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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Format: Vinyl|Change
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on 4 February 2013
When The Tings Tings first appeared on the scene they were fun, they were hip, they had imagination and they had some catchy pop songs. They also have a good look. Everything was in their favour. So expectations for their second album comes pretty high.

If i was to listen to the reviews of this album then i would have missed out on a super sounding album. Admittedly it is a more polished version of their first one which is no bad thing. More importantly it is still fun, still fresh and it still provides you with a blast of catchy pop tunes. Also the more i listen to it the more i think it captures some of the energy that the band project during their live performances.

I just wish the band were more prolific and released more material. I hope we don't have to wait another 4 years before the next album.

Anybody who has listened to the poor reviews and didn't purchase the album are certainly missing out on a treat !

It's still cool to like The Ting Tings...........
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on 29 June 2013
If you liked the first album you should love this one.
Every track - yes, every one is just brilliant. It's got everything in the right quantities, like a perfect cake: great rhythms; catchy hooks; humour; the best white reggae i've heard since the Police; beautiful love songs; and a gorgeous cello solo too.
This has been my most listened-to CD this year and i am really looking forward to their next album.
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on 19 June 2014
Bought this to catch up on collection. So cheap that I had to buy something else to get free postage !

Not quite as good as We Started Nothing, but still a cracking CD. Tremendous value for around the same price of a pint.

Arrived ahead of schedule, as per usual.

Superb service.
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on 25 March 2013
Whilst not their best I felt it a shame that it was so low-priced on Amazon. I would have paid more than £2 (?) happily, but then I won't complain about saving money on the real thing! Plently of tunes, including half the CD filled with remixes which weren't simply a different back song but generally good. Stand out song for me is Soul killing with it's beat and happy context.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2012
'We started nothing', for me was great but the reviews suggest that The Ting Tings have got themselves a hate club?
Unlike the debut however, Sounds from Nowheresville, lives up to its name. Fantastic opening tracks have you thinking they've got an album full of catchy tracks that they have most definitely proved to be capable of. But no, after track 4 things fall apart for me. In 4 years unfortunately, The Tings Tings have only managed to come of with 33 mins of a mixed bag. Unfortunately, in 2012 this just isn't good enough to survive. Big shame.

Passive Me, Aggressive You

If you're looking for slightly similar style but way way better.
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on 1 March 2012
"In the unlikely event that the Ting Tings do survive to make another album I'm sure they'll have perfected their technique. They obviously know this and, fully understanding the transient nature of pop and their place in the scheme of things too, just want to enjoy it while it lasts."

I wrote this in my 2008 review of the debut album which, despite myself, I enjoyed. Like most, I never expected a follow-up and, to be quite honest, I was like most people who let out a collective "Meh!" when news of a second Ting Tings album emerged.

Stories of entire albums being deleted to annoy ambitious record executives, badly-dyed hair on people definitely old enough to know better and tunes so irritating that Toodee and Foofa would be reaching for a shotgun, all circulated in the last few months. `Hands', the single that surfaced a year or so back, wasn't to be included. The new single `Hang It Up' - a curious hybrid of Nirvana guitars and JVC Force hip-hop - seemed to indicate a slightly harder-edged and louder TT had returned; more Sleigh Bells than Belle Stars. Unfortunately, included within this newfound amplification, came an exaggeration of the duo's all-too-apparent weaknesses; Katie White still couldn't sing. Jules De Martino definitely couldn't rap and the nursery-rhyme/sing-song nature of the songs grates after only one listen rather than forming a loveable earworm. In short, Sounds from Nowheresville is effectively the sound of the debut album gone well past its best. The artwork shows Katie and Jules as rotten corpses and this pretty much tells us all we need to know. The urge to make splendid pop has been superseded with a need to be accepted as `proper' songwriters and `real' musicians.

The real shame here is that this album need not have happened. The world at large wasn't crying out for another Ting Tings album and, as my 2008 review pointed out, it was fun while it lasted. What the deleted `Kunst' album might've sounded like is now a moot subject and, somewhat ironically, the only true piece of pop mythology that this album will leave behind.
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VINE VOICEon 1 March 2012
It seems like a cliche to say that the Ting Tings have 'come of age', 'grown up' or 'matured', but 'Sounds from Nowheresville' certainly gives that impression. There is a good mix of modern styles on the album and a bigger sound than the debut 'We Started Nothing'.

What I thought was the teaser single 'Hands' does not feature on the album, which is a shame, but that said there's plenty of good tracks without it. There has been some comparison to the eclectic album 'Paul's Boutique' by The Beastie Boys, maybe because it marks a departure from the expected sound of the Ting Tings, but apart from that I don't see the relationship.

