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on 9 February 2012
Fans of The Killing - Series 1 and 2 [DVD] will be delighted to discover that The Killing's Lars Mikkelsen (Troels Hartmann) can be seen in Danish TV2's Those Who Kill (Den som dræber) as police chief Magnus Bisgaard. He is joined by another face from The Killing - Jakob Cedergren (Philip Dessau) who is cast as shy psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer. Both actors perform equally as well as they did in DR's The Killing with a little less Lars and alot more Jakob in this programme.
Screened from March 2011 in Denmark ,the series was screened in the UK on ITV3 in February and March 2012.
The first mystery involves a serial killer is just under 90 minutes long is enjoyable and makes me want to check out the rest of the series.
Bodies are discovered in a forest north of Copenhagen and young, ambitious DCI Katrine Ries Jensen (played by Laura Bach) is eventually assigned the case. She wants to have Schaeffer assist her much to Bisgaard's annoyance. Eventually she gets her way and Schaeffer becomes part of the team.
Bach is just as good as the male stars of the show. Unlike The Killing, we do not get to see much of the character behind Katrine. In The Killing we had excellent exposure to the person behind the cop DCI Sarah Lund.
Guest starring in this story is Carsten Bjørnlund as Adam Krogh. Bjørnlund appears in The Killing 2 as Major Christian Søgaard.
Story 2 features guest actor is Swede David Dencik (Brotherhood [DVD]). The story starts with the discovery of a family murdered in their home. Curious Schaeffer turns up and is promptly arrested!
In the third story an inmate has been killed in one of Denmark's prisons. Then another is killed. Jensen and Schaeffer are on hand to investigate. In this story we discover a little about the background of both Jensen and Schaeffer. The gripping conclusion has Jensen in yet another life-threatening situation.
The fourth story features Kim Bodnia who will soon be seen on BBC4 as a main character in Bron / Broen / The Bridge Series 1 Episodes 1 - 10 and briefly Thomas Levin (TV1 host Ulrik Mørch - Borgen - Series 1 [DVD]).
Later in the series in the fifth story, Marie Askehave (Rie Skovgaard - The Killing 1) guest stars along with brief appearances from Peder Holm Johansen (Leon Frevert - The Killing 1) and Mille Dinesen (Cecilie - Borgen 2). Another brief appearance from Henning Valin (Policeman Jesper Andersson - The Bridge / Kandidaten).
The sixth and final story was not screened as part of the TV series in Denmark. It was made to be shown in cinemas from March 2012 and so far is not released on DVD in Denmark. Only in Germany has it been screened on TV and released on DVD (late 2011) but as it's for the German market, the whole series is dubbed. This story features Petrine Agger (real life wife of actor Søren Malling) who has appeared with her husband in both The Killing and Borgen. Recurring throughout the series is Iben Dorner (Sanne the PM's secretary in Borgen / The Candidate (2008) (Kandidaten) (Region 2) (Import)) as Thomas's estranged wife Benedicte.
Alongside other Scandinavian crime series, Den som dræber certainly gives The Killing and Wallander a run for their money.
Den som dræber has certainly impressed me.
Enjoy the mysteries.
Wish there were more but Danish TV2 decided not to renew it in late 2011 as ratings were not too impressive in Denmark even though it had sold well overseas and done particularly well in their southern neighbouring country Germany.

If Those Who Kill is still not enough Danish drama for you until the next series starts later in the year, you can see more of Jakob in the following films - Morden i Sandhamn (Still Waters) (Murder in Sandhamn) (English subtitles) (Swedish import) where he appears speaking Swedish this time as DCI Thomas Andreasson in Swedish TV4's ratings hit of Christmas 2010 a three part drama based upon the debut book of Viveca Sten. Also Dark Horse [2007] [DVD] (with Nicolas Bro - The Killing 2), Frygtelig lykkelig (Terribly Happy) [DVD] [2008] a fantastic little film with Lars Brygmann - Borgen, and Kim Bodnia - The Bridge, Stealing Rembrandt [DVD] with Lars Brygmann and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau among others.

To fill those Saturday nights until the next Scandinavian series here is a selection of other Danish TV series and movies that I have seen. All have English subtitles and are either very good or excellent. I'll be putting reviews on each soon.

