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on 22 December 2015
**pictures are attached for reference*

This is a fantastic and well-made keyboard, I had an old wired dell keyboard which I never had any issues with, but thought it was time for an upgrade as I wanted to reduce the wires on my desk as much as possible

First thing I notice with this new Logitech k270 is how quiet it is compared to my old dell, it’s quite a large difference in the sound, although it’s not a deafening silence, if you’re typing up an assignment etc you can rest assured of not having to be conscious of the sound or disturbing others in a room next door if you have thin walls

The laptop has 8 Hot keys at the top of the keyboard (starting from the left)

1) play/pause
2) Mute
3) volume down
4) volume up
5) home screen (of your default internet browser)
6) email outlook
7) puts your computer in sleep mode
8) calculator

I wanted a keyboard with slightly raised keys as im not a fan of the chiclet keys, but didn't want to compromise on the old layout that im used to, also to mention the keyboard has a light for caps lock next to the off/on switch and lights up green, unfortunately it does not have a light for “num lock” but when you do press it, a large “num lock on” and “num lock off” sign appear on the screen temporarily to let you know you have activated it

On the back of the keyboard it has feet which can be raised to an 8 degree angle, simple case of just flipping them, there is 4 holes also on the back to help with drainage encase you accidentally spill your drink which is also re-assuring to know – it has a usb storage insert on the back so encase you need to pack the keyboard and take it on your travels but don’t want to leave the usb in your laptop then you can simply pop it in the back where it will be well secured, the usb receiver is tiny anyways so really shouldn't affect you and can easily be left in your laptop and popped in a laptop bag, keyboard also has 5 rubber bottoms to stop it from slipping on a table and lastly it used 2 AAA batteries (which come supplied with it), manufacturers claim these batteries allow for 24 month batter life, only time will tell

All in all it is an absolute great purchase, perfect keyboard for general use or even business use, plus it looks great on the desk, search no more and get it!, did I forget to mention all this for £20?, great feeling when you really do get additional value for your money, never have i enjoyed typing a review so much just to test out a new keyboard

I will update this in 6 months to see how it has performed
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 3 June 2017
I didn't want a wireless keyboard. I REALLY didn't want a wireless keyboard. However, I just HAD to have a play/pause button and a calculator button and it was so hard to find a wired keyboard that wasn't the same as my previous one. I eventually bit the bullet and got this one.

The design is nice and I was quite impressed at first. Of course it had the play/pause button and the calculator button just as I wanted. What could go wrong? Well. I'm typing on it right now and it is SO NOISY. Seriously, the loud clacking is driving me nuts. Secondly, when I run some programs the keyboard just gives up, I can't use it or type without incredible lag (sometimes it just doesn't type at all). This sucks because I regularly use keyboard shortcuts on everything... So yeah it looks good and all but it's not too functional for me. And if you hate loud typing then definitely do NOT get this.
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on 22 July 2014
I bought this to replace the now-defunct K200, which is the wired (not wireless) version of this keyboard. I thought I had managed to kill mine with a full mug of tea (happily, after 2 days and a final, probably 6th attempt at putting it back together after cleaning it, the K200 is working again). There's a slight difference in the key action, but this K270 has the same dimensions and layout as the K200 that has survived 2 years hard labour in my service, so it has a familiar feel, which is why I went for it.
It's a fairly quiet (though not silent) keyboard, with enough action for those who have years of experience with the clunking clicketty-clack feel of early keyboards, though with much less height of keystrokes needed, so less tiring.
All the usual keys are there (the Euro shares the 4 / $ key, just press Alt Gr for instead of Shift for $), plus a row of media keys (play/pause, mute, Vol up & down, browser homepage, email, PC sleep and calculator ... although I only ever use the calculator button).
It's compact for a full keyboard, so great if you are short on space, but don't want to lose the numbers keypad etc on a smaller keyboard.
My biggest gripe is merely one of aesthetics - why put the ugly PC-beige base with the matt black upper?
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on 27 March 2018
I purchased this keyboard to replace a Microsoft wireless 2.4GHz keyboard which always picked up USB 3 interference. The Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse works well around USB 3 devices (a known interference issue). However, the Logitech keys are a big mushy and wiggly to the touch. There is this ever so slight perception that the key caps roll slight while they are being pressed. They also lack a positive action to the touch, so I find that even though I pressed a key, it does not register. The feel of the keyboard is important to me (the Microsoft one has more positive tactile feedback). If you like decent tactile feedback, then this probably isn't the keyboard for you. But its functional and works for occasional use.
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VINE VOICEon 6 April 2017
I purchased the Logitech K360 ( http://amzn.eu/fwugjeQ ) - and threw away the packagin straight away. What a mistake. I knew I was not going to get on with it because the keys just were cheap and plastic feeling when I pressed them.

