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4.1 out of 5 stars
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Price:£27.99 - £49.95

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on 7 April 2017
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on 22 March 2014
I finished Theme Hospital, and needed a new game to wet my appetite. I re-watched the Back To The Future trilogy on Blu-ray and remembered that there was a game about it. I was over the moon when I discovered it was still available on the PC - I tried downloading it to my iPhone, but on that size of screen, I'm sure I would have ended up smashing my phone.

When it arrived, I had a quick scan through the episodes - 5 - and went straight into playing in. At first, it was brilliant - in fact, it made me want to watch all the films all over again. Initially, I found the animation a little jerky and irritating, but it was still enjoyable.

However, although the storylines were absolutely brilliant and really well thought out, as you progress through the game, it does get ever so slightly tedious. I was expecting so much more from it. When you're in the Town Square (which is the main focus for all gameplay), there's so many shops around, which would have been so good to go into and interact with other characters in the game. However, the majority of the time, I found that you could only go one way around the Town Square and most of the time, I did struggle to get my bearings - there was no aerial view that I could figure out, so I would spend my time trying to find the right way to get to whatever sole house/shop I was supposed to go to, for that particular quest. You could never spin the camera around, so you could look at the Town Hall for example, and most of the time, you would have to walk through the garden bit in the middle to get to anywhere. I also found that no matter whether I used the arrow keys or the mouse, I would regularly bump into street corners, lamp-posts, etc.

The characters that Marty can interact with is also very limited - yes there are different characters, depending on which episode you're playing, but considering how many characters there are/could be in the world of Back To The Future, there could have been so much more scope for the imagination. I would have liked to have seen Clara as well, as it does follow on from the events of the third film.

With the hints that are given, the game is very limited in the mental ability that you use to play it. I found it all too easy to click on the hints. Sometimes you got 2 per quest, but normally it was 3 per quest, each giving you more information with each hint you clicked on. While I did try to stay away from clicking the links and work it out for myself, it was just too easy. There were times however I did have to resort to other measures to find my way through a particular quest. There are quite a few walk-throughs listed online, which I found very helpful, particularly for quests where you have to do things in a certain order. The one quest I did find extremely difficult, was the House of Glass quest in Episode 5. This led to me stopping playing the game for a week in utter frustration. I had to resort to contacting a friend (who hadn't played the game in two years), who directed me to looking at YouTube videos. I had to go through about 5 YouTube videos, as there seems to be some bugs/glitches in this section of the game. Thankfully, I never experienced floating through the ceiling, and getting stuck in the room. But it is a very frustrating section of the game, and I was so relieved once I got through it. Do not ask me what I had done differently though. (Pretty much, you have to move walls in a certain way, in order to progress through the quest.)

By the time I got to the end of Episode 5, I was relieved, but at the same time, I was wanting it to continue. I had enjoyed the majority of the game, and I loved the ending (which I will not spoil for you). I think the makers of this game, could have kept going, although all the little niggles that I had with the performance of the game, I would have preferred to have been sorted before. But at the same time, it would have been good to see more stories, and more characters involved.

At this time, I really do not think that there will be any more films, although we BTTF fans can only dream. If more games come out in a similar style to this, I would definitely be looking into getting them.

Overall, this game is not without its problems. If you are willing to ignore that, then I would definitely recommend to any BTTF fans, and it will definitely ruin a couple of weekends for you while you play it!
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on 8 March 2014
I really loved this game, though I use the word game loosely as it is more of an interactive movie. The puzzles are very easy and it feels like the game is just telling you to click here to continue story. However if you loved the movies as I did then that is enough to make you love this game, it is like a second set of movies continuing the story. It has some great easter eggs from the trilogy and scenes you will no doubt remember. It was an A+ in my book, the only thing I could ask for is more!
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on 22 January 2013
Ah Back to the future the game, a fantastic cinematic experience. I think that Back to the future the game could easily of been the next film, actually as I recall Universal were considering it before they turned their attention to the gaming scene. But I digress..

Back to the future takes place after the events of the original trilogy and plays out like a bttf film part. Telltale have thankfully revised the old click and point action and adventure game style so the gameplay in bttf is exactly like that of sam and max.

We begin the game during the events of the first film at the twin pines mall which I think was a great way, to get people back in to the bttf mood. The Delorean jumps in to time with Einstein however something is wrong. The car doesn't reappear and consequently because of a problem with time, Doc disappears out of existence...

Marty wakes up in his bedroom and realizes to his relief it was a dream, his mum reminds him that he is to meet His dad at Doc's garage. Now the game is over to you.

I thoroughly have enjoyed this gaming experience and I recommend it to any bttf fans but here is why I have only given it 4 stars.

Graphically the game isn't stunning by far but the cartoony 3D style of it, suits the bttf look and graphics alone don't make a game!

Sound wise all the familiar sounds are there, the delorean sounds as it should, the back to the future score is of course present, as well as various incidental music in bttf style. The voice acting is top notch too, Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, and Michael J Fox were the only original actors that reprised their voices, and even then Mr Fox and Claudia were both guest actors. However most of the voice actors for the other characters including any of the McFly family are all very convincing and I can't fault them at all! Marty was voiced by AJ Locascio and is probably one of the few voice actors playing a movie character in gaming history, that actually does the character justice!

Story wise this is where the game shines the most, the writers of the game really bring the characters and story to life, the relationship between Doc and Marty is really pushed to it's limits, and Telltale have created some great characters one of which is by far even more wicked than Biff! From the word go you really feel like you're in a back to the future adventure.

Game play... Sadly this is where the game is the weakest. As I said above Telltale have succeeded in creating an amazing back to the future cinematic experience, with a great story and characters, but when it comes to gameplay i'm afraid it isn't much of a game at all. In fact the game play alone could get repetitive, it's too easy, puzzles are next to none existent and it has a hint system that tells you what to do. That takes away what little challenge this game has, and once you have finished it there's no real replay value at all.

Don't get me wrong It's a fantastic experience and story and you can tell most of the development went in to that aspect; and to great success, but it isn't really much of a game.
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on 2 September 2014
Twenty years! Twenty years we'd waited to find out what happened to Marty after events in final instalment of the Back to the Future Trilogy.

And then, finally, Tell Tale stepped into the breach to satisfy our craving with their 5 part episodic adventure, Back to the Future: The Game.

Back to the Future is an excellent game and an excellent continuation of the story.

Full review at http://www.review-well.com/back-to-the-future-1.html
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on 20 June 2015
Ideal for every die hard BTTF fan! Great product! and great new insight
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on 29 December 2012
This game is so much fun if your a fan of back to the future then you will love it its a point and click game were Marty had to save doc from the police and return back to the future.

. A 5 Episode Story

. Great Graphics

So see you in the future.....Or the past! Fanks for lookin.
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