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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 24 April 2017
Christ this is abysmal,paid two quid for it in Fopp,which is several times what the film is worth which is a feat for a DVD costing £2.It's trying to be 30 days of 28 days later or something,at 82 mins it is stretched by around 80 mins.IT'S NOTHING!IT BRINGS ABSOLUTELY LESS THAN ZERO TO THE TABLE.I don't care for 30 Days of Night,28 Days Later or Rec and the strobe effect lighting where every scene is enough to elicit a seizure but these other films had some interesting scenes,this is amateurish rubbish,it's like it was thrown together in an edit suite by a very bored or delusional individual in their spare time.I much prefer early Romero/Zombie Flesh-Eater living dead where anticipation of taking a fit while watching is not an issue.The strobe effect jerky camera work that seems to be the hallmark of these type of films really annoys me.If you want fun fast zombie films without headache inducing CGI and unrealistic jerky camerawork then try Umberto(Cannibal Ferox)Lenzi's Nightmare City(1980)or the Dario Argento produced with Lamberto(son of Mario)Bava's Demons(1985),5 star gory fun with these films,also destroys the notion that 28 Days was original,the creatures can really move without the camera jumping all over the place as well.Done much better and decades earlier,no CGI back then so we get some great practical effects,Demons especially has some great animatronic effects,some of which was cut(now restored)from the original UK release as it was deemed to gratuitous such as infected peoples teeth being pushed out of the gums by demonic fangs and prolonged eye gouging in both films,with Nightmare City you get female breasts being cut off,another of bête noire of the BBFC post"Video Nasty"era being blood on breast,I'd recommend these classic splatter films over their vapid modern counterparts any day!
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on 10 May 2013
In 1941, before the US entry into the war, a small group of US elites, including one Abraham Lincoln Brigade member to make it realistic, join up with some Finnish soldiers to travel 30 km. into Russia along the border in order to destroy a bunker. This bunker was used by the Germans to experiment on Russian soldiers. Our group does not know the details as they encounter killer zombies.

These are not your ordinary zombies. When we first see them they leap 10-20 ft out of trees to attack. I thought I was watching "Planet of the Apes" for a moment. They seem to have superhuman strength and stamina, although the film was not consistent in their portrayal of zombie abilities. Other times they get beat up in a fight like an ordinary human.

This is a fusion war and zombie movie that doesn't work like its counterparts. The ones that worked well were zombie movies with a war background. This one is more of a war movie that has zombie soldiers, not too unlike regular soldiers. Shot almost entirely at night.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.
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on 1 July 2012
OK - so historical accuracy and a few accents might not be less than accurate but the film is about Zombies - reality might have to take a back-seat. Take it for what is is: guns, explosions, dodgy experiments and zombies that like jumping around in the woods.

And as zombie war flicks go 'War of the Dead' is pretty good. Andrew Tiernan as Capt. Martin Stone is pretty much unkillable and I'm sure we'll see more of him ...
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This is one of those films where the actual film-making is technically quite impressive, with some nice photography that looks like a high budget Hollywood production in what was a low budget film, but the lack of decent script and characters makes it quite difficult to watch. It's about a bunch of a soldiers who come across a bunker in which the dead are coming to life. With little suspense, awful dialogue and endless, confused action scenes with fast cutting and guns blazing and people shouting, it's a difficult one to get through. The zombie makeup is quite poor, and the zombies have a have a strange habit of posing for the camera in some very poor attempts at creating tension. There's a random love interest thrown in that is poorly written, and there are long tedious slow motion shots in amongst the endless fast cutting. At one point a zombie seems to fly.

It reminds me a lot of 'outpost', which has similar problems with a poor script!

The problem is there's no story, and it amounts to nothing more than a long action movie that feels very padded out. Whilst the film-makers have produced something that does look very good, it's a shame they didn't have a decent script to work with. Quite clearly some great talents, but not in the writing departments.