So within less than one day of working with it I have gone and bought this model. The K360 will get to work with the rarely used RPi

This is agreat budget keyboard but how I wish I had my k520 back - it was definitely a much better quality keyboard. Until I tried to clean it and broke the space bar.

Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that I am used to the K520 which had much nicer feeling keys but it is definitely better than the more expensive K360.
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on 9 September 2015
I'm really pleased with this.
My previous KB was a Microsoft usb wired unit -one of the "comfort curve" things. It was ok, but like most wired units I use/abuse it developed a wiring fault in the connecting cable. Whilst throwing stuff away offends my sensibilities, green-binning it seemed the only practical course as there didn't seem to be any simple way of replacing the cable.
I decided to get the Logitech 270. The long battery life plus on-off switch appealed as did the ~£20 price for something from a reputable manufacturer.
I had a Logitech wireless mouse already -which has proven excellent - and as the keyboard could share the same receiver this was attractive too(so, I now have a spare receiver!). Things worked pretty much straight out of the box, there was nothing to install (in win10).
There are some special function keys which are all pretty obvious as to their purpose -sound on/off/volume and so on. Just be careful with the one that's labelled PC (with the power symbol). This shuts your PC down -fairly obviously(?). Perhaps it's something specific to my rig but it's not a graceful shutdown, it seems to be instant - which suggests it could cause some damage to your Windows installation. However, as I tend not to use these special keys anyway - I tend to forget they are there - its not a problem for me.
Overall, for £20, this is seems a really good buy.
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on 3 February 2015
I've been using a Logitech keyboard for a lot of years so when I committed to a biiiig PC upgrade in Dec 2013 I didn't even bother sourcing a keyboard from another manufacturer (alright I did check out a couple of Microsoft keyboards, but still...)
My needs for a keyboard were pretty much next to nil; I really was chasing something basic: I wanted a black, normal sized keyboard (not one of those mini-boards that seem to be popular at the moment or any of those nut-job massive gamer keyboards), preferably absent of lots of superfluous feature-buttons and preferably (though hardly compulsory) a wireless capability .
The K270 has proved itself to be perfect for me. The keystrokes aren't too intrusive (as in they're nice and quiet) and the fact that it's wireless turned what was for a me a nice-have option into a must-have feature should I be requiring a new keyboard in the future.

A minor disappointment regarding the wireless feature is it's range. This keyboard and my PC-tower are all of about a metre apart and yet the keyboard would miss keystrokes and its responsiveness was intermittent; my solution was to insert the dongle into a USB extension cable and drop that behind my monitor; it's behaved flawlessly ever since.

And about that dongle: It's a small unassuming little USB gadget that apparently supports several like-minded Logitech devices; my Logitech M705 mouse has one of these as well so I thought that it would have been able to send to the keyboard's dongle but... it doesn't. That really is picking nits though as I said, this keyboard is perfect for me.
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on 29 February 2016
I have a netbook which I usually use at a desk by attaching it to a monitor and peripherals to be able to use it as a desktop PC. I previously used a wired keyboard which was a bit of a hassle because it meant yet another wire. So I decided to purchase this wireless keyboard on January 2014 and after more than 2 years (Feb 2016) of extensive use, I believe I have earned the right to write a review for this keyboard.

Price, Delivery & Packaging:
- I paid £17.42 in January 2014.
- From what I can recall the delivery was prompt and the keyboard was safely packaged.

- The keyboard is made of plastic and has been made in China.
- It does feel a bit cheap but the quality still seems fine and is good enough to have lasted me over 2 years.
- Approx. dimensions are (L x W x H): 44 x 15 x 2.5 cm
- There are 2 plastic legs on the bottom, which when extended, help raise the level of the keyboard.
- The keys aren't exactly quiet but are still quieter than other keyboards I have used. The sound created by depressing the keys can be defined as a somewhat muted sound - can be heard but not as loud.

