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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2012
I bought this watch as an analogue alternative to the GW-M5600 that I normally wear for work. From what I was able to see and price point of view, this model seemed to be the best option. It shows all the Timekeeping, Reception and Battery Status parameters the other watch has apart from the Alarm's Snooze option, which is of no consequence to me as I only use the hourly beeper function anyway.

When the watch arrived 2 days later I was very impressed as it has quite a few extra and useful features which, considering the cost, I didn't expect it to have. For example it scrolls the full city name as well as the usual 3 letter code when going through the World Time or Home City settings. You can also swap instantly between the World Time and the Home City time zones and the watch also has GMT (UTC) time in the Set City and World Time settings.

The solar power facility is excellent as is the 6 band radio controlled timekeeping. One thing this watch does very well is to keep almost perfect time in between updates, the accuracy of the quartz time base alone without Time Signal calibration seems to be no greater than a few seconds per Month.

The watch is lightweight and very comfortable to wear, but its 15mm or so case depth can get in the way a bit. The watch has no Seconds Hand, but the lower sub dial permanently shows the seconds in digital format as well as the battery / alarm status when in a timekeeping mode. The left Sub Dial shows either Date - Month or digital time in 12 or 24 hour format and the day of week is on the right.

The watch dial is clear enough to be read at a glance even in low light. The digits in the left Sub Dial are rather small though and the hands can obstruct reading them properly, but there is an option to temporarily park them away from the Sub Dials if need be by pressing and holding the "mode" button. But don't forget to move the hands back again! The hands will temporarily move out the way of the sub dials automatically when in some setting modes as well.

The Minute Hand nudges around the dial in 20 second steps, this allowing for its accurate alignment to the minute markers on the watch dial via the H-SET menu if need be. The hand alignment was perfect when the watch was bought so it is unlikely that this will ever need further adjustment anyway. They can also move backwards when in an adjustment mode, meaning quicker relocation if adjusting the watch to different time zones when going abroad for example.

An orange LED backlight is located at the bottom of the dial. This is sufficient to illuminate the dial and hands, but not the recessed LCD panels within the Sub Dials. This is a shame, as the hands and dial numeral markers are to some extent luminous anyway so it would have been more practical to light up the LCD's as well, as they do contain relevant timekeeping information.

All in all, this is a very practical and functional analogue / digital watch with G-Shock, 200M water resistance, Solar Power and Radio Controlled timekeeping as standard. Its menu structure is very similar to my other watch so it was a doddle to set up to the right time. This watch also has 5 alarms, Stopwatch and Countdown Timer functions which are all displayed via the Sub Dial LCD's. The alarm volume isn't that loud but is OK for the Hourly beeper.

In conclusion and besides its minor criticisms, this is a highly recommended timepiece at a very reasonable price!
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on 11 September 2015
I bought this on to take advantage of the currency exchange, and I am posting here. I've had this watch for a day and I really believe this is brilliant for watch-lovers who want a watch that goes well outdoors and with a suit. I've been looking for such a watch because I want a watch that lasts in time, one that is a bit fancier than the average sports watch (has all the features, and analogue with dials that make you think of a dashboard) and moreover is very accurate and reliable.

So what led me to this was by originally looking at Citizen's Eco-drive watches. Because I couldn't find one fancy enough that I could afford, I kept searching and eventually stumbled across G-Shock as a brand - designed to last - which I'd heard of and only thought they sold big fat sports watches for young millennials. I was educated on and convinced of their Tough Solar tech, and discovered their radio-time watches quite by accident. I am in love with it!

It has a brilliant analogue clock that meshes well with the digital interface and can be set manually and by radio time. It has world time backed up by a radio atomic clock with DST support, alarms and stop-watch/timer. It's so cool setting it to a different city and seeing the hands turn by themselves.

The resin strap has a lot of holes so you can wear it even on a rather slim wrist. It does look more bulky on women with slim wrists though. It's comfortable and stays securely on your wrist without turning, which is something I like as I am very active and need to glance at the time while I'm cycling for example.

The analogue display is very accurate compared to cheaper analogue watches. I had two cheap Lorus watches that never really used to line up the hands with the minute markers properly. Casio has made sure this watch does though - the minute hand moves to 180 different positions, a different position every 20 seconds. I feel happy that I can read the time accurately and I won't be getting the wrong time after a month because of a bad mechanism - I disliked having to remember to reset my old watches - and the radio-atomic feature ensures that reliability too.

