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on 26 October 2016
Whist this was not a true story it was based on how things happen in the real world. Whilst we know human trafficking goes on it is not until one reads a story like this that we can begin to scratch t h e surface in our minds as to actually what goes on. This particular story is a heart rendering one of two sisters separated by the horrendous crime of sex trafficking - after they had lost all their family in the boxing day tsunami. They were young sisters who, after the death of their parents put their trust in adults to care for them but instead found themselves thrust into sex slavery. It is a very sad sequence of events that separates them and in the e d brings them back together. What they both had to endure purely for the lust and desires of so called men is shocking and the reader feels their pain. However in the end they are re-united thanks to the endeavours and dedication of a handful of people who would not give up the search for one of the sisters. The final chapters of the book had me in tears purely from the point of view of my being taken into their world through this book. I would recommend this book as it is something we should all know about and in someway make us all think of how we can help these young girls and boys and keep them away from the clutches of evil people. I will certainly be donating towards the cause.
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on 14 July 2017
I think this is one of the most fantastic and emotional books I have read in a long time.
The subject of human trafficking is not one which is often told, but this book does it so well. It intertwines the lives of two sisters with a stranger from the other side of the world.
It will amaze you at how trafficking rings get to young vulnerable girls, and will make you look at things in a different light.
Please dont hesitate to read this book, its fantastic.
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on 20 July 2015
This book is fast paced and an easy read, although the subject matter of human trafficking is not an easy subject to read about. Two sisters, living in Chennai, survive a tsunami that kills the rest of their family and try to reach the safety of their boarding school. On the way they are kidnapped and sold into prostitution in Mumbai, where they become separated. Meanwhile an American lawyer, struggling with personal loss and relationship breakdown begins work for an organisation tackling human trafficking in Mumbai and he vows to reunite the sisters. At the same time, he is trying to rekindle his relationship with his estranged Indian wife.
Although it provides an insight into the horrors of human trafficking and some idea of the scale of the problem, I felt this book lost something as a novel as it tried too hard to educate the reader about human trafficking. The plot line often felt implausible and the characters were too 2-dimensional to really care about .
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on 8 October 2017
Emotionally this was quite a demanding book, the theme being child sex slavery, and young women being bought and sold like commodities, it is simply too dreadful to imagine that this "business " is so widespread!
The story itself was well written, handled with sensitivity and the characters , both good and bad were very believable. I strongly recommend this book, and am so pleased to have been told about it
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on 10 June 2014
I was recommended this book by my daughter. What a great read - shocking sometimes - about how young girls are treated in India. Woven into the plot is an American 'cop' and how he comes to investigate the misuse of these girls. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to find out how other cultures treat their young girls. This is the first book I have read by this author but would definately read more.
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on 16 August 2014
Before choosing to buy this book, it's useful to know that this is in fact a fast-paced Grisham-style thriller. The title and image on the cover are quite misleading. If, (like me) you expect a humanistic novel that delves into the lives and struggles of the two girls, forget it. It is, in fact, a goodies vs. baddies thriller, that takes you at top speed around the world, in search of the two girls. You never really get to know the girls at all, because the book focuses mainly on the human right lawyer who is anxious to save the girls. Having said that, I enjoyed it! The novel grabs your attention and takes you on a high-speed journey. It has a strong plot, full of setbacks and small triumphs. You find yourself rooting for the girls and even the (not particularly likeable) lawyer. Above all, if you care for human rights, you want those baddies caught and brought to justice. Personally, I found "The Garden of Burning Sand" a bit less formulaic (although the key ingredients are still there: breaches of human rights, legal scenarios, goodies and baddies, world travel, and of course, love).
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on 4 March 2016
A good book about a really important topic - trafficking. This book has opened my eyes to the abuse that millions of women go through every year and the industries that allow this. I would suggest this book to anyone as it is easy to read, engaging and fast paced. It should also be read by anyone interested in womens rights and wish that either this, or something similar was on the school curriculum, because to stop trafficking, which is the supply of women, you need to end the demand and that can only be done through education.
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on 31 July 2015
This is the second Corban Addison's book which I have read. The first one was The Garden of Burning Sand, which I did not really like because it was slow moving for me. This one, fortunately, was a different story altogether. The plot is very exciting and real. The writing-style is cinematic, fast and furious. I couldn't put down the book. Being a former attorney myself, I find the writing about the mechanism of all the various organizations involved in the plot to be realistic. Truly enjoyed it!!
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on 14 July 2014
The book weaves the stories of two girls, orphaned by the Boxing Day tsunami with that of a New York corporate lawyer's journey or find himself and discover his values and whether his relationship with his Indian wife can be salvaged after the death of their baby daughter. Their journey takes them through the horrors of modern sex slavery in three continents shining a light into the seedy worlds that the trade flourishes in and the many agencies, from corrupt to altruistic who work to support those caught up in its net.

At times the plot does seem a little contrived and coincidences seem to pile on top of each other rather too easily. I guess I decided that this was necessary to develop the story but the fact that it was so noticeable did detract a little from the plot. The characters were believable and the feel of India (which I have visited a number of times) did come through.

Generally a good read and one that should leave you thinking again about the horrors of sexual slavery.
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on 1 May 2015
On the whole I really enjoyed reading this book. However in places the story was just a little bit too far fetched – I know it’s a piece of fiction, but there are just a few too many co-incidences, especially towards the end.

The book is based around a very difficult subject, however I thought it was written sensitively, and he created a very moving story. I did enjoy reading it, but if I was to make a recommendation to a friend, it would be to read his next book A Garden of Burning Sand instead.
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