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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2016
Listening to Peter Gabriel live is as near to a religious experience as I will ever have!!!!
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on 27 December 2012
Like always P G is great. Good music for good price. All his cds are great. Still same high level.
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Last year, Peter Gabriel released an album of orchestral versions of his songs, "New Blood". This came in several versions, but there was a lot of exploitation of the fans by including unique tracks on different versions, meaning that if you wanted all the songs, you had to buy it several times over. The most expensive version was a 4-disc deluxe edition, with the album itself, the live concert on DVD and BD, and a single disc CD of highlights from the concert. I bought this, and was then rather dismayed to find that a few months later, "Live Blood" gets a release - i.e. the full concert on CD, not just the highlights, but meaning that anyone who bought the deluxe version already had half the songs on here.

Still, I bought this to get the remaining songs, and it's fine - the sound quality is perfectly acceptable, and the arrangements are at least interesting. Ane Brun's female vocals are as irritating as they were on the studio album, particularly on "Don't Give Up", but there is enough on here that is worth a listen. However, there is a nasty surprise when you get to the end of the disc...

On the DVD and BD, once the concert is finished, an instrumental remix (not a New Blood version) of "The Tower That Ate People" is played over the credits; clearly nothing to do with the concert itself. Fair enough on the BD and DVD - after all, you need something to play over the credits. But the same music is included at the end of the last track of this CD, where it makes no sense at all. It is clear that this is just a straight copy of the BD and DVD audio, and PG (or whoever he delegated this to) couldn't even be bothered to edit out the now irrelevant music. How much contempt is it possible to show for your audience?

I'm afraid I've lost all respect for Mr Gabriel now - the whole New Blood project looks like an attempt to see how many times he can persuade his fans to buy the same old stuff in different formats. I'd expected better from one of the most creative and innovative artists of the last thirty years than this rather sharp practice...
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Originally I wrote this review as information for what was on the CD. That information is now redundant.
I have now listened to the CDs.

The collection comes in many formats.
I really suggest that you go and read the other, excellent reviews, to see if it is worth your forking out the large charge for all the extra goodies on offer.

Alas if you don't want them or maybe like me your budget restricts then this is the CD set for you.. so here goes with the review.
Rather than report on the CD after a few plays and reflection
I am writing this review as I actually listen to the CDs track by track for the first time.

It's Wonderful - truly if anything even better that the studio version.

The opening tracks for me really sound as if Peter is no longer the great vocalist he was but when the CD hits his stride his voice seems to regain that wonderful dimension.

The CD opens with Intruder- the lyrics really are to the fore and for those that never really listened to them we hear just how shocking they are- slipping the clippers thru' the telephone wireeeee..
Wallflower is good but not nearly as good as the original how could it be BUT dear reader this is not the case for a whole lot of the rest which are to my aged ears even better,
this is in part to the excellent backing singers. Melanie in particular is in tune with her Dad both mentally and sonically.

Then there is the music - outstanding. The sensitivity of the playing really enhances Peter's soaring voices.

Several tracks from Scratch My Back are included.
The Boy in the Bubble- stripped down to a 'Whiteman's version' from the original African disappointed me- it did on Scratch my Back- It's redeeming quality was that you really hear the lyrics.
Après Mois is outstanding.
The words are framed by wonderful strings and the backing vocals once more sublime...

Just when you think it cannot get any better up comes Darkness- Gabriel's interpretation is well the Thesaurus really is taking some hammer here... out of this world.

This CD is simply wonderful- it makes ex lovers of Peter Gabriel's music and voice fall in love again- just like you do when as a 30 year old and now separated from your wife you meet an old love like you available...

The brilliance here is Peter's explanation of the tracks how Lou Reed wrote the Power of the Heart to propose to Laurie Anderson and sings it better than Lou.

Then we have the book of Love from Scratch. For me this will always be indelibly welded to the closing episode of Scrubs- it was the soundtrack as his future life played out as a Cinema reflected onto JD's face- here it is a triumph- I'm beginning to sound like an ecstatic reviewer of a Smash West End Show.

On Signal to Noise the orchestra really comes to the fore and Peter rightly acknowledges the contribution the live orchestra brings to the show.
The crowd really appreciated the musicianship and a standing ovation followed.

