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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2012
Bought the innotab 2 for a 6 year old girl. It comes with a 12 applications which include a motion game which is terribly boring and the only thing I can fault the tablet for. Art studio is great and works like paint but has a few more tricks to it for making pretty things like butterfly stampers. the other apps are camera, video camera, mp3 player, photos, friends, the empty e-reader which was disappointing and calendar which was a surprise hit.

There is also a cartridge included which has a book (whats that noise). It's a lovely book. Alien rescue game which is better than the motion game & pop activity which is like a colouring book where you use fill to colour the pictures in. My daughter loves this.

You also receive 2 application downloads which just covers games. would have preferred to get another ebook but will make do with the games. These seem hit and miss and it's impossible to differentiate on their download site which games might be fun. They do break them down by age though but with just 2 downloads it's hard to know whether a 7-9 game or a 5-6 game would be best for her.

The best features of this tablet are the rotating camera and the ability to add a 32GB SD card which can be picked up surprisingly cheap. I'm planning on adding some movies or cartoons to the memory card so that she can watch them on car journeys mainly.

The Innotab is well built and will handle the odd drops with ease. It has a little stand built into it but I can't see it ever being used.

Update after 10 months the innotabs have become glorified dvd players. I have 37 movies on the SD cards. I bought 3 of the 20 pound download cards and purchased new content for the 3 innotabs we now have. Vtechs learning lodge navigator used for transferring content to the innotabs automatically updated the firmware to a version that no longer allows Divx or Avi videos. Annoying as it will take a week to convert the 37 videos to a new format.
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on 6 October 2012
Usually I avoid to leave bad reviews to any products, but this time I will do it so others will think twice before wasting ~100 euro on this product. So here it goes...

Design: well, design is admittedly well done and my 4 years daughter liked it. The "tablet" is not too big even for 4 years old girl, while I still think that the screen by nowadays standards could be bigger, like 7 inches. Buttons are pretty, well done and intuitive. And it seems that this is the only positive part of the device.

Performance: can be easily expressed by only one word - terrible. 100 euro for device that lags as if it was built 10 years ago. Gosh, there are Android tables out there that costs around 50 euro and they "fly" compared to this one. My daughter has to press several times before device responds. She got used to iPad and I'm afraid this device will be thrown away within few days. I really hoped we can replace iPad with this educative device but seems it was a huge mistake on my side! Of course one has to take into account that the touchscreen is resistive, compared to capasitive that are used in normal tables. But still, provide a hummer to "click" on this screen if it cannot respond otherwise not a stylus!

Battery life: another weak point of this tablet. It drains the new pack of batteries within few hours easily. So, if you still think to buy it, get the rechargeable set, or in a month you'll pay 3 times more for batteries than you paid for tablet. Also consider to buy a power supply adapter to be used at home (why on earth they don't provide it with the tablet?)

Content: this part pissed me off the most. One cartridge costs almost 20 euro, get 5 of them and the price of the tablet doubles! The downloadable games are also 4 euro per item. Even Apple store is cheaper! There are no free items at all, there are no trial versions of the content at all, buy it and then see what's inside. Perfect way to make money. The quality of the content is also not that high.

So, in conclusion. Before buying this device and any other kid-specific tables think twice, better 10 times. There are many Android tables on the market that will make these devices easily ashamed, both performance-wise and content-wise. I was trying to convince my daughter to return it back and buy the normal tablet just for her, but the cute look of this device made it impossible. The producers of kid-specific devices use this knowledge and spend all effort on look only, leaving the internal part and content of the devices at ground level. If you have no choice but purchase this device prepare your pocket for more severe spending on the content.
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on 12 November 2012
I bought one of these for my daughter for her birthday after she begged me to buy her one. I was initially reluctant after having read a few negative reviews, but my daughter was adamant so I decided to buy one anyway. So glad I did as all these reviews are utter nonsense!! She absolute loves it, don't think I've seen her put it down. She's the envy of all her school friends and I love the fact that it's purely educational. The battery life is impressive for the amount she uses it, and I've ordered one of the vtech adaptors so no complaints there either! I would recommend this to anyone who's got young children, it's fun, educational and really good value for money.
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on 30 October 2012
I bought this after reading many reviews online and i just wonder any of the experts who actually rated this as a 'fun' product for kids actually have this toy for their own kids!!! My daughter, 5 years old, get bored with it with in 2 days. I needed to keep purchasing new apps which costs 3 to 6 pounds each and the apps are too small to keep interest of my young one for more than few days. For e.g. explore the world (finishes in 15 minutes and thats it!), penguin and bicycle games all have entertainment time of less than 1 day. That means on average you will be spending around 10 to 15 pounds / month to keep giving your child new apps which he / she will play with. (apps cost around same for Leap frog as well but i am not sure if later are better in entertaining)

Another backdraw is its massive battery consumption (exhausts 4 energizer cells every 2-3 days) hence you eventually have to buy a long cord adapter which costs around 10 pounds. I just wonder why they have not included this with it.

