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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2013
I bought this for travel and it does the job very well. About the size of a tennis ball, I have been able to pair it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Windows 7 devices with ease.

The blurb says 3 hours of playback but my instructions say 6 for music. I've certainly had 3 out of it but not used it for long enough periods to speak of the 6. It also says that you need to re-pair if not used for a while. I've gone a few days between uses without this problem.

The range is not great in my experience - about 15'. Less round a corner; but that may be more to do with the paired devices and Bluetooth than the kit. So it would not work in my hotel bathroom with the phone in the room, but that's not really a big deal.

Sound is very full and ironically I'd say it's a bit more lacking in treble than bass. It's fine for pop music but really not up to classical - too brassy for full orchestral works.
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on 29 June 2013
To be honest I was a little apprehensive with purchasing this little speaker as normally the golden rule is that small speakers normally give 'Tinny' results. Let me assure anyone thinking of buying this that I was so surprised at the quality and volume on this little device. I took it into work on the premise that they would mock my decision. Within ten minutes of my colleagues hearing how good this purchased one. Also the battery life is incredible. My son went abroad on holiday and returned ten days later and the speaker didn't need charging at all. He said he used it about two hours a day which isn't bad really. I had to recharge it about a week later for myself. Excellent purchase!
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on 6 September 2012
Great Speakers, The packaging was good and solid so no worries about the product being damaged. I usually dont write reviews..but honestly, this speaker surpassed my expectations so thats why I felt obliged to write one.


- Awesome battery life
- automatically connects when the phone or laptop comes in range.
-Really good bass for the size of the speaker
- excellent sound quality and loudness
- I can access the s voice on my Samsung s3 by jus using the call button the speaker, which is awesome to place calls and set alarms and stuff without even unlocking or touching your phone.
- call answering and call quality is good.
- bluetooth range is sufficiently good.
-connects easily.
-no lag in sound when watching videos (tried with my phone and mac)
- works with android games as well :D


Its not perfect know :P
ok not so many cons...i guess i am expecting too much but i have to list what annoys me as well...

- sometimes it will take a while to connect to my device if the speaker connected to the issues connecting if its not charging.
- no adapter provided to connect the usb cord to the electrical socket ( but i had a extra one so im ok with that)
- I would rate the treble sound output at 9.5 out of 10 (personal preference i guess )

All in all its totally worth it for 19 quid...I love it and i am sure you will too.. :D

Hope this helps to make your decision :)

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on 27 September 2012
I quite lazy for reviews, but i felt this device deserved one.

Arrived very quickly and securely packaged (unlike some amazon parcels i have received lately got sent a Billion 7800n £120.00 with no packaging other than the product box and its contents missing! but enough about my qualms with amazon packaging) the speakers very small, about the size of a clench adult fist maybe slightly bigger, comes with a gel mat to stop vibration moment and a USB charging lead but no 3 Pin plug so need to invest in one or use a PC USB port to charge.

So i synced it with my Galaxy Nexus very quickly, to sync you turn on wait for the power on sound and immediately hold the MIC button down until a red and blue flashing light appears, then search for Bluetooth devices on your phone/tablet etc, mine paired instantly with no need ot enter a code, but i believe if you need a code its 0000.

Now i had the option to play media and phone sounds, i selected media only, and played a you tube video of golden brown, the quality is fantastic its volume is controlled with your devices volume, i also played a video of transformers and gain its outstanding no distortion, no loss of signal just great, its not majorly loud but i never see the point in that i prefer loud and clear to very loud and distorted, but its loud enough to take to the beach or for picnic, or fill your bedroom, its great device, in fact i have Logitech boombox and i t cost my £59.99 id say this is on par with it quality wise.

I haven't tested the hands free capability so wont comment.

One con is no 3.5mm input as i feel even better quality could be attained this way but if your buying a bluetooth speaker then i assume Bluetooth is what you'd be using.

would deffo recommend to anyone is isn't a perfectionist audiophile.

i bought this for my daughter as she always moans that portable mobile speakers are terrible, she is now very happy. and can take it round with her mates to the beach and such and annoy the general public ;) with her choice of music!

ill be buying a couple more of these for the house. and at £19.99 its brilliant.
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on 27 March 2013
I am very much enjoying the soundwave device. I have a nexus 7 but the sound quality on that is not so great. I wanted a device that had better sound and in particular that I could stick in the bathroom to listen to while in shower/bath. As it happens my bathroom is just out of range of my wifi, but I can leave my nexus in the kitchen in range and the bluetooth then allows me to use the speaker in that bathroom. Recently we were on holiday in Spain and I was using my nexus for skype calls back to UK. It was useful to plonk the speaker on the table so all of us there could chat/listen at the same time. Like a cheap conference calling device. I was also able to put the nexus out of reach of our 2 year old whilst we were calling, preventing her from pressing buttons and terminating the call.

I like the base on the device which is better than on the nexus. Obviously music buffs might find the quality a bit tinny whatever but luckily I am not super fussy and I am more than happy with the quality. Its a plus that the device charges from a standard USB charger too, no faffing around looking for the charger and losing it.

I guess one thing that you could do with this device is use it as a baby monitor, if you already have something like a nexus. We took our baby monitor with us on the trip but with an appropriate bit of android/iphone/ipad software you could rig the combination up as a monitor.
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on 5 September 2013
bought this for my son . his reaction was OMG the sound is so good. Husband wants one now. I was on a girlie weekend and somebody had bought along this little speaker. I thought they had bought along a mini sterio because the sound was so good. Fast service and includes a carry case and cables to re charge it .Cant be bad . so glad I got it for him. will be purchasing more of these make excellent christmas pressies.
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on 5 March 2013
OK, I am not a clued up techno geek and when we realised I was never going hear music from my tablet very well (I am deaf and use a cochlear) hubby came up with this rather smart idea of a little speaker emitting more volume for me to listen too.... and boy, I never thought such a small item could solve my problem, but it does just that, and does it very well too! I love the bluetooth aspect as its easy to transport around the house and sound is on tap. We found connecting it to our tablets and laptops easy with no problems occurring. There is a good play time before recharging is necessary. All in all, for me, it has given an excellent performance for what it has cost... am very pleased with it.
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on 7 January 2015
An ice little item with amazing sound for the size. Probably better to use this for connection with phones or iPhones for elderly people and the like. It gives a basic but loud sound. It's good quality if you can get it for less than £15 I would say it's a good deal.
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on 23 September 2013
I am well pleased with this. Connecting via Bluetooth is a doddle. Every time I turn my Nexus 7 tablet on I simply turn this on and it connects immediately without any fuss. The sound is very good although not stereo. However, as a portable speaker it is wonderful and everyone who has seen it has liked it. Well worth the money and is well made. I love the mini subwoofer !
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on 2 February 2016

I bought this as a Secret Santa present. Imagine my face about a month after (had to wait a bit, to keep the 'Secret' part a tradition), when the person I gave this to told me that 'no device can find the speaker...EVER' ....
I somehow need to track the person down and ask for a replacement or something. Thank you for putting me in this position guys :)

Kind regards,
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