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on 30 May 2014
I've been through countless pairs of in-ear sets, and can honestly say these are the best under £100. Previously I've been a huge fan of Sennheiser earphones having used the MM70i, a variety of earphones in the CX range, as well as Bose IEs (which I found uncomfortable) but these have surpassed any of those.

The isolation is excellent, even on London's noisy underground it does a great job even with audiobooks. Sound quality is superb with great bass and solid low, high and mid-range tones.

I've subtracted a star due to the build quality. I'm now on my third pair due to the weakness of the cable just above the audio jack. Twice it has just given way through general use within about 4-5 months. I bought an 3.5mm extension to stop the cord from bending in my pocket, however I lose all in-line remote functionality with these.

TL;DR Great earphones, great isolation, dodgy cable above the jack.
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on 22 March 2014
Firstly, the sound quality on these is great but I've given this 4 stars because there are slight differences between the image and the item. I went for the black/gold version. To my eye, they are pink in real life and not gold! I was expecting them to be a dark gold colour, almost brown copper. But they're more skin tone. Also, from the image it looks like the control section is chromed and copper too, whereas it's actually plastic. And definitely pink. Feel free to do a Google search and you'll see the difference.

However, the quality of the sound is second to none. I've had many types of headphones over the years and struggled to find a pair that stayed in my ear, had significant bass and inline control. These tick all the boxes for me. Plus a mic thrown in for good measure with the E10M version (the E10 doesn't have a mic).

The other issue I had initially is that the description said you can skip the tracks back and forward. I've never had an inline control before so it took me a while to figure it out. The skipping control is as follows; a quick double-press of the centre button (the pause and play button) will skip forward, a quick triple press skips back a track. I haven't found a way of being able to fast forward or scrub rewind through the track. I'm not sure that's actually possible.

Overall, I'm used to wearing rather expensive £300+ Sennheiser 650 over-ear headphones, but I hate wearing them out and about. These SoundMAGIC E10M headphones are just as good with the sound quality (in my opinion) being comparable to what I'd hear with the expensive Sennheisers.

Just be cautious of the black/gold colours. I wish I'd gone for black/silver instead, which would have been £8 cheaper too.
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on 30 March 2014
But... if they can make a product sound this quite good for the price, I believe they can still do better!


Indeed the remote isn't fantastic, but still I didn't find it horrible, actually it's fine really and feels durable. The buttons could have been a bit 'lighter', but not at the cost of durability. So for me really this is 5/5 in this aspect.

The microphone is very good too. Picks the sounds very well (your voice in this case). For the price 5/5, but it could have been a little bit improved in regards to dampening the wind rustling.

It came with a nice pouch, and lots of tips, plus a clipper. I found the one tip with the little hole and medium in size to have the best sound and comfort, as well as it stayed in place very well! Again 5/5.

The jack plug is very nimble, thin, but feels sturdy. Very good if you have a case on and not so much space. 5/5


When I got the product I started changing the tips, and I immediately spotted a problem, or two. Some tips are much harder to put on than others. This is where the second problem arose. The filter in the left earphone was somehow pushed in. It came loose on one side and went inside of the earphone. I question, how? My nails aren't a spear to fit in there, but somehow it got damaged, or maybe it came like that. I honestly don't know, but it may should have been a bit deeper inside the earphone so there would have been less accidental access. Also the filter once it got loose it started to lose strings, so that's why I'm positive it was glued. There wasn't a ring around the filter, I believe that would have been the best option; the filter would've been replaceable in case it gets clogged or damaged, and much more durable. It may be a more expansive option, but really... it would be worth it, and I would pay a bit more if it would be really built to last.

The earphones aren't small enough to be comfortable when laying down on a pillow, or when putting on a helmet. This however is not a minus, rather than a wish, because I like how it sounds and I would ride or sleep with them.