- There is an on/off button to switch off the device when going away for an extended period of time e.g. on vacation. I have scarcely used the on/off button - perhaps only on a couple of occasions before going on vacation and yet have forgotten to use it before leaving for most vacations.
- The Keyboard automatically goes on standby after a set period of time. I have never bothered using the on/off button for normal everyday without any significant impact to the battery life.
- There is no lag at all whenever use of the keyboard is resumed (e.g. at the beginning of the day). This is contrary to my experience of using wireless mouses which need a click to bring them back from standby mode.
- It comes with a tiny wireless receiver that plugs into any USB slot of the PC (see pics). Mine permanently remains plugged into the USB slot and I have rarely felt the need to remove it. There is a neat little compartment on the bottom of the keyboard into which the wireless receiver can be stored whilst travelling or storing the keyboard (see pics).
- The keyboard is meant to be spill proof, and comes equipped with 4 outlets on the bottom, although I've never been in a position to be able to test this feature.
- Operates on 2x AAA batteries
- It has a good selection of hot keys as follows:
1) Play/Pause button
2) Volume mute
3) Volume low
4) Volume high
5) Home
6) Email
7) PC on/off button
8) Calculator

- The keyboard is plug-n-play and should function fine with most PCs. I use a Windows Operating System and was on my way almost as soon as the keyboard was attached.
- It is extremely convenient as it saves me from fumbling around with yet another wire.
- It has great battery consumption. I have not yet had to replace the original set of batteries that were installed upon purchase (which was more than 2 years ago!).
- Good standard size with UK layout
- No issues with the signals at all. We have even used the keyboard in the lounge whilst connecting the netbook with the TV whilst streaming media and it has worked fine at a distance of about 3 meters.
- On a slightly negative note, although the keyboard does have a 'Caps Lock' light that illuminates when it is on (see pics), it lacks similar lights for both the 'Num Lock' and the 'Scroll Lock' buttons which is pretty common on most other keyboards. Not a big issue but if there was any negative point to this keyboard then this would be it.

It's a great piece of kit that has already exceeded my expectations, and has survived the odd abuse by my toddler. I use the keyboard on pretty much a daily basis and all keys are still intact and function perfectly. The size is what I would call a bit compact as there isn't much of a border around the keyboard, but is still the standard size. The size is just about right and is comfortable to use over an extended period of time.

In short, this is a great little piece of kit to use with your PC/netbook/laptop. It comes with a great price and has already lasted me over 2 years and still seems to be going strong. I would not hesitate to buy this again if/when my current keyboard finally does give way. It is by no means a specialist keyboard but I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who is looking to purchase a simple keyboard with modest features without breaking the bank.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 13 February 2016
Great keyboard. Keys have a nice feel and I am able to touch type very fast without error. On my previous keyboard I kept pressing the CAPS LOCK accidentally. All the keys respond well - on my previous keyboard I sometimes had to hit a key extra hard or make sure I hit it in the centre to register.
CAPS LOCK light is very useful - would have been nice to have a NUM LOCK light but I expect that would have an effect on the battery life.
The keyboard does have a small amount of bounce in the centre when supported on it's legs. It doesn't bother me and if it did I would put a blob of blu tak or similar in the centre to support it. Apart from that I can't fault it. I see some keyboards that are over twice the price as this one and I can't think what extra they could be giving you. At £21 this is great value for money.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 1 January 2015
This is a great "clickly" keyboard.

The wireless works well and free software is available from the Logitech website that allows you to configure this a little more.

There is an on/off switch but this only uses battery when you press a key so simply leave it on. It runs on 2 standard AAA batteries (supplied). The only light is for caps lock.
Controls for volume, intrenet, email etc worked fine straight away on Windows 8.1. We also tried the Logitech receiver plugged into a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 via a cheap adapter cable and the Android recognised the keyboard and it worked as expected instead on the pop up on screen one.

I've used Logitech keyboards before and they have also been fine.


It is a little bendy if you are heavy handed but it comes with the standard 3 year logitech warranty.
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