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on 25 February 2014
Like a lot of people I was left stumped by the fact that my (admittedly old) Turtle Beach X11 headset wouldn't work with the Xbox One as it had switched to completely digital (HDMI/Optical). I was about to bite the bullet and order a new headset when I came across this, and it works perfectly.

Simply buy this, and an Optical cable (about £3, if that), hook everything up and you are good to go. Sound is great, obviously cannot check chat as the chat adapter isn't out yet, but game sound is just as good, if not slightly better than it was on the 360. Unless you are using the One as an excuse to get a fancy new headset, this will solve all your problems. It does use a separate power source though, so make sure you have a socket free near your TV!
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on 5 December 2016
Quality packaging and found item to be extremely well made. Delivery was approximately 2 weeks but I believe this was because it was dispatched from China. I would have awarded it 5 stars but there was one major drawback - the supplied 5V Power Supply was fitted with the wrong size DC female jack for the device!! (It was too small). Rather than return the item and wait another two weeks I managed to purchase the correct size jack (2.1mm internal diameter) from Maplin Electronics. I cut off the old jack and, after ensuring I had the polarity correct, soldered the new one in place and screwed on the insulating sleeve. Although I am an electronics engineer this wasn't a difficult job - just a soldering iron and some basic tools required. When I connected the device up it worked perfectly. The only adjustment I had to make was to the 'Audio Delay' on my TV. I have a Samsung UE40H7000 TV and adjusted this as follows: 'Menu' - 'Sound' - 'Additional Settings' - 'Audio Delay'. I set this level to 150 and this aligned the picture 'lip synch' perfectly with the sound coming out of my sound bar. Please note, this is not a fault with the device but is due to the amount of digital processing that is carried out before the picture is displayed on modern TVs. This means the sound arrives at the speakers slightly earlier than its picture! This is THE reason this setting is adjustable. Please also note that the end of the Toslink lead from your TV that you plug into the device should be lit up because if it is not you will get no sound from your sound bar. If this is the case ensure that 'Audio Format' (TV menu sound settings again) is set to 'PCM'.
Extremely impressed with this device for an unbelievably low price.
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on 19 October 2016
This unit comes with a power supply, and appears to be the same as other ones that are sold for twice the price without a power supply.
The few problems that people have reported with this unit seem to relate to the power supply. Some people have reported that the power supply has failed. In my case, it was merely generating an occasional slight ticking noise in the audio stream. My solution was simple- ditch the power supply!
Using a simple and cheap usb converter cable, and a substantial usb power supply, the sound from this unit is very good. How good? I substituted it for a (£200) Cambridge Dacmagic in a good hi-fi system. Unsurprisingly, the Cambridge was better. But this unit did not sound terrible by comparison. It just lacked a little bass weight.
In another comparison, it is a little better than the built in DAC in my Sony hard disk recorder (which is perfectly listenable in it's own right).
Now that I have installed this unit in its intended position, feeding TV sound to a lesser Hi Fi system, I am completely satisfied with it.
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on 8 January 2014
I was a little uncertain about ordering this. Yes, we had just bought a new TV and I hadn't realised that the only audio feed would be optical, whereas we plugged the previous TV into an old amplifier that probably predates optical feeds.

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Kenward for his comment to Mr PD Locke in his review here. I took his suggestion and bought the SODIAL(TM) USB to 5.5mm / 2.1mm 5V DC Barrel Jack Power Cable and it all works a treat. It's a bit congested down by the mains socket on the wall, so not having to put a transformer there is a definite plus, so I just plugged the recommended cable into a spare USB port on the TV, the other end into the converter, hooked up the RCA and Toslink cables and it's as simple as that. No humming, hissing or other noise, and a great stereo sound through the speakers.

On the basis that the alternative was to buy a sound-bar this little converter has probably saved me over a hundred pounds at minimal cost.