Sound quality:

Yes... Finally! How does it perform? Well, I must say, quite nicely balanced. The tips change the sound a bit, so you should try all and compare until you find the one.
Going a little more in depth, I found them a bit harsh, just a bit. They need a 1, 2 dbs more in bass from 200hz downwards to 60hz and 3, 4 dbs more in the sub bass around 30, 40hz downwards.
In mids the 1kz to 2kz need 1db less for the harshness to ease.
Now in highs it's where I found that around 8khz it needs serious reduction of 4 dbs, and at around 9khz it needs 2dbs more. It's like they missed the mark by going a bit too low with the notch, making it sound metallic in result.
Still, as for the speed, it's great. Nice attack. Sound stage is also good, of course in the earphone realm. Clear sound.

Overall I'm not exactly impressed, but satisfied, definitely. Don't forget that price! At this point it's a 5/5 for the sound!

What can I say, I like them... I almost started feeling attached to them. I wanted ear-phones that are smaller, but still be as comfortable, functional, and sound so good for the money... :(
I part with them with pain :(

If I could I would give them 4.9/5 or those 5 stars, but I think I want SoundMAGIC to improve first...
...because I believe they can do better.
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on 10 January 2014
They are good headphones for the price you pay, however I have had to return two pairs as there was a fault with them, where it would turn the volume automatically to the max. So I am now looking for some new headphones. I suggest maybe buying ones without mic control as the controls also aren't that easy to use.
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on 3 April 2015
These earphone fit well and sound great but caused the volume on my iPhone to periodically shoot up to maximum for no reason leaving me frantically trying to find the inline volume control to turn the volume down again (which only sometimes worked). Sent them back and got a replacement but the new ones did the same. I'd say the design is basically flawed and could not recommend these at all.
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on 14 January 2015
Absolutely gutted! Bought these headphones as a gift for my friend. He said the sound quality was really fantastic but after 6 weeks they became intermittent in one ear and after 3 months, completely stopped working. Apparently the build quality is really really poor.
As they were a gift, he attempted to get in touch with SoundMagic directly and have them replaced under the Manufacturers Warranty. For months no one responded from SoundMagic and I offered to get in touch with Amazon. Seems I cant return them as its too late????

So we're left with now broken headphones that hardly worked at all. A real shame and a waste of money!!!
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on 30 March 2015
Great sound quality from these reasonably priced headphones. Only thing I would question is the quality of the cables as I have gone through 2 pairs of these headphones. Both have become defective within a year. Both have been replaced free of charge under warranty. On my third pair now, and will not be getting another pair if these become defective.
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on 24 March 2014
I bought these to replace a pair of Sennheiser earphones that cost me a similar price from pc world (except the sennheisers didnt come with a case). I use earpods in bed to listen to music from my IPad or Nexus 7 when I can't sleep. So they get pulled and laid on, but mostly the pulling causes them to give up the ghost. Although these feel and look very nice, somehow I got on with the Sennheisers better and preferred the sound and feel of them. Ive given them 4 stars, but I could have given 5
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on 7 August 2014
Overall good headset for the price. Very high quality construction. Apple device remote and headset.

I have to mark it down for reduced bass response - this is a highly subjective area i recognise, and I was using these as a 'spare pair' for my bag should my much more expensive pair become lost / damaged when travelling.

The comparison is perhaps unfair at the price, but if you like music with deep drum or bass notes, avoid.
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on 3 January 2013
Having used many types of ear/headphone, I was looking for a set of earphones I could use with my mobile (HTC One X) to listen to my music, whilst also being able to take calls.

After reading the reviews on Amazon and a few other places, it seemed these were the best "bang for buck" set. And they do not disappoint.

The bass is deep and full without losing any of the top end. The build quality is excellent - I love the metal construction of the cans. I cannot stress enough how good the sound is. I also like the leatherette draw string bag that you get to store them.

There are a couple of issues though - the buttons do not feel well made, although they have not broken up to now. Be aware that the volume +/- buttons do not work with none-Apple products. This is a result of Apples use of a proprietary system, NOT the fault of the manufacturer of these headphones! The last issue is that when I am using them to take a call and walking, I always seem to have a click-click-click in my ears at the pace that I am walking. The person on the other end of the call can hear this too. This may be an issue with the Apple system, I don't know.

All being said, this is an excellent set of headphones, and I intend to keep them and use them for a long time
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