Unit One: Season 1 [DVD] - series one starring Mads Mikkelsen, Trine Pallesen (The Killing III), Lars Brygmann (Borgen), with Borgen guest stars Thomas Levin, Lars Knutzon, Søren Malling and Benedikte Hansen,

- Submarino - with Those Who Kill's Jakob Cedergren

- Aftermath - a powerful drama starring The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl, Mikael Birkkjær, Carsten Bjørnlund, Stine Prætorius, Borgen's Lars Brygmann,

- Julefrokosten - a comedy with Borgen and The Killing star Søren Malling,

- Ledsaget udgang - a comedy featuring a prisoner being released from jail for the day,

- Værelse 304 - with Mikael Birkkjær and Stine Stengade, alongside Swedish actor David Dencik from Those Who Kill,

- Kandidaten - a thriller with Nikolaj Lie Kaas - look out for Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Katrine from Borgen) and Those Who Kill's Iben Dorner (Bendikte / Sanne from Borgen) ,

- Cecilie - a horror thriller starring Borgen's Claus Riis Østergaard, Pernille Agger and Mille Dinesen, The Killing's Lars Mikkelsen, Morten Suurballe, Kurt Ravn and Peder Holm Johansen along with Sonja Richter from the film Forbrydelser and Anders W. Berthelsen from Krøniken,

- Krøniken - a fantastic epic 20 episode drama set in the Fifies and Sixties starring The Killing's Ken Vedsegaard and Lars Mikkelsen

- Brotherhood - a neo-Nazi drama starring Swede David Dencik from Those Who Kill, Thure Lindhardt and The Killing's Nicolas Bro,

- Nightwatch - a horror starring The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl,

- Sekten - another horror starring The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl,

- In Your Hands - a prison based drama starring The Killing's Ann Eleonora Jørgensen and Nicolaj Kopernikus,

- Den Rette ånd - a comedy starring The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl, Ken Vedsegaard, Carsten Bjørnlund, Troels Munck alongside Borgen's Lisbeth Wulff,

- Italian For Beginners - a drama starring The Killing's Ann Eleonora Jørgensen,

- Matador - Complete Series - an epic drama starring The Killing's Bent Mejding,

- Den Blå Munk - an enjoyable drama set in a Copenhagen jazz bar briefly featuring a young Nicolaj Kopernikus and Jakob Cedergren from 1997,

- En familie - a drama with Borgen's Pilou Asbæk and Krøniken's Anne Lousie Hassing,

- Smukke mennesker - a comedy drama with Sebastian Jessen from Borgen 2 along with one scene each from The Killing's Nicolas Bro, Benedikte Hansen, Carsten Bjørnlund and Kurt Ravn along with Dar Salim fróm Borgen,

- Sandheden om mænd - a comedy drama starring Thure Lindhardt and The Bridge's Henning Valin,

- Let's Get Lost - a comedy starring Borgen's Sidse Babett Knudsen alongside The Killing's Bjarne Henriksen and Nicolaj Kopernikus,

- Lotto - a comedy starring The Killing's Bjarne Henriksen and Nicolaj Kopernikus,

- Til døden os skiller - a comedy starring Borgen's Lars Brygmann and Sidse Babett Knudsen (just listen to her as an opera singer!!! - WOW!), along with The Killing's Nicolaj Kopernikus,

- Bag det stille ydre - with Jakob Cedergren,

- Springet - with Mikael Birkkjær of The Killing 2 and Borgen,

- En enkelt til Korsør - with Carsten Bjørnlund and Kurt Ravn of The Killing 2, Lisbeth Wulff from Borgen and Bjarne Henriksen from The Killing 1 - Borgen,

- Above The Street Below The Water - with Sidse Babett Knudsen, along with The Killing's Nicolas Bro and Anders W. Berthelsen,

- Applaus - with Paprika Steen and The Killing 3's Sara-Maria Maltha,

- The Hunt - with Mads Mikkelsen, Bjarne Henriksen and Krøniken's Anne Louise Hassing,

- A Royal Affair - with Unit One's Mads Mikkelsen, along with Søren Malling and Søren Spanning both of Borgen and The Killing, Bent Mejding from The Killing alongside David Dencik and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard from Those Who Kill,

- En mand kommer hjem - comedy with The Killing's Nicolaj Kopernikus in a minor role,

- Den du frygter - psychological thriller with Paprika Steen and Borgen's Bjarne Henriksen, Stine Stengade and Lars Brygmann,

- Nordkraft - drug fuelled stories starring Thure Lindhardt and Borgen's Signe Egholm Olsen and Claus Riis Østergaard,

