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on 10 March 2017
Usual Casio quality
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on 16 January 2013
Good Points: Clear easy read hands in ALL conditions. A very good face illumination display for a night viewing check which also has an option to allow you to set it to remain illuminated after pressing the light button for either 1, 2 or 3 seconds, this facility is a nice touch as the 1 second light on option seemed to have become the norm and is in my opinion not enough, (the digital display window is not usable however when using the light). A bright LED light illuminates at the 6 o'clock position when pressing the light button and I am impressed by this brightness and find this a strong point of the watch design.

The compass pointer is the second hand and this allows a quick compass check "on the hoof" without straining to see where the N (north) dot is as on digital ABC watches.

A silent button press option (so no bleep-bleep when pressing buttons if you don't want this).

Easy world time zone change.

The hands can all be calibrated for precise minute/second hand synchronisation (it is a bit complicated but how to do this is all in the instruction manual).

Thick and sturdy resin strap with good buckle.

If you press the barometer button the second hand indicates a falling, rising or steady barometric pressure (either side of the 3 o'clock position) you can remain in this mode whilst out and about and glancing at the indication will show how things are changing, this is a great feature.

The usual Solar benefits and no fiddly battery changes.

5 alarms; in my opinion the 10 second audible sound volume is good, definitely louder than my Suunto X Lander.

If you are in the market for a PRG 550 I would recommend you viewing the other versions in standard Black and white, or black and yellow or black and green. These versions are all viewable on the internet (and also of course on Amazon) if you do an image search under the model number.

If you are military or concerned about "bling shine" with a watch on operations there is a touch of reflective stainless steel shine around each of the indices and four small shiny stainless steel strap connection screws but this would be a great watch for military/police use.

The digital window is quite small so the readings are a bit of a struggle if like me you are now relegated to needing reading glasses.....however this is not too bad if you accept this is specifically a very decent analogue watch with the ability to record and give you ABC functions.

Only a 60 minute digital option countdown timer, 24 hrs would have been nice.

In conclusion, this is a really nice watch, it has good build quality, and although this particular model lacks the radio control time signal facility which I would have liked (if I could have afforded it) it is much cheaper than that option and yet is in the same unit and is highly accurate in any case (the time is easy to set if it gains a second or two). I have absolutely no regrets getting it. This is a good watch and you may find it well worth considering.
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on 11 December 2013
a very nice watch
I bought it for the altimeter when I go flying (powered paraglider) and everyday watch
the altimeter is fairly accurate (+/- 10m) and does not need to be calibrated too often (in slow weather changes, I usually have to ad or substract about 5/10 metres every week or so)
a bit of a shame that there is no indication of vertical speed (climb rate) like on the SUUNTO watches, thus the 4 stars, not 5...
I was a bit worried that it would be too big and uncomfortable for everyday use, but it actually sits quite nicely on the wrist (for comparison, my wrist is about 65mm wide and I set it on the 5th hole out of 12)
the alarm only rings for 10 seconds (not modifiable) which may be a bit short for heavy sleepers...
I recommend to read the user manual (or at least the specs on F-89) before buying:
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on 9 June 2014
The good things: Really great watch with loads of cool features for an excellent price on amazon. It wouldn't be easily possible to get these features on a watch for this price in many places.
The bad things: The strap is the most uncomfortable strap I have ever known on a watch, the design basically means that it catches your hair, pinches your skin and is generally to uncomfortable to wear. I was going to send this watch back as unwearable until I discovered you can get a replacement strap from a 3rd party company. Beware this will cost you another £30 pounds though. I tried to get one from Casio but was told that they will only replace the strap with one the same ( too uncomfortable to wear). I am amazed no other reviewers have mentioned this! The only other gripe is that the altimeter is not a proper one and will give you different readings at the same height if the air pressure happens to be different that day. ( crazy really, why bother even having it as a feature?
Apart for the gripes I have now ended up with a really good watch, but it has ended up costing me more that first expected (for the strap replacement)
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on 15 December 2012
The price is about half the price of the same watch in Hungary - as usual, unforunate and well known fact.
I will no way fully utilize all the features of this smart gadget, but I like the idea, and I feel happier with the fact, that it is able to do more, than I can ever learn about it:) The compass and thermometer is something I wanted desperately, besides the solar powered, capcitor driven design, from the time I've read about it:) I opted on the old school design with the three hands, instead of fully "handless" versions, the more conventional approach suits me more. The orange-black fits my taste.
The watch looks great in my opinion, comfortable, lightweight, I like the touch of it. It's not too bulky (for an average male) - something I was afraid of a bit. That's the first day impression. This is my first watch since the smartphone era:) A little bit more, than just a wacth, justifies the usage of a separate device.
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on 30 July 2012
I bought this nice Protrek Prg-550 because of the nice orange details combined with the huge watch-case and of course the multi functionality of the watch. The analog part of the watch is great, very easy readability and the lume is very strong in dark, i'm not that impressed with the built in LED light (white light) in the buttom, but would have preferred lcd-display light for easy barometer and compass readings in the dark. Also the weather trend graph is a bit to little in my opinion, but it does the job.This watch hasn't got radiocontrolled time, but that isen't very important because of Casio's very precise quartz timing.Not an issue for me anyway. This is a Ana/Digi watch, and the little LCD window is all right, because of the huge advantage of the analog hands. The new Protrek sits perfect on your wrist and has a nice robust look to it. Very easy to handle all the functions. Brilliant.
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on 13 January 2014
Hi :) good quality product at a reasonable price, useful product on a daily basis and during my hikes, I would recommend.
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on 29 September 2015
Wery nice watch, all sensors seems accurate, looks cool, alot of people asked if is TAG.
Small problem whit the straps system, is pulling the hair.
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on 15 August 2013
I have rated this watch 5*..As I have just completed a months climbing in Kenya
travelling from sea-level, to 5400 metres, and from 30c to minus -10c in temp.
The watch felt good on my wrist, and all the functions worked well. I would
recommend this item to anyone taking part in any outdoor activities.
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on 15 March 2014
5 star watch many thanks i will recommend to my friends and another people thank you for this presents bay
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