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Dishonored (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£4.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 March 2017
Great slash and stab level game that transforms the player into an assassin with supernatural powers set at the time of the pandemic black death plague in England (1340-1400). Player can jump to different levels, improve the weaponry and increase supernatural powers to great effect for more killing power. Lots of rats scuttling about feasting on the dead of which you can pick up to bash and kill these plague ridden vermin.

Lots of mayhem and violence that will entertain for hours and perfect for a novice gamer in training like myself. A excellent buy second hand - the disc and box were in perfect condition and included all game instructions.
Fast delivery and well packaged in a bubble envelope.
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on 18 September 2013
This game is absolutely fantastic and a must buy.

The first thing that struck me when playing this game is the brilliant art style, it is very different to the more modern style of bland and boring and in my opinion contradicts the grimness of the setting in a fantastic way.

Gameplay is brilliant. There are multiple ways to play through a lvl with options of assassinating a target or finding a way to keep your hands clean. Your decisions turn out to have a dramatic effect on how the city reacts to your actions as killing increases chaos in the city which in turn forces more guards to patrol is just a simple effect. The lvls are well thought out and each one is actually quite interesting to play.

The only real downside is that there isn't enough. I would say the campaign is rather short for what I expected however multiple playthroughs are required for achievements or just for fun. I would have loved the city to be more open however this game is brilliant without that.

Definite recommend.
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on 28 January 2014
I bought this game on a recommendation and put off playing it for a while thinking I wouldn't be into it. But I was wrong.

The open world element really gives you a chance to explore the world and experiment with your powers.

I LOVED the fact that you can temporarily morph into animals... I found some very inventive ways to sneaking into carefully guarded buildings using this method.

Despite the fact that I'm clearly rubbish at sneaking as my wanted level was constantly on high meaning there were extra 'baddies' about, I thoroughly enjoyed jumping about on roofs, scaling walls, scurrying through drain pipes and swimming in canals to achieve my mission objectives.

This dark and freaky world had me reluctant to put my controller down for days. I may have even felt depressed when I completed the final mission!

Highly recommend. Hope they make another one!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 August 2016
I purchased this game as a gift for my partner but I am a huge Bethesda fan so couldn't wait to watch him get stuck in. The graphics and environments are truly beautiful, a really interesting take on art deco, Victorian, and steampunk. the gameplay seemed a little bit repetitive but that is so often true these days, and the same with the relatively short campaign. that said the game itself seems very enjoyable, with all of your choices affecting your character, the people and the places you visit. it's always fun playing these 'moral' type games from both sides and seeing what could have been!
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on 15 September 2014
This the best Stealth Assassin + Magic skills/ability game of the DECADE .

Numerous options of playing, styles, and abilities that are Whack.

You cant be bothered hiding the body after a kill? no problem,
How about after a kill the deceased is swallowed by Darkness and vanishes to the Abyss?

How about getting to secret places, but you can't be bothered figuring out who has the key?
No problem, how you posses a Rat crawl through a small space and your in, cancel the ability
and you swap position with the rat? boom your in the secret room.

Fed up from fighting alone? Why not summon rats to distract and devour your foe?

Your being pursued by a mob? how about leaving a steel coil trap, when triggered springs up
and slices through the Limbs & heads of your pursuers?
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2014
I really got into this game with little difficulty. While you have the option to engage in combat, the game plays better if you resist combat - which means taking your time, staying hidden, collecting powers which will assist your stealth, waiting for the right moment. On the later levels, this means teleporting yourself around the environment, which means zipping up to roofs, into trees and lampposts, trying to locate hidden areas amongst the many guards and such.

This gives a really exhilarating feel - like you're "holding your breath" to avoid detection

Challenging yourself to entirely avoid detection will give you a bonus, as will avoiding killing anyone in the level.

It felt a little short, hence four stars rather than five, but still a very good game with a lot of replay value.
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on 8 August 2015
Just like Thief should have been,I'm a big fan of stealthy games,this is excellent,has a really good art style amongst other rather 'faceless' games.The story is quite good and much better than some where you think "Why am I doing this?",I like stealth games as a rule but don't like enemies which seem to be psychic and turn round for no reason whatsoever!The amount of powers and gadgets was just right and encouraged exploration and alternative ways to do things,rather than just kill everything in sight,oh and I thought Pyramid Head was frightening,Granny Rags is worse...
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on 14 July 2014
Omg i never expected this when i bort it but this is the best game ive ever bort in my life, Its so fun its not like some games where you just run around using your weapons, on this one you can sneak around and plant traps and knock people out use sleeping darts, u dont have to kill everyone on it and the games so easy to understand and play as well not over complicated which i like and good graphics and i love the story the beggining is great breaking out of prison and at the end of each mission it tells you how youve done and you can choose to re do missions if youve missed alot of hidden stuff, i just found out its by the makers of skyrim which i love lol If your reading about this game but your not sure about it just go for it, im so glad i did!!
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on 16 October 2012
Nice game in a world war type game, your main charater gets into prison for a crime he did not do so the whole story is forced into prison until you get out.

Nice gameplay of using a gun and a sword and get a chance to block this is finding your way around places and looking for people while fighting lots of these ninjas.

Iam a big fan of shooters and this has to be a real cool one nice storyline.

At least you can save when you want by pausing the game the option on the menu most games don't have this save option most games need it full stop!

Controls very basic to know and they guide you through it when you into the game like the start tells you how to block other people weapons.

It's a stealth game mostly you spend mostly hours and hours diceing the people up in this game.

So buy if like shooters you won't be dissapointed.
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on 9 January 2016
I've always been an infrequent gamer who never really kept up with new releases...
Purchased this recently from Amazon new & used section very cheaply...
Absolutely loving it soo far.. Although to be fair I'm not that far in to it yet (bottlestreet gang)
Graphics are good, gameplay is v good, controller v easy to use,...
Very impressed soo far.
Although I'm sure I'll be frustrated & stuck on a level or two soonish.. Lol...

Slowly building up a back catalogue of cheap xbox 360 games and this is a jewel..
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