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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 November 2015
Surprisingly good Sci-fi based around a rescue mission from a high security space prison orbiting the earth where serious offenders are kept in cryostatis. Guy Pearce plays the good-guy-turned-bad-guy-turned-good-again guy in a slightly Die-Hard fashion and has to rescue the president's daughter from the prison after a riot and escape attempt breaks out while she is visiting the space prison on some kind of humanitarian work. That sounds pretty standard but in a slightly different setting the film feels like a lot more than that with its subplots and I think Guy Pearce is probably at his peak here - I think the best I've ever seen him in any role as an actor. Not what I was expecting from him at all, the film is visually strong (other than some mediocre effects here and there) and fast paced with some great hard-hitting action. It often feels tense and claustrophobic and kept me interested through to the end.

More violent than I was expecting which worked well for me and suits the film's feel and backdrop - would definitely recommend as a decent action movie with a slightly different take the standard hero/action movie.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 1 August 2013
An action/science fiction movie, set in the reasonably near future.

A few decades from now, and life on Earth thus doesn't look much different. But orbital space planes are in existence. And there's a big space station orbiting the Earth. Which is being used to keep the worst kind of convicts. In suspended animation.

At the same time, CIA operative Snow [Guy Pearce] a laconic and wise cracking individual, is in the middle of a mission that turns into a double cross. He has to fight and run to survive. But doesn't get too far. He faces years in suspended animation on the station as a result.

But when Emilie [Maggie Grace] daughter of the US president, goes to the station on a mission to find how the prisoners are being treated, only to be caught up in a mass breakout, Snow has no choice but to agree to take on a solo mission to rescue her.

On the station awaiting him are a scottish psychopath [Joseph Gilgun. Rudy in the tv show misfits] and a very cunning sociopath who is calling the shots. But Snow has another reason for being there as well. Can he survive and walk away? And will anyone else?

This starts with earthbound sequences that show you what happens when Snow gets double crossed. These are good action set pieces, although the cgi in a motorbike sequence doesn't really convince. Guy Pearce's performance does command the attention from the off as he makes Snow quite a likeable and appealing hero, by delivering lots of good one liners with aplomb.

Up on the station Maggie Grace does make Emilie a three dimensional character, neither too tough nor too weak. And Joseph Gilgun's performance -the strong accent he uses does take a slight moment to get used to - is also strong, making him a good villain. As is the sociopath calling the shots.

Once Snow is on the mission the pace and the tension do escalate, and it all results in some very good and exciting moments. At the heart of it is the relationship between him and Emilie. The two leads do play this very well, meaning that you never find the man/woman who initially hate each other but get to know and like each other routine at all cliched.

There is some clever plotting which holds back a few revelations right to the end.

This is exactly what it sets out to be. A fun and exciting action movie. It's very good escapist entertainment and well worth a look if you're in the mood for that kind of thing.

Languages and subtitles on the dvd are:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

Extras are:

Interviews with cast and crew. These are short featurettes that can be watched individually or all in a row. The interviews are interspersed with shots of the film being made.

They are as follows:

Guy Pearce [8 Minutes]
Maggie Grace [5 minutes]
Joseph Gilgun part one [Three minutes]
Joseph Gilgun part two [Four minutes]
Stephen St. Ledger - one of the two directors [five minutes].

Torsion fields sequence shows how one fight scene was flmed. This runs for five minutes. And is narrated in french. With english subtitles.

MS one action: runs for four minutes and show how some of the action sequences were done.

MS one constuction: runs for seven minutes and shows a lot of the production design.

Unreleased scenes: runs for two minutes and has slightly extended versions of two key scenes. The first of these in particular is an esssential watch. You will see why.

There are also three trailers in a preview section. For totally unrelated films. That can be watched individually or all in a row.
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on 16 September 2012
In the near future, convicts aren't given ASBOs or community service involving smoking a cigarette at the side of the road with a half-filled sack of rubbish in the other. Instead, they're not only frozen for their sentence, but they're also incarcerated in a prison-space-station orbiting the Earth (as suggested in The Daily Mail since the end of World War 2).

But, just when the President's daughter takes a humanitarian trip to the prison, the convicts only break out and take over the installation (a surprisingly easy feat believe it or not, but I'll gloss over that).

