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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2015
Best DVD I have ever had, tears or what
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on 19 July 2014
Good film and enjoyed watching it......
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on 12 January 2015
Brilliant film, a must see family film.
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on 31 January 2015
The last 15 minutes is very good, unfortunately the first hour and 45 minutes is absolute drivel
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on 13 July 2012
I was a bit cynical before watching this,wondering if it's haters had a point,i'd now say they're talking garbage.
This is a truely special movie about a boy and his love for a horse,with spectacular scenery that blew me and my two companions away.
This horse is bought at an auction for more money than the buyer can afford and he knows he's about to lose his farm and everything else. Feeling despair at his probable mistake,the old man turns to his usual drink and his son takes to the horse,he sees something special in him.
After it's proved the horse has got it,the desperate father stupidly sells the horse off as a war horse. At this point,the horse goes through various adventures connected with the war,various angles of it. Being owned by several people,some wonderful characters among them.
The scenes for the most part are incredibly done and left me in awe at how well this whole thing was put together,making two hours twenty gallop past.
Some scenes were too sentimental for some viewers (their loss i say),but they are done to perfection in my humble view. The scene where a German and an Englishman are working togegther to free the horse from it's horrifc tangle may well have some people reaching for the bucket and crying "unrealistic",but i thought it was done well enough to ask yourself if anyone really wanted to fight.
This film has been slated for the acting and being contrived,but i'd say the acting's fine and as for being being contrived,i just enjoyed it for being the stunning film it was,so these people can use whatever silly words they wish to try to justify their hatred of something this beautiful.
The music is as fitting as you'd expect it to be and Speilberg is on top form once again in doing what he does,magic!
I can't say for sure whoever is reading this will love the movie as much as i do,but i would say movies this stunning don't come along very often,it's not just brilliant,it's something special.
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VINE VOICEon 3 July 2013
The real name of the leading character of this enthralling saga will probably never be known despite appearing in an award winning movie. The reason is obvious: it is a head-strong stallion.

As a foal, a neighbourhood boy is entranced by this majestic creature. Fate intervenes. His father, an inebriated nere-do-well of a man, unbeknown to his son, is also enthralled with him. This occurs at an auction where the impecunious fellow is supposed to purchase a regular stout-hearted work horse. Instead reason vanishes as he bids way past his financial means, a veritable fortune much more than his modest income will allow for this veritable race horse, the very anthesis of what he requires.

His counter bidder, we eventually discover, is none other than his stone-hearted landlord. Forced to redeem himself to prevent eviction, he undertakes with the assistance of his son, to make amends by planting an unpromising stony patch of land with turnips.

Fate & chance intercede. Serendipitous events follow further serendipitous events whereby the horse is sold to a cavalry unit of the British Army en route to France as part of the initial troops entering WW1.

The death of the officer in an ill-fated cavalry charge with swords drawn, leads to the horse being captured by the Germans, being briefly befriended by a sweet French child.

The warhorse, initially called Joey, is recaptured by the Germans & is destined to be worked to death drawing howitzers.

After further adventures, Joey is reunited with his trusted owner & miraculously returned to Britain.

One is enthralled, drawn into a long forgotten world, where vehicles were the exception rather than the rule & horses were still the accepted mode of transport, "attack vehicle" on cavalry charges & ploughing "machine".

Life was hard & cruel. Happenstance, fate & chance were one's lot in life. Stunning visuals complement a riveting story. It is a worthwhile purchase.
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on 19 January 2012
I hate myself for not liking War Horse, I read mixed reviews afters its release in the US and I said to myself those reviewers are wrong, but I really didnt think much of it when I did get to see it.
Spielberg is my favourite director of all time but he has lost his way in recent years (Indy 4 was unforgivable and Tin Tin was great fun but no future classic) and War Horse put me off him even further.
The issues I had with this film were so plentiful.
The first half an hour is about a farmboy trying to convince a horse to plough a field.
Spielberg spends forever setting up the bond between the young boy and his horse, then separates them, and removes the boy from the film altogether until the final act.
The horse moves from character to character every 20 minutes or so meaning I couldnt get attached to any of them.
The dialogue is this film is at times unintentionally funny, Im talking George Lucas quality dialogue.
Visually the film is nice but so false and overly clean looking. Even though I am lead to believe there was only 3 scenes of CGI in the entire film,totalling a mere few seconds, the film has an incredible falseness to its visual style.
See the trench scenes and in particular, the ending sunset scene.
I LOVE a good old fashioned tearjerker, but not for a second did I get emotional during this film, its a bad sign if a tearjerker doesn't affect you emotionally at all.
Apart from the main theme, the legendary John Williams' score is a bit over the place, at times distracting and overall forgettable.
The acting is serviceable, never anything more although I enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatchs performance. Jeremy Irvine performance as farmboy Albert was hugely disappointing for a lead role.
No matter what country the film ends up in, every speaks English. "Zey all talk like zis"
A HUGE let down of a film, I really did want to like this film but it was over-long, criminally boring and unemotional.
One star for the horse, the other star for having Pat Mustard in it as Devon Farmer #2.
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on 30 January 2016
Bought as a gift =have had no feedback
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on 12 September 2014
Great film and DVD delivered promptly.
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on 7 September 2014
Deserves all the plaudits, excellent !
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