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on 3 April 2013
This grip is expensive, for sure, but i really dont mind you know, after spending 1700 on camera body, and another 2000 on a good piece of glass or two, i REALLY don't mind and i feel getting this 250gbp grip is just like an extra bag of candys ( Body + glass = 3700 + extra grip > 260 ??? :D ) because HELLO! - YOU HAVE 4K worth of equipment and you will do what ? buy cheapo 60gbp grip ? not weather sealed grip ? wanna screw your body ?

Anyway my point is, GET IT, you already bought expensive body and glass, and you dont want 60gbp chinese grey import NOT weather sealed grip to hang on your 4k worth of equipment.

Getting weather sealed Body and weather sealed glass, and connecting it to NOT weather sealed grip can screw you up.

There will be mojority of people who will say ''i never had any problems with fake grips'', yes, OK, that is right, most of them works as intended, but... i relly do NOT want ANY doubts coming into my head when shooting.

I tested mine already, works great, looks sexy on my D800, and i feel it was worth EVERY PENNY i spent on it (260).

Price of this grip is every day different, cheapest i saw was 269 or 259, Directly from Amazon.co.uk.

what else can i say ?.... My Prrrrrecious !
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on 1 March 2013
I love my D800 but I always hated the grip. It is just too small for big hands and it is a puzzle why Nikon reduced the size of it from the previous D300 and D800.

This battery grip transforms the way you handle the camera, even when using it in landscape orientation. Why? Because with big hands, your 3rd and 4th finger nestle into the hollow above the grip of the MBD12. This makes the camera feel so much more secure and this is vital with all lenses, but particularly with 1kg+ lenses like an F2.8 zoom.

Now turn the camera into landscape mode and you can see how Nikon should have made the original D800 grip. It has a more pronounced ridge for your palm which makes it feel extremely secure. In fact in this mode, I would say it is more secure than the old D300/D700.

The construction is obviously metal shell. It is very rigid and matches the underlying construction and finish of the D800. The stiff body means it feels integral with the D800 with no flex between each. This rigid connection is important for your tripod.

If these sort of things matter to you, it is the reason you'll pay around £200 more to get the genuine Nikon product. If you've already shelled out £K's to go Full Frame, this should not matter to you. I would not dream of trading this back to a cheap plastic version.
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on 28 March 2014
A little fiddly to get the battery into the battery pack but otherwise superb. Improves the balance, feel and usability of my Nikon D800. The frame rate doesn't improve the D800 native speed unless you pay a few hundred quid more for the D4 battery and charger - and then only from 5 fps to 6 fps, but that's not what I wanted it for. It gives easier access to controls when using the camera in portrait mode. The additional weight is noticeable but more than compensated for by the improved feel and balance. I doubt I shall take it off the camera.
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on 28 August 2016
Does not always recognise the EN-EL15 battery in the MB-D12 first time. Not sure if that is a fault with the unit or me not fitting it correctly. The multi-selector is small and difficult to use, but may get easier with practice. Otherwise does what it is designed to do.
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on 6 August 2014
Well you cannot deny this is expensive for what you get. The quality of th MB D12 is not quite up to my MB D10 that I use on my (still fabulous) D300. It is made in China but it is made of metal so I am confident it is a genuine Nikon model. It was supplied to me by Amazon themselves so it should be the real thing.
If, like myself, you feel the need for a battery grip I think you really need the genuine Nikon grip. But the price.......
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on 2 September 2017
Genuine and very robus.
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on 26 July 2016
Having had battery grips for my D90 and D700s, buying this for my new D810 seemed a logical step. Battery grips certainly prolong battery life and enhance frames=per-second, but for me, the main advantage is having easy camera management in portrait as well as landscape mode.
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on 6 June 2013
I was in two minds whether to get this, but I find a grip so comfortable to use that I always get one for my cameras. The battery in this over-priced grip was not recognized by the D800 and swapping between three perfectly OK EN-EL15 batteries didn't make it work either. Neither of the command dials worked and neither did the AF-On button. Needless to say it was returned to Amazon and now I have to wait for up to 4 weeks to get my refund. I'm seriously considering a third party grip. I got the Nikon grip for my D600 on offer at half price, so that was OK but the MB-D12 is waaaay too expensive for what it is.
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on 17 May 2017
Makes for a lot more camera body to handle, especially when shooting vertically and, of course, having an extra battery in the camera is useful
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on 16 June 2014
I know it is expensive, still, after using aftermarket cheap alternative (Pixel Vertax D12 Camera Battery Grip for Nikon D800) the reasons are clear why things cost what they are. No loose fitting or abrupt connection loss, steady, smooth & correct scroll / dial, sturdy contoured grip, very good quality material used in the build with complimenting finish ... I love it.
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