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on 22 November 2013
This is a great little camera for the price.
I was wanting something which would take quality pictures of my bedroom murals, for my portfolio, as well as a convenient, ultra-portable camera for taking a range of outdoor shots.
This is, in my opinion, the best out there for the money.
It is very well made and ergonomically designed, so it's really easy and comfortable to operate.
It has a whole host of excellent features - the zoom is great and the viewing screen is exceptional - and it takes amazing quality photo's in low light.
It isn't really relevant to my own use, as I have a digital camcorder, but the full HD video capability is very impressive too on such an affordable camera.
I bought the Olympus case, a 32gb SD card and a battery charger plus two spare batteries ( more convenient than charging the battery whilst it is in the camera and very reasonably priced )
All in all an amazing bargain, which has already had plenty of use, providing excellent results.

Here are a few recent photo's I have taken with this camera.
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on 29 August 2013
After using compacts for a long time I then bought a dslr. This has served me well for a couple of years but I was getting bored of lugging it round everywhere so wanted another compact. I saw this on The Gadget Show and LOVED the video/still part of it. And it has not been a let down! Most of the time if you want to video something you can't take a picture and visa versa, not with this baby! While recording video you can also simultaneously take still pictures!
I have only had it just over a week and am still learning the tips and tricks but it seems to take good video and great pics (once you know what you're doing).
Would definitely recommend this camera, I got if in the sale for £150 but IMO £200-£250 is a good price for it. Would never pay anymore then that for any compact.
For some reason there was a problem with dispatch (I think my order got missed) but as soon as I got onto Amazon they dispatched the same day and it arrived with me the next. Thank you Amazon. :-)
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on 14 January 2013
Very pleased with this purchase. Bought as a replacement for a failing old Canon 3Mpixel digital and it has already exceeded expectations. Light and easy to carry around in your pocket compared to its cumbersome predecessor so expect to have many more photo opportunities with it so easily to hand. It fits very neatly into the gap between expensive and complex professional SLR Digitals and the ubiquitous smart camera phone. I suspect the shutter lense cover could be easily damaged on field trips so it does require a sturdy carry case to enable it to be protected in your pocket. Cannot comment yet on durability 'in the field'.
Not being a true camera 'buff' and of an age whereby I start to struggle with techno camera speak it was refreshing to find the downloaded instruction manual was relatively easy to read although there were several pages that were of little relevance to my photographic needs. The basic manual supplied is of little use beyond getting started with battery and charging regime.
From early practice photos I would summarise the camera as performing very well, easy to hold and operate and the SCN mode with selection of different scene setting configurations is a great facility. Picture quality is generally very good with limitations as follows:
Auto flash in indoor situations has to be preselected which differs from my old camera which automatically used flash where it sensed the conditions required~ this takes some getting used to! Be aware!
I have yet to be convinced by the camera anti-shake facility as you hold it to compose a shot on the viewing screen~ no lense view finder~ there is inevitable 'wobble' in my inexperienced hands.
The zoom facility is great but picture quality does degrade and 'wobble' factor comes into play. Not sure how close up feature performs~ early photos look good but taken with static objects not 'live' subjects~ butterfllies/flowers etc
Downloading photos to a PC is a doddle. Buy extra storage cards as the camera is not supplied with any and a spare Li ion battery and charger would be a good investment.
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on 4 December 2013
I did loads of research looking into a camera that would replace my old Canon. I am no expect and was very confused by all the advice on the millions of cameras available. There are no camera shops left anymore in my high street so on a visit to Glasgow popped into one of the larger stores and spoke to a lovely girls there about the 3 that I had whittled my options down to, a Panasonic, a Canon & this Olympus. I had had an Olympus before and loved it and loved the way this one looked and felt in my hands. The other ones were lovely too but this one just, in my opinion, looked nicer. Anyway, I was advised that I shouldn't pay much attention to all the advice available on line as much of it is for professional users and that there was not much to choose between my 3 options and that it just boiled down to the one I liked the most. That'll be the Olympus SZ-31MR then. I used it on my first cruise round the med and it takes fabulous pictures.
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on 29 October 2013
Hi ,
I bought this camera to compliment another Olympus digital camera that I own. This was bought to give me a big zoom range. It does just this - excellently. It is a joy to use , is packed with simple to use features and it takes quite amazing images.

I have no issues with the camera. It's well built and feels solid in the hand. More so than some other makes. One thing I'd like is an optical viewfinder but that feature appears to be something the manufacturers leave out. Cost I presume.

Highly recommended as a big zoom travel camera It will accompany my daughter on a trip to Kathmandu. Watch this space for and update.

Well done Olympus This camera meets my requirements and feels good.

