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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2012
I have held back from writing a review for this album because it hit me with waves of different feelings. In other words, I have refrained from reviewing it because I didn't really know how to write a fair review. Ultimately, however, the simplest review is to say that Overkill have maintained their generally solid standard and remain on fine form. That's all you need to know but I will qualify that summary if you care to read on...

Ironbound, released two years ago, was a considerable return to form. It's not that Overkill had ever dropped the ball but, maybe, they started cruising a bit. Not so with Ironbound; it was filled with plenty of catchy and fierce riffs, a great production and enough energy to warrant a thrasher's undivided attention. I was considerably impressed and I knew it was a tall order to succeed. So, on my initial listen of The Electric Age, I felt myself underwhelmed. There were bits that were immediate but, on the whole, the songs flew by without hooking into me with any depth. It struck me as a reasonable album but little more. Like I said, I was underwhelmed.
However, writing a review at that point would have certainly been rash. The songs began to fit themselves into my psyche and to really grip me, the opener, Come and Get It, is a great start (in fact, I always thought that) and then there's Wish you Were Dead, Black Daze and the excellent lines of Old Wounds, New Scars ("Got a lot of mouth for a Jersey white boy"; surely about a certain TV show?). In fact, most of the songs have their merits. So, my second reaction was that this was a more subtle but equally excellent follow-up to Ironbound.
HOWEVER, again this would have also been rash. The album's good, arguably great. However, there is a reason it lacked the immediacy of its predecessor. Many of the songs are good and the album itself is solid; easily enjoyable in one sitting. However, compared to Ironbound, the song quality is not quite as high. Like I said, it was a real return and was going to be tough to surpass or even equal. And Overkill haven't quite managed it. Instead they have produced a strong follow up that is certainly worth a fan's time and could easily convert the uninitiated.

In conclusion then, I would certainly recommend this as a purchase. Obviously the deluxe package is a nice treat for not much extra in price (the longevity of the bonus dvd, though, is pretty minimal). However, I'd certainly recommend Ironbound as well and probably before. Whatever, this a great album by a great band that can really pull it out live and, despite some uncertainty, a wholly worthwhile purchase.
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on 26 June 2016
It is hard to believe that a thrash metal band can record seventeen studio albums with out becoming boring and samey. The repetition of the heavy metal sub genre is often plagued with a lack of creativity and most bands tend to sound the same. So to hear an old timer band like Overkill churn out a fresh energetic album is an absolute delight.

White Devil Armory is a stunning thrash metal album from Overkill. This album was released with a lot of high praise and it is not hard to see why. The band sound absolutely stunning as they jump from one great riff to another. To say that there is not a bad song on the album is about as accurate as you could be. Sure the style isn't the most original but they pull it off without sound tired, boring and familiar. It is pure tasteful thrash metal from start to finish.

Fans of Exodus or Destruction will love the lack of subtly in the music. These guys clearly give no s***s towards trends in music as they churn out some fairly old school metal. The focus is less on the song writing and more on providing good catchy music and they do that with ease.

The intense speed metal is made all the sweeter with some excellent heavy production. The guitars have a satisfying metal sound with the drums adding the extra thunder behind the rhythm. It creates a wonderful sound over all, the kind you'd want from this kind of metal.

Overkill are on a roll with a series of fantastic albums and this just adds to the pile. White Devil Armory is a little better then the previous The Electric Age but not by much. The band have clearly got their second wind and much like many '80s metal bands, they are riding on a creative high many years after their commercial peak. You don't need record sales to be awesome when you churn out a cracking album like this. Songs like Amorist, Pig and Freedom Ring is exactly what metal fans would look for in thrash and it is highly recommend that you check it out.

Published by Steven Lornie
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on 23 April 2012
Overkill's sixteenth release sees the band once again returning to a straightforward and classic Thrash Metal sound, much like their previous release, 2010's 'Ironbound'. The album is jam-packed full of tasty riffs, head-crushing drumming, molar-rattling bass guitar lines, gritty, in-your-face vocals and a production sound that allows you to hear every instrument clearly (Bass included, of course). Some of my current favourite tracks from this release are, 'Come and Get It', 'Electric Rattlesnake', and 'Drop the Hammer Down', and that list seems to grow with every listen. The band is really on top form; no pulling punches, no stylistic deviations to appear popular with newer trends in Metal, a solid production sound and fantastic songwriting all make this album a real classic. Thrash fans won't be let down by Overkill's second return to what this kind of music was always about, and I can't reccomend this album enough.

