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on 16 February 2012
The first Android based Walkman, an obvious (but more expensive) rival to the Ipod touch; I purchased this mainly because of the fact it shares technology (S-Master) found in my home cinema Amplifier, which I find a very natural listen.
I have an Android phone and the similarity of usage is obvious although the screen here is spectacularly clear and bright (when you've turned the brightness up from the default minimum).
Obviously a lot of thought has gone into the design because 'it just works' to coin a phrase, you don't need any software on your pc to load it as drag and drop will suffice. Watching videos ripped with DVDfab is a breeze and they behave properly when scrolling, and it plays lots of different formats so you can mix and match.
It's quite big, but of course that's no bad thing when watching a video. The internal speaker is probably the best I have heard on any similar device although no match for big speakers. I would also recommend the dedicated case CKL-NWZ1000 as it fits like a glove and has a built in easel stand to prop the player while viewing.
I'm sure the sound quality through headphones is not very important to most consumers these days but here it is something of a revelation, I have just heard a wah-wah guitar on a Tina Turner track I've never heard before - and I bought the CD 26 years ago. It's typically Sony, refined and detailed; but considerably more so than my previous Walkman (the Sony NWZA845B A series Walkman 16GB MP3 Player with 2.8 inch OLED Screen) and that's with the bundled buds.
As regards the included earphones, they can now fit inside the ear canal aand therefore provide most of the sound isolation of the Shure types - which is a big plus for me as there is no active DSP noise-cancelling on this model. The loss of this feature has the benefit of allowing and increased overall volume level so the Sony should be OK for most people - I find about 60% is loud enough. The amplifier's volume is of course capped by EU legislation.
If used all the Apps used on my phone no problem so if this is your thing you have nothing to fear.
So overall then quite stunning sound and video quality, easy and slick to use, with a beautiful appearance thanks to the screen. Probably too late to make any dent in Apple sales - but so what? it's worth every penny.
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on 23 May 2012
Having owned four Apple mp3 devices i was very scepteble about buying this sony player even though many who have say its streets better than apple for sound quality. Once i had installed poweramp reccomended by many reviewers over the standard fare the quality of sound just blew me away.The build quality is superb, the android system is very responsive and the size of the players acreen is a bonus especially when your eyes are not what they used to be. To be fare the only issues i have is finding a case to protect it.Would i recommend it even though its big bucks - definitely, enjoy!
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on 7 July 2012
Just received my sony NWZ-Z1060 32 g today. I couldnt wait as i knew i wouldn't be disappointed i read the reviews and Sony s always been a reference soundwise. I bought it first and foremost for the mp3, havent yet got around what it can do,,, the sound is crystal clear , pure : it is blowing my mind away! Highly recommende for music lovers like me
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on 9 March 2012
This Player from Sony is by far the best you can buy for sound quality I do not know how they have done it but MP3's sound unbelievable! No Hiss No distortion although I use the maximum format 320kbps which I still think is a must.

Battery is not user replaceable but can be sent to Sony to be changed. Unit is well made out of aluminum and is very sturdy and has a quality feel to it. But the only reason i brought this over any other player is the SOUND quality! and that I don't Rate a certain fruits offerings.

Android works well on this but I wasn't interested in this just the sound of this baby! I use a pair of Shure SE535s and the tracks sound superb on these babies! This is the player for audiophiles!

Just one thing to note the current Sony Dock which enables you to use your player with speakers does not work with this player i assume Sony must be releasing new accessories for this player in the future. Oh and buy a case to protect the player!

Go On Buy it!
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on 9 May 2012
I am a fan of Sony Walkman's and have been waiting for the right model to come along to replace my lost X series. I have owned a few Walkman's, (NW-A1200, NW-A800 and the excellent X series) but this one beats them all! Sony's equivalent to Apple's Ipod touch is probably a few years too late for most people to consider purchasing, but I would recommend this product anyway. I don't consider myself as an audiophile, so I'll give my overview on the the player as a whole.

For music lovers, the sound quality is excellent. I think that this player is quieter than the X series (and also lacks the noise cancelling functionality), but there are so many options for tweaking the sound that you can adjust the sound settings to your preference. All things being equal, a non-audiophile (such as myself)can tell the difference in quality between listening to music on this Walkman compared to e.g. your phone or a rival mp3 player. As usual, Sony also give you a decent pair of headphones to go with the player (like the other Walkman players, the headphones are inserted into the bottom of the player rather than the top). There is also an external speaker so you can play your music out loud. There are other bits and bobs such as SenseMe (music is analysed and categorised into different moods) to add a bit of novelty for the casual listener.