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on 30 August 2014
Olympus SZ-31MR Digital Compact Camera - Black - i took the camera into the garden and held it close up at a lavender bush which was covered in bees, i put the camera near the bush and just click away not zooming in or trying anything just point and shoot and after 69 pictures i got the perfect shot which i had enlarged onto a 24 x 20 canvas at Jessops, the staff in the shop were amazed and kept asking what lens and dslr i used and were stunned when i told them it was the olympus.
I did change the camera eventually to a Nikon s9700 which had a longer zoom and sharper detail but if you want a good all rounder the olympus was good enough on all aspects. I would recommend this camera
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on 22 January 2013
Only recently got the camera and haven't been able to use it much yet but I am absolutely delighted with the camera and its top rate outputs. A good range of functions and for a sophisticated camera, fairly easy to use and clearly laid out, though I would definitely recommend reading the manual - which you have to download as the book which comes with the camera just tells you how to insert the battery etc and gives instructions on downloading the manual- in dozens of different languages! Lots of features some of which I probably will never use such as taking a photo from 2 very different angles at the same time, plus even a 3-D feature and lots of different arty effects. On the other hand plenty of new (to me) functions I will now use like special pre-configured settings for taking pictures of fireworks, sunsets and a whole host of other things. That's in addition to the main reason that I got the camera which is a very high powered optical zoom, good ability to take pictures in low light situations and an easy feature which enables one to take panoramic pictures which are automatically stitched together in camera. Haven't found any negatives so far. Definitely recommended
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on 23 February 2014
I spent a while searching for a compact camera with a good zoom. This is the perfect choice! After 2 weeks on safari I had a chance to put it to the test. The 24x optical zoom is pretty amazing and if you hold down the shutter button half way, it keeps the image stable. Images are good, the flash is very powerful and the ability to record video while taking stills is also quite a nice feature. Its packed with all kinds of modes and effects. I particularly have made good use of the panorama mode that stitches the pictures together quite well. I'm particularly impressed how well it takes pictures in low light without using the flash. Its simple to use and the touch screen is also quite handy. It switches on nice and is ready nice and quick. I think this was a great purchase and great value for the price too. If you want a great camera that is small enough to fit in your pocket, this is the one.
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on 26 December 2013
What a brilliant piece of kit.
I always wait a while before offering a review to be sure I've found any faults. With this camera, the only discoveries have been delighted surprise*.
It is easy to operate, very light, battery life is good and picture quality excellent. The optical zoom, further enhanced by a digital zoom, is truly amazing. I have a friend with a house 60 metres from my back windows. When I was testing the zoom feature, I zoomed-in on his chimney to take a shot of a wind-deflector he'd recently had fitted (for his woodburner). The picture quality was so good that I was able to email him a picture of his chimney with a cryptic comment that it needed re-pointing! You could actually see where the mortar was missing between the bricks, 60 metres away!
The camera also takes remarkably clear pictures in low light.
* The one gripe I'd have is that the accompanying PC software is clunky and naff. Ditch it and use one of the many cheap alternatives.
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on 5 August 2013
Mercedes feeling regarding build quality
+very good zoom
+very good looking
+you don,t have to chose black,wich is good because the silver coulor version that I bought looked great,but more importantly it is an practical advantage since I use the camera nighttime in the wilderness and don,t want to loose it
+I like the flash function because I prefere the non automatic,old fashon mechanical button for using the flash,and the fact that it is centered and mechanicly solid.
+ stabel/steady in the hand
+I could use my old trileg for it
+takes Sd card different versions
+excellent (no problem,and fast)communication with the computor(win XP and win 2000)
+USB and Firewire
+/(-) Full HD video ,but the problem is that most computors,cant handle full HD(videos will frezee,or not work at all)
(My computors Dell Intel 2GHZ (2 different) with 512 MB DDR RAM,about 5 years old wih Win XP SP2 and SP3)
-- atachment: it only has a wriststrap and,it needs 2 atachments because a/it is to heavy and big for the wrist and b/there can be important photo situation where you need both your hands free.
--software : some of the software is a bit ridicoulus like beutyfying functions for family and friends while other important functions are missing.
--Especially 2 important functions are missing 1/ when the light is poor and you would like to take pictures very slowly,meaning setting the camera on absorbing ex the light from moon,or in sunset,sunrise e.t.c for several minutes minutes before snapping the picture.(I have a tripod)
--2/advanced programs/functions for taking panorama pictures.
--It is very difficult to take panorama pictures with this camera because the software don,t adjust very well and instead it aborts the picture.(mechanicly it is easy)

+Picturequality is very good (detailed)_
--except for that it has a tendency to loose a little bit of light and coulors

If you wan,t a compact camera,I don,t think you can get anything better for the money (It cost me about 160 GBP Totalcost if I remember correctly.
But I wish the software (in the actual camera)had been more serious and advanced,so in some aspects I wish I had gone with a mirrorless Olympus Systemcamera instead.

Important to mention is that I have not yet had the time to install any programs on the computor from the CD discs with programs to the camera from Olympus that came with the camera.

So I most certainly have not yet learnt all functions with the camera.
I hope Olympus will have upgraded software to offer on their home page so that there will be some way of reprogramming the camera to more serious photagrafing software.

I give the camera 8.75 point out of 10 Total.
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