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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2010
I bought this product to repair the grass where my sons play football. I have to say that I was a bit sceptical but needed to do something. After 1 week there was new grass and after 2 weeks it looked quite reasonable. 3 weeks down the line it looks superb and is in need of a cut but I have been advised not to cut it yet.
There are 4 tips that I would recommend to ensure success:
1. Water regularly - we watered it religiously twice a day.
2. Keep the kids off it.
3. We placed small pieces of foil hung on string and secured with tent pegs to stop the birds eating the seed. An alternative is to cover with top soil, but the foil is cheaper.
4. Don't be tempted to cut it too soon. It takes a while for the roots to become established and if you cut it too soon, you will pull it out by the roots and you are back where you started.

Another point worth knowing is that you need more of this product than you think. The thicker you apply it, the thicker the grass that grows. This sack represents good value.
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on 15 June 2015
It's odd really, I have seen quite a few reviews that totally derides the product. Scoffing at the idea of it and dismissing it as rubbish. Although, there are a number who do sing its praises. I suspect these users have approached the whole task in a sensible and careful way, following the instructions and then applying a liberal dod of common sense. Of course we should know sense is not that common.
My package arrived the next day. I prepared the bare patches with a hoe in fact and simply scored the earth to provide a good surface for the seeds to sprout and get get a decent foothold. I turned the plastic container over several times to ensure a thorough and consistent mix of the contents. Watered the repair area well initially, shook some mixture over the area in a relatively even spread, and with a good quantity of the mixture to increase the chances of some seeds germinating. I then applied a slight amount of fine compost, it could be a little topsoil, or a little mixture of top soil and fine horticultural sand I had in the shed. Anything similar will give the mixture some protection from the elements and birds if necessary. Then water again. If rain is scarce ensure the areas are watered regularly to keep moist. Of course don't end up creating a big puddle that will just turn the patch into a quagmire. With some warmth some sunshine and the water, the result will be satisfactory. Obviously mixture treated areas will produce different results in respect to the time to establish, the shade of the area if any, the exposure to winds or sheltered and other environmental factors. I found it works well. It established quite quickly, within a week, and the end result was a strong healthy lawn. Preparation is key. Like many things. Care and attention will give you the desired effect.
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on 18 June 2016
This stuff is fantastic!

I have had some serious issues with my lawn this year and I have tried many things to restore it to its prior glory but to no avail but then I heard about Scotts Patch Magic. I have uploaded two pics (you never think to take a pic of your dead lawn, I wonder why lol) but they do show a marked improvement.

The process:
It took roughly 2-3 weeks for the changes you can see in the pics and was a combination of patch magic and miracle grow 4-in-1. The miracle grow killed the moss and made scarifying much easier and after a week I added the patch magic to the bare areas. Make sure you keep you lawn moist, I watered mine every evening after work and twice during saturday and sunday (unless it rained of course). Mow it once a week, but not on the shortest setting s you may pull out new sprouts or even suck up the patch magic, if possible go around these areas.

PATIENCE and FAITH are key now. I have a family and every other day I was hearing about how I had killed the lawn and turned it into a battlefield but now look at it, haha.
review image review image
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on 19 May 2015
I have tried more than one container and they all work. The patches must be watered often and it is important to do patches before hot summer starts. The other important point is where the patches are on the lawn, if they are in the shadowy area, the grass will grow slower in comparison to sunny spots. After 10 day the grass appears, first it is difficult to see and the growing blades are brownish on the tips, but after 2-3 days they appear longer and more green blades areas are seen. I attach photos of two patches I made with Miracle-gro showing how they look like after almost four weeks of growing. I hope it will help potential buyers and I strongly recommend the product. I will continue to use the product.
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on 27 April 2012
Big female dogs and small lawns just don't go together. Over the years I have tried numerous types of grass seed to try and fill in those patches, but nothing has ever grown......until now. Although I've not long sown it, the fact that it has germinated is 100% improvement on any earlier attempt. So, 'yes' I'd reccommend you try it.
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on 13 November 2013
Repaired all urine marks on lawn, the patches came back green after use would recommend, very good value for money and easy to use.
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on 7 October 2013
we have a Labrador bitch and of course she uses our back garden sometime to do her business,we have used this most of the summer and are now just going to use it again before winter sets in,so our lawn will look good.
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on 27 July 2015
This product has done a magic to my lawn. My lawn was suffering from sporadic patches which made the garden really ugly. I got a full restoration in only one week. 3 days for germination and here you go. Highly recommended. The before and after pictures was taken in a week.
review image review image
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on 27 June 2014
Could there ever really be a miraculous solution to repairing bare patches on your lawn with such minimal effort? Well, if there is - this isn't it! In fact it's a monumental waste of time so here is an alternate set of instructions that I hope will prevent you from wasting your money:

1) Prepare the ground by raking it and putting lots and lots of expensive, meter-monitored water on it
2) Sprinkle contents and rake them in to the mushy ground, as prepared above
3) Water some more and keep watering or at least, hope it rains to spare you the trouble
4) Start to envisage what your lawn will look like with no bare patches anymore but understand at this point that your lawn is only going to look good in your imagination
5) Watch the birds arrive and start pecking at some of the contents. Start to wonder why they're being so fussy and leaving some
6) After four weeks, finally let it dawn on you that you've just wasted loads of time and the bare patches are still there but hey, at least it got you out of the house!
7) Make the effort to complain as instructed on the packaging and console yourself that a full refund is on its way
8) Get disappointed again when the 'refund' arrives in the form of a voucher to buy the same thing all over again
9) Either buy the replacement product and repeat steps 1) to 8) again or save yourself the trouble and throw the voucher away, after all - the Brazilians got away with painting their grass green in the World Cup, why can't you do the same?!!

I am utterly amazed that companies can make such ridiculously bold claims about products that just don't work!
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on 8 September 2013
This product gets one star over the minimum only because on paper (and if executed correctly) this should be a good product and it made me create my own version at a fraction of the cost and which was five times more effective.
There's only one miracle about this product and that's that people continue to buy it. Now in theory this product should be good - the concept seems reasonable and you'd think that it would have been tested to be effective, unfortunately it is far from effective and that makes this product an extremely expensive waste of time. I suspect that one of the key problems of this product is simply that there is an insufficient quantity of seed. Take my advice - make your own like I did. How?... sieve a large bucket of topsoil to remove stones >6mm add 30% potting compost and mix thoroughly, then mix in a good quantity of decent grass seed, rake area to be patched and add the mix you've made, roll or walk it in and water, keep watered and within a week your patch will be sprouting healthy green grass - cheap, simple and effective.
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