The Walkman has a decent sized display for playing videos or pictures, and the picture quality is crisp and the colours vibrant. Of course, having a large screen could be seen as a disadavantage as the player is fairly bulky (for an idea of the size, think of the Samsung Galaxy SII and add a few millimetres onto it) but I personally do not think this is a big problem. Although I prefer the finish of the X series, I think that the aluminium back case for the player is a nice touch. The touchscreen is fairly responsive and I would recommend getting a screen protector for it to keep it smudge free.

The player runs on Android, so you can download additional apps. I'm not sure if the android version can be updated in the future but I'm happy with the Gingerbread operating system. I found that on my X series, I had trouble connecting to some Wifi networks, but I have had no such problems with this Walkman in connecting so far. The processor is pretty powerful, so the player runs very smoothly, even if you are playing games. There is a HDMI output to view high quality pictures also DLNA functionality on the player, so you can throw music, videos and pictures to other compatible devices which is a pretty funky feature I think!

Other notable points are that this player has a decent battery life- I never go by what they say in the specifications, but I got about 20 hours play time before I needed to charge the player. The manual also suggests you install Media Go to transfer files onto the player, but I personally did not like using this as I thought it was quite slow (saying that, its much better than the dreaded Sonic Stage used for older Walkman's). Dragging and dropping works fine as well when transferring files, but if you want your songs analysed for SenseMe purposes, then I would use Media Go, but after you've already transferred your songs over. You also get an activation code a free 180 day trial with Music Unlimited (Sony's streaming music service) when you buy the player, which is an added bonus.

Overall, its an excellent piece of kit. A quality music and video player and also a very good android device. The only thing missing from this is a cheap, decent case to protect the Walkman. I appreciate that most people will view this product as a mobile phone without the phone functionality and is also a bit on the steep side, but I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to buy an MP3 player, and anyone who frequently uses their phones to listen to music- you'll appreciate the quality so much more!
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on 30 March 2012
Having purchased and enjoyed a sony Walkman MP3 player some years ago, I have been waiting for a new model to emerge that might convince me that it would be worth upgrading to a better one. That time has now arrived!

My main consideration has always been sound quality and the new Z Walkman delivers it in spades. It makes my 320kbps MP3s sound like CDs and the fact that there are so many options for tweaking the sound, the possibilities are endless.

For me the music side of the Z meets all of my high audio expectations, delivered by a super slick, user friendly interface. I would have been quite happy to pay the price just for this, but when I then consider the infinate number of other powerful features available to me through its stunning HD screen, Android loveliness, I am completely and utterly - blown away !!!
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on 15 June 2012
I now have all I want from a PMP:

- supreme audio (through the exquisite UE Triple Fi-10's),
- good, usable video/gaming on-the-move,
- very usable internet thanks to Android,
- GPS (how did I ever live without this!)
- handy, good quality external sound that can reach high volume.
- HDMI out, for easy connection to HDTVs (picture is terrific).

Despite coming from my beloved X-series, I'm instantly betrothed to this latest Walkman. A highly deliberated purchase, finally tipped after reading a review tagging the Z: "A Few Great Ideas Wrapped In A Flawed And Outmoded Device". I came to see exactly why the Z was a must-buy:

Sony never considered smartphones, tablets, or any market outside of MP3/PMP players, when they designed this; a player specified by evolution - "how can we improve from the previous". Walkman users are a particular niche. The Walkman is a species. Generally, its users prefer high quality individual items for specific purposes. This is why you see continuation of the proprietary cable (the chief irk of users outside the niche looking at this) - it really isn't mystifying at all - I am on my 3rd Walkman of this ilk, so have 3 "proprietary" cables. Would I be pleased if the next-in-line switched to MicroUSB? No. It's to Sony's credit, that they aren't diverged into another market, but instead remain loyal to the niche, which they created long ago - and still have - for people like me.

I own a black and white Nokia mobile; as a txt heavy user, I'd rather not run down battery on my PMP with simple tasks. I've tried mobile phone cameras (S2 last week) and have never been satisfied and 3G I can do without - battery-intense and risky to the wallet without a data allowance.

