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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 November 2016
I decided to buy a watch that never needs replacing.

This watch not only doesn't need the battery changing (which is a big issue for me), but with radio controlled time adjustment its never wrong either.

Pack all that into a G-Shock watch and you have an almost indestructible watch that will tell you the right time forever.

You get an alarm, stopwatch, you get to know time zones all over the place that we all know no body uses, and there is a little light, that allows you to read the analogue time, although it doesn't light up the little digital display.

I for one have been very impressed, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is considering one.
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on 8 June 2017
This is a nice looking sports watch. It has good functionality (30 second timer). I bought it for my partner, who has had several G Shocks in the past & likes them. He was disappointed that this one is smaller and looks a bit like a child's size, but likes the 30 second timer, so kept it for boxing training. He says the light function is rubbish, as it only lights up the hands and not the displays. Initially I would have returned it - disappointed, but he is using it, so it must be OK
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on 1 January 2016
I spent a lot of time looking for something robust, waterproof and inexpensive to use whilst I am out fishing, mainly in the boat. Nothing too flash needed, I just want something that'll tell me what time it is and survive getting wet, plus the odd knock... I was tempted by a Luminox as I really like the look of the Navy Seal (not so sure they would wear these watches?!) black/white colormark verions, but after seeing so many negative reviews, started to be drawn towards a G Shock. My only problem was the size of them, as I don't have huge wrists, a big watch would look out of place on me. Then I came across this G Shock - at first I didn't even notice the price, as I wasn't being driven by cost... anyway, it's just perfect, not too big, not too small. Very comfortable to wear and looks great in all black with silver dials. I own a TAG and an Omega; this G Shock is 1/20th the price I paid for my Seamaster, yet it does pretty much the same job! My only gripe would be the dreadful instructions, resolved by going online and watching a tutorial on YouTube. The three small displays, I can barely see them, but I knew that would be the case from reading other reviews and I only want to know the time anyway. A few folk are moaning the light function is useless, I beg to differ, as it does illuminate the face of the watch in the dark long enough to see the watch hands, albeit you'll need very good eyesight to see anything else on the watch face.

If you're after something a bit smaller than the average G Shock that's robust, functional and discreet, without spending much money, this is a very good watch. Highly recommended!
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on 28 May 2017
This watch is radio controlled so keeps perfect time and I have found that the battery holds its charge when worn normally so no problems with its solar charger. The push button illumination after dark is excellent. The reason for my 3 stars is because the 3 sub dials are so small and dark that they are virtually unreadable, otherwise a good, reliable watch for everyday wear.
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on 13 June 2015
I really like the watch and hope the G-Shock build lives up to its reputation. However, the three little led dials are too small and difficult to read. I'd suggest they ditch them and replace them with a second hand and date window.

The alarms are too quiet and too short. The light is very dim, but just enough to make out the hands in the dark, nothing more.
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on 14 October 2015
I am very happy with this watch and would definitely recommend. In my opinion it looks great, It is very light to wear and is a good size (not ridiculously big like some high end g-shock watches). The main dial is very easy to read even in the dark and the time is updated automatically every night via radio signal. The small digital displays are a bit hard to read in poor lighting and impossible to read in the dark using it's inbuilt yellow LED light, but I still like them better than the more traditional dials. The alarm is not really loud enough, I doubt it would wake anybody up in the morning and it stops ringing after about a minute. It's solar powered and has a battery level indicator which is another nice feature to have on a watch, and the battery life seems to be very good as the watch is almost constantly fully charged.
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on 19 June 2017
Amazing watch from Casio. If you want a G-Shock that is not that big on your wrist, this is the one. Don't need to worry for the batery, had mine for an year, always the battery is on Full. Waterproof, top quality strap, nice style. The only downside is the led wich is a bit low, other than that, this is a watch that will last you a lifetime!
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on 31 January 2016
I love G Shock watches. This one is very stylish. It's smaller than many versions, but I like that personally as I think it adds style to the general ruggedness of these watches. The radio signalled auto time is excellent. Only downside, as other reviews comment on also, is the digital readings can be hard (impossible?) to read in certain light. But personally I don't care as the analogue clock is clearly visible, and the light good. Excellent purchase and very happy.
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on 1 August 2014
Had this watch about 2 months now. I love it. It's light in weight. Totally waterproof and looks very cool.
Yes some of the little round displays are hard to see in a normal lit room but I don't really use them so it doesn't bother me. If you need to know the time in 10 other countries you might need something else.
The watch does what I want. Keeps perfect time thanks to a 6 Radio controlled thingymajig. Tough, waterproof and looks great.
Would I recommend, oh yes.
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on 4 September 2015
Love the watch its the bomb. It's a smaller g shock so maybe not for you, if you want bigger watch or have bigger wrists. Dials are not a prob for me unless it's dim lighting. I don't look at dials much apart from the date, which like any other analogue watch gets covered occasionally depending on the time. The complaints about the light are irrelevant to me as the light is more than bright enough to see the time. Why you would want to look at the dials on a stealth watch in the dark is beyond me! Also the light is more than any other analogue watch I have had before as for a start, non of them had a light!
The watch is easy to use once you remember how to set it.
I have had it for ages now, gone everywhere, been swimming in sea and its just a very good day to day watch! It just keeps going! I love the multi band and auto updating feature! I aint set it since I had it! It just sorts itself out! Recommended if you just want a smaller day to day gshock with a stealthy look.
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