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on 17 May 2012
The game is insane fun in co-op much better then D2 when it was first released.
There are so many thing done right in this game its hard to to list them all.

Now few things thou negative and positive:
- there is some kind of fps drop even If I'm using amd 7950 3gb overclocked card and i5-2500k I fixed it by enabling triple buffering in catalyst settings so it looks like it was something with the game itself loading assets(I might be wrong here),
- followers can be annoying when the repeat them self ,,look more footprints'' - by enchantress,
- once you get to nightmare elite monsters get crazy :) and that's a good thing,
- I love that's some items have flavorful text gives them a great feel I find myself opening inventory to look at my first legendary armor now and then,
- game is addictive :),
- unique monsters could use different colors all are gold for unique or blue for champions,
- all acts are polished and varied (no act 3 jungle from d2 here),
- act 4 is short but developers mentioned that before,
- crafting system in this game is amazing and fun to use.
- I'm out of big potions ......
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on 20 May 2012
I have a seperate review for the game itself, but in regards to the Collectors Edition.
Another great package and at a reasonable price from Blizzard.

The usual stuff like a pet for WoW (which I dont personally play anymore due to bordem).
A logo/icon thing for Starcraft.
And a set of angelic wings for your char in D3.

All very nice and its nice they support their other franchise.
But the best bits are the art book, the dvd/blu ray and the copy of D2 in the Diablo skull.

The art book is beautifully drawing and produced and as an artist, I love it.
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Diablo 3 is finally with us and it has been worth the wait. The collector's edition of this game contains good quality extras that were also worth the extra price tag, and if I hadn't have managed to secure one myself I would be looking to buy one even at the current inflated prices from resellers. The art book is stunning, page after page of beautiful graphics work and original art that is sure to be a talking point when left on the coffee table. The skull and soulstone look and feel expensive, and I'm refusing to watch the behind the scenes DVD yet as I really don't want to spoil myself for the storyline.

The gameplay is smooth and engaging, harking back to the older games in the series enough so that die-hard fans will feel at home, snippets of the older game music also bring back those old memories. The newcomer to the franchise will not be dissappointed either as you can dive straight into the storyline without feeling that you're missing back story. Lore and information is drip fed to you in such a way that you are learning as you level without any hint of a tutorial or being hand-held. The achievement system is fun and adds to the game without immediately becoming a reason to compulsively collect all possible points, and some achievements ping up in normal gameplay before I've noticed that they exist. Weapons and armor are easily obtained and I reached level 10 on my first character in a few hours of gameplay with a couple of 'rare' items and some solid pieces without having to level up any artisans, purchase or craft anything.

Gold drops like rain. There will be no issue affording most of what you want to buy from the gold auction house. I picked up the 'scavenger' achievement for 10k gold found in a few hours of casual gaming. Of course I did have the advantage of having beta tested the game, but I'm sure it wouldn't take long for even a novice gamer to pick this game up. It is simple to learn but I suspect tough to master and will keep me entertained for a fair while yet. Random dungeon configuration means that replayability is not an issue. Even taking the same character back through the same levels takes a while to become repetitive. The layout of the places you enter changes, and random events can appear at any time giving good quality drops and often an achievement.

Visually this game is very nice. It's not always stunningly beautiful, although there are places where the art and design are just that, especially in the cinematic sequences. The 'paper' effect of some of them looks to be slightly lower quality, but the animated sequences where the non player characters appear are breathtaking and incredibly well done. Of course this means that the game will not run well on a low end computer. You really do need the graphics card and processor power behind a more up to date machine. Most laptops that don't have a dedicated graphics card are going to struggle, but having said that if you're running a machine that's i5 core with a reasonable card there simply is no lag. All the combat calculations are done client side and the results sent to the server, meaning that combat lag is just not an issue. Even a slower internet connection isn't going to be at much of a disadvantage over someone with fibreoptic mega speeds.

The online aspect of this game, public chat and random other people are not an issue. If you don't want to interact, simply ignore the public chat channels and keep your games private. You won't be bothered in the least. If you want to interact with other players, it is also simple. Join chat channels, open games, jump in to other people's games and have fun.

Good luck to everyone playing, I'll see you in Sanctuary.
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on 6 June 2012
Great gameplay, great visuals and great music. Its all I've come to expect from Blizzard. Pity the launch has been a bit messy with a lot of people including myself struggling to log in at times but in the long run that's a minor problem as Blizzard will fix it.

If you loved D1 and D2+exp then you will love this. Well worth the decade long wait!
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on 18 June 2012
i think blizzard made it with diablo 3. it was worth the wait! the game is exactly what you are waiting for!it's fun and challenging and you want to keep on playing! the collectors edition is just for big fans if you ask me..it's really cool but gives nothing more to the gameplay...
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on 22 May 2012
The game is amazing, delivery was fast, ordered on a Saturday, dispatched Monday and arrived Tuesday.

Over all the game is brilliant, the cut scenes are spine tingling, the story is addictive and game play is simple and easy to master and gradually gets harder as you go.

For anyone who has played previous Diablo games, this is a must have! for any who have not, if you play the game, you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for another Diablo in hopefully a long long line.

10/10 for the game
2/10 for log-in servers on launch day.
8/10 log-in servers since Monday.

collectors edition was definitely worth the money.

