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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 May 2016
Please note, this review is for the 5m length cable, shorter versions of the cable may likely perform better. The 5m length sadly generates considerable hiss compared to similar quality, shorter cables and the audio quality / volume again is sadly lacking in comparison.

The KabelDirekt Pro Series 3.5mm stereo jack to jack audio cable comes supplied in a plain clear plastic bag bearing a small sticker with basic product information printed on it. Inside the cable is coiled and secured with two black twist ties, the only other contents found within is a small warranty and contact information leaflet.

- The exact length of the cable, excluding the connectors and cable reinforcement is 498cm.
-The connector jacket and cable reinforcement sections measure 24.15mm long on each end.
- The metal connector jacket measures 8.63mm in diameter and the section between the connector and the connector jacket (the section that comes into contact with whatever device the cable is connected to) measures 5.97mm in diameter.
- The cable measures 3.69mm in diameter.

The left, right and ground sections of the cable plug are plated with 24k gold to reduce signal loss (gold is a far better conductor of heat and electricity than carbon based metals such as steel). The connector jackets are constructed from two sections,
the connector and cable are joined within a rather cheap looking black moulded plastic with the cable reinforcement being part of the same construction.

The main section of the jacket between the cable reinforcement and connecter then has a mildly magnetic metal cap screwed on to a plastic thread (which for my liking is a little too easy to remove).

The cable has a black PVC sleeve with no braiding it is kink free and has a good degree of flexibility (the minimum size coil that can be formed without it shifting is about 3"). The first few inches out of the connector is, however noticeably stiffer. There are absolutely no markings on the cable whatsoever and so specification information regarding the cable is unknown.

The nearest quality cable that I have in comparison to the KabelDirekt Pro Series is an (https://www.amazon.co.uk/IBRA%C2%AE-3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Cable/dp/B007C2MX68). Overall the quality is similar, however the KabelDirekt Pro Series simply looks more premium with its elegant black cable and silver coloured connectors and slightly better quality moulded plastics. By comparison the Ibra looks a little tacky with its white nylon braiding and gold coloured jacket covers that said the metal covers on the Ibra jackets are at least aluminium.

For the last 15+ years or so I have lived by the rule that you should spend about 10% of the value of a device on cables for the said device, per meter, per cable to ensure that you get the best from the device (when it comes to AV equipment). Spend less and the resulting picture / audio quality will likely not be the best that the device can offer, spend more and you are not likely to see any additional benefit. (That said, just because two cables cost the same means they are the same quality, it's just a benchmark of what sort of cables you should be looking at).

This ideology was based on a forum post I read a long time ago by the very intelligent folks over at the Ars Technica OpenForum (the sum collective knowledge of the users on this forum is beyond belief, if you have a technical question that you can not find the answer to I’ll be my last penny that would will find the answer there).

Now if I based the current sale price of the cable in such a calculation, it would imply the cable is best suited for headphones / speakers under £15 in price. The problem is I'm not so sure this is accurate as currently the 1m cable costs more than the 5m cable.

I would also advise that you buy the shortest possible cable length that you can get away with. The longer the cable the greater the resistance offered by the cable which can reduce the audio signal strength which affects the volume and in cheaper cables can also affect the audio quality (such as static or hiss) and obviously longer cables cost more... well usually.

I do have to confess that I have thrown my cable purchase rules out of the window with this particular purchase, simply for the fact I didn't purchase it for myself. I recently gave my neighbours daughter a mini projector, a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker and projector screen to watch films in the garden during summer. I simply bought this cable so she could connect the speaker to the projector and have it placed above or below the screen rather than sitting on the table next to her.

To get the best from such a setup (and what I would have purchased if it were for myself) a cable costing in the region of £5 per meter should have been coupled with the devices.

Unfortunately, I do not have any other 5m lengths of 3.5mm cable for comparison and while my Ibra 1m cable is similar in price and quality (despite a vast difference in length) such a comparison isn't exactly fair or scientific, but I did it anyway.

Testing using my Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth speaker playing music from a Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen I listened to multiple tracks randomly switching the cable over and repeating sections of the song to compare quality. The shorter Ibra cable sounded louder, clearer and also more vibrant, the KabelDirekt Pro cable generated about 300% louder hiss (still undetectable at distances beyond 1m) and sounded a little flat.

Sadly, without access to a 5m length of both cables this comparison is, however somewhat pointless, but it does show that the KabelDirekt Pro isn't really an ideal companion to a mid range speaker (£50-100).
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2017
Size: Coiled 3.5mm Cable 1.5m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow, a cable - and a great one, at that! You'll have to excuse the sarcasm, but with everything being either bluetooth or wireless these days, it's easy to forget about those requirements that call for an actual, physical connection. And if you're in the market for a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack, this is highly recommended. With gold jacks, the signal is excellent - and as a coiled 3 metre cable, this is both tidy and super-useful - and at these prices, I doubt you'd find better.