The limited CD+DVD hardback release is an absolute must if you're an Overkill fanatic or a Trash enthusiast. The booklet is a larger size making reading it much easier as oppsed to standard CD booklets, albeit it is stapled into the binding, and the DVD is a fantastic (If somewhat short) watch. The current price (£13.99 on Amazon in April 2012) is very fair considering that what you get is considerably more attractive than the standard digipack layout, and it really is a must buy if, like me, you like collectable editions of the music you love.

A fantastic album, an even better collector's item, and it won't make a massive dent in your wallet as well as leaving you banging your head all day long. What more could you ask for?
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on 1 May 2012
Ironbound is one of my favourite thrash albums of all time not just of the new thrash age. Although I was looking forward to its follow up, the next album rarely matches such a masterpiece. Although 'The Electric Age' is not on a par with 'Ironbound' it comes very close. 'The Electric Age' has more in common with the 2nd half of Ironbound. The relentless pace and agression spit bile right across this album with very little let up making the music very exciting and full of energy. This does make the songs blend together but with repeated listens they grow into their own identities. The performances are superb with Lipnicki in particular breathing new life in these old thrashing dogs. But it is Blitz who really impresses on this disc. Whatever is needed to sing thrash he has in spades and then some. His performance is quite astonishing at times. It might not have the immediate hooks of Ironbound but it is an impressive return for a rejuvinated thrash band and an album that is on par, and at times passes, the quality of their very early releases.
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on 2 June 2013
Blitz and Overkill did it again. This album isnt only back to their thrashing roots but it does it good... VERY good. its packed with remember able songs and the production of every instrument is crushing. This album is amazing and some of Overkills best work. Love this band to death!!
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on 17 April 2012
Overkill return with the follow up to 2010's Ironbound. Essentially, they take the same approach here as on the aforementioned masterpiece. This album is straight-forward, high-octane thrash, delivered with conviction and finesse. The songs have twists and turns, Blitz's vocals are as powerful as ever and the whole record is VERY well produced. The band delievers in a big way- all the instruments are clear in the mix and the performances are superb! Great lead work and a thunderous performance from the rhythm section. It is a not as dark an album as Ironbound and indeed other Overkill classics like Horrorscope, but the adrenaline factor is the thing here. It sits well in their pantheon with records like Killbox 13 and Immortalis. Overkill are a band that has never got the recognition that should be afforded to such a dependable and consistent band. If you've never checked 'em out, this is a great album to start with. If you have and you like their other records, you wont be disaapointed. All in all, if you are looking for a great thrash album by a unique band, The Electric Age is for you! Check them out live too... they SLAY!
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on 21 May 2012
Overkill's The Electric Age, leaves off where Ironbound Finnished..From the first track "Come And Get It" to the last track "Good Night", you get 10 songs of pure thrashtastic mayhem...With glorious hints of classic Overkill thrown in to boot....I have followed Overkill since the debut Feel The Fire in the early eighties and have been hooked ever since...The fact that they keep coming back year after year with ever increasing venom and brain melting riffs, just leaves you forever wanting more...For me the outstanding tracks on this album are "Electric Rattlesnake", "Black Daze", "Old Wounds, New Scars" and "21st Century Man, but don't get me wrong every track is excellent...Buy it and prove me wrong !!!! See you at the killfest tour in October !!!!! Play it loud my friends !!!!!!The Electric Age
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on 13 May 2012
Excellent thrash album from start to finish, continues the 'Ironbound' form of the band in recent times of solid guitar and drum work with Blitz' unique vocals. I'd recommend this album if you like the band already or if you like thrash metal as you won't go far wrong with Overkill.
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on 10 March 2015
another great album from overkill, thrashier , heavy and enough killer tracks to keep all headbangers happy, this is up there with some of their most intense work. bobbys vocals are immense here as usual and the band are tighter than a nuns purse, a classic.
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on 23 April 2013
One of the worlds best bands reissue one of the universes best albums! Whether your a fan of Overkill, or of Thrash or even just a fan of Metal, you NEED this album. This tour edition is a fantastic and hugely satisfying album. Tracks such as "Come And Get It" provide you with those neck splitting riffs and dinosaur sized solos that embody all that Thrash and indeed, Metal is all about. The live tracks on the bonus disc are nothing short of monumental. The bonus disc contains some of Overkill's biggest and best tracks, but in energetic live form that is guaranteed to leave you thirsty for a glimpse of the real live spectacle. So if your new to the band, this album is the perfect starting point. If your already a fan or a die-hard, battle jacket wearing Thrasher, then you will certainly already have completed your collection with this brilliant package. If you haven't already got your copy, do Overkill a favor and get ordering. Worth every penny!
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