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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Being Human - Series 4 [Blu-ray]
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on 9 May 2017
Awesome wonderful fabulousness, I love these shows, I mean, how hot are the vampires? And how adorable is Tom? Edible, the lot.
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on 15 February 2014
Love this series and couldn't wait for the next instalment. Well written with a Classic British comedy twist. Really enjoyed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 December 2014
A three disc dvd set, which contains all eight one hour long episodes of Being Human series four. A bbc series about a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost sharing a house together and trying to lead normal lives. Supernatural distractions notwithstanding.

This is not really a jumping on point, so new viewers should start with season one.

Regular viewers, read on.

Minor spoilers do follow. But you'll get those from the front and back of the box anyhow.

This season changes the line up. As you can see from the box cover. Time has passed between the series three finale and the start of this one. During which time a major event has happened offscreen. That does feel a bit jarring at first. But the length of the episode does mean you have more than come to terms with it by the end.

Annie is faced with having to bring up the Werewolf baby on her own. But manages to form a new family to replace her old one. Tom, the young werewolf from series three becomes a regular character. Then there's new housemate Hal. A five hundred year old vampire. Posh. Uptight. Obsessive compulsive. And hiding from his horrible past.

Living normal lives and bringing up baby Eve won't be easy. Hal and Tom don't initially get on whatsoever. Someone is trying to expose the existence of werewolves. And the old ones are on their way...

How you react to the changes is going to be a matter of opinion. But if you're prepared to accept them, then they're fine. Hal is a great character, an individual in his own right and totally different in many ways from Mitchell. He and Tom do, over the course of the season, make a great double act. And both characters do develop really well.

Annie is a solid centre to the whole thing, because she is having to bear a lot of responsibility.

There are individual storylines complete in a single part once again. Some of which are very good indeed. There's some really good black comedy at times. Some excellent guest characters. And a season long main plot that develops nicely and doesn't go the way you might expect.

The eighth episode doesn't really have the budget to do the big scale thing it could have been. So it has to get by on character moments. As a result of which, you won't forget the last few minutes in a hurry. These wok because they do bring an end to all that has come so far, and point the show off in a new direction as well. Said last episode also does grab thanks to an amazingly good guest star turn from Mark Gatiss.

A strong season. Which is no mean feat considering what it had to do. And a really good watch.

Some may wish to watch out for flashing images in episodes five and seven.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.

Subtitles; English.

There are the following extras:

Disc one has a four minute long trailer which recaps the events of the first three series.
Plus three five minute long prologues to this series. Hal. Tom. The Old Ones. All need to be watched. Ideally before episode one.

Disc two has interviews with the three main cast members, plus Russell Tovey, the producer, and the show's creator. All these run from six to nine minutes in length, and are very good watching.

Disc three has six featurettes, all about various aspects of the series and how they were produced:

Toby's guide. Two minutes long, and a brief introduction to part of the main plotline. So it could ideally be watched pre episode one.
Goodbye Russell.
The Fall of George.
Adam Returns.
The museum.

These run from three to seven minutes. All are interesting and good viewing.

