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on 10 February 2014
The book was free, which is always nice but it did leave me very confused at times. First of all if you have no understanding of Ice hockey then you are going to be as confused as me because the author mentions it quite a lot through the book but does not explain what anything is so this left me very frustrated and i was glossing over a lot of the book, the other thing that frustrated me was that one minute she was mentioning characters by their first name and then all of a sudden it was by their surname or nickname so i had to keep going back to try and figure out who she was on about and believe me, there are loads of characters so i was pulling my hair out. There are a lot of sex scenes in the book and they do go into detail and the book had an ok story but this did not make up for the fact it was not an easy book to read. If you Don't mind the problems i have mentioned then give the book a try, especially with it being free but i doubt i would be getting more books by this author.
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on 1 September 2012
Likes: It's actually quite a good story - Oriana is the daughter of the owner of a hockey team - I think - involved with the head coach. The coach is only involved with her because he has an ulterior motive and she "plays" with a group of players to get back at him - well, initially to blackmail her father into not forcing her to return to the coach. I'm not going to give away any more because it would spoil the story - which is reasonably engaging. Suffice to say that there is, eventually, a sort of mystery that evolves (ie what the head coach's game is).
Of course, in the process of "playing" with the players, Oriana gets emotionally involved, as do they, etc etc.

Dislikes: I said "I think" above because, TBH, by the end of the book I really wasn't too clear on what position her father had with the team - was he the owner, the manager, a backer... Characters were introduced quite quickly and there wasn't much to help you assimilate who they were and what their relationships were. Really irritating (REALLY) was the constant reference to the players by both their first AND last names right at the beginning. By the first menage scene I really wasn't too sure who was doing what to whom because I couldn't keep them straight (well, with 10 names to juggle can you blame me?). Another problem with the writing is that sections of the story just didn't seem to be linked at all, and often in the sex scenes there was no seaguing between one scene and another - first this happened, then this other thing happened - but nothing to connect them. I did stop in one of the sex scenes and tried to work out how everyone was positioned physically because it just didn't make sense. Silly me - it's not supposed to!

So I would say there is a bit of an issue there with linking things together - both in terms of plot and action.

BDSM: Well not really my thing - I bought this on spec because it was cheap and I was intrigued. For me the sex scenes did connect to Oriana's growth as an individual, but it was all a bit quick - one minute she's an unselfconfident mouse and the next she's getting it on with 5 hockey players. Hmmm. The other thing I would say is that there were things in the sex scenes that made me slightly uncomfortable. I couldn't identify with so therefore did not find I could engage - but then I started skipping over those bits quite quickly (and they aren't particularly long) to find out about what happens overall.

Having said that, I did feel that the characters were well drawn and the whole story did hang together, more so than others in the erotica sphere, and the sex was (mostly) relevant rather than gratuitous (despite skimming over them I did recognise how the BDSM stuff changed her). DO I "get" BDSM? Nope. Will I read the next book in the series - possibly, because I'm interested enough in the character of Oriana's sister to give it a punt. But there would have to be nothing else available for me to read - and there is at the moment.
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on 19 February 2012
From the minute I read the warning that comes with this book I knew I had to read it. I think I'm a little in love with Dominic! lol

If you like a good BDSM book then read this. You won't be disappointed. I'm not a great fan of hockey, but Ms Sommerland describes the game so well, it was as though you were right there with them, and even though I have no clue about the game, I still 'got' it.

Can't wait for the next one in the series!
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on 28 December 2013

Oriana is the daughter of the owner of the Dartmouth Cobra's Ice Hockey team. She is living with the team Coach. Has a poor relationship with her father, learns that her bf is hooking up with another woman, and that he is only with her at her father's insistence and to get investors into the club. Oriana learns that if she dumps the loser, two-timer BF, her relationship with her father (as bad as it is) will be definitely over. On the sidelines, Max, one of the team players has caught her interest. But Max has a bit of baggage of his own..........

