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on 16 April 2012
Whilst this wasn't a bad read at all, it wasn't entirely what I was expecting, more like 'chick lit', with zombies.

Similar to 'The Final Winter' (by Iain Wright) where you could substitute the continual snowfall (that forces everyone to be contained within a pub) for custard filled scarecrows and it wouldn't alter the story much. In this, the zombies are really just a reason to contain everyone on 'The Boat' (or boats to be fair as there are really three in total) and again as with the popular zombie yarn/political thriller 'Feed' (by Mira Grant) zombies feature somehow in such a way that they are really just a plot device and not the crux in the the main story at all.

The 'meat' of the story (pun intended) is really a (potential) blossoming love story of sorts between two characters, who have lost their respective others to the zombies/plague, along with the sub plot of a serial killer who is fished from a passing raft and joins the rag tag flotilla (again, unintentionally I'm sure, but very reminiscent of The Final Winter I mention above).

The problem for me aside from a lack of zombie action (a couple of minor flashbacks, one brief visit to shore and a kind of chaotic finale didn't do it for me) was that only a small handful of characters were even named, never mind developed in any way. Therefore at the climax I felt very detached from it all, as brief snippets (described from a main characters perspective looking on) tell of a few nameless/faceless people being attacked and scoffed (with much of said 'scoffing' going on below decks and you are left to 'imagine' this.

With this in mind I felt it needed some kind of an introduction and further development/back story of more characters, it would have perhaps benefited from reading more about the chaos, mayhem and ultimately the desolation back on land, bearing in mind that pretty much all of this takes place in small vessels at sea, perhaps even following a couple of the supply runs to the mainland would have expanded the limited scope of the story.

Along with this, visualisation of more of the struggle and hardships of living conditions within the boats would have been both interesting and immersed the reader more too, rather than just saying 'conditions were cramped' or something similar, because almost all the interaction takes place on the boat 3 bees, which, OK it's a small boat, but it had relatively few passengers on board and it seemed they wanted for nothing (one of the other vessel's continually mentioned was Big Daddy, but this isn't even visited within the book at all)and on the largest boat (I forget it's name) it seemed almost like everybody had double bed en-suite rooms and things really weren't so tough.

On a side note I am unsure why zombie writers feel compelled to name zombies something unique such as...... meat puppets, stinkers, stenches, zed's or in this case sinkers...... (I know it's really just a personal thing for me and I suppose I can understand why the author did it here to some degree, but as I say, personally not sure it's necessary), however, they call them sinkers here when they aren't sinking, such as on dry land or in the boat below deck with no way for them to get out and to.....err......well.............sink.

Don't get me wrong because on the whole this was an easy read, with no glaring grammar, spelling or punctuation issues, which made a nice change from many in this genre, however whilst the story wasn't bad, the feeling of a lack of zombies, the 'will they, won't they' romance and the rated PG (off camera) violence loses a star for me, not that I'm a cold hearted gore hound you understand...... honest!!, but come on....... this is a book about the flesh eating undead for goodness sake and anyway I'm saving my copy of Jane Eyre for a rainy day.
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on 27 February 2014
I have to agree with some of the previous reviews this book was a little lacking in the zombie area. Basically three boats close together with a few survivors on each and its a case of who will look after 6 year old Samantha. This all changes when a man floats past on a dingy. Have read better zombie tales. I guess with the ending there is possibly going to be a book 2. Worth a read if you can get it for free.
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on 17 October 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect from this novel after reading some of the reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I've read much better zombie tales but I've also read far worse. Easy enough to read, gory and a decent ending. Worth a read if you're a zombie fan.
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on 15 February 2013
I was looking forward to a good, quick zombie read and was completely disappointed. The pace was slow and the characters were boring. I forced myself to keep reading but still gave up half way through. Keep searching - I'm not sure this is worth a purchase.
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on 18 April 2013
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