People wondering about the light: trust me, it's easy to read in the dark. Even if you think you can't, just try this: put a finger above the dials, so the light will reflect off your finger onto the dials. Then again, how many people actually want to read the seconds or use the timer in the dark. Maybe the alarm or date, but usually you'd have a lamp or something, right? I added a photo you can see; rest assured it is easy to see the dials using only 1 finger above them; the photo is just a bit out of focus because I was using my phone camera. Admittedly it would be a hassle using advanced functions with lots of button pressing (like setting alarm or using stopwatch/timer), but it's not a problem for anything else (e.g. world time or date or manual radio time update). You can see the date (9-13) and the number of seconds in the photo - do note it is clearer than the camera suggests.

If you're wondering about the negative-LCD versions of this watch (black-blue and all-black), I honestly don't know, but judging from a video it does seem much more difficult, and even the above trick may demand powerful eyes. I nearly bought them but decided I liked this interface as the colours were more distinctive like the Ferrari watches, and the more easier visibility would be helpful... and it would be cheaper!

For people wanting to know about auto-DST support cos it doesn't seem to be working: you can set DST on manually or you can put on auto-DST. If you put on auto-DST and it doesn't show the offset, you may have to update the time over radio again. That's what I did, and it worked :)

I'm trying to think up cons for this watch, but other than the American date format which I've had to get used to, I can't really think up anything else other than it doesn't cook me lunch or massage my feet, but it's a great time-piece that you can feel confident with wearing in any situation, and boast about to anyone because of its looks and features! It's not a cheap watch but it's worth the money, unlike more expensive watches! I don't even want to get started on so-called "smart-watches", with their very limited and ill-thought out battery, limited screens, just not well-thought out at all. Classic watches are here to stay and they have other branches of evolution too. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy.
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on 10 June 2012
Well Coming straight to point and cutting the crap


1) Solar Charging.
2) Some kool features like Auto Time Sync, Smart watch (Move hands to a position so that you can see digital display).
3) Not much bigger dial as compared to other G shocks.
4) Eye Candy.
5) Automatically lights up in dark when you move your wrist.
6) Comfortable Resin Strap.
7) Features like Day Light and world time enables it to use across world with accurate timing.

Cons :-
1) Crappiest Digital display :- U just cant see digital display in dark even if you light it up. I mean Black background with green digits makes it very difficult.

2) Very sophisticated :- I am kinda good explorer.. love to play around with gadgets and figure out how they work.. but for this one had to go through 100 + page Manuel shipped along. Would recommend it for some one who is kool with such stuff.

3)LED Light :- Not sure whom to blame Digital display or led as cannot see in dark even if you turn on led . Enough to see hands without any trouble.

Overall I will give it 4 because I think this is a smart watch with kool looks and reasonable price (I know 100 GBP is a lot of money :)) Although I got it with a voucher for 80 ;)
Back to the point..
Yeah so this is a smart watch with good looks and decent size.. makes it quite decent to wear in office as well. Has solar charging which works on any light (Not just sunlight) so I believe it deserves 4 stars.
Digital display is pain in *** but still quite comfortable to use in daylight.
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on 22 August 2012
I was going to order this myself but was surprised when my wife presented it on my birthday. It found it's time zone straight away and was fully charged and ready to go in a few hours. I am a mega g-shock fan and love my 10 year old anti-magnetic watch which has survived every environment. This new watch is fantastic as I loathe every clock change and having to fiddle to set the time. Amazon and Casio offer the best watches at the best price. I could buy a new g-shock every day as they beat every other maker for adventure loving photographers like me.Casio G-Shock Men's Quartz Watch with Black Dial Analogue - Digital Display and Black Resin Strap AWG-M100-1AER
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on 3 May 2012
Casio G-Shock Men's Quartz Watch M100- 1AER.

The watch is comfortable to wear, does not look at all bulky. The face is clear and and you can see the correct time instantly and you know the time is correct. The other benefits I have is when I travel over seas I can ajust the time change easily without having to remember a long list of what I must does and hope over the following 24 hrs the watch has ajusted itself correctly. All in all a very nice work/everyday watch at a reasonable price.
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on 22 May 2013
I wanted a watch that was radio controlled with the anthorn receiver and looked reasonably good as a lot of analogues tend to do.

