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on 9 December 2012
After checking out other kettles our choice was right for us , being white plastic it looks very clean plus as we are in our seventy's its light to pick up and the lid moves well back when filling , on making a cupper it pours with out splashing all over the show . The bonus being the price was right at Amazon .
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on 6 June 2015
Spent ages looking at reviews and various brands of kettles, including Which? recommendations! So far very pleased. Attractive shape in a gloss white which makes it look more expensive than other plastic kettles. It is a good pourer. So far the button release for the lid works well although you can fill the kettle through the spout. Light to lift. Small illuminated button when kettle is heating up – would like a more colourful display!!Initially there was a plastic taste to the boiled water so I had to boil the kettle several times with bicarb, at a cost, to get rid of the taste. My only criticism is the stainless steel centre of the lid – whilst it looks nice and shiny, when the kettle boils the steam condenses on the lid so it mists up. Easy to wipe down to keep exterior clean. Overall very pleased with my purchase.
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on 14 September 2014
After two years of everyday use this kettle still rocks. Easy to pour boiled water from it and still no sign of leakage at the bottom. It boils water quickly and it's reliable. Its shape is simple, no flashy designs and if I had to buy another one, I would definitely pick this model again.
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on 19 October 2016
We bought this product from Luzern - Amazon Marketplace. The delivery service was good and the Kettle did what it should do. The best bit was the customer service from Luzern. The kettle developed a leak about 7 months after we acquired it. We contacted Russell Hobbs, who directed us back to Luzern to say they needed to replace it as part of the warranty.

Having had issues with other Amazon Marketplace site before regarding warranty replacement, I was expecting a long drawn out saga to get it changed. No, not of that. One email to Luzern explaining the issue, sent at about 5pm the one evening, I have an email early the next morning to say 'sorry for the issues we were having, a new kettle would be shipped out to us today'. Didn't what the old one back either before to check there was and issue, or afterwards. Brilliant customer service
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on 26 February 2013
I entered my first review of this kettle after I'd owned it for only a few hours, so it was very much my first impressions. In the 2-3 weeks since then I've come to realise that I was probably rather hard on it. So, here's the text of my original review, with updates inserted. I've also changed my rating from 3* to 4*:

My first-day review:

As I say I like the look of it but several aspects of the design leave me unimpressed:

- The base is very light, so when the kettle isn't sitting on it, the cable that emerges from beneath can push it up so that it's no longer lying flat on the surface. *UPDATE: the base is light but once it's settled into position the cable hasn't caused a problem since. The small thin base contributes to the good overall appearance.

- When that happens the cable can end up mis-aligned with its little cut-out on the edge of the base, so when you put the kettle back down it doesn't lie flat because the cable is now caught under the edge. If there were a way the cable could be somehow clipped or clamped into its slot that would be better and if the base were heavier the problem wouldn't occur. *UPDATE: this hasn't been a problem after the first day, so you can probably ignore this.

- It's surprisingly noisy. I don't know why some kettles make more noise than others but this is definitely noisier than our previous one. Part of the noise is an irritating rattle from the lid area but mostly it's just the noise from the heating water. Not a major problem really. *UPDATE: it is noisy - the noisiest kettle I remember ever noticing. However, the rattling from the lid mechanism seems to have gone away.

- It does all seem rather cheaply made and flimsy - you certainly wouldn't say it exudes quality but perhaps for this price that's too much to ask. *UPDATE: yes - I'm sure if Apple or Audi made kettles they would be much nicer but it's not a problem.

- Someone else commented that it scales up quicker than other kettles; well, I noticed after boiling literally one kettle-full that there was already a film of scale on the bottom, so I think that other comment may prove to be correct. *UPDATE: I was surprised that some scale was visible so quickly, but it hasn't increased much since.

There are some things I like about it:

- It looks smart and stylish without being over-styled as many seem to be. *UPDATE: I still think this - simple, elegant proportions.

- I like that you can pick it up and open the lid all with one hand. I do have a full set of two hands but sometimes the other one is busy doing something else such as turning on the tap!

- It has the features I wanted: 360 degree base, flat bottom (actually it's not really flat but the element is concealed anyway), 1.7 litre capacity.

I think I've said more than enough - it's OK but I don't understand why it's as highly rated as it is on Amazon. *UPDATE: I wouldn't rave about it - it's only a kettle after all - but it's fine. I'd probably buy it again if I needed another kettle.

Further update - September 2016:

I was boiling some water yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me how good this kettle has proved be after over three years in regular use. I recalled leaving a rather half-hearted review here on Amazon, so I decided to go back and update it again.

As I said before, there's nothing to make you rave about this kettle but I now think that's a good thing. A kettle should be unobtrusive, easy to use and reliable and this one has been all these. Apart from being a little louder than some, which I've grown used to so it doesn't bother me at all, it's really had to see how a kettle could be any better.

I therefore think it would unfair to rate it any less than 5 stars, so I am uprating it from the previous 4.
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on 29 January 2013
We've been using this for about 1mth and are very happy.

1) boils quickly and quietly
2) pours very neatly
3) nice design
4) no leakage at the bottom (yet!)
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on 3 February 2016
Excellent Product, great value for money.

As someone who tries to find an alternative to the big brands, I can honestly say this is a great product for the price it is sold for by Russell Hobbs.

Amazon Prime Delivery a must for me.
Hassle free returns policy.
No Plastic Packaging.
Durable, sturdy and well made, built to last.
Excellent colour choice and cosmetically satisfying.

Packaging could be improved does not do this product justice.
Amazon oversized shipping packaging.

Overall: Must give it 5 stars, support small businesses, contactable seller and well informed and accurate listing.
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on 18 November 2016
A surprisingly thin and plasticky kettle from Russel Hobbs. A supermarket own brand would probably be more substantial. The lid opener button and on/off switch feel as though they'd not last a week of use. Added to that, the box was so battered I wondered if I'd ordered a used one off EBay by mistake! As it was a (requested) Xmas gift I'd be ashamed to give it and am sending it back. Only giving one star because I have to.
review image
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on 20 November 2016
The lid opening mechanism never worked well and broke completely after fourteen months so the kettle cannot be opened. We live in a hard water area and always have trouble with limescale but nothing nearly as bad as this kettle - the internal surface seems to encourage limescale deposition and it needs frequent descaling. Still has a plastic taste after 14 months. After I wrote this review I found the guarantee was two years so I rang the helpline and a replacement new model kettle was delivered a couple of days later. This is better than the old model with a better lid mechanism, less limescale and a repleceable filter on the spout.
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on 3 January 2017
After labouring with a ceramic kettle and the mounting complaints from my husband about the weight of the item, I decided to purchase this Russell Hobbs kettle. It is a good choice and I am delighted with the product. The external measuring 'window' is helpful. The design if the kettle is cotemporary and compliments my kitchen décor.
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