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on 28 June 2012
The Bad: this item takes a little longer than usual to arrive as it's posted directly from Hong Kong. Mine took 13 days from order to delivery. The seller makes this clear when you place the order. The battery takes quite a long time to charge; around 6 hours. The pink light (charging) and blue light (charged) are rather bright but I like them just as they are (I've paid a fortune for 'mood lighting' from Philips (and others) in the past. If you don't like it, put a strip of tape over the light!

The Good; The battery takes quite a long time to charge; around 6 hours. This slow charge is very good news for the longevity & conditioning of your batteries. The unit is well made, plugs directly into the wall via a UK (slot on type) adaptor (supplied). The USB out socket means that you do not lose the use of the socket as far as charging your phone whilst your spare battery is charging in this charger.The value for money is OUTSTANDING!!! For less than the cost of a skinny latty [:)] you get a well made charger, boxed, mailed from Hong Kong that wont even use up the power socket that your charger is currently plugged into.

If you own a Galaxy Note, what on earth are you waiting for!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2013

My significant other owns a Note. Said Samsung recently developed a problem charging, which of course happened just outside of its guarantee period... What could we do? Option one - bring it to be repaired for a cost of somewhere in the region of £60? £70? Or, Option 2 - buy this inexpensive wall charger which is quite probably over twenty times cheaper than the cost of repairing the phone's charging system.


Buying this item was a no brainer. It works very well, as a charger, but as others report, it's slow! Which is its one negative: It takes over six hours to charge from zilch. So this is best used as an overnight charger. A nice touch is that it features a colour coded charging light - which is pink when it's charging and turns to (& remains) blue when an inserted battery becomes fully charged. Nonetheless, when it indicates that a battery is charged, simply remove the battery and repeat as necessary. It's simple to place a battery into it, being designed to be pretty foolproof. And there's nothing complicated about it whatsoever. Simply plug & go.


Most sellers are shipping this item from Hong Kong. Which could take weeks to arrive. There is, however, (at the time of writing this review) at least one marketplace seller who ships very quickly from the UK. I won't name them here, because others may join later. Suffice to say, pay careful attention to all the marketplace sellers before placing an order, and you'll received your item, for around the same cost, in a few days as opposed to weeks.

The only reason I give this 4/5 and not 5/5, is because it's so slow at charging. Other than that it's an excellent wall charger, and is highly recommended so far. Lastly, I'll update this review if we find any problems at all with it. HTH.
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on 10 July 2013
Can be plugged in to the wall socket or connected to USB cable. Allows you to charge your spare battery while you are using the other one in your phone. It has bright light to shows when battery is charging(red) and fully charged(blue). Some complain that is too bright but I think it's good coz in dark room/at night you see where the battery is and you would easily forgot about it on days but because of this bright light it draws your eye attention to it so you can take it of when fully charged. One big disadvantage is the time it takes to charge the battery - 11hours!!! for my 2500mAh. It prolongs battery life that way though.
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on 24 November 2012
amazingly good charger for the price. I bought it for my Star N8000 and it works fine, I just need to set the battery in a little from the edge as it's smaller than the Samsung Note battery. It has a USB socket so I can use it for charging the phone as well.
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on 16 April 2014
I have used this one for about 8 months. It does charge your battery but it takes ages ... a normal battery needs with this device about 16 hours, if you go for a 2500 battery it will charge for about 24 hours. If you have time at your hand this is your product.
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on 22 September 2014
I am very happy with this product.
Plug it in and it displays pink for charging and blue when for charged.
However allow the charger to 'power down' for a few minutes before swapping over batteries if you have two batteries on the go like I have. The charger can sometimes display blue when it should be pink if there is insufficient break time between changing the batteries to be charged.
Other than that is is an excellent sturdy product.
Update: 2 years on still going strong I am still very happy
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on 2 July 2012
I actually bought this for my clone Samsung note, the star n8000,and it works very well, you have to make sure the outer terminals on the battery make contact with the charger terminal by using some sticky back Velcro to bring them in line, but off course if you have a genuine Samsung you will not need to do this. if you order one it takes about 11 days to arrive.I HAVE JUST ORDERED ONE MORE!
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on 15 September 2013
its works fine ... just ... on the product' package have clear picture with EU plug along with the UK. I got US plug with UK adaptor. Had to hack it in DIY style to make it actually usable. And this keep happening every time I purchase electronics from
Can't they have an icon notifying that this device comes with UK plug, or just highlight the text in a better way ?
One would think that if, I am logged-in and the only delivery address I have registered is outside UK,
system should recognize it, and atleast suggest that I add a travel adaptor.

Ain't that complicate ,...
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on 8 May 2013
One of the best features of the Galaxy note is the replaceable battery: other metal-cased phones look great, but that's not much use when they run out after 12 hours.

I bought 2 spare batteries and they lasted me door to door from Madrid to Mumbai with a stopover, but swapping them out to re-charge them in my phone was a pain. Got this for my next big trip and it works perfectly: purple light when charging, blue when it's done.

Seems to take a while to charge (about 8 hours for me), but gets the job done; doesn't seem to heat up much or anything alarming like that.

It arrived in Madrid within 10 days, which if it's coming from Hong Kong is not bad at all.

Very happy with my purchase.
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on 29 August 2012
The battery sticks out just a bit at the side, but this is purely a cosmetic issue. It does not affect the working of the product in any way, and is probably done so that several different battery sizes, and thus several devices can be charged using exactly the same charger. Just as the plug allows both US and UK electrical supplies to be used. The battery is held firmly enough in place without a fourth side and if it were there, then it might make extraction of the battery a chore.

The charging/charged light is perfectly fine, and asthetically pleasing too. Though it does not actually reflect the charge state of any device plugged in to the built in USB slot; only the state of the battery inserted into the charger. The added convenience of having the USB slot to charge the Note, or for that matter any device with the compatible USB power facility, is a nice bonus
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