The reviews of dual analogue/digital watches tended to complain about the readability of the digital dials. As one reviewer mentioned they are more readable than most so I bought this one. I certainly have no problem reading the dials on this watch.

The watch looks fine on my slim wrist no doubt helped by the black colour of its case.

On to its faults:
No date and digital time displayed at the same time. Only date or digital time and the day can be displayed.

Strap loop is too close and needs forcing a little to get the strap through, hopefully it will smooth out over time.

Stopwatch is 60 minutes only, something that casio seem to be doing more often recently.

Overall I am happy with the watch but its not perfect.
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The Casio AWG M100A-AER is in many ways the ultimate watch: solar powered, radio controlled, water resistant to 200 metres (static pressure) and shock resistant. Theoretically therefore this is a watch whose battery will never need to be replaced, that you will never need to set or even take off.

The watch always tells the correct time (provided you are in signal range, which so far as I can tell covers most of the northern hemisphere) and auto-adjusts for daylight saving time. It does NOT auto-adjust for time zone changes (you need a GPS watch for that, e.g. the significantly more expensive SEIKO ASTRON Water resistant for daily use dial sapphire glass super clear coating titanium white × black bright radio-corrected GPS satellite solar Men's watch SAST007 [Japan import]) but you can very easily swap any time zone for the current time with the simultaneous press of the top two buttons.

The solar power unit charges easily - I don't wear mine every day but it continues to show "H" (high) power reserve. The watch arrived on "M" (medium - presumably because it had been kept in the dark, in its box for some time) and took several weeks to get up to "H" where it now remains.

The operation of the watch is reasonably easy. It's true to say that the instruction booklet is rather thick and you DO need to read it, though it's certainly clear enough. Casio have always produced excellent instruction manuals, ever since I received one of their original stainless steel digitals as a Christmas gift from my parents back in the early 1980s. Once you get used to the watch, it's actually very simple to use (and will be even simpler to anyone who has previously owned a Casio watch).

Crucially, this watch is not over-designed or garish - as many watches in the G-Shock range can be. Check the other models in the AWG M100 range: there are further colour/display variations which may suit different purchasers, including the easier to read conventional black on grey LCD dials if required. These inverted grey on black LCDs are, admittedly, not that easy to read and if you plan on using the watch for at-a-glance timer readings you would be well advised to investigate a slightly different model. The hands are luminous although the luminosity fades quite quickly in the dark (this would probably not happen on a more expensive watch) but there is also a light, which makes the analogue time easy enough to read. As other reviewers have noted the light is not electro-luminescent ("illuminator") and does not light the LCDs, which is a shame - I wonder whether this is maybe a constraint imposed by the solar power supply? Anyway, it's not a problem unless you plan on using the watch for its other functions in the dark, which I don't. If you do then look for another G-Shock as the AWG-M100 is probably not for you - although in my opinion these are amongst the best looking G-Shocks ("you pays your money...").

The other main functions on the watch are:

- Dual time (appears on digital display only) - includes all world time zones;
- Stopwatch - sadly this does not go above 59m 59s 99 1/100ths - so consider that if you need a timer that lasts longer;
- Countdown alarm - from 1-99 minutes only (again some may find this limited);
- 5 daily alarms - good as reminders though tinny-sounding and won't wake you up. A date alarm would have been useful but sadly is not included. There is also an hourly time signal.

The strap is the standard G-Shock "resin" - fairly hard-wearing, susceptible to the odd very minor scuff mark and goes very slightly shiny over time but otherwise resists wear and tear well: it is, after all designed to be knocked about a bit. In hot weather I find the strap can sometimes become a little uncomfortable and needs to be loosened, although this is the same for most watches I've owned. The casing is used on a number of G-Shock models and is something of a classic design. The watch face is not overly large and the strap is not tapered (a feature which badly dates some other Casio models, in my opinion). The thickness of the watch may be a problem for some. It can just about go under a shirt cuff and is not ridiculously thick, but may still be too thick depending on your preference. Whilst it's fairly versatile and can be worn with more or less anything I personally would not choose to wear this watch with a business suit. Whilst this Casio is not what I would call a cheap watch, I do think that wearing it with smarter clothes does maybe tend to show it up a little - a problem presumably not experienced by (rich) owners of the aforementioned Seiko Astron.