So it becomes clear how Sony operate - commendably and refreshingly so - they have evolved the perfect step for me: something bigger than my X to watch TV series/video (3" to 4.3" really makes the difference) and a vastly more usable interface for inet browsing and GPS. The screen is a joy to use. I also like the home-screen bar, with wifi/bluetooth/GPS/refresh/screen-brightness for easy 1-tap access for optimizing battery. Pack with that, some nice exterior speakers (now I can easily listen to audiobooks [and radio - needs 3.5mm socket occupied - but can then switch to exterior speakers] without intruding my ear canals) and you have a near perfect advancement in the line of the Sony Walkman...

The issue of expandable memory. 32gb - pardon me - 27gb!! seems absurd as a top-end (X: two years old and 32gb top-end) and 8gb (4.6gb!!!) at the low-end....why oh why; BUT: I picked up "finger-nail" 16gb USB drives online for £6 each. MP3/PMP devices always charge you 3-4x more for that same step-up. So there comes a point where - you'd like a sufficient base - but then suffice with carrying a few extra very cheap grams of content, easily transferred (Z has improved accessibility by playing drag-dropped AVI files without converting to MP4 [though they appear in the gallery app, instead of Sony's own video player]) at the use of a PC. So again, for a Walkman user, this barely gripes.

Speaking of improved accessibility - the HDMI out (which requires a micro [type D] to male [type A] cable) is a really superb feature! It's plug & play and Avi/MP4s look excellent on our 32" Sony Bravia flatscreen. This is sure to be one of the best features of the player. USB mode is also more sophisticated - you can turn it on/off whilst connected/charging via PC and use your player as normal; something the X didn't allow.

Lastly, I bought the genuine Sony silicone case, which comes with screen protector. Includes cut-out parts for everything including the exterior speakers and noticed (on a train) it helps grip to surfaces when tilting/leaning back for watching video.

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on 28 February 2012
Before I start I have no grudge against other manufacturers & I was not interested in the Z-Series other functions apart from the music side.

Now to my brief estimation of the Z-Series, I've owned both iPods & WM's in the past but nothing prepared me for the sonic delights of this machine. The soundstage is simply breathtaking for a mp3, it is wide, open and extremely detailed, the highs have real bite and the bass has real depth & the mids pull it all together for a surpreme sound like no other you've heard before, never even had to use the various sound enhancers that are available so good was the sound quality..... yes it's expensive & I'd of prefered a 64gb version (like they have in Japan), but what cost is quality when your treated to such a devine treat for your ears.... for the music enthusiast this is simply the best music player on the market by a country mile.

The case seems to made of aluminium and is well made, the screen is bright and easy to read though fingerprint prone, never used a andriod device before but it was easy straight out of box with clear instructions, a little concern is with the square edges but a case protector should sort this problem.... some may bemoan that there's no camera like the iPod-Touch but hey, the iPod can't get near to the Sony with regard SQ, did I mention that there is no hiss, surely a first for a mp3.... well done Sony is all I can say... go on treat yourself !!!
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on 2 August 2012
After a long, long wait I decided to purchase - It's very sleek and has lots of excellent features but with an MP3/4 the all-important factor has to be the sound quality - It (like the majority of Sony Walkmans) knocks spots off the trendy ipods especially in the sound department but I just feel that it doesnt sound as good as the NWZ-X1050/1060 range. If only, the X-Range has a 64gb version then all would be perfect.
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on 11 August 2012
I have always been a big fan of Sony and Sony Ericsson products. First time I saw this Android powered Walkman player and it's 5-star reviews I knew I had to get one for my self. As usual, Sony (walkman)handles music very nicely on this player. The bass is excellent, the treble is superb and the sound does not distort even at very high volumes. I am not an audiophile or anything, just a music lover but I believe this player beats the ipod and other rival media players on the market.

The first one I bought got lost or stolen in transit (BFPO)and Amazon was kind enough to send me a replacement. I fell in love with it the moment I un-boxed it. The 4.3 screen is large and perfect for playing games or watching movies, this is complimented by the battery life which is quite good when you're not using wifi. The Sense Me function is also pretty cool as it sorts out your music into different categories and you can play from any category depending on your mood.

There are however some downsides to this player, the sound as compared to previous Walkman players is weak, real weak. Note that this is not about the sound quality but rather the quantity. The volume is very low. I took the advice of one of the reviewers and downloaded the Poweramp player software and this greatly boosted the sound. I also purchased a Sony MDR-V55 DJ stereo headphones to use with it and believe me when I say I have never had music so good before.

Another thing I would say might be seen as a downside by some people is the fact that the player looks like a regular 4.3 inch Sony android smartphone from the front and if you don't mind being told continuously by air hostesses to switch off your phone and then have to explain to them each time that it is just a media player then this device is for you.
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