits series 1-3. The story lines, the characters, the powers, the humour - everything about it made it great. But sadly, series 4 fails to impress. Although Nathan was my absolute favourite character - the most loveable and crude idiot you could wish for - and I was sad to see him only do 2 series, the addition of Rudy to an already superb cast just about made up for it. However, even the brilliance of Rudy cannot carry the rest of the boring cast in series 4. He is the best thing about it - and without him, this series would be painful to watch. New girl character Jess in no way fills the Kelly and Alisha shaped hole in anyone's heart. She is moody and sulky and very hard to like. Also, Finn, although quite likeable and funny, just can't reach the level that the old Misfits characters were at. Furthermore, the powers in this series almost become irrelevant, which is very strange for a TV show about teenagers on community service with powers. And although Kurtis appears in series 4 as the last remaining original character - he goes out halfway through! This series is just too dark and too boring. Whereas each episode in Misfits series 1-3 kept you wanting more, the episodes in series 4 just keep making you wonder how long it's got left so you can turn it off. Yes, there are still some funny bits, but it's like a completely different show. I think the magic of Misfits died when Nathan, Kelly, Simon and Alisha left - and they took the dramatic, creative and hilarious storylines with them, along with the majority of wit and imagination. Not worth buying - I watched it on On Demand.
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on 23 October 2013
Reading the other reviews I must be one of only a few people who prefered seasons 3-4, Rudy is by far the best character of all the characters, including Nathan, although he was good too. I never really liked the others, Curtis was boring and his story lines were weak imo. The hoody super hero plot was poor too, and I really never liked the chavy girl (I forget her name now). I still very much enjoyed it but I like it even more with the new cast. The brand new red haired girl is a little irritating and the batman is a bi boring thus far but Rudy, Jess and the scouse guy are very good, particularly the guys together.

Anyway, I hope series 5 is as good, I think it's been very underrated since the original cast left, I can understand that people get attached to characters and plot lines but it's not meant to be a serious drama, it's a lot of fun, and the new cast at very good imo. The plots were always silly so nothing's really changed there, Nathan aside, they smile have better actors now and imo it's made it even better.
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on 28 December 2012
Being a die-hard fan of Misfits, I eagerly anticipated the fourth series but unfortunately when it premièred I was let down by the result. Characters kept joining and leaving, with the new cast not having the same chemistry the old one had. Allow me to do a spoiler-free overview of the episodes...

Episode 1: I have to admit it was a bold move starting the series and introducing the new characters in this way but in all honesty it did not work. The two new cast members Finn and Jess did not come across as particularly interesting, while the returning cast from series 3 were presented in quite an un-likeable fashion. It felt weird coming back to these characters, a year after series 3 to find they had changed and weren't the people I knew and loved. Luckily this is resolved by the end but it still dents the impact of their return to screen. A uneasy start overall.

Episode 2: This is the worst episode of the series in my eyes and the main reason for this is the plot is quite frankly dull and boring. The plot centres around Finn, who already came across as a shady and dislikeable figure in the last episode, with the opinion worsened in this one. As for the sub-plot, Misfits has been known for having bizarre sub-stories, but this one seemed too bizarre and not even funny. It just seemed like an un-necessary filler.

Episode 3: It's not until episode three that things start to look positive again. This is my favourite episode overall and the main reason for this is it features a brilliant plot, great acting, and even a half-decent and humorous sub-plot. The main story centres around Rudy (whom is undeniably the sole reason to continue watching Misfits now) and also features more of new girl Jess, with her background being explained a bit. There's a scene towards the end involving the Macarena and the two characters which will go down as one of my favourite Misfits scenes ever. The acting is superb there as well which makes me love the episode even more so.

Episode 4: This episode got a mixed reception from me as it contains elements that I thought were great and elements that weren't so much. The story is surrounding Curtis- the only original cast member left from series 1, which is only fair seeing as he had such a small screen presence in the previous three episodes. He deserves a lot more screen-time and luckily this episode makes up for that by having less of a sub-plot to focus on exploring the plot with Curtis more. This episodes does set up the rest of the series and contains a scene that I had to go back and re- watch several times because it was so good. I didn't know how to react to it though...

Episode 5: Again Misfits delivers a bad episode surrounding Finn. My issue with this episode is that the synopsis said it was about Finn looking for his dad but really this only took up about five minutes of screen time. The rest of the episode was basically a paranoia trip for Finn, thinking Jess' new boyfriend Alex 'From the Bar' was hiding something. I would have rather seen the dad storyline receive more attention and focus as it had more potential to give and would have made the episode a whole lot better. Having more of Rudy would have helped too.