But the stand out track that comes next is terrific. Melanie again (?) singing the opening to Downside Up which was the highlight of Scratch My Back in my opinion and that track was up against some pretty steep opposition...

I remember the stage shows where Peter and Melanie would walk upside down around the mirror ball (and never lost a word or verse in the trek!)
At the end the musicians and singers really let rip and you can almost feel the enjoyment in the music.

Mercy Street follows which, and this is to my ear totally spoiled at the start by Ann's terrible backing vocals high pitched falsetto- her voice grates like Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street on a Bad Day!
I really detest her voice and she totally ruined Don't Give up for me on Scratch my Back.
The pity is that the other backing vocalists sound so much better.

Just listen to the contrast towards the end. In your Daddy's Arms with the flute (Eliza Marshall excels here) and triangle- wonderful.
Peter's voice really has settled into its former glory here.

The Rhythm of the Heat follows inspired by Peter's reading of Carl Jung in Africa being totally overcome by the powerful rhythms of African Musicians.
Here the rhythms are alive, well and powerful. The backing vocals really bring out the words so well.
The listener is impressed by the wonderful recording of this concert. Neither note nor vocal is lost. Whoever mic'ed it up did a wonderful job. The effect is only slightly spoiled by the crowd's applause at the singings end before the orchestra launch into a wonderful break/
I was disappointed that no one thought to have a person with a sign to raise when to applause even if it was just for this live recording. John Nedcalf the arranger must have grimaced when the applause broke the song up.
Blood of Eden is just Ok it has the audience calling for songs to be sung- perhaps a sign they agree with me that the last was just OKish.
I must confess to my being a little biased towards Red Rain that follows with all the drama that tune musters. A particularly intense moment in my life- divorce betrayal and the like that seemed to be expressed in the words.
Again my compliments to the sound recordist's every nuance that the backing singers make is clear as the proverbial bell. Peter really does it justice.

Up next is the old fave Sols bury Hill but before that Peter rightly introduces the soloists to appreciative audience. The applause is warm and generous.

Solsbury Hill really rocks the crowd actually clap in time which is some achievement- I attended a concert of Peter's at Bochum in Germany and the Germans could not clap in time if their lives depended upon it.
The audience even manages to sing the Boom Boom Boom in time when Peter Sings My heart was beating like a drum.
In Your eyes completes the rocking nature of the room.

AND then there is the track I was dreading.
Don't give up with Anna Brun's backing vocals.

It's a whole lot better that the Scratch My Back Version by a scale of 8 but not to my taste at all. Anna sings a few words have a strange 'wobble' and not a pleasant one at that they really detract from the song. Perhaps.. and this is a big perhaps it may grow on me. Bring back Kate Bush or even Sinéad O' Connor!
It really closes well.

A shame because it really could have been a wonderful climax.

But the climax 'to put you all to bed' as Pete says is Nest- The Next that Sailed the Sky to give it its full title.

Warm, full, rich, deep and instrumental.

The New Blood Orchestra is wonderful throughout

so there we have it 22 tracks of pure gold.
A distillation of Peter's works in one wonderful concert- How I envy those that saw the concert or maybe I need to invest in the 'deluxe deluxe full sets with added Blu ray and DVDs>>

Now where is my robber's mask and the nearest bank?
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on 20 April 2014
People seem to be complaining that Peter Gabriel hasn't produced any new work for sometime now and is just cashing in on his older music. Well maybe he might be or his record label is but he still has a great voice and these new interpretations are a breath of fresh air and superb recordings.Die hard fans may differ in their views but I for one have enjoyed the last few albums and this live album is great.
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on 5 May 2012
Many have slated Peter Gabriels journey into orchestral music. I personally found it a very entertaining detour from his usual work. He's working on new stuff now anyway so the critics should be pleased.

Similar to the Secret World Live album, Live Blood is the soundtrack to the DVD which has been transferred (or transfused if you like) onto a cd. This doesn't always work very well but I'll come back to that later. Unlike the Secret World Live stuff, both the DVD and CD of Live Blood include the entire setlist of the show. (I know because I was there).

Now obviously, if you don't like the orchestral stuff he's doing, you wont like this album so don't bother but if you like it, this is a great live album to own. The arrangements of some classics from PGs past are absolutely stunning. The orchestra are not used as a gimmick but are instead use very professionally to great effect.