The sex scenes (particularly the group scenes) were steaming hot.
I agree with other reviewers about the use of christian names and surmames and I had to flick back to work out who was who - Perron is Max, by the way, to save you looking that one up!!

Oriana goes from naive innocent (believing herself to be overweight and ugly) to a desired sub with 5 men - sounds slutty, but there is a reason for wishing to appear with all the team players, as she is trying to blackmail her father, and her boyfriend, the team coach. Sort of backfires, but works out for Oriana in the end.

The background storyline should have been simpler, it got confusing, I couldn't follow much of the reasoning and that coupled with the mixing up of the names of the players, frustrated me. The ice hockey sections were good, shame that there was just too much going on to make me want to read more in the series, but the author does do a good sex scene.

The BDSM element of the story was interesting, as it took Oriana (and the reader) on the journey of learning about sex with pain.

Got it as a freebie and would have been a higher score, if only for the confusing background story.
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on 27 June 2016
I initially found this book difficult to push through... the first 30% was a merry-go-round of unfamiliar names and the highly irritating overly-analytical internal monologue of Oriana.

But then something happened... The story picked up. The characters' unusual arrangement started to make a bit more sense (at first it just came across as plain weird!). This was like no other book I've ever read - I liked the fact Oriana had a spine (although it took her about 50% of the book to actually find it) and I liked the passion for ice hockey and the brotherly relationship between the men. Oh and did I mention the sex was umm... well, it was hot!!! The ice cubes, the hockey sticks, the clothes-pins? Wowsers!!

My only complaint would be the interchangable use of character's surnames and first names - Max, Perron, TJ, Tyler, Mason, Dominik, Sloan, Vanek, Callahan. That's just the main characters (and I think despite all those names, we're actually only talking about 5 people.. or was it 4? I got so confused!).
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on 3 June 2014
I picked up this little beauty as a freebie and what a delightful find! I live in the UK and have never seen a game of ice hockey in my life but I now want to go watch a game (or several!) and find some hockey players of my own! From reading this book I have gone on to read the whole series and Bianca is now firmly on my 'MUST BUY' reading list! I have to say having now read the others this it isn't my favourite of the series but it is still a REALLY great read and I think they just keep getting better and better (do read them in order though!)! Buy it now (and the rest of the series!!!) you won't be disappointed!
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on 18 April 2015
I didn't think this book was as bad as some of the other reviews. It did have a good storyline - sex, revenge, blackmail & hockey. However, I agree with some other reviewers that there are just too many men to keep up with. Also it was confusing when they referred to each other by surname as I couldn't remember which belonged to which character (There are 5 main male characters and a host of other minor characters!!) Oriana was a complex character and although I don't agree with giving away all the power to the men she fell in love with, it did come across that she wanted to explore her inner self and her limits.
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on 29 November 2014
If your into mild bdsm with a ménage situation, id recommend this book to you.
Its a story set among an ice hockey franchise background, where the power plays are not just limited to the rink.
Oriana becomes the mistress of five hockey players while trying to assert herself in her fathers eyes, he being the franchise owner.
There are intrigues galore, a hood storyline and its interesting to see such a story set away from the usual sex clubs etc.
Its sexy, strongly written and takes the reader on an interesting journey into new situations.
Thoroughly recommend this as a good read.
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on 11 August 2013
This book is very explicit with descriptions of pleasure v's pain, through sexual play. Too much sex? Not when you tie the sexual content of the book in with the excellent storyline. The characters are involved, having detailed personal histories that make them the way they are. The content of the novel has obviously been well researched, if not lived, and this shows in the excellent way the characters interact. Overall an enjoyable story.
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on 21 November 2013
Wow what can I say I was blown away with this read. I was at first annoyed with oriana she seemed naive, needy and a bit stupid but as the story progresses she just came out with her desires following her passion and even made a game I haven't got a clue about seem sexy and dangerous. The scenarios were wild and so sexy. Can't wait to read on .
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