However, I can't help thinking that TV manufacturers should either charge a bit more for their TVs and put decent speakers in them, or charge a bit less and leave the speakers out altogether, but I guess that's a different story.
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on 13 September 2014
I wanted a DAC with optical input and RCA outputs to connect my desktop PC's sound card (an Asus Xonar DG) to a Sony TA-FE370 amplifier.
A perusal of Amazon's catalogue, Richer Sound or any HiFi specialist's offerings will soon reveal possibilities for spending serious amounts of cash on outboard DACs. I neither could nor wanted to..........the gale of noise my PC's fans make also make pursuit of sonic perfection rather pointless. I had about £25 in Amazon vouchers so I let this set the budget.
At £7.18, this DAC it was certainly within budget. Even allowing for the separate purchase of an optical cable -for a further £3 or so- I was still under budget. Sonic perfection might not have been the aim of the exercise, but even so I would normally have been a bit doubtful about the sound quality of such a cheap unit. However, I have bought several items of late from Cable Mountain and been very happy with their products and (amazing) prices. That this unit bore their name provided some reassurance.
It arrived and was soon hooked up. I've had it several days now. I guess I've been listening very hyper-critically and I'm pleased to say that the unit performs very well. The sound quality on material played via the sound card/DAC/Amp is superb - SACD's sound really fantastic.
Wearing headphones, with the amp turned up to maximum and nothing playing via the sound card I can't hear any hum or noise - hitherto, when it was "RCA all the way", I could detect some slight mains hum and other low level noise under these eardrum-risking conditions.
I'm very pleased with the unit. It performs very well and somewhat exceeds expectations. Fantastic product for the price.
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on 26 October 2014
I have connected my PC to my 5.1 home cinema amp using a digital coaxial connection, however I also wanted to have sound coming out of the analogue speakers on the monitor, which is in a different room from the 5.1 amp.

Unfortunately Windows 7 will not allow simultaneous output from both the digital & analogue sockets on the PC, so I purchased this as a workaround.

Having split the digital signal & fed one side into the amp & the other side into the coaxial input on this converter, I then connected the active speakers on the monitor into the left & right outputs on the converter.

This works fine & the sound can be heard coming from the amp & the monitor simultaneously.

The sound is synchronised (there is no delay on the analogue or digital sides) & I do not have any issues with any extraneous noise coming from the output (as some people have described), when the PC is silent.

Also the 5 volt PSU supplied does not seem to be running excessively hot.

It has been running successfully for over a month now, so hopefully there will not be any issues in the future,

A good buy.
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on 12 March 2014
I have bought two home cinema systems and could not work out why they would not work on NORMAL TV they worked ok on a DVD anyway after asking around on the net I came across this device {there are many more and they can cost hundreds} there is no need to spend that this box is wonderful and surprisingly well made and worked first time ,hooray ! ..all you need to do is connect an optical cable to the device then connect the other end of the optical cable to the TV then connect the red and white phono leads [red and black if you have the very old ones}to the other side of the device and connect the red/white leads to the surround system and plug and play ..I was amazed that it worked I have tried so many leads is was very flustrating ,as I have connected so many systems over the years and never come across this problem .,I have 30 year old technics kit connected to a 50 inch Panasonic TV and it sound amazing too I just select AUX on the amp ....if your having problems with your sound system try this little device .UPDATE yes it works but its very quiet on normal TV ?? anyone had this problem ..
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on 23 August 2014
Initially this product was working just as described, and was easy to set up. Then 14 days after the 30 day return window expired, there was lots of distortion and crackling on any sound coming out of the device, no matter of the source. I swapped the digital optical cable with a different one to double check, but unfortunately it was this box that had gone awry. A bit of a shame, as for an experiment for our two new Tvs I bought one expensive Converter box and optical cable totaling £75 and this box along with a cheap cable for £20. When both were working, I couldn't tell the difference in sound quality.

The Good:
+ Sound quality is the same as competitors
+ Metal box feels quite nice to be honest
+ Simple to set up

The Bad:
- Stopped working in under 2 months (could just be I got a dud one though)
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on 9 June 2014
Oh dear. Bought, listened to the scratchy, distorted noise, tried several different inputs, tried several different speakers. Returned.

Bad, bad unit. Sounds like a 1940s telephone. No, that's probably insulting 1940s technology (and they used to have some nice telephone designs back then). 1920s telephone? Let's just say you could recreate the sound by submerging a telephone in a bucket of water and trying to listen to a badly compressed MP3 through it whilst standing a quarter of a mile away. During a thunderstorm.

It came bundled with an optical cable which was the only good thing about it. If they can afford to build the unit, bundle a cable, add a power supply, print instructions, package it, ship the unit across the world, distribute it, store it and send it - and then sell it for less than £10 and _still_ make a profit then just consider how much was spent on the actual components. Not enough, that's how much.
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on 13 April 2015
It came today from China which was a surprise as I thought it was sold from the UK. I don't mind that just to make it obvious. It came with the UK power adaptor but the quality is a bit cheap. The connector bends and comes off its place. I tested it right after it came. I had a problem with output with 5.1 DTS sound which most blu rays have. I could not hear anything. No sound came out. With 2.0 DTS it worked fine and the sound was really good. No loss in sound so far. Maybe I should have waited a few days after testing in case it dies on me as some reviews have stated but for the price it does work. I wasn't expecting the best converter and I knew the risks. Fast Delivery. Seller did his bit so 5/5 seller score. Thank You.
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