- Marie Krøyer - period drama starring Borgen's Birgitte Hjort Sørensen and The Killing's Søren Sætter-Lassen,

- Dig og mig

- Dansen,

- Alting bliver godt igen,

- Flugten,

- Anklaget,

- Kongekabale,

- Sorte kugler,

- Efter Bryllupet,

- De unge år,

- Brothers,

- Open Hearts,

- Af banen,

- Drabet,

- Offscreen,

- Old Men in New Cars,

- Truly Human,

- Allegro,

- Reconstruction,

- Prag,

- Flame And Citron,

- Pusher Trilogy,

- Shake It All About,

- Monas verden,

- Facing The Truth,

- Flickering Lights,

- Fluerne på væggen,

- Bleeder,

- R, Hit First, Hit Hardest,

- Næste skridt,

- Bagland,

- The Boss of it All.

Sorry they all could not be linked, but Amazon restricts to ten links per review. More to be added soon.

Two non Danish films featuring Danish actors are RAGE starring Jakob Cedergren with Jude Law and Dame Judi Dench. It is an American film from 2009. Also there is a 4 episode Irish mini series from 2004 PROOF starring Sidse Babett Knudsen as a woman arriving in Dublin searching for her sister presumed dead. Both films are in English.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2012 - One of Denmark's best ever dramas is coming to DVD in the UK in January 2013 - Unit One which featyres a wealth of familiar faces. Unit One is an Emmy award winning police series from 2000.
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on 11 April 2012
Having hugely enjoyed both series of The Killing and also Borgen I turned to this with eager anticipation. What a let down! Completely implausible from start to finish. Why is an ordinary detective teamed with a profiler for everday cases? Lazy plot lines where pure coincidence takes the place of deduction. Apparently Danish viewers fell away in droves as the series progressed - now I know why.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 June 2012
I watched this Danish crime series shortly after I watched the last episode of The Killing on BBC. The fact that they are both Danish (but produced by competing broadcasters), have strong, independent, untraditional and at times troublesome/troubled female police detective leads and are set in an apparently constantly dark, cold and wintery Denmark of course doesn't mean that I should expect the same quality etc. And maybe comparing them is not particularly fair on this series as I LOVED The Killing.

It IS apparent right from the beginning that this is a very different style because where it took 20 episodes to reveal the perpetrator in The Killing, Those Who Kill lets us know within the first 20 minutes and the focus then changes to trying to understand the killer's motive/mind which will help solve the crimes rather than following the normal police work of interviews etc. (and of course the victim's family) as is the case in The Killing.

The full series has 10 episodes; and for every two episodes, a new serial killer turns up, which again makes it possible to combine them to a total of 5 feature length movies. (there is a 6th storyline which will be released as a separate movie and which is not officially part of this first - and only - season).
The first two episodes take off when the body of a young female is found in a forest north of Copenhagen. The young Detective Chief Inspector, Katrine Ries Jensen, is put in charge of her first murder case and chooses to work with the intellectual and shy Forensic Psychiatrist, Thomas Schaeffer, to solve the murder. Katrine and Thomas succeed in tracking down the killer but he gets away and after his first meeting with Katrine he picks her as his next victim.

If this sounds like something you've heard before, then yes, you'd be right - very Wire in the Blood - from the male psychiatrist who has issues with the police (and vice versa) to him talking to himself while trying to put himself in the killer's place etc., but I'll spare you any further comparisons with other series from now on...

Most of the actors do a very good job with the material they have - particularly the actors in the roles of the killers, Katrine, her boss (played by Lars Mikkelsen - politician of The Killing) and the psychiatrist (although he does spend an unreasonable amount of time seemingly lost in some killer's head while staring into space with his mouth wide open). Unfortunately there are also some seriously uneven performances - "Molbaek" was particularly cringe-worthy in my mind. To be fair he didn't have much to work with that is how clichéd and stereotypical his role is as the thick, obnoxious subordinate with a "Jutland" accent.