Intruder is creepier than ever and opens a very atmospheric show. It's followed up by a beautiful rendition of Wallflower. Only problem with Wallflower is that the end chants of "Though you may disappear, you're not forgotton here" lack some of the energy of the original.

The "scratchies" as Peter refers to them are the low points. Instead of choosing the better songs from Scratch My Back like Mirrorball or My Body is a Cage, he chose The Boy in the Bubble which is, frankly, a little boring and miserable, as is Apres Moi. The Book of Love and Power of the Heart are better but are still too long and repetitive to hold my interest.

The real gems are the unexpected songs like The Drop and Washing of the Water. Both very simple but beautiful arrangements with lovely vocals, including some from Melanie on WOTW. There are very powerful songs like Biko, Red Rain and Digging in the Dirt, mixed in with some chilling and beautiful songs like San Jacinto and Mercy Street.

The standout tracks, in my opinion, include; Downside Up which has the usual duet between Father and Daughter. On the studio album it ended rather flatly after "Pulls me in" but on the live album we get the full orchestra jam session. Possibly one of the best parts of the show. So much energy. Signal to Noise and Rhythm of the Heat are incredible. The strength of these songs is impressive on the original albums but here they blow you away. Each piece of drumming is replaced by strings. It's truly jaw-dropping.

Obviously, you have the classic end-of-show songs. Solsbury Hill is very jolly and In Your Eyes is moving as always and features guest vocals from Sevara who PG fans may remember from the Growing Up tour. Don't Give Up takes on a whole new life with the orchestra. The deep emotions behind each verse are laid bare with beaautifully raw vocals from Peter and Ane Brun.

The last track is the instrumental The Nest That Sailed The Sky. As I stated in my review of OVO, this track is unbelievably moving. I had tears in my eyes when I heard it live. This track is just amazing. It's worth buying the album just to hear this.

On a different note. A lot of people are whineing about Ane Bruns voice and making the ridiculous suggestion that he "bring back Kate Bush" as though that was withing PGs power. Pining for Kate Bush aside, go and listen on youtube to some of Ane Bruns singing and if you don't like it, don't buy the album. I personally like her voice very much and I think this version of Don't Give Up actually surpasses the Secret World Live version in quality. I couldn't disagree more with the idea that she "ruins the songs".

I do have two issues with this album however. The break between the two discs is between San Jacinto and Digging in the Dirt. The actual interval was after Biko and San Jacinto marked the start of the second half. This might be excused as an issue of space on each disc but the next problem is, in my mind, not excusable.

After The Nest That Sailed The Sky, the album should end. It doesn't. The stunning beauty and power of the last song is ruined by a synthesised version of The Tower That Ate People. This was not played at the show but was played over the credits of the DVD. As another reviewer stated, the audio has been lifted off the DVD with no attempt to remove this music. It ruins the effect of an orchestral album and destroys the emotion of Nest. It just comes across as really lazy. So watch out 'cos this blood is contaminated.

Those problems aside, 9 quid is not bad at all so it's still worth buying. As much as I enjoyed the orchestral offerings from Peter Gabriel, I'm glad this album marks the end of this journey and the start of his new work.
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on 17 February 2015
Mmmm.... not one of his best albums and clearly made more later in his Career. I found the whole album hard to enjoy as it was to heavily orchestrated for my taste .. :(
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on 21 May 2012
I was fortunate enough to be at one of the concerts that this was recorded from, and although the CD naturally lacks some of the atmosphere that the live event had, there is no questioning the quality. The whole Scratch My Back/New Blood/Live Blood orchestra project has been an interesting diversion for Gabriel ... some of the songs have worked better than others, but by and large as a fan I have not been disappointed. I love to hear different versions of songs, especially when performed live, so this ticked a lot of my boxes. Highlights for me were Red Rain, Darkness and Signal To Noise, all of which I thought were awesome. Was also nice to hear Wallflower again ... a beautiful song that really benfitted from the orchestarl treatment. Some lacked the punch that a full band could deliver like Solsbury Hill and Digging in the Dirt, but minor points really.

I know this wont be everyones cup of tea ... but I really enjoyed the concert and listening again to the live CD. Another gem from Gabriel.
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on 24 March 2013
Had the dvd but wanted a car friendly version. Everything exactly as required and very pleased with the quality and ease of download.
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