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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 October 2006
Jane's best friend, Ally, has always been there, and always been pretty much the same. She's never been a social butterfly or anything, but she and Jane have been through a lot at their all-girls Catholic high school, and now they've reached their senior year. One big part of being a senior at St. Teresa's is having a "little." This means picking a freshman or new student and showing them around. On Big-Little Day, there is a 45-minute period when bigs and littles pair up, and having a good little is definitely a status symbol for seniors.

As Jane fears, Ally does not do so well. She throws up all over the one freshman coming in her direction, and runs to the bathroom where Jane comforts her, sacrificing her own chance for a little. Surprisingly, Ally does get a little--a new sophomore girl named Lanalee.

Ally gets more than a little. Soon after pairing up with Lanalee, she shows up at school with new hair, new clothes, a new cell phone--and a new personality. She's way more confident than before, but she's also blowing off Jane, her best friend. The new Ally is not necessarily improved.

There's more going on here than meets the eye, though. Who knew that selling your soul was actually possible? Well, now Jane and Ally do...But how do you stop the devil?

DEVILISH is a funny, fascinating, and unique take on selling your soul. It's wonderfully written, with interesting and lifelike characters that readers are sure to love and love to hate. The supernatural element in this story is nicely done, and keeps unraveling to the end, showing more and more of what's going on, even when you think you've got it all figured out. This novel kept my attention all the way through, and is sure to be a favorite of anyone who reads it!

Reviewed by: Jocelyn Pearce
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on 4 October 2012
I was thrilled to hear that Harper Collins is publishing some of Maureen Johnson's earlier work here in the UK. As much as I love her Shades of London series and I'm dying to read the next book in that series, I've also been incredibly curious to read the books that haven't been as readily available here in England. I've enjoyed all of the books I have read by Maureen Johnson, and while Devilish can be quite fun, there was something lacking in it to move it up from being an okay read to one I absolutely loved.

Devilish is a book about popularity in high school and the lengths that some students would go to in order to achieve it. The story starts out with a ceremony in which upperclassmen like Jane and Ally are to be paired as mentors with incoming freshman in a Big-Little event. I didn't quite get the importance of this event, but aparently it's a big deal.

So when Ally humiliates herself in a big, flashy way, she feels like there's no hope for her whatsoever. Ally goes to incredible lengths in order to achieve popularity after the most embarassing moment of her life. And Ally will do anything to repair the damage done, including selling her soul to a demon in the form of new sophomore student, Lanalee. But when Ally's best friend, Jane, finds out about it all SHE decides to make another deal with the demon in order to save Ally's soul.

I don't know. Some parts of Devilish really worked for me. I quite liked Jane as a character, she had a fun personality and I liked how much her friendship with Ally meant to her. I was hoping for a bigger sense of friendship between the pair, but it is mostly missing until the last third of the novel. I also like the wackiness of it. I found myself laughing at the craziness of this book - demons and blood-soaked cupcakes and the fact that the show-down of good and evil happens at the Poodle-Prom. But while the quirky storyline kept me reading, I still didn't feel any great connection to the characters.
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on 17 November 2012
I'm actually pretty torn about how to write this review, because I did enjoy reading Devilish. It's a quick and funny read, perfect for a long train journey or weekend read. And although it has a deeper meaning to it (which has made me very interested in reading Goethe's Faust, which this story is based on), there was something rather simplistic about the plot and characters. I stormed my way through this book, although ultimately I would have liked a little more depth and substance to it.

The plot behind Devilish focuses on one young girl trying to beat the devil (or his stylish young assistant) at their own game. The writing is humorous, clever and quick paced, with plenty of mischief, wit and cupcakes. It will certainly keep readers entertained, and have you trying to figure out a way to beat the devil's deal. It definitely got me thinking whether I would trade my soul for my best friend! I did however find the "devil" a little one-dimensional and would have liked her character and identity explored in more depth.

Jane is incredibly clever, feisty and brave, but she's been through a bit of a rough patch after breaking up with her first boyfriend. She was also an amazing friend to Allison and I felt sorry for Jane, who sacrificed so much for her friend. I did however love the humour, sarcasm, and energy her character gave to the plot.

To be honest I thought Allison was a bit of a sap. I wasn't the kind of confident girl that could stand up for myself when I was a teenager so I'm not completely against Allison. And I definitely felt sorry for her when she vomited in front of the whole school. But I just didn't see anything to show she was a good friend to Jane. Perhaps this was because the story jumped straight into Allison's new found looks and popularity. But I did think she was very lucky to have a friend like Jane and almost didn't deserve her. A little more development around their friendship at the start of the story might have justified why Jane went to so much trouble for her.

Devilish is witty, quirky and fun tale of one's girl battle against the devil.
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on 13 October 2013
Jane and Allison have always been best friends. They're practically all the other has. So they're in their senior year, and they're meant to pair up with a new girl. Jane doesn't get anyone, but after a small fuss, Allison gets Lanalee. And then Allison really changes. No transformation should be this sudden. Jane does some investigation. And discovers that Allison has done a deal with a devil.
I was looking forwards to this- Maureen Johnson plus devils. It's definitely an original and amusing take on such an old topic of selling your soul to the devil.
Jane is quite cool. She does so much for Allison, which is nice. She's still getting over the breakup with Elton. She's very funny, and a great narrator. Allison is a bit annoying in that she doesn't do that much on her own. Lanalee is a really great version of a devil, tied up in bureaucracy and sassing her way through most conversations. Owen was really sweet and the teachers at Jane's school, once we got to know them for real, were pretty awesome.
Devilish is a really quick read. It's well paced, and things happen quickly. the friendly narration works well and speeds it up further.
I would have liked to know the characters and their relationships a bit more before Lanalee showed up.
It's mainly for younger people, but there are some unexpectedly violent scenes.

Overall: Strength 3 to a relatively light take on Faustian contracts.
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on 3 February 2013
I downloaded this book for free on my kindle, not knowing what it was. The book was definitely written for teenagers, however even as a thirty something year old I thought it was a fun humorous book, well written and worth a read.
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on 20 January 2013
This book was great and I really enjoyed it! A bit scary in parts but it was a fantastic read
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on 12 January 2009
Quick engrossing read, with a twist in so much as the devil is not in the form that you would normally think - ie, red, with horns and fork. Makes you think a bit as well as to what you really want - always a good sign. In all, I enjoyed reading this book.
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