It seemed that Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves were both busy saving other Presidents' daughters, so the only man capable of flying up there, killing everyone with tattoos (and Scottish accents - in the future, major crime is apparently only committed by Glaswegians) is wise-cracking tough guy and wrongly-convicted superspy Guy `Mike-from-Neighbours' Pearce.

And that's about it. He goes up there, shoots a lot of people, bludgeons others and... well, you can watch the film to find out.

I may have been slightly glib, but I actually enjoyed this. Yes, it's predicable and yes, you've probably seen it before (albeit not on a prison space station, right?), so there's nothing really new here. But it's fun, daft and kills a couple of hours (and about a hundred felons).

The performances are nothing special, but the futuristic sets are nice and the action scenes are satisfying, so I think that's all most people will want from a film like this.

Popcorn fodder. Sit back, set brain on `stand-by' and just go with it. Don't think about how easy it is for one escaped convict to take over an entire space station and release absolutely everybody at once. Just don't.
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on 4 December 2012
Lockout is a shameless low-brow, high-octane slice of entertainment with a well-observed B-movie feel. As others have said, it's a latter-day Escape from New York set in space. In the place of Kurt Russell's Snake Pliskin we get one-line quipping, sardonic Guy Pearce in the role of anti-hero, Snow.

The opening scene sets the pace nicely with our man Snow getting - ahem - 'interrogated' for a murder he didn't commit, couched in wonderfully stylised series of flashbacks with a quick biog of the key characters. Speaking of stylised, the bike scene (you'll know when you see it) could have been woefully mismanaged but really works well as a Manga-esque futuristic thrill-ride. Quite pointless to the plot but a great scene nonetheless; Luc Besson clearly flexing his artistic muscles.

In short, Snow must save the president's daughter who has made a seriously ill-advised trip to a floating space prison filled with the most degenerate, dangerous ne'er-do-wells you could never want to meet. A bit like Manchester, come to think of it.

In any event, the plot really can and does take a back seat as Lockout is all about the visual titilation and wanton violence where it succeeds with aplomb; nor does it take itself seriously and pretend to be something it's not. A perfect Friday night in with lots of beer and pizza? Look no further.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 June 2016
Reminds me of the Ray Liotta 'No Escape' movie storywise. But I enjoyed that, so that's not a problem.
Its very violent and it isn't perfect, but I thought Guy Pearce made a convincing hard man.
The outstanding performances for me were the Scottish bad guys.
The brother who led the revolt was quietly menacing but the awards go to Joseph Gilgun as the psychopathic younger brother.
He plays the grotesque so very well.
Scary guy...you bet.
I enjoyed it.
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on 29 August 2014
What you have here is your typical sub standard hero killing everyone and everything while trying to rescue someone who was kidnapped. Do I really need to tell you how this ends? Because it's basically like every cliched action ending ever. Not enough action actually happens at all, but it kills 80 minutes. The film is over after about 80 minutes, the credits take up some of that time, couldn't be bothered working out how long for such an average film. It was a quick buck for Guy Pearce, obviously needed some work done to his mansion or something.
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VINE VOICEon 12 January 2014
They called it Die Hard in Space. They should be done for false representation.
IT is an OK action film but it lacks the tension and excitement of that great film.
Some of the characters are fairly scary and pretty revolting which helps.. There is a bit of a sub plot in the hero (I forget his name but who cares) tried to find his ex colleague. who can help him clear his name. I still haven't worked out just what happened about that in the end.
Oh well, just sit back and watch the action, it isn't bad.
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on 9 January 2018
Really liked the sarcastic attitude of Guy Pearce shame the leading lady was not as good as he was but she was bearable. Action and storyline went well together so kept me watching enough to want my own copy so that I can watch it again.
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on 28 October 2017
Some what predictable but with a good deal of humor that lightens the violence, and the action does not let up in such a way that you are projected into the next subplot before you have time to catch your breath , good entertainment.
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on 27 November 2017
If you are into action, than this a movie for you. Guy Pierce plays the tough guy who has to safe the girl. He has some really cool and funny lines that give the movie the Umpf.
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