All in all an OK series that does improve over time (from a poor first episode) with better performances from the actors and more developed storylines, but a long way off the top marks!
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on 1 February 2016
Like False Trail, which I recently returned, this DVD has significant chunks of subtitle content missing. You see actors on screen speaking say 50 Danish words but only 20 English words appear as subtitle or no words at all. You are left to mentally join up the dots in an attempt to follow the plot so I gave up after 30 minutes. Unfortunately it was too late to return this DVD so shall now on make a point of testing DVDs soon after purchase.
The better quality Scandinavian thrillers like The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge, and The Legacy don't have this flaw and make for excellent viewing but don't buy this or False Trail if you want to follow the plot.
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on 24 April 2016
I have just finished watching this series and for most of the time i must admit the female leads character was a constant irritation.
It seems Police Officers are often times unbalanced due to some past event which in my opinion makes them dangerous in a position such as this. She did not take kindly to her Superiors direction and even ran off disrespectfully when he tried to speak to her while she was running.
Really come on in the real world any Police chief would not allow this type of disrespect. Talking about running at night in an area that appears as one i would not walk in during the day.
One would think in the 21st Century there would be a background check for unsuitable candidates who may become unhinged as she eventually did in the final of 6 episodes and for good reasons. How many damaged People unchecked must we watch as Police Officers.
I thought her Boss played by Lars was a bit of as woos when it came to controlling her as would a real chief allowing her to run free wild all about the place and potentially putting herself and her partner at risk. Rarely waiting for back up. In a position like hers i would be much more cautious than her fiction character was.
Thank God it is only fiction as she or her partner would be dead in real life by the second episode.
She also was targeted for a almost rape scene and targeted in another yet they still allowed her to continue in her position as if it did not happen without even seeing a Police Psychologist. When finding out her Boss knew about her being molested as a teenager it was surreal, REALLY and no Psychologist to check her behaviour.
She also had unchecked anger issues.
It was almost as if she had a death wish. She took great risks i & others would never do in real life. Example walking through a dangerous prison on her own where eventually she was at risk of rape or attack. Lets face it her character was not very appealing to the Prisoners and she appeared often unlikable and aggressive in her manner slighting the Screws and Prisoners..
Unbelievably she even managed to seriously date a Psychopathic killer who hated women. Slept with him one their first meeting. It was obvious after thought he only picked her up as he knew who she was and used her to be in the loop a trick many a nutter can use. Again bad judgement.
Psychopaths are usually very charismatic as her married boyfriend was. Even when her partner warned her about the feeling he had about this guy she would not listen to him.
This again for me brings into play her judgement. Picking up men in Bars for one night stand, you would think a Police Officer of her rank would know this behaviour could be potentially dangerous. Just too dumb for me and certainly not cautious as she should be. This episode highlights her unsuitable as a Police Superintendent. Then she reappears within days at her desk like nothing. She had been having sex with a serial killer and was not mentally affected.
I believe this character brought down this potentially great series as a no go for a second round. Viewers would have been switching off by the 4th episode.
I was although irritated by her character overall i enjoyed the series with tears in the final for a likable psychiatrist dying.
Yes i know this is all fiction and was well executed and well played by all the main actors involved from Lars Mikkelson down.
Even the episode of the Russian Mafia mob i found unbelievable too. As if he is going to just swap sons and say TAK for telling him he was not dying from cancer. Even though he was a police plant. !!!
As each episode did not allow the audience to be given a time line of length of the investigation it reminded me a little of American crime series where they solve the case so easily.
A disliked lead character can put an audience off especially one such as hers which in reality is a unreality in a position such as hers not in the real world of policing.
Do not misunderstand she played her script and acted well. All characters played all their parts really well i just could not accept her fictional character as real & true.
This is the undoing & reason viewers may have turned off.
Then to kill off the Forensic Psychiatrist was although heart stopping a good reason for the series to end there.
Do not get me wrong i love Scandinavian series and movies and have a large collection as i target them i particularly love them compared to American series there programs are well acted by all no matter how often you see their actors in other series or movies.
I too have seen all of "the Bridge" & loved it but due to her condition found her acceptable although she too picked up men at bars. Her police character was not flawed even though she too had issues it did not cause conflict with reality and in the final series her new partner made her falling apart ok and he was a great new actor and held his own.
I give this still 4 stars because it was competitively acted by all the Police actors including all the other guest actors.
I still enjoyed it BUT for all the reasons above it for me rang danger bells. If i had been her superior i would have had her on Psychological care & evaluated. Or taken off cases where she may react in a manner which could cause possible harm to her or her pears.
This is only my opinion. Police officers must be real and accountable in real life.
This lead character was unbelievable although she played her character very well it rang a big NO for me.
No REAL Police Department would let a Police officer loose as they did in this fiction.
This is the great failure in this series if one feels it is well acted as i do but can not accept the character as a normal Police Officer as they would be in real life then the series becomes irritating.
A series/Movie must convince a viewer that the reality is right and true. Here they failed and it was sad as it was so well acted by all.
This is why it rated poorly in Scandinavia.
As i said four stars for a great effort by all actors but a unbelievable female Police woman.
It just would not be allowed in real life.
All the episodes, stories, actoring & Psychos were great but a big no for all the situations she was put in with no support.
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on 12 April 2016
My first disillusionment with Nordic Noir, which I've recently taken to. This is weak, with incredibly unlikely events manufactured just to ratchet up the tension - e.g.a female cop is allowed to walk unaccompanied throughout a maximum security prison full of rapists and killers? These devices are cheap and annoying. Worst of all, the storylines and characters are derivative. Too many resemblances to Dr Lecter, of Silence of the Lambs - the hyper-intelligent, middle aged convict wants a quid pro quo with the psychiatrist aiding the cops, a day out of the prison in exchange for information, which echoes Lecter's negotiations with Clarice Starling too strongly. And that's just a couple of examples - there are more. A lot of the psychoanalysis and psychological profiling mirrors stuff that has been done elsewhere, and done better. The ham-fisted love interest is crow-barred in, adding nothing to the story or the characters, who are already a bit weak. I feel the writers didn't really try hard to develop their own material or depth to the stories or characters - or they just weren't very good or experienced writers. It's a disappointment.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2013
'Those Who Kill' is a new Danish series, copied from the hugely successful 'The Killing'. It was so,successful that many have copied it, this may be the first successful new series.