There's also seven minutes worth of deleted scenes. These can only be watched all in a row. And it's worth doing that.
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on 27 April 2012
Well, well, well...
I must admit that when I heard that about 75% of the original cast were leaving before the 4th series ended, I was sceptical at the prospect of Being Human without principle figures that held together much of the show.
How wrong was I?
As the series began with George's immense sacrifice, it makes for truly heart-breaking TV. But the show doesn't dwell on it, and some may even claim that it was wrong not to, I however saw it as something so much more, about just getting on and dealing with it because other matters were more important.
With this series, two new editions join Annie. Tom, from the previous series, comes into his own. His naivety and childlike nature develops over the eight episodes and is perfect when playing it against Hal, the prim, OCD new vampire. But in no sense is he a replacement for Mitchell, instead he is a wonderful character who is entirely his own. It is hardly believable that the actor Damien Molony is fresh out of acting school given is wonderful performance. In some cases I actually prefer him to Mitchell.
And Annie, oh, lovely Annie. Her wonderful presence is what holds the entire show together. Lenora is wonderful, as she always has been, really having to fend for herself now that George, Mitchell and Nina are gone. But eventually she learns to trust the new residents of Hondula Heights.
Aside from the three regulars, wonderful characters come and go; Adam (the horny teenage vampire from the previous series), Allison (A wonderfully quirky werewolf) Kirby (a ghost who is slightly in need of help...) Alex (Tomboyish lass from Scotland on a holiday) Cutler (Who I would be more than happy to make a return next series in a flashback...) Regus (the vampire recorder) And Mr Snow, whom, I shall say is one of the creepiest vampires I have ever laid eyes upon.
The series has reverted back to the premise of series 1, and focuses more on the comedy and the heart of Being Human, which is ultimately just humanity.
The DVD in itself is, unlike the previous three DVD sets, a lot more weighted with extras. The interviews with the cast, production officers and the writer Toby Whithouse give a greater idea to their plans. The deleted scenes are brilliant to watch, particularly the last one, which makes me laugh all the time. It also includes the prequels for the new characters and gives a trailer detailing the last three years of the show. And finally, the behind the scenes footage that the BBC posted during the show being on air are extended slightly to give a lot more depth.
A wonderful addition to my DVD collection and I still continue to be a loyal fan. Bring on series 5!
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on 16 January 2013
***May Contain Spoilers*** This show was one of my favorite shows ever made, but with 2 out of 3 main characters dead, Then more characters take their place you'd be forgiven for thinking its just a desperate move by writers to make some more money before we realize we've been duped.

But after watching & actually liking the change up in characters I've got to say it still has that same blend of humor, Drama & horror & the new characters are all very well cast in their roles.

It does take some adjusting losing 3 characters before the end of the 1st episode but stick with it & you may be suprised at how much fun there is still to be had with a 4 year old franchise.
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on 15 December 2012
after fallin in love with the original cast it was hard to see how three main cast could be replaced but it was well worked in. Hal is a really good character and adapted through the series to be better than mitchell.
Tom was fun from the last series and has now taken it upon himself to be alot better and bolder.
The new ghost will be exciting to see. Only issue was the way they wrote out annie. No sad emotions or anything to do with the fact she killed a baby.
But like any tv show when they finally go out of the house and explore the world it works. Gives it some fresh air.
Also cutler was by far a very very good bad guy for the series
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on 26 May 2013
This program has grabbed me as no other (except the big bang theory)and on hearing most of the cast were leaving I was in a deep quandary about their replacements. I needn't have worried. Mitchell's replacement Hal, began to grow on me from the start as a deep, tortured soul, Tom as the new werewolf, had me jumping from giggles of mirth to extreme motherly affection instead of the frustration I always felt with George at his mumbling and self disbelief. I didn't miss Nina at all. Cutler was a joy. Get a copy and sit with the family on the couch and relive this magnificent series
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on 12 April 2013
When Mitchell left, alot of people said Being Human will never be the same. They were wrong, and I loved Mitchell. With the introduction of a new vampire, Hal, he was always going to be judged on how he compares to Mitchell. But no-one shouldve worried. The writers moved the story on, and away from Mitchell and then George, but they were never forgotten and are often referenced, which is nice to have the continuity, which alot of programmes forget when main characters leave. Gone but not forgotten. Dont stop at series 4, get series 5 aswell, which was even better than 4.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2012
I was a little worried after the end of series 3 and then with the watching if the first episode of this series purely because we loose 3 out of 4 of the original main cast.

Worry not! Despite missing them at times, the new characters which take their place still offer the same humor, fight against their nature and witty comments that the series has always boasted. Annie is back but as you know we loose Mitchel, George and Nina but in their place we have vampire newcomer Hal and werewolf from last series Tom. It is amazing to see that despite loosing what I thought were the core characters, that these new characters win your heart just like Nina,George and Mitchel did. The story still continues and the war against the vampires and werewolves and humans still rages on and as ever the unity of the werewolf, vampire and ghost not to mention Nina and George's baby Eve, all under one roof creates a mighty force to be reckoned with.

As ever, one of the best BBC series to date and proof that we do it the best since the US have tried and failed to replicate it!

Well written, scripted and acted, you will struggle to find a TV series quite like it.

Loving it more with each new episode,just can't get enough!

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on 10 June 2013
The first and the last episode are huge. This is great fantasy with such drama that i almost have a tear.
The rest of the series is great but different with the arrival of the new vampire Hal. There is fun part between Hal and Tom. And the fact that there is more outdoor scene give more credibility to the universe.
A very nice way to continu the adventure.
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