I got this to replace an old 1-metre standard jack to jack cable, and immediately this is by far the better option. Most importantly, the connection surpasses anything in this price-range; the sound is balanced, and I can't detect noise or interference off the connection. (I used it to record an interview via my iPhone last week, and the lack of surface noise is so good, and the silent sections so clear, I honestly thought the recording had failed.) The jacks are solid and well put together; and the rubber lead coating is nice and thick and durable. What I especially love, however, is the convenience of the coiled design.

When buying a cable, you're either going to think short, or long. Short, and it's tidy - but if, like me, you need cables to connect auxilary hardware to your laptop, go long and you end up with a spaghetti of leads. Well, not anymore; because this coiled lead is perfect for desktop work. The coil is reactive enough not to resist stretching, and it also contracts nicely after use.

I've one quibble - that, thinking this was delivered with a plastic coating on it to protect the shiny jack barrels from scratching, I ran my nail over it and... no it wasn't, and yes I ended up scratching it. Which would suggest that while the plastic body coating on the jacks looks great, it could on evidence, be more durable.

Otherwise, highly recommended!
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 December 2017
Size: 3.5mm Cable 3m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
KabelDirekt is a German cable manufacturer, producing a modest but high quality range of cables. Actually there are three ranges: Pro, Top, and Flex, but this cable is only available in Pro, which is their top end range. Whenever I get a new cable, the first thing I do in unscrew the connector to see how good or bad the soldering is. In this case, the soldering is very neat and tidy, the whole thing put together very nicely. This is certainly not cheap rubbish, meaning you are actually getting something more for the little bit more this costs over many competing products in this market.

The cable is low-noise, comparing favourably against my other cables. I tested it by recording audio from a CD player to the computer, and monitoring the signal coming in via my recording software. The noise level is ever so slightly better, but it means I get a sound recording that requires that little bit less work to clean it up.

These are available in three lengths: 1m, 1.5m and a massive 3m. We tested them all. Signal attenuation will be a concern over 3m of cable, but the signal remains clean. For audio recording, we’d opt for the shortest cable we could get away with. That said, if your devices are 3m apart, this 3m version of this cable is certain worth considering.

I am always on the lookout for a bargain. This cable is not the cheapest out there, but it is well-made and it performs well, and for not much more money, making it a pretty good buy.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 December 2017
Size: 3.5mm Cable 3m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The kabel...sorry...cable arrived in a clear plastic bag with the product info / warranty info printed and neatly folded inside the pack. This is good, because firstly less waste, secondly less chance of damage.
The cable is 3m long, which by the way is long. Most of these cables are around the 1m or if you're lucky 1.8m length, so it's long enough to cross a normal sized room widthways (not lengthways). You'd want 5 metres if you want to cross a room AND tuck it neatly.

I was impressed by the quality to price ratio, the cable isn't outstandingly good quality but it's "quite nice" compared to a budget cable. It feels well made and strong especially the boots (the bits where the plug meets the cable). The gold plating is a cosmetic issue to me, I am sure many would argue.

I've tried sending an HQ data stream...wait, no, of course I haven't. I plugged it into my phone and the other end into my small amp in the living room. I played music and music came out the other end. Ironically these cables are more subject to interference than digital ones, but I didn't observe any, then again we're at line level here so really you are only going to be getting problems with say a nearby mobile phone. Didn't notice any, and since my phone was actually plugged in, let's assume the cable is sufficiently shielded.

So - in summary - yeah it's about the right quality and price cable you want, if it's a 3m cable you're after.
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Size: 3.5mm Cable 0.5m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
KabelDirekt is a family-run company, founded in Germany in 2010, with the mission of offering good-quality HDMI cables at competitive prices. The company now offers a growing range of interconnect cables, plus other audio & video accessories, many of which are also available via Amazon. I have used quite a few of the company's various products and have found them all to be well-made and very reasonably priced for the quality offered. This 3.5mm Jack to 3.5mm Jack Stereo Audio Cable is quite short at 0.5 metres and is designed to connect playing devices with a headphone socket to the Aux input of powered speakers or car audio systems and the like – this is particularly useful when Bluetooth is not available or higher audio quality is required. The shape of the jack plug is optimized for use with bumpers and other smartphone cases, and the conductors are made from 99.99% oxygen-free copper which allows the transmission of high-quality audio signals. There are many similar cables on the same Amazon KabelDirekt product page – both the straight and the coiled varieties – and in lengths from 0.5 metres all the way up to 10 metres, so you should be able to find the perfect one for your needs. This half metre version is currently a little over a fiver from Amazon and represents good value for money at this price – recommended for many audio applications.
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on 13 January 2016
I received this product free of charge for an unbiased review.