This first appeared on British ITV, and is now available on DVD. Katrine Ries Jensen, played by Laura Bach, is a female detective dedicated to her job. Katrine is aided by Thomas, a profiler who is brought in by Katrine to assist. Her boss, who has had previous experience with Thomas, is not happy, but allows her this first case. In the first case 'Corpse in the Woods', Katrine gets too involved and finds herself in deep 'doo doo' , as we like to say. 'Those Who Kill' is well-made, police/procedural, interspersedwith the personal lives of the police detectives. There are several actors from 'The Killing', in this series. As the series moves along, it becomes more interesting. The first case was an easy mark, the plot easy to figure out. This is not to say that this series isn't well done, it is, but as time moves on, the series gets better as it goes on.

Recommended. prisrob 04-24-13
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on 18 February 2013
Those Who Kill - Series 1 [DVD] screened on ITV3 in 2012 after it's run on TV2 in Denamrk in 2011. In Denmark the first five stories made up the whole series and that is what is featured in the product on this page. A subesequent film, Shadow of the Past, was made to tie up a few loose ends as TV2 did not commission a second series. The official UK version of this, which sells for less than half the price of this consists of the first five stories AND the film, and is far better value for money. It is a shame that some sellers are trying to sell something that is far inferior to the official UK release and at a far higher cost.

The series itself is great and well worth a watch!
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on 15 April 2013
Having thoroughly enjoyed The Killing and The Bridge, I think I bought into the hype a bit and splashed out for Those Who Kill. I was very disappointed. It was not of the same quality as the above two and felt a bit like a grisly CSI copy or similar. Also too unrealistic - reminded me of the horror films where the lone woman ALWAYS goes into the dark house where the killer is waiting etc etc. The level of downright bad or careless practice from the supposed-to-be-a-DCI Katrine Jensen stretched belief. I know a bit deviance and rebellion makes good drama but after the Psychiatrist saved her life for the xxth time I just found it all too irritating and incompetent. The Psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer was an interesting but implausible character (he seemed to reach his conclusions directly from the ether rather than from anything that might be logically deduced) and I think so much more could have been made of both his character and the whole series. Trying too much and lacking in substance? Lazy writing maybe? I don't know but wouldn't recommend it.
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on 6 April 2012
I found this series highly entertaining, with well-drawn, convincing characters, intriguing plots, and excellent performances from the cast - a number of whom will be familiar faces to those of you who are fans of The Killing, and the Swedish (and best) version of Wallander. All of the characters in the crime investigation team are refreshingly human, with their fair share of both strengths and weaknesses, and the criminals are a suitably disturbing collection of psychopaths. The procedural elements are also both convincing and interesting, yet do not overly impinge on the plot, as seems to be the case in some of the more lurid 'forensic medicine' series we see these days. Yes, there are significant amounts of graphic violence, but this is detective fiction for adults, so you would expect some of that. To summarise, an excellent series, well worth buying.
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