If you want to see frenetic zombie type of action movies, pick up Lambert Bava's Demons, which succeeds partly because it doesn't try to take itself so seriously!
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on 7 May 2012
It dosn't have that cheep homemade look of most zombie films and the gore is good enough.
I found the plot sketchy and hard to follow at times and felt a bit left in the wind as you don't find out anymore about the old man in the cadin other than a few bit of info.
I like the old stumbling shambling slow moving zombie, but in this one they are like the zombies in the remake of Dawn of the Dead.
Fast moving with furious expressions and jumping out of trees and such.

After some of the rubbish ones I have seen lately, this was enjoyable and for £3.13 you can't complain.
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on 1 June 2012
didn,t know if i was watching a zombie or vampire movie,did,nt know the yanks were yanks most of them had russian guns,no detail on zombies as never saw them close up and they even jumped out of trees,what crap
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on 18 May 2015
Loved it such a great film
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on 3 March 2016
not one i would reccomened
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on 25 July 2012
Undead nazis are fast becoming the cinematic go-to bad guy. It makes sense combinging one of the greatest evils the world has ever seen with the menace of them returning from the grave, hungry for flesh.
One might be tempted to think this is a formula that you simply can't get wrong...

Boils and ghouls, I give you War of the Dead, billed as the most expensive movie ever to be made in Lithuania.

The film comes with the following synopsis:
"In 1939 `anti-death' medical experiments were performed on captured Russian soldiers by Gestapo officers in the opening salvos of World War II. Two years later allied Finnish and American forces are on a mission to seize an underground enemy bunker on the Soviet border - but they must face attack by a far deadlier force - the flesh-hungry victims of those SS experiments."

The trailer and the poster look tremendous and the inclusion of former World's Strongest Man Jouko Ahola, who can clearly be seen on the poster, ramped up my anticipation of this movie.

Despite being a Lithuanian movie helmed by Lithuanian director Marko Makilaasko, War of the Dead is shot in English and features Andrew Tiernan (Dead Cert, 300, Bathory, The Bunker) in a leading role alongside a largely Finnish cast.
The inclusion of English actors taking on the roles of Americans left me cringing somewhat and I find myself curious as to what our American cousins will make of this aspect of the film.
It was commented on that many of the undead aren't actually German/ nazis. This is explained in the opening introduction to the movie and ought not to give the viewer too much cause for concern.

War of the Dead clearly has had some money spent on it; filmed on location in Lithuania, the location is entirely in keeping with the storyline, the costumes and weaponry are consistent with the time period and the set pieces are convincing enough. Moreover, the score is provided by Joel Goldsmith, son of composer Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith Jnr has provided the score for a number of horror movies over the last 30 years such as Watchers, Monster!; and coincidentally, the score for Call of Duty 3...

The reason that I mention Call of Duty is that many of my friends who have seen this film felt that was what War of the Dead was like, a video game. There was little in the way of any real discernable plot for the movie and the characters lacked any real depth. The undead attacks seemed to come in waves, like a game... and just like any game, there was a boss to be defeated; and this particular boss came in the form of a zombified Juoko Ahola. The resultant fight between Tiernan's character and the undead Ahola raised quite a few eyebrows and laughs within the cinema. The two of them engaging in hand-to-hand combat was ridiculous enough but when Ahola took to going aerial like a wrestler coming off the top turnbuckle, my mouth was agog.

War of the Dead is a film based on style over substance. It is very much an action-driven horror and as stated, plays out in a fashion not entirely dissimilar to that of a video game with waves of enemy hordes to be defeated, thin plot, big explosions and an intimidating end boss.
Although I didn't hate War of the Dead, I had higher expectations of it than this. If you're looking for nazi-zombie horror, stick with Outpost or Dead Snow.
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on 29 September 2012
Undead mutant Nazis are now a cinematic cliche but this film has a chutzpah about the human action and thrills that really echo Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead' and Spielberg's 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. Chuck in a bit of the drama that the original 'The Thing' possesses, this has a real talent and style about it that the recent conveyor belt of cash-for-zombies movies totally lack.
It is unfair to lump 'War of the Dead' in with all of these cheap, straight to DVD zombie movies. The director and one or two of the stars will go on to better things, I'm sure.
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