This product arrived promptly, Amazon's delivery service is very rarely delayed.

A very premium cable. The cable is very thick, roughly 4mm, and long! I didn't get a chance to measure the length but I'm sure the 3m advertised is accurate. The casing is high quality, it looks and feels good (rubbery). Even though it is thick it is very malleable and flexes nicely. The connectors also look premium with small KabelDirekt logo at both ends.

The sound of this cable is great also it keeps good quality sound even over the 3m, although I couldn't notice much difference compared to the other cables I have (they were a lot shorter) but I am sure this one will last longer! It appears very durable.

This cable is great for the money but if you are after a cable that works well with phones in big/bulky cases then I imagine that the connectors may not fit flush with your phone case. The hole in your case/bumper for this to fit through would have to be 6mm+ diameter (see picture). That is the only problem I can foresee with this cable (I don't have a case so cannot speak from experience, and may be wrong).

I had not previously heard of KabelDirekt but I've got to say I'm impressed and will be buying their products again.

Overall, taking everything into consideration this is the best Aux cable I have used.
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 December 2017
Size: 3.5mm Cable 5m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated by disruptions with my wireless connections at home; glitches, blips, silent pauses… that sort of thing. So I was tempted by this 5m cable – not the most elegant solution by any standard – but in reality… it’s true BLISS!!!

No hiss, no crackle, no distortions of any sort that I could detect – just the sounds as I wanted to hear them but without the hassle of fiddling with settings etc…

This truly is Plug and Play, …and for less than a tenner I think it’s fantastic. I work shifts and I can now flick on the telly in the middle of the night, or stream music and so on safely knowing I won’t disturb anyone else at home – and that peace of mind is almost priceless.

The cable is very flexible – e.g. I can easily wrap it around a finger – and has a soft feel, kind of like a siliconised rubber – but it’s the clarity and lack of distortion that surprises me most as I was a little apprehensive with it being so long, 5m, I wondered what impact this would have on transmitting the audio and (apart from having a trailing wire in my living room when I use it now) it’s been better than I had hoped.

I’m really pleased I opted to try this.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2017
Size: 3.5mm Cable 1m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Used as an inter-connector between two audio devices, commonly to feed output from one into the AUX or AUDIO IN socket of another. It may also serve to feed audio output to a speaker.

"KabelDirekt 1m AUX 3.5mm Jack to 3.5mm Jack Stereo Audio Cable - PRO Series" is one of several lengths and configurations offered, some of which are headphone extension cables. This is to be used with a high-spec audio player when connecting to the audio input of a hi-fi system; mostly the player is used with a portable headphone amplifier using a digital connection.

The cable is from a respected German brand and not excessively priced, especially when all-metal plugs are used; previous cables from the brand had plastic bodies. Quality of manufacture is typically high as first evidenced by a variety of HDMI and DisplayPort cables previously purchased, most of which had a blue diagonal band across the cover portions of their plugs - this does not. As with others, the cabling is plastic-coated rather than the more decorative woven fabric.

Output performance is very good for an analogue cable but it cannot match a digital connection and would not be expected to. The cabling is not unduly thick but marginally thicker than another of its type; that may suggest better shielding or a thicker sheath. For its price, it offers excellent performance and value.
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on 18 October 2015
very short and hence difficult to use in cat
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 December 2017
Size: 3.5mm Cable 3m|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a good-quality cable that looks and feels substantial - it's nothing like the piece of damp string you sometimes get as an excuse for an audio cable.It doesn't quite have the lovely feel of balanced microphone cables, but it has a resistance to getting tangled while still being fairly flexible.The strain relief sleeves seem a bit short, and they're oval, so the cable is better protected on one axis than the other. However, the cable itself seems tough enough to handle its own weight.

From an audio point-of-view, the main concern for me is that the signal gets through without interference. The shielding seems to be pretty good, and there's no crackle at all if you start twisting the cable (that would be the mark of a distinctly inferior cable).

This sort of cable is really useful for connecting smartphones or tablets to speakers. Bluetooth is OK, but is subject to all kinds of interference and interruption. It can't possibly match the quality of a decent cable like this. I've been piping Brian Eno's generative music piece Reflection, which is only available for iPhone and iPad, into a decent speaker array. And very good it sounds too.

Incidentally, I haven't tried the curly versions of these cables, but they could be very useful indeed for patching devices together.
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