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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2012
Criminally overlooked in the UK so far, 'Party Down' is one of the funniest shows to come out of America in recent years. The show centers around the 'Party Down' catering team, as they work a series of events from pornographic awards ceremonies, to bitchy sweet sixteen parties, and perhaps most memorably, the party of a shady Eastern European criminal acquitted for murder, in a brilliant cameo from Steven Weber. The show is excellently written, full of witty one liners, awkwardly hilarious scenarios (mostly at the expense of Ken Marino's scattershot, but lovable 'team leader' Ron Donald), and comedic revelations. Perhaps the best facet of Season 1 though, is the superbly wrought romance between the beautiful Lizzy Kaplan's (Tru Calling) sarcastic but sweet Casey, and the show's protagonist, Henry. The mixture of funny and genuinely moving moments in the show is a pretty perfect one, and means that 'Party Down' never lacks either laughs, or a bit of heart to counterbalance them.

There are a few fallbacks to the show, however. The characters take a few episodes to become multi-dimensional, and it takes a while for Ron Donald (and his dream of opening a 'Super Crackers' franchise) to get going. That said, the opening episodes are still good fun, and well worth watching. Secondly, and more notably - the show was clearly rushing to replace the departing Jane Lynch, and her replacement, Jennifer Coolidge, is woeful as the irritating Bobbie; though thankfully a drunken Ron in his underpants more than makes up for her dreadful turn in the season finale. On the whole, 'Party Down' is an intelliigent, funny, and likeably low-key comedy which will appeal particularly to fans of shows like 'The Office (US)' and 'Arrested Development'; and despite a few misfires along the way, contains some of the best characters and most quotable dialogue of any recent US comedy series'.
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on 11 November 2010
Have you seen a celebration scene in a movie and wondered what it was like for the catering team at the event? No? Not surprising as catering and hilarity aren't usually associated.

Revolving door of tremendous one-and-done characters keeps the show fresh, because it's always about the party. Even each team member provides a different kind of humour. Don brings the cringe, Henry has his deadpan sarcasm, Kyle and Roman have their jock vs. geek dynamic, etc. They're all struggling actors / comedians / writers hoping their `real' careers take off

Jane Lynch mysteriously disappears for the last 2 episodes and gets replaced by Jennifer Coolidge, which is like trading in a Bentley for a pair of tramp's shoes. Even she can't drag this show down.
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on 5 April 2015
I'd heard great things about this show, and as a fan of The Office US, Parks and Rec, Peep Show etc, I had hoped this would be equally funny. It's not. I'm 8 eps in from a 10 (?) ep series and all I feel is disappointed. I haven't laughed or even smiled once. The characters aren't particularly likeable, none of them seem to be developing and it's all pretty sad to be honest.
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on 11 February 2016
Follows a dysfunctional catering team of failed/upcoming Hollywood actors and writers. With most episodes having the team cater for a bizarre sub-set of society – pensioner dating / gangsters / porn awards ceremony – there’s plenty of material to work with. Every character serves a purpose; two of the team (Scott/Caplan) provide most of the drama – and there are some moments that really sneak up on you – whereas the rest serve up the laughs in abundance; everyone’s perfectly pitched with their own style of humour.

Crucially, the writers have done a fantastic job of creating a well-written, fast-flowing, smart script, packed with wit that’s both genuinely funny and awkward in equal measures. Technically, there’s no frills, fads, or tricks which gives the show an air of plausibility that most comedies lack. The only real downside is that it’s not instantly lovable, and probably best enjoyed on your own – it’s quite dry, some of the subtle running gags take a while to pick out, and it takes an episode or two to properly tune in.

Overall, I’ve gone from being unconvinced a few months back, to re-watching the entire season in 3 days. Party Down’s a bit of a TV gem, and with a movie being green-lighted, it’s clearly winning enough people over in the longer term!
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on 5 October 2014
Sophisticated, bitter sweet comedy series that moves at a languid pace allowing you to get to know the characters. I thought it amusing, cleverly written and well acted. Really felt for the character Ron trying to coax his misfit jobbing actors crew to take their 'food service industry' jobs seriously whislt dealing with their vacuous, messed up lives. Jane Lynch (Glee) was very funny and a little creepy in this first series (2009) and was replaced by another actress (who was also very funny) in the last two episodes. I wonder if Lynch left for Glee ? Looking forward to watching the second (and sadly last, it seems) series with Megan Mullally (Wiil and Grace's Karen).
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on 27 October 2010
I'll keep it brief. This is without the shadow of a doubt THE BEST TV show EVER.
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on 13 October 2012
A magnificent comedy series from the creator of Veronica Mars. And Party Down is just as sharp and clever as that prematurely cancelled show.
Party Down was cancelled after only two seasons on the air, however there are rumors of an upcoming feature film follow-up floating about.
In any case, this is a show that you should be checking out right now, if you haven't already!
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on 23 February 2011
A really innovative idea for a comedy series, I came across 'Party Down' from absolutely nowhere after a friend's recommendation. Simply put, each episode is a different party that the Party Down team are catering for and every episode really is great. Personal highlights for me were Adam Scott as the main protagonist Henry, and Ken Marino as the cringe-worthy team manager Ron Donald. An honourable mention goes to Jane Lynch, simply because she's a great actress.

If you're looking for a comedy series that is funny and just plain different to other things out there right now, then you can't do much better than 'Party Down'.
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on 8 January 2013
This is an awesome show and I cant get enough of it. The actors are hilarious, the chemistry between all the cast is just fantastic which automatically makes this show perfect and every single episode is different and continuously entertaining.
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on 6 March 2014
I brought this product as I heard it was really good however I was slightly disappointed as I didn't feel it lived up to this hype - Not much happens and the funny stuff is all pretty subtle - there are a few lol moments but they are few and faw between. The characters are not great even - Jane Lynch is good but randomly missing for the last two episode (presumably had a better offer - Glee) as I can see she is not in series 2. Adam Scott who I liked from Parks and Rec plays the same gormless character from parks and rec .....
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