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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2012
The return of Matt Hilton's two-fisted hero, Joe Hunter, is always one to look forward to - and this time is no exception. His latest escapade is a story that crackles along from start to finish, much like the rest in one of the best series around today. The only problem with a Hilton novel is that you can't put it down. This unfortunately hastens the end, leaving you with a gap to fill until the next instalment. Bring it on soon please!
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on 21 February 2012
Matt is quickly becoming my author of choice. You know a book is good when your wife gets annoyed as you are still reading at 4am, when you have to be up again at 6.30am.

very simnply, if you liked the previous books in this series, you will absolutley love this one.

Up there with any of the Reacher books I have read and I do love my Reacher books.
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No Going Back marks Joe Hunter's seventh adventure - and incidentally my sixth read of the series (not quite sure how I've missed one out but I have somewhere along the line!) - and I have come to depend on one thing, actually strike that, two things - Joe Hunter the action man and an amazing pace - they both go hand in hand. I remember reading Cut and Run way back in August 2010 and recall being blown away by a frenetic pace and found myself immediately comparing Joe Hunter to Lee Child's Jack Reacher, I've never looked back and Hilton is now one of my favourite authors. The characters are of course very different even though they both have similar goals, to right injustice and hurt a few bad guys along the way - there's nothing more satisfying than watching a few villains taken down a peg or two Hunter - or Reacher - style.

In his latest book Hilton continues to impress with another very very quick read. These books are almost impossible to put down and if you're anything like me you'll find yourself thinking just one more chapter before bed and before you know it, and half a book later, you've almost finished the damn thing! Matt Hilton writes in a no-nonsense style with a narrative that just sucks you in to the story and gives you a vested interest in what happens not only to Hunter but the various characters caught up in his travels. Hilton's novels have a certain warmth, a dependability about them, something you can rely on, and one thing is assured - a thoroughly entertaining journey of escapism awaits.

Like many action novels you have to suspend belief and reality somewhat, you don't question how one man can do one thing, survive another and against all odds come out the other end still fighting his way to victory or in some cases defeat. Let's face it, you pick up action books to escape and allow the mind to think that anything is possible, that's part of the attraction - for me at least - I want the bullets to fly, the fists to connect with sinew and the hero to right the wrongs - even if he does get hurt along the way. I don't want the perfect action hero; I want him - or her - to have baggage and to be fallible and not always come out on top. This is what you get with Hunter. He talks to the man in the street; he's one of us but with a gun and an attitude to match. One thing is certain, you want Joe Hunter on your side, you certainly don't want to make an enemy of him!

A large part of the story takes place on a remote farm owned by the Logan family, a land and region that holds many disturbing secrets and it's up to Hunter to find them. Incredibly atmospheric in parts I found myself in the thick of the action, crawling along the dusty landscape trying to avoid capture, I felt every bump in the road, every punch thrown, great escapism.

Although part of an established series each novel can be read out of sequence as references to past battles and enemies are included in every novel but it would undoubtedly help give you a better insight into Hunter's character and backstory should you read the series from the beginning with Dead Men's Dust.
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on 11 December 2016
A real page turner. Having come from recently read Clive Cussler tripe, Matt Hilton's books are a breath of fresh air. Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is the nearest thing but have enjoyed the Joe Hunter character more because of his interaction with the close friends Rink and Harvey. If you like Jack Reacher then I think this will float your boat!
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on 11 August 2015
Bought this to take on holiday, as was intrigued to see what Joe Hunter was about. I am no crime fiction guru but I can feel a change in genre tastes coming on. It was easy to read and although I delved into the world of this character somewhat randomly,(this is not the first JH book) it didn't matter as I did not feel I had missed something.(Actually more intrigued; wanting to find out more about this one man crime fighter.) The story was well paced, kept me on edge and I felt transported to the heat of the desert with the crazy Logan family...not a prospect I would relish in real life! I will definitely read more in the Joe Hunter series.
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on 29 November 2012
Fast delivery from Amazon and I love Matt Hilton books. I have read two so far and have another two ready to read when I finish my third. The pace is relentless and I find it hard to put down. I am a 40 year old male and think this would make a great gift for dad, if he hasn't got a kindle. I prefer the smell and feel of a paperback book, you cannot beat it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 October 2016
Writing this review in retrospective, I can say its one of my top two favorite in the series thus far. Before delving in, this book as most of the genre is about action and on that, take it for what it is and not some perfect manuscript.

In this titles while Joe is of course an important character, there is pair of secondary characters to whom we see a lot happen and become a critical part of the book. This title does have some what of a darker element in what we see happens, but in turn provides ample opportunity for people to shine.

The primary antagonist in the book is someone who can go head to head with Joe, and that's what I quiet like about these books, Joe is not a Super solider boarding superhero type figure, he can take knocks and we do see at times him not being the most strongest or powerful.

The one weakness preventing me from giving 5 stars (really it deserves 4.5) is the pacing is a bit off. The start and middle are fleshed out, if not slightly long, while we see the ending somewhat compressed and wrapped up slightly too quick. However in all this is a great book in the series and a must read.
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on 18 March 2014
I am a great fan of Lee Child (Jack Reacher series) and when first pointed in the direction of this author was not sure if I would be disappointed or not, the case was not. Matt Hiltons hero Joe Hunter is very similar in several ways to Jack Reacher. He is ex-former military operative, ex-CIA agent with plenty of former military friends to help him out in a sticky corner. The stories are similar in style but Matt Hilton's writing style makes them that little bit different, different enough to enjoy and cast aside any comparisons with Lee Child. I have not as yet read this book having only in the last year acquired a Kindle, which I am stocking up ready for my holidays, hence this purchase. I have though read all the preceding books in hardback and paperback and if this comes close to those I will not be able to put it down once I make a start. On experience of the author alone highly recommended.
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on 19 June 2012
There are many things that give us humans enjoyment and not the least of these is stimulation of our senses. (Settle down missus, I'm not talking about that). This is what Matt's books do. They grab you and enthrall you. Of course I like this kind of book to start with, so he's on to a winner. But many books do it in waves. There are interesting bits, then dull bits that you read whilst looking forward to another good bit. This book is all good bits! You really do have to fight to put it down to address the basics of life! Hell, in that respect, it's a good diet aid.

I initially thought the story was going to be our hero going in to a bad guys ranch, kicking ass, rescuing the fair maidens and living happily ever after. Even then I was thinking what a good book, but the plot develops further into still familiar territory of a more than worthy adversary for Joe Hunter being drawn to the final showdown, which you are left in no doubt will happen. The ending is really spine tingling.

If you like any kind of a thriller, you'll enjoy this. Money well spent!
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on 20 March 2012
As per usual my product arrived speedily and in great condition. The book itself .... excellent read and can't put the thing down! :)

I'll be back for more!
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