All in all: Absolutely fantastic.
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on 10 March 2013
La edición es buena, pero el tener lag jugando en solitario es un despropósito.
¿Por qué hace falta conexión a internet para jugar sólo?
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on 15 May 2012
I played a lot of Diablo 2 when it came out, it's one of my favourite PC games of all time. Playing it again recently, certain flaws stood out like how while it's still addictive to grind for loot, and while it's cool to see a special enemy and eagerly kick the crap out of it in the hope of something special dropping, the actual fighting - the combat system - is kind of flat and repetitive. Diablo 3 keeps the things that Diablo 2 did right, but has made the combat incredibly satisfying, varied and meaty. There's a huge amount of ways to use each skill in conjunction with others - like using the Monk's dash-attack skill to run between enemy groups to keep your combo count going (which bags you more XP).

It may seem to Diablo 2 veterans that removing skills trees and the ability to level up individual skills would remove depth, but it's quite the opposite. Rather than putting 1 point into skills just to move along the skill tree to the good skills, you now get useful skills straight away that steadily become upgradeable in specific and fun ways. It's not usually just "X skill now does 10 more damage" like in Diablo 2, the very way in which the skill works is different. Your kick is now a fire kick, your summoned spiders can now leap around onto distant enemies, your poison darts now shoot 3 times quickly but don't do sustained poison damage any more.

Each class has unique quests and many specific cutscenes throughout the story (there's one for each gender of the five classes). There's a really adsorbing and atmospheric feel to the game, helped by the fantastic music which is a trademark of the series. The sound effects add a lot as you crack open old logs, beat enemies so hard they fall to pieces and open chests that splurge out loot all over the place like a bulimic girl who's just eaten a bucket of chocolate coins. Diablo 2 did all this as well, but Diablo 3 takes it further and improves on it. Everything about it is just so moreish, the achievements mean there's always something to aim for on top of getting better loot, levelling up, crafting items, doing quests and figuring out the perfect build. There's always something popping up and telling you how amazing that thing you just did was, or how you've accomplished something new or have a cool new skill to try out.

I couldn't recommend it more. Whether you play for the story, for the atmosphere, for the challenge (i.e. Inferno on Hardcore), for the co-op with friends, for the fun of figuring out great builds or just for the jangly music and chunky sound effects, you won't be disappointed. And this is before any patches and additional content, like Diablo 2 had with Lord of Destruction.
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on 16 May 2012
(This review was done in the 1st week of release, now the game is what the above say...)

It's been a long wait and it was worth it, I planned to do the review after played the game and checked all the contents inside the Collector's Edition.

To start it off let us talk about the Collector's Edition.

I received the Product on the 14th a day early so I could gear up before the 12am GMT launch, immediately i could see the casing was done with a lot of thought, detailed and sturdy box unlike many collector's editions i have bought in the past. The contents inside are placed very nicely and easy to take out.

The Art of Diablo - This is the art book I was really looking forward to and was I impressed the hardback cover had engraved designs and holographic images when under light. Each page was filled with beautiful drawings, information on the game, each character classes and design progress. This alone made this the best collector's edition.

4GB USB Soul Stone - Many fans were looking forward to this, the demon skull and the soul stone USB comes inside a very nice case with foam inside so it doesn't come damaged. The Diablo Skull I think that is what it is called is so detailed and feels like a finished product; however it's smaller than I thought it is approximately the size of a medium sized palm. Regardless the model is amazing and along with 4GB USB already containing Diablo II and the Expansion pack! (The USB lights up red when it is being used)

Diablo Soundtrack - 24 Original soundtracks from the game, it is simply blissful to listen to.

Behind the Scenes - This comes in DVD and Blu-Ray, So if don't have a Blu-ray player the DVD will do the job, it something extra to see how the game was developed and the hard work that went behind it all.

The Game! - Probably the Actual thing we really bought this for, it comes in a standard DVD case and installed fairly quickly and easily (while installing the game informs you about the stories before Diablo 3). For those who tried to play at launch had problems but this was inevitable, millions of people trying to log in. After a million attempts I managed to get in, and straight away the music the game just felt right, and a fan of Diablo 1 and 2 this game was still loyal to its predecessors.

The graphics are really nice and very detailed every cave and location you go, the character classes both have male and females and individual story. The collector's edition has an extra feature, when you complete an act or cinematic sequence you can re-watch it on main menu for all classes.

The music and sound effects stand out a lot, each spell, attack and movement is unique along with the music and pretty good voice acting makes it a game you could sit and just listen to.

Another thing that collector's edition gives is some extra content in the game, firstly you won't notice the benefits but you realise it's quite beneficial.
1: You get an exclusive Sigil for your banner so you can show it off.
2: you get 2 dyes a black and white, this may seem pointless but this saves a lot of money early in the game so you can dye you outfits to 1 colour.
3: Angel Wings, this has absolutely no benefits except looking pretty bad ass.

I am not sure if there are any more exclusive items which I haven't mentioned, but all in all the game is extremely fun especially with a friend even if they are higher levels the game world adjusts itself and also allows you friends of higher level to gift you items.
The real world auction house is temporally closed, but the in game one is fun to use if you need that awesome rare item or wish to sell one that has no benefit to you.
The game acts don't last long (aprrox 5-6 hours if you play strictly story) but with all the extra side quest the life span is quite long added with you playing with the other 4 classes when done add replay value. Also the game connects to all your heroes so it allows you to move items and share money.

This Review is dragging along, to SUM it up it is worth buying the collector's edition!

10/10 Game and product!
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on 31 May 2012
Needless to say, D3 is a great game with a potential for 5 stars, but:

Even for solo play, an active battle.net connection is required. Unfortunately, battle.net is constantly unavailable, whether it's due to poor software development or due to unsufficient server capacity. Overall impression: pathetic.
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