My kids have other Vtech toys and they like them a lot but this one has disappointed us.
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on 26 December 2012
I was so excited to get this product but then felt a little let down. I think what you have to remember is that this product is made for kids and is therefore not like your personal mobile phone on a performance level. The main thing I was disappointed with was the photos, they are really quite dark and not very clear. This is obviously because there is not a high megapixel and no flash. It hasn't bothered my daughter as she is more interested in playing the games and drawing etc. She loves it and it has distracted her away from our mobile phones! With regards to the photos, those downloaded are fine. I cant get videos on it, I think they have to be proper vtech ones or those taken on the innotab. The comments made about the batteries are true, they do get used up quick so I am going to try rechargeable ones and also purchase an adaptor. Yes this means more outlay in initial cost but will save in the long run in batteries!
All in all would say is a good purchase and good value for money. My daughter loves it and that's all that matters!
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on 5 January 2013
This is perfect for my 3 year old and she absolutely loves it. She especially loves watching episodes of Peppa Pig and other cartoons which I have converted and transferred onto the memory card although it would have been nice if this was possible to do without using back door methods. But not just that she loves the games and camera and pretty much everything about it. I have taken a star from the rating for a few reasons. The fact it doesn't come with a power supply at all, the stand is a bit flimsy and also, i find the screen to be unresponsive at times.
All in all, with a couple of games, batteries and an AC plug it cost almost £100 and i still need to buy a case, but she loves it so it was worth it i think.
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on 17 February 2013
The Idea to have a device for your youngster is great and I was really looking forward to this my daughter playing with it. However, the screen is many times unresponsive so that my daughter got frustrated after a while. Once you have pressed the wrong button it takes always a while to go back as the device has to load again. The videos you want to upload to this device have to be re-sampled to be able to play what is not that difficult but takes unnecessary time. I need to thank amazon that it was hassle free to send this device back and got an refund without making it complicated for us. I have bought a normal tablet for my daughter "Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 10.1 IPS Tablet" and she loves it. I am not sure how much money we will save as all the content we have downloaded so far was free. She is just two years old but it is so much easier for her to handle a normal tablet compare to the Innotab 2. I hopefully see this devices in the future in a much better quality as this device is useless in my opinion.
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on 4 October 2012
We have bought this for our daughters birthday (4). Although she hasn't yet played with it, we have tested it and have nothing but praise for it. We have purchased a 32GB SD card to add extra memory and have already transferred some pictures and video from our iphone to it. Can't wait for her to see it as she is always stealing our phones to play games and look at pictures. Would highly recommend this to all my friends who have children of a similar age to our daughter. The camera and video are great added extra's but the plus for me is the additional memory. Overall a great purchase and worth the price paid. The only negative was that it does not come with a mains adaptor. Will need to purchase this as I can see her going through the batteries very quickly.
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on 6 November 2012
I'm a little disappointed with Innotab 2. First of all lets see positive and then the negative points.
Pros.: 1- The design is more appealing for children, between 3-7 years old, than any android or ipad tablet.
2- The content of the software is more safe and educative than the usually apps you find in the common tablets.
3- The innotab gives you a more hard "case" than those other tablets, meaning this is more suitable for young children.
Cons.: 1- The Innotab2 Pink model in the USA has a more decorated and beautiful case and offers you 17 apps plus a cartridge when you buy it.
2- The software isn't so refined nor developed to catch the kids attention for a long time/days.
3- The case of Innotab2 is not so hard that can prevent the screen from broking when it accidentally falls down, in this matter it appears more than it delivers, in this leappad explorer 2 explorer is much better and hard to break than innotab2.
4- The screen is a resistive touch screen.
I think that Innotab2 and leappad explorer 2 are missing some points to get a truly winner solution against the android and ipad tablets. Sure they look they are cheaper but, if you see it globally, they're very expensive each game/cartridge costs between 15/25£, after buying 6 games you see you could bought an ipad, an acer iconia or other, for your child ...
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on 6 February 2014
It's robust and provides good safe entertainment for the young ones. Biggest gripe is getting the additional content. It is a) far, far too expensive for some very basic games. b) the process for downloading new content was painful ( and I work in IT.)

Can't say I would recommend
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