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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 5 August 2012
Picture quality is excellent, and sound is good. Would rate five stars but for below.

Pleased to have this set (and the Volume One set), but the 3rd entry on Disc One has its film reels out of order.

I'm hoping Network DVD will rectify matters for future customers - and that they will, in due course, replace the faulty discs of those (like me) who have already bought.

In the meantime, be warned.

Follow-up (as indicated in one of the comments below):

E-mail from Network says "Yes, the issue has been flagged to us on Friday and we are investigating.
We will have a replacement disc to you shortly, so please advise us on your postal address and we will send this out when this is available."

2nd follow-up - I've just received the replacement disc, with the errors put right. So, as long as the Amazon stock have been similarly updated, everything should now be OK. (I've up-rated my review to five stars on this basis.)
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on 14 May 2017
fab product and great quality viewing
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With confidence in Network to deliver the goods I pre-ordered volumes one & two of this title at the same time. After past disappointments it was great to discover that both volumes are the real deal. As with vol 1, the black & white prints used for this release are excellent, with good sound quality. These B-movie support features from the early 1960's have acquired a bit of a cult status over the years. I cannot remember exactly when these mystery/crime dramas were last broadcast on terrestrial TV but it must be around 30 years ago, and even then they had a great nostalgic feel to them. Back then I had no idea that so many shared my enthusiasm for them. Penned by prolific thriller writer Edgar Wallace, with each movie clocking in at a little under the hour mark, the stories are often suspenseful & have a pleasing noir feel, along with a wonderfully dated appearance. The storytelling, the styles, all the ingredients emphasise the era in which these quality vintage crime dramas (produced at Merton Park studios) were made, and are a very entertaining way to escape into another world. A decent sprinkling of familiar faces (see below) put in good performances. With the picture quality of this release, fans of the genre can buy with confidence.

Among the extras is a bonus film made by Independent Artists Ltd - "The White Trap"...a thriller which was made around the same time as this collection. There are no subtitles.

*The White Trap (see details below).
*Illustrated 11-page booklet by author & critic Kim Newman.
*Image gallery.
*PDF material.

As with vol 1, the 3 discs are stored in a single-size DVD case which features an episode synopsis on the inside, which is as follows....

***DISC ONE***
*MAN AT THE CARLTON TOWER...Lew Daney, chief suspect in a jewel robbery and an ensuing murder, vanishes leaving no trace. Hot on his trail are two men - an ex-policeman and Daney's ex-partner in crime...
Starring Maxine Audley, Lee Montague, Alfred Burke and Terence Alexander. Directed by Robert Tronson.

*CLUE OF THE SILVER KEY...The murder of wealthy money-lender Harvey Lane was perhaps no great loss to his business associates, but to Superintendent Meredith of Scotland Yard it was a case of murder.
Starring Bernard Lee, Lyndon Brook, Finlay Currie, Jennifer Daniel and Patrick Cargill. Directed by Gerard Glaister.

*ATTEMPT TO KILL...An attempt is made on the life of Frank Weyman. Two suspects emerge - one is his estranged wife and the other is his employee.
Starring Derek Farr, Tony Wright and Richard Pearson. Directed by Royston Morley.

***DISC TWO***
*MAN DETAINED...A burglary is discovered at the offices of a photographic company, and the owner seems anxious to hush up the theft. His secretary, however, believes something to be terribly wrong...
Starring Bernard Archard, Elvi Hale, Paul Stassino and Michael Coles. Directed by Robert Tronson.

*NEVER BACK LOSERS...An insurance investigator tackles a vicious gambling ring.
Starring Jack Hedley, Jacqueline Ellis, Patrick Magee and Derek Francis. Directed by Robert Tronson.

*THE SINISTER MAN...Superintendent Wills investigates the theft of some mysterious oriental tablets. When a body is dragged from the Thames, the victim's violent demise is attributed to someone with martial arts skills.
Starring John Bentley, Patrick Allen and Jacqueline Ellis. Directed by Clive Donner.

*BACKFIRE!...Venetia Beauty Preparations is a symbol of success in the thriving cosmetics industry. Housed in a modern luxurious factory with a large staff, everything points to prosperity - or so it seems!
Starring Alfred Burke, Zena Marshall and Oliver Johnston. Directed by Paul Almond.