£ for £ though, this is probably the best Gents watch money can but for the price and undeniably a 5/5 purchase based on the price/quality equation. The Amazon price at time of writing is good too, as typically this model sells for £130 in high street jewellers. Anyone want to swap me for an Astron? ;-)
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on 4 October 2015
Love the watch... Unfortunately I wasn't able to read it in the dark as the LED back light (automatic function worked well) doesn't light up the digital dials at all. Also the luminescence on the hands isn't that bright and doesn't last very long and even with the back light the hands aren't that easy to see. It is a real pity as the watch looks great and works well. Sits nicely on the wrist and isn't too big. Would recommend it to younger users whose reading eyes aren't fading! I would definitely buy one if Casio improved the ease of reading in the dark.
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on 25 May 2013
I picked this up from Amazon at £73 and to my mind that is all it's worth. I have uploaded some pics as I find real world pics more helpful.


1) It's a G shock and these babies are tough. I used to have one of these Casio MTG-930DU-8VER and threw it out of an upstairs window of a house - onto a lawn - to test out it's toughness. It didn't miss a beat.

2) It is solar powered so no need to ever buy batteries unless you live like Howard Hughes or are stuck down a mine in Chile.

3) It is radio controlled. This is an excellent feature and along with it being solar was the main reason I bought it. The watch calibrates automatically with a signal sent out from the nearest atomic tower. As a result, IMO these are the most accurate watches you can buy. I travel a lot buy train and as the digital clocks at railway stations are also calibrated this was and therefore trains I can plan my journey.

4) It has dual analogue / digital and for a G Shock it is not overly massive so looks quite discreet unlike some of the other ones that look like a huge piece of Lego strapped to your wrist.

5) Again, being a G Shock these are, in my experience totally waterproof and are suitable for diving and swimming - although I'm not certain how visible the hands would be underwater.

6) It is very light 56 Grams - and comfortable to wear.


1) The digital time display is TINY. Also as is now the case at the time of writing 7.45, you guessed it - the hand covers that digital time completely - doh!

2) The dial on the right always displays the day. Annoyingly this display uses larger letters than the digital time. I don't think in my life I have ever not known what day it is so I find this superfluous.

3) Again, to do with the dial on the right Casio always insist on filling their watches with all these extra "features" such as stopwatch, timers etc. I have never used any of these since I was a child.

4) It has a load of alarms - again, pretty pointless especially seeing that they are so quiet they's struggle to disturb a mouse.

5) The light. I expect this has an auto feature where you can adjust it so that it turns on when you turn your wrist and also it's duration - pretty cool. However the light on this watch is a nasty yellow and not that bright - compared to the cool blue of the watch I outlined above. It will also only illuminate the analogue time.

6) The hour hand. As you can see this is red which is OK in most lights. However in the dark and with the pathetic light this is more or less invisible with NO luminescence on it. Many a time I woke up thinking it was around 6 AM after a quick look at the watch only to find that it was in fact 3 AM!

7) The instruction booklet - Casio never fail me here. These things are tiny, in multiple languages and seem to be randomly set up without logic. They are like reading one of those adventure books where you have to make a decision. Turn to page 45 then refer to E29, back to page 1, have you set up DST - congratulations you've messed it up and now have the time in Outer Mongolia!

FFS Casio - any chance you could put all your manuals online in a PDF of decent size and sense? Not entiirely sure why you continue wasting paper and money printing them nowadays.


This is still a very good watch. Casio G Shock Solar Wavceptors are packed with features. You'll never have to buy a battery and, as long as you keep it charged it will be the most accurate watch you have ever bought.

It is my personal opinion that a lot of the features are uneccesary and poorly implemented. If Casio enlarged the digital time and ****ed off the day display & improved the light then they would be going in the right way.

Apart from that it's pretty decent 3 stars - but VERY glad I flogged it - LOL!
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 24 May 2012
I am very impressed with the watch. The packaging is nice and sturdy. The actual watch is lovely. I cannot fault it in any way.

I love G-Shock watches and this one looks amazing. Its also £20 cheaper than the other two watches which are only cosmetically different.

I used the coupon for 20% off so I feel like I have got it at a very good price.

It feels good on my slightly smaller wrist and the display is fantastic.

Highly recommended.
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