Episode 6: This episode is what some may call 'Classic Misfits'. It's hard to define exactly what 'Classic Misfits' means but just know it refers to an episode of Misfits that is very good. Really what worked here was that the main cast were placed in the same situation, meaning there would be less focus on individual story-lines and sub-plots and more team-building and chemistry being formed between everyone. Alex also joined the gang and became a more third dimensional and likeable character. Its hard not to enjoy this episode seeing as there's a giant killer rabbit and numbers of foreheads that say how many people you've slept with.

Episode 7: This episode was a disaster in my book. While the previous episode had less focus on sub-plots and more of one big plot with events happening inside it, this episode turns that on it's head to create an episode that feels like loads of sub-plots but no main focus on the episode. According to it's synopsis,the main focus was meant to be about Alex recovering what he had lost but really that only amounted to 10 minutes of screen time, max. What makes things worse is that the sub-plots we get are all for new characters introduced in the last episode. Regarding Nadine's sub-plot of seeing Rudy again then running off, this wasn't that bad as it set up the next episode- it was more Abby's storyline that annoyed me. She gets a dull sub-plot all of her own even though she's not a main cast member and we know nothing about her. And yet the writers insist she's a main character by putting her in the main title sequence when we've only just been introduced to her in the last episode. For god's sake she's not even on community service yet!!!!!

Episode 8: Unfortunately this episode failed to live up to the hype it had created. With promises of sinister nuns and mysterious hooded figures on BMX's, I was expecting a lot more but instead I was just met with an average episode. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong here, its just it didn't feel as special as the previous series finales did. Heck, it didn't even feel like a finale at times. As for the 'cliffhanger' that was a let-down as well and hasn't exactly given me hope for the confirmed series 5.

In conclusion, Series 4 of Misfits is undeniably the worst of the four series. It has only three, maybe four, episodes worth noting as being 'good' with the rest being dull, un-interesting and a mess at times. One of the biggest failures is how it handles characters, as Finn and Jess didn't really stand out or come across as very likeable, Curtis was pushed into the sidelines a lot, Abby was introduced as a new main character, even though she was only in three episodes, and only started community service at the end, and several supporting characters were introduced with secrets we had to wait several episodes to finally learn about, which was just repetitive after seeing the technique the first time.

So if you want to buy this dvd then by my guest but just don't expect it to be as amazing as the first three series. As much as it pains me to say, Misfits has lost it's magic and I dread to think what Series 5 may bring.
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on 10 September 2013
If you've seen season 1-3 and then whatch this season 4 I think you'll be a little dussapointed.

Although it has it's funny moments it almost seems as though the writers have really had to scratch the bottom on the barrel for stories to keep it going.

Almost a totally new cast, the new charachters are ok, but in comparision to previous seasons, somewhat boring.

Look it' s still a good watch, but you'll be left feeling dissapointed.
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2013
Only original character left now is Curtis at least for first half of the series which sees the gang dealing with more superpowered madness. It takes a while to get used to new characters, Finn, Jess and Alex but once you do it's like they were always in the show while Rudy continues on from series 3 as the best and funniest not to mention filthiest characters about the gang on community service who all have superpowers following a mysterious storm. First few episodes introducing the new characters are poor with the show almost threatening to turn into Hollyoaks with superpowers but the show miraculously picks up just when you were about to write the show off and the last four episodes the show is soon back matching the quality of the first three series with another new character, Abbey, joining the gang in the last 2 episodes. I suppose it makes sense to change the characters giving the community service set up otherwise the characters are in danger of doing the longest community service in history and what i have always liked about the show is the fact that the characters should be unlikeable scum but actually aren't.
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on 15 February 2014
So, After series three I had kind of come to the decision not to bother with the next season at all. But somehow I just flicked halfway into an early episode of series four, expected to keep flicking on, but got hooked into it after all.

This season was actually a great way to go out - the characters who annoyed me before grew on me this time, the wacked-out anarchic humour returned to form, the ideas became interesting again and I actually gave a damn who lived/died or succeeded by the end. In particular, the Probation worker was just an awesome player in this series - worth it just to see him, to be honest!
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on 25 September 2014
A good product - as seen on TV so no surprises and possibly not the best series ever but a good watch nevertheless. I will keep and probably watch a few times.
Not for those who do not appreciate crude talk and sexual interpretations or bad language. Certainly easy watching and has a few lol moments
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