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on 5 September 2012
I am very impressed with this PC, and the specs it provides for it's price. As long as you are confident with installing an OS, which is a very easy process, this computer is brilliant value for money. Huge storage space, VERY speedy, and whisper quiet.

While the integrated graphics aren't spectacular, for the price you cannot complain about them, as they are capable of playing a lot of the lesser demanding PC games, such as World of Warcraft, on mid to high graphical settings, and if you're willing to fork out a little extra for a graphics card this PC can become a high end gaming PC.

If I were to give a downside, it would be a lack of a built-in network card, but this was not unexpected.

All in all, for daily use this PC is all that you could ever want or need, and if you're willing to spend a little bit more it can be a very capable gaming platform. I am very impressed, and would recommend this to anyone considering giving it a go.
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on 30 December 2012
It is just over a year since I was quoted a price of £950 for a new PC with the following specs:

* Cooler - Intel cooling assembly.
* Case Fan - Extractor fan in rear of case.
* Memory - 4 Gb DDR3 Dual-Channel memory kit.
* Hard Drive - 500Gb Western Digital Caviar BLACK (...Performance version)
* Case - ATX tower case.
* PSU - 750W Power-Supply Unit.
* Motherboard - ASUS P67 S-1155 "Sandy Bridge B3" motherboard
* Graphics - 1Gb Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 PCI-E DX11 Graphics Card.
* Sound - High-Definition audio chipset, Realtek 7.1 onboard.
* Ethernet - 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN port.
* USB2.0 - 8 x USB2.0 ports built-in.
* USB3.0 - 2 x USB3.0 ports built-in.
* DVD-RW - DVD-ReWriter drive, latest S-ATA type. +/- and Dual-Layer.
* Wireless - 802.11n PCI wireless card.
* OS - Windows 7 Home Pro 64-Bit, installed, & disc & licence supplied.
* With standard 1 year parts-and-labour warranty.

This was meant to replace my 2008 Medion desktop which was started to struggle a little with what was been asked of it, but I'm so glad that I decided to persevere with it for another year or so because this AMD PC is an ideal replacement for less than a third of the price. I bought mine direct from the supplier rather than through Amazon, but it is exactly the same.
As I don't play PC computer games, I was pleased to find a PC with otherwise impressive specs at such an affordable price.
However, the Medion was a family PC and it has been popular with the kids for playing games on, and it did have a onboard 1GB graphics card.
Initially, it was my intention to replace the Medion PC with something more powerful so that all of the family would benefit from it, but £950 was just too expensive at the time, so I was delighted to pick this superfast AMD based PC for £259.99 including delivery, and the kids were also delighted because I was leaving the Medion for their use only.
However, I'm so impressed with my purchase, that I'm going buy another one for the kids to use, and I'll upgrade the graphics to enable them to play the latest PC games.
As for the Medion, I'm going transfer the wireless and graphics cards to my new PC just to improve it slightly.
As I already have a genuine Windows 7 disc, security software, keyboard, mouse, speakers and a recently purchased 24" HDTV, I'm not having to fork out for anything extra either !
I can't understand why someone has only given this PC three stars because it isn't capable of supporting some PC games which has caused a problem. I would have thought that spending a few moments carrying out a little bit of investigative work would have made that fact abundantly clear, and even then it isn't going to cost a great deal extras to add a decent graphics card and a wireless card too, if necessary. In comparision with what you are likely to pay for a similar desktop setup in a high street store, this is an absolute bargain !
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on 24 December 2016
This PC works fine for everything else except when playing games. It is otherwise speedy and lovely. But playing the sims 3 on low res takes up 95% of my CPU useage. Why? I am thinking that the part I was given is faulty, I cannot load even simple lower end games on low res.
Also, it's probably important to mention that the power supply, RAM, and CPU are all off-brand. "Pemtium" , seriously? If you want to play mid to high end games on this PC you'll definitely need to get a new GPU (it only comes with a pretty terrible one that's installed along with the motherboard) - I got an Nvidia Geforce MSI 970 - but it doesn't cooperate well with the other parts, you'll need to replace the power supply with one that is modular as this one doesn't come with connectors, and the 8gb ram stick + cpu don't cooperate well with the graphics card that I have.
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on 10 January 2017
I received the PC today, two days earlier than stated. All set up running Windows 7 64 bit. The machine appears to be working brilliantly. It is, as stated on the site, very fast and quiet. I emailed OCHW with a problem (which turned out to be nothing to do with the machine) and they returned my email almost immediately. I would thoroughly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a very competent PC at a very reasonable price. Well done OCHW.
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on 27 August 2017
the mother board start to get few troubleshoot and the fan start a lot noise, I had to get diferent power box because the fan noise
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on 17 March 2017
Hope I'm not tempting fate here. I've had mine almost 3 years now (I know, a bit late to be writing a review!). Really good specs for the price, well worth the small extra trouble of buying everything separately and putting it all together. I've been very happy with it.
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on 28 August 2017
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on 24 July 2016
This a really light and nice looking machine. It has a bare bones set up. But once you've installed Windows, got a keyboard and mouse and connected it to a monitor it's really easy to set up. Literally plug and play. Now you could easily use it as it is for a basic home computer. Or upgrade it yourself for a couple of hundred quid you'd have a decent rig that could run all the latest games (graphics card and ram) but it's good value for what you get
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on 7 December 2015
Bought this computer 1/12/2015, this is about my 6th and best desktop, (I am 80 years old took up computing around 20 years ago ).
When I retired through illness .Took up computers to keep my brain from stagnating. I was a buider.and knew nothing about computers, Went to local Authoriity computing classes,Voilla. This computer has everything as far as I am concerned,
Excep for the computer case, for a few pound more could have bought one not so tinny and with thumb screws to open side panels, INSTEAD OF SCREWNAILS, Otherwise fantastic delivery ( 2 daysfrom ordering ) and great computer.
Bought Windows 8.1 pro KEYS from https://www.mmoga.com/login.php, for abought £ 21 (WINDOWS 7 ,half the price)
from Microsoft downloade Windows 8.1 installed software on p.c. and registered, Bargain
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on 18 June 2014
I bought one of these last year for my daughter at Uni, it plays Sims 3 without a graphics card and does everything else she needs and is still running OK after nine monthsso on that basis it's a five star machine.

I thought I'd buy a second one to replace the aging family PC and in order to make my life as easy as possible I elected to put the old hard drive in this one as a slave so that I could transfer all the old data.

The only trouble is, there's no spare SATA power cable inside the box. That's disgraceful. What it tells me is that this PC is built to the bare minimum specs and I ought to be worried about the quality of all the components.

I'm not impressed.
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