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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2012
This is definitely one of my favourite albums this year - Lights has moved from the lighter sounds of her previous album, 'The Listening', to the darker tones that have become increasingly present in popular music over the past couple of years, although it remains upbeat. I would recommend this album to anyone, but of course musical tastes differ, so make sure to look up the songs on youtube or spotify beforehand.
This album also sets an exciting precedent for whatever the artist might produce in the future, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes next.
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Lights is one Lights Valerie Poxleitner. She comes from Canada and
this is her second album. It's a frothy mix of upbeat electro-pop
mixed with material possessed of a somewhat edgier ambience here
and there. Fourteen tracks in the set makes it quite a generous
deal for a sophomore effort but she sustains interest throughout.

Ms Lights has a pleasant voice; not a great instrument but a perfectly
adequate one. The music is undemanding but melodious in a Katy Perry-
is-a-good-friend-of-mine kind of way. There are plenty of perky hooks
to learn which lend themselves well to those of a sing-along disposition.

She is assisted in her venture by producers Tawgs Salter (who features
not insignificantly in co-writing duties) and Holy F*** (a brave choice!)

Of the material on offer I found myself particularly drawn to the thumping
title track 'Siberia' which chugs along merrily despite its somewhat
chilly title; 'Heavy Rope', a lighter-textured invention sporting a
nicely wistful vocal performance and some crisp beats; 'Suspension',
which invites us to don our dancing shoes and wiggle gainfully and
and 'Peace Sign', a bubbling piece of synth-infused power-pop which
seems to have been touched gainfully by the spirit of Avril Lavigne.

Needless to say Scatty and Gritz (the cubs) love it but this may well
have as much to do with Ms Lights' countenance as her musical abilities.

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on 7 February 2012
The album Siberia by the Artist Lights is a really good album. Some class it as dubstep, I class it as more of an indie-rock background with a soft-electro beat infront.

This is the first and only Lights album I own, and I would deffinatly reccomend it to anyone looking for something new! My favourite tracks are:

-Where The Fence Is Low
-Flux & Flow

I've given it 4/5 Stars because there are a few tracks where I just dont listen to, or I zone it out, this could be to it sounding a bit repetative, or just gets a bit boring, but I have a tendancy to over-play my music anyway!
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on 7 February 2012
I loved Lights first album 'the listening' so was super excited to listen to Siberia. It is a good album, a lot different from her first offering but still a handful of good tracks.
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on 15 January 2012
Most artists feel the need to change as new albums appear (progress they would argue) but for fans who have come to love a particular sound this can be a difficult experience, sometimes it works sometimes not. I presume the artist hopes that they will be able to retain most of their loyal fan base and with the upgrade will be able to add some new ones, a difficult balancing act?
As a lover of all her earlier work my initial reaction to this CD was one of shock/horror, what the dickens has she done, i almost cried!! I really could not hear anything but those annoying big/fuzzy/scuzzy beats popularized by Bjork a few years ago.
Having now listened a few times I can at last "see the wood for the trees" and overall she's probably just about pulled off the transformation although (for me) with some reservations.
There are some really great tracks on here, "heavy rope" is definitely old school Lights and "peace sign" is very upbeat and catchy. "Cactus in the valley" & "And county" are both beautiful ballads and what in my opinion she does best although "suspension" is another upbeat cracker.
I'm gradually getting to like some of the other tracks but still feel many have been spoiled by the intrusive musical backing especially "everyone breaks a glass" which could have been awesome but is totally overpowered by the beats and in addition why oh why did she feel the need to allow the two raps on the record, they add nothing to it?
The album finishes by going in another strange direction, although this I actually quite liked, when the last but one track segues nicely into the final instrumental track "day one" which is a lovely piece of electronic ambiance albeit stretched a bit too far at nearly 9 minutes.
Overall if you prefered your Lights music to be electro-poppy then this might be a bit too edgy but if you're happy for the sound to be more darker then this might appeal.
I now really like it (she is so talented) but it does irritate me too.
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on 8 July 2016
My daughter is a fan of lights and this is first class and delivery was too
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on 26 August 2012
I first heard LIGHTS after stumbling across her debut album 'The Listening', at first it was not something I really listened to. But as a fellow electronic artist I respected how much work she was putting into her projects and really enjoyed it in the end. She's also a beautiful girl who you'll quickly get a crush on as I did!
After seeing her in Brighton a couple years back I pre ordered 'Siberia' as soon as I was able to.

As always I first listened to this album on iTunes download 00:00 on release day. My only personal issue with iTunes downloads is that the files are maximum MP3 320kbps, and for a man that works in sound, I cannot enjoy music this low in quality. But if you're not listening out for the tiny things ignore what I'm saying. But nonetheless this album was brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the new direction she'd taken in her work. There are most likely fans out there who hated 'Siberia' because of the change. But people surely have seen it enough that a band will not make an album that sounds exactly the same. You are influenced by things over the years and when you are writing before going into the studio. Not to mention then the producers influence on the work.

As you're looking at the review on the VINYL purchase I'd definitely go ahead and enjoy the beauty of vinyl. A rich format that I really hope never dies out.

If you like this go ahead and check out her debut album 'The Listening' it's another incredibly catchy record.

Favourites on this record are:

- Flux & Flow
- Fourth Dimension
- Toes

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on 4 November 2011
I waited a VERY long time for this CD to be released. I probably started waiting for it the day I bought The Listening a very impressive full length debut album. So after all that waiting was it worth it???


Lights has really come into her own on Siberia and you can see how she has matured as an artist. Gone are the pop-synth sounds of The Listening we now get to hear much more edgy sounds that give it an indie pop kind of feel which I love.

The album begins with Siberia a catchy but edgy pop lovesong with a brilliant chorus and amazing sound. We are then pulled into Where The Fence Is Low with a dance sound intro that is impossible to resist but then begins to slow down to create a sort of electro ballad. We then get to hear Toes one of the singles released from the album that is one of my favourites, Toes has a slightly more mainstream sound but I love it all the same. Then there is banner, one of the tracks I don't particularly like but it does still beat GaGa songs hands down! We then hear Everybody Breaks A Glass the first single released from this album that is definitely one of the edgiest tracks with its shouty verses and Shad K and Holy F***'s assistance. Then there is Heavy Rope which is a much slower song on the album that I wasn't immediately drawn to but it is nopw one of my favourites. Timing is Everything is next with its upbeat sounds and vocals it is impossible not to enjoy. Peace Sign is one of the ones I love just because of its name but its clearly a heartfelt song about how someone is the only good thing in everything bad. Cactus In The Valley is a strange song which I don't particularly like and in my opinion is the only downpoint of the whole album. Suspension is a really good bouncy track which I could imagine being played in a club but it still retains Siberia's edginess. Then there is Flux And Flow which despite the slow beginning has an incredible chorus and some really cool rapping. Fourth Dimension has a friendly happy sound to it which makes you smile as you listen to it. And Counting although it is slower than Cactus In The Valley I for some reason found it to be much more upbeat even though it is quite sad. Day One includes no vocals and instead shows off her musical arrangements brilliantly and is the perfect ending to the album.

I would reccommend this album to anyone as it tailors to many genres be it pop, rock, indie or even dance.
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on 2 December 2011
So amazing album. Different from her debut album, but I listen to it a lot and would recommend it to everyone =)
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