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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2012
After poor trailers and indifferent reviews I decided not to take the family to the Cinema for this one. What a huge mistake! Purchased on blu ray and the family loved it!
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on 29 November 2012
I went to see this in the cinema and couldn't wait for it to some out on DVD. Pre-ordered it, and it arrived the day after it was released - a day late, but I guess this could be as it's nearly Christmas.

I then spent the evening watching it with my university housemates - three 20 year old girls who loved it as much as I did. In the cinema, I saw it with my 20 year old boyfriend who also enjoyed it.

Expect a well written Disney Pixar story, with beautiful artwork/animation. Being set in Scotland, the characters all have Scottish accents, but it is easy to understand what they are saying. Two of my housemates went off to ring their Mums after watching it, showing the emotional story has true heartfelt meanings.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will fall in love with the characters.
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on 2 January 2013
Having recently moved into an historical area of Scotland it was interesting to see this "fairytale". The animation is second to none and and story of good overcoming evil. Watched it in 3D. Great entertainment.
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Brave sucks you in right from the start from the first note on the music score brave is made by the disney pixar team who have brought so many wonderfull story's to our screens brave is about a young princess living in the Highlands who loves her freedom she is very strong headed and mistevious her mother wants her to settle down and to bring peace to all clans. But it does not go to plan as her daughter visits a which and puts a spell on her mother to turn into a bear but when this is not what the young princess wanted as she grows up very fast and must find a way to get her mother back to human form the film stars Kelly Mcdonald Emma Thompson Billy connelly robbie Coltrane and many other great actors. The film has so many funny moments it made my whole family laugh and cry and we range from 4 to 80 odd I would highly recommend this to anybody at any age.
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disney/pixar movies continue to flourish with picture perfection advancing in
quality all the time, this film surely 'set' to become an all-time family favourite
during the years to come ( allready is with my younger family members )
'king fergus' and 'queen elinor' invite suitors to compete for the hand of daughter
however young 'merida' isn't ready to commit in this way.
whilst out in the forest she stumbles upon a witches cottage after following 'wisps'
'merida' agrees to buy all the 'witche's' carved models if the 'witch' gives her a
spell to use on her mother, hoping to change the queens mind about the suitors.
the spell turns her mother into a bear, not what 'merida' had in mind.
'merida' has but a short time to change the spell before it becomes permanent.
this is truly a superb and special family movie following the great tradition of the
disney studios down the years....entertain.
extraordinary computer animation quality.......a must see.
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on 3 December 2012
Hmm. Looking at all the glowing reviews on here this view isn't going to be popular, but here goes.
The main strength of the majority of previous Pixar movies for me has been their ability to appeal simultaneously to both adults and children. This is the first one in a good while which to be honest I found myself sitting there a little bored thinking 'I'm watching a kids movie'. The main problem is that there are few surprises. I'm not one for guessing what's going to happen next, but few and far between story 'twists' are telegraphed so obviously that they can be seen coming a mile away. This reduces the film to little more than just waiting for something you know is going to happen. The characters inability to figure things out until the last minute just becomes tiresome after a while.
The emotional manipulation of the songs and cheese factor is also way too high to be comfortable, with every conceivable Scottish cliche repeatedly rammed down your throat.
Yes, the animation and voice acting are up to their ususal high standard but large sections of the film seem designed for little more than to show these off. It's an amazing kids film of course, bright and flashy, but there's a layer of depth missing in the script which Pixar so often managed to tap into in the past.
That said it's not terrible by any means, but pitched against previous outings such as the Incredibles/Wall-E/Ratatouille etc it just doesn't measure up. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
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on 21 September 2012
The trailers didn't do it much justice nor indeed generate much excitement from my part in the build-up to the release of Pixar's Brave. Now hand in hand with Disney, I was even more sceptical that this was a more Disney influenced move to create a more traditional animation in the form of a fairy tale which to me wasn't something that Pixar was about. Pixar now has an established reputation (that also perhaps counts against them) for making bold, creative and less obvious, for lack of a better word, films that have not been in a conventional sense; Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up for instance. Plus Pixar have also been leading heavily in the stunningly beautiful animation that gives all their films a unique look. Needless to say, going into this I wasn't holding much hope or enthusiasm but see it I did because this was still Pixar and I came out eating my own cynicism.

Whilst I didn't feel that Brave pushed the boundaries even further for Pixar the same way Wall-E did (as unfair as this must sound) but what I am sure is that this was testament to how well Pixar tells not just new stories but older ones too. This is a film that pleasantly surprised me; it was a fairy-tale featuring the usual clichés of witches, monsters and magic etc. but the film itself seemed to avoid the cliché plot structure and twists and ends up being something that felt quite different. The central focus for example is a story about a rebellious princess and her eroding relationship with her controlling mother. It's certainly a bold step and a little feminist in its ideology but it's also a delight. Other Disney films have of course had female leads but they usually end up being saved by a prince or knight in shining armour type figure; here the female characters are dominant and stronger. I don't personally recall any other Disney film dealing with mother/daughter issues before but it worked for me completely and without giving spoilers away, I found it to be a warm and heartfelt story that highlights the bond between parent and child that sometimes gets forgotten.

From the opening shots you're once again reminded, provided you've somehow managed to forget, just why Pixar are the top animation studio around at the moment because their animation is still just sensational. The amount of detail is breath taking and it seems to get better with every film and Brave is no exception. If there is a weakness then I would say it is the ending which sadly does feel rather generic and falls in line with other Disney films and not just fairy tales.

I'll let you decide for yourself but I think for a film which has defied my negative preconception and ended up something quite special in itself, the ending is very disappointing. But the film as a whole is a worthy addition to Pixar's catalogue of good and great films, Brave is an exceptionally funny and at times moving fairy tale that avoids most clichés and takes it story into places you might necessarily have expected going into it.
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on 30 November 2012
I enjoyed this film because the Scottish landscape and voices are true to the real Scotland. The animation is brilliant and the plot is sensitive and funny and exciting.

I have bought it as DVDs for all my grandchildren this Christmas both in Scotland and abroad.
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on 17 September 2012
From the opening scenes with the very young Merida playing hide & seek with Queen 'Mum' on her birthday & Dad's inapproriate (in mum's eyes) birthday gift of a bow with arrows to Merida's disgust at the arrival of the 'Suitors' - & when you see them you'll sympathise- till the very last note of the credit music. We never took our eyes off the screen.

Thoroughly entertaining, non-stop laughter, thrilling in the 'scary' parts (I don't quite follow the reviews where they say there was no drama). Touching with the emotional upset between the family members (not to give too much away) then hilarity again with the triplets!

We enjoyed every frame & eagerly await the release of the DVD.
Go & see it & have a great day/night out for the family.
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2012
At one time Pixar made some of the finest animation in cinema today. The Toy Story films, Rattatouile, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Wall-e, all animation masterpieces. Even A Bug's life was pretty good. Brave is an enjoyable stunning to look at animated film set in a mythical Scotland about a princess who is tired of having her life decided for her by her mother and ends up accidentaly turning her mother into a bear after a magic spell goes wrong after her mother the Queen sets her up to be betrothed in marriage something the princess doesn't want to do. It's an amusing film and entertaining and charming enough, the princess' 3 brothers are the best characters but to tell the truth Pixar seem to be slipping and are capable of far better than this film. After this and Cars 2 which was also stunning to look at but had a weak story it seems the once kings of animation are losing their touch. A decent film but Pixar have done far better.
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