*SPECIAL FEATURE - THE WHITE TRAP...Paul Langley has racked up a number of unsuccessful escape attempts from prison, but now his wife is pregnant and frightened he makes one last effort to reach her.
Starring Lee Patterson, Conrad Phillips and Michael Goodliffe.
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on 4 April 2012
At last, the long awaited Edgar Wallace films get their offical release in July.
It was the 1960s, I became a cinema projectionist at The Embassy Cinema in Tenterden Kent. I always had a soft spot for this much loved mystery drama series.
Feature films running over two hours were often accompanied by a short feature, or better still, a B Movie of around 60 minutes. Edgar Wallace films were often better than the main film. Their small budget looked impressive on the big screen.
Who could forget the Anglo Amalgamated logo at the start of the film, followed by The Shaddows (Man of Mystery) Two versions were used, I prefered the presto version, which became a hit for the Shaddows.
In the past, we made do with old sattelite programme recordings that were below average in sound and picture quality
I welcome the release of all 47 films over the coming months. They will sit proudly with my collection.
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It is wonderful to have all the Merton Park Edgar Wallace fims in such clear picture quality. It is however a pity the sound on many is not as good as it should have been, low volume & minor voice distortion. Not sure if any restoration had been attempted. These MP films should prove that quality can be produced on a budget and the sets alone stand out as outstanding throughout the run. Screenplays are well written and nicely paced. Many well known actors and directors brought these films to the cinema screen. Look out for John Moxey and Robert Tronson as director and you are getting top results.
What a lost opportunity the 7 booklets are as we learn very little about the actual making of the films and valuable space is taken up with tiny images & there are many errors in the text and even wrong photographs used for at least one film. I hope Network will correct this for the box set.
All that said this is still a unique set and a must have for any collector of British films as it depicts life through the eyes of film makers of the 1960s. As Jack Greenwood told me "we did our best" and I agree. Watch them and you will see how well they have been made.
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on 15 August 2012
I bought this set along with Volume One, and when I found the fault on Attempt to Kill I e-mailed Network describing the problem. Today, just over a week later, I've received a corrected disc. With that fixed, everything's fine. For me, highlights of this volume are "Never Back Losers", with Patrick Magee and Jack Hedley on opposite sides of the law, "The Sinister Man", with a much-seen British character actor as a deadly karate expert, and yes, "Attempt to Kill", once you've got the reels sorted out! Also the extra film, "The White Trap", is a previously undiscovered gem. Can't wait for Volumes Three and Four.
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on 11 August 2012
Like other reviwers I have thoroughly enjoyed the series but am bitterly disappointed that the story 'ATTEMPT TO KILL' has been transferred to DVD with the original film reels OUT OF SEQUENCE making the story impossible to follow.

I have tried to return it for a REPLACEMENT and am even more disappointed to see that Amazon can only offer a REFUND as this 2nd series is no longer is stock.
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on 30 January 2013
This package takes me back to a thousand cinema nights. A thousand 'A' movies and these terrific liffle films.
Nobody swears everyone smokes and enjoyment guaranteed. And if you like these kind of films.You's love these Edgar Wallace sets.
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Going to the cinema most weeks from about 1959 to 1967, I enjoyed not only the feature film but also the 'B' film, usually something like these little gems. If you are a fan of black and white mystery type 'B' films then this series is brilliant, just what the doctor ordered.

On Volume two, there are 8 films, each one about an hour long and most of them involved Scotland yard, with the exception of Never Back Losers. Each film has its merits, all of them well worth watching. To my mind there isn't a 'dud' on here, indeed the whole series of Edgar Wallace Mysteries is well worth watching.

My favourite film is Man at the Carlton Tower as it has plenty of action and Lee Montague is brilliant in the lead. Look out for the continuity error, the E type that Lee is driving has the registration number 1600 RW, but near the end of the film the number become 70 RW!

Some would say that these films are dated, well in a way they are, but surely thats the whole point, they are of their time. The picture quality is good on every single film and the sound quality is excellent too, apart from the special feature, The White Trap where some of the sound was a bit 'vague' and it was difficult for me to understand every word. If I had one moan and it would be a mini moan, it would be that The White Trap was a part of a story and not the whole thing. You have to watch it to understand what I mean, but personally I felt it ended far too soon - if he was innocent, then the film should have carried on so that his innocence could be proved.

I thoroughly recommend these Edgar Wallace Mysteries series, well worth maximum stars.
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on 29 December 2012
Again am trying to get all of these and just love the stories now and the first time around ! Just love crime stories and these do not disappoint
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