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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 23 July 2014
Good quality product which performs exactly as it is supposed to. I am extremely happy with this product and use it to watch video and review photos directly from any hard drive that I plug into the projector.

I had reservations about the 80 Lumens brightness and using it during daylight over distance (10 feet or more). Although the projected image is visible at that distance, anything requiring good shadow definition is somewhat washed out - i.e. watching video. This is not a problem at 5 feet and definitely not a problem over any usable distance in low-light.

If you need to use a projector in daylight conditions with video, then I would recommend choosing one of Philips 100 Lumen+ models instead.
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on 4 August 2013
****1 Year Update at the bottom of this review****

As with most things, i spent a fair while reviewing this item before i bought, as there werent many reviews on this model i looked back at the previous models as they are quite similar i believe. There were a few things i wish people had answered so ill put them in here incase anyone else wonders similar things!

I brought this itending to use for a few evenings in my bedroom and sometimes in the living room. First thing to say is i love it. I have mainly so far played movies/episodes from the built in storage. Its simple. As i imagine all the other inputs are. I have tried SD card for pictures works fine, and VGA....i was a little suprised i couldnt get the picture as big as inbuilt files, BUT i havent tried since playing with more settings and only tried very quickly, but it worked and was (for me) fine, could read the desktop etc.

The brightness is a big talking point, i agree, its not super bright, but it fits in my hand! I was expecting this, i sit here now and shine it on my wall windows fully open with sunlight coming in, i can see the image, but it looks washed away slightly, close the curtains and Much better! So Yes, it does work in sunlight, but isnt as good as a darkened room (obviously due to its size/brightness).

I have wallpaper and wondered if you can watch it on that, yes you can. I have light colorued wallpaper with circualr patterns and i can still see the image fine, on a white scene you spot the patterns slightly, but after a few minutes you just forget its there. Again the darker the room the better. I place the projector 9-10 foot from my wall and get a 60-62" diagonal picture size. Around 30" high and 55" wide. Its great!

Actual video size has three settings, original, optimal and 16:9, they are all differnt i find optimal best as it squeezes the image to the biggest it can but keeping the aspect good.

Sound was often talked about..1watt speaker is fine, but it is a bit too quiet, i sit with it next to my head in bedroom and its loud enough to hear, but when the fan kicks in (it is only quiet but it is audible, not annoying) and i was to say shuffle around, you have to listen out a bit harder.

The projecter, as you can imagine, comes alive in the evenings! Downstairs i managed a 95" picture on a magnolia wall. Wow! All the lights out, its amazing. I am new to projecters but i found it great. Ive even tried it in the garden , on the fence!! Ive never really been bothered about the projecter screens, im not expecting home cinema quality, but im tempted for outside to make one up!

Battery i think lasted around 1hr15-1hr130, bit shorter than i would like, so i think for a film i would keep plugged in just to be safe.

So a quick recap :

Good: Its bright in the correct settings, Its so light quick and easy to use, its a clear picture (to me) on many surfaces without the need for expensive screens.

Bad: Battery could be tiny bit better, Brightness could be brighter but i wasnt expecting daylight viewing, Focus wheel on the front feels a little cheap, dont think ill play with it much!

I would say yes buy it if you are thinking for home use, if i were to set this up properly, IE screen and speakers, it could be alot better, but im happy with it how i use it.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about the purchase.

1 Year on.

Still rate this at 4 stars over a year later! We have used this nearly every couple days , truly use it alot. Mainly for downloaded items, placed onto an SD Card. If anyone wonders, you can connect a "nowtv" box to it, which we also use.

Minor problems....Sometimes looses focus, Normally have to focus every 3-4days but it takes about 3 seconds.
Remote has now has got a little less responsive even with brand new batteries in , the volume control takes a few presses to get it going, its a very small remote so was to be expected again no problem to me really (can use controls on top if it ever breaks)
Battery - the worst one, the battery now struggles for much over 35-40 minutes , this could be partly my fault due to leaving it plugged in sometimes and charging alot.

Overall a year later still an awesome mini projector! Ill be buying a "real" projector soon. The small portable size makes this great, Hotel rooms, garden fences - ceilings - find your own cinema! The best so far... lying in a hot tub outdoors projecting onto the hot tub cover made a 45"ish screen right in front of you!
PS have now connected a small "music angel" for extra volume.
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on 15 May 2013
Amazingly powerful so something so diddy.
great for mobility and hasn't let me down yet.

excellent buy, only slight criticism....clearer user guide but when did men read them!!
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on 13 March 2016
This is a brilliant little projector. I use mine with an iPad. It means that I can easily be ready to deliver a presentation without worrying about IT compatibility. If you want to view very high quality images or movies then you might want something higher resolution or more powerful. However, as an extremely portable solution that will meet most of your presentation needs then look no further. In my view well worth the money!
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on 6 May 2016
The unit was second hand - which came as a surprise.
The light is a little dim and requires absolute darkness to work.
The projector must be absolutely perpendicular to the display or the image becomes trapezoidal.
Cannot work directly with Roku streaming stick - this seems related to the power consumption of the stick but is not rectified by providing a separate power supply to the stick. Not plug and play anyway.
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on 14 November 2012
This is the first projector I have ever bought and hadn't realised how small they are these days. For the business consultant, trainer, coach and all round presenter this is amazing value for money. By the way, I bought mine from PC World and got it for a lot less than the quoted price here. It can even run without mains as it has a battery and can run stuff from its internal memory. The audio is ok if you need it. It's great at automatically setting the focus and you get a really good image size on a wall. Read stuff about needing an almost dark room - complete rubbish - it works well in most conditions as long as there isn't a huge amount of light - but that's the case for most projectors. It will support HDMI input - haven't tried it so cant comment. Weight wise - its about the same weight as a standard Kindle device. Comes with a carry case and all the cables you need. NOTE: it doesn't come with adjustable legs but you can fit a tripod to it - looking at the connection I imagine most camera tripods would work. If you need a small effective projector then don't hesitate.
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on 24 May 2013
So I wanted to either get a small TV for the bedroom or a bigger TV for the livingroom, with my picopix projector i have both.

The ability to connect your ipad to it and play Netflix or the various iplayers makes it perfect for watching things on any spare wall you have at home. It also has colour correction for if the wall is not white, i.e. magnolia or light blue.

in the living room we use it at full size and yes the clarity is not as good, for example if i play battlefield 3 on the xbox through it, then it is hard to see far off objects/people moving, but games like fifa 13 are very enjoyable. also some of the outer edges are slightly out of focus compared to the centre, but for its size and considering its not HD, i am pretty happy and impressed with it.

The sound is the main drawback as its not very loud and lacks any depth. I have brought a pair of PC speaker which work well but then this starts to make the projector less portable.

I have also use this at a few family occasions to project photos, via the SD card reader, onto a wall during parties and weddings and this has work well too.

Not perfect but pretty pleased with it.
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on 9 August 2014
Not often I get a "wow" product but this is one. Totally portable with an image that is better than could really be expected of something this small and light. Used with a small bluetooth speaker and an iPhone instant entertainment or business presentation. Small fonts maybe not 100% but just compensate for that in the Powerpoint.
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on 30 January 2015
I'm using it with my xBox 360 on the wall of my ships cabin.
I can say that the quality is much better then I expected.
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on 1 August 2013
Great service and the product is brilliant .... Very easy to use and for the money is great value. And very portable
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