There's still some really catchy pop tunes on the album, but there's less lyrical repetition than on 'We Started Nothing' and there seems to be great big dollops of funk and soul loaded into the mix. Katie White is still mostly rapping out lyrics rather than singing what some people would call 'proper songs' but that's how the Ting Tings roll and it works brilliantly on tracks such as 'Hang It Up' and 'Soul Killing' (with a 'sub chorus' reminiscent of 'Another Brick in the Wall' by Pink Floyd and touches of Lily Allen) coupled with Jules de Martino's solid beats. That said there are some good electric guitars in 'Give it Back' which could go down well live if they really beef up the rock angle, parts of 'Guggenheim' are like something out of Grease, and the last track 'In Your Life' could be described as a haunting ballad with some serious classical sounding strings.

Some people who don't like change will describe this as a mish-mash, but I have listened to it now three times in a row and it is a serious grower, and so, despite the awful cover and the over-use of cowbells, I will give it five stars.
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on 16 January 2015
Ting Tings fans had a feast of musical ideas w instant appeal on their debut. Although it may take 3 or 4 plays to 'gel' with ".. Nowheresville", it has lots of new faves. Deluxe edition remixes are subjective, but still fun, & I'm v pleased with these.
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on 16 December 2012
I find Ting Tings' album Sounds From Nowheresville an odd one. With the exception of Standard track 'Hang It Up' the rest of the standard tracks lack much likability, some sound too shout-out-like. Its not untill you start to listen to the Deluxe Edition tracks that you start to forgive the albums sound. Usually remixes are rather poor on Deluxe edition album releases, but these are the first that actually work well.
Overall the main album fails to provide really any interesting tracks, the deluxe tracks provide some interesting mixes and demos but doesnt save the albums release as a whole.
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on 10 May 2012
It's taken 3 and a half years to release their 2nd album. After the success of the 1st album with it's catchy songs they released the single Hands mixed by Calvin Harris back in summer 2010. Then just when I thought the band was never going to give us another album they drop this one and it's a welcome addition! Whereas the 1st album had a similar electro pop sound throughout most of the songs (especially the singles) this gives a much wider range of sound. They said they were experimenting more and even trying to write a song imitating the artists they were listening to while recording it. The artwork for the album is quite iconic with Katie and Jules as Zombies (which was submitted by a fan) and the deluxe version's outer sleeve has the duo in an ultra-violet view. It does say that we are not just a cheesy pop band but at the same time most of their fan base are going to be fans of pop music. The inner booklet has 8 bit characters and scrawly writing (adding to the experimental theme)!

Fisrt off the deluxe addition has 9 extra tracks. As exciting as this appears there are 4 remixes of Hang it up - none of them any good!, then a remix of Silence , a demo of Give it back, a remix of Guggenheim and an extra called Ain't got s***. It also has Hands on it which is one of the main reasons why I bought the deluxe version.

Silence starts us off with a very electronic but slow song about the power of silence. Hit me down sonny picks up the pace with bells and a catchy sound throughout. It's completely staple Ting tings with catchy hooks and humorous, blasé lyrics. Hang it up is the catchiest and my favourite song on the album. It's easy to see why it was the lead single because it's a new sound for the band but it's completely Ting Tings in style. I love that guitar hook throughout and Katie's humorous but straight lyrics. It's also got Jules having a shot at a verse (similarly as with That's not my name) which spices it up. It's also got a very pop-rock edge to it. I heard it played during an episode of CSI:NY I watched which I thoroughly enjoyed! Give it back is another catchy pop song which sounds guitar driven but it's more electro-pop. It's very intense at the end! Guggenheim is a slower, cooler song with Katie telling a story. It's got a simple, repetitive but strong chorus. It works well. Soul killing is funny; it's main beat is driven by what sounds like either a squeaky balloon or squeaky chair! The chorus is catchy and it's a fun song - something the group does best! One by one is much more electro with a slow, swinging sound to it throughout. Day to day is a really good, sweet sounding song. It's main backdrop is of an acoustic guitar and it has some good lyrics in it relating to a friendship and how people are. Help once again has acoustic guitar as it's backdrop. It's very vague and there aren't many lyrics. I think this song was probably started with barely any lyrics and they probably thought it sounded better that way - similar to Impacilla Caprisung. In your life (the last main track) is very slow and moody with a sorrowful and sad sound to it. It's very eerie with Katie singing about a breakup and how things went wrong. It's got screechy and effectively mournful strings throughout. It's an interesting ender after many differing pop tunes but the band can do both sides well.

The deluxe edition is worth getting because of the single version of Silence (the one on Youtube) remixed by Bag raiders, Give it back (demo) which has a higher pitched chorus and an extra verse, Hands (which is a pretty good dance influenced track), Guggenheim remix - which is actually only the 2nd decent remix of a song here and that's only because it sounds very similar, but with extra elements and Ain't got s*** because it's an extra track! It's not brilliant but it shows a very experimental sound with very echoey vocals and a curse word!

I know this album has had mixed reviews. While some of the old fans love the change in sound like I do and welcome the new material others think the duo have made a mediocre album and lost their edge for making catchy pop songs. The album's title itself suggests that the album will sound like something you aren't familiar with and that's to be embraced. Whatever the opinion I believe they haven't made a drastic change and the album smacks of the Ting Tings through and through.
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