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on 27 March 2013
I have had this MP3 player for around two weeks now, maybe a little early to write a review, but, in the short time I have had it, I cannot praise it enough!. I paid around £23.99 for the player, which was despatched via Amazon. I was a little sceptical at first, after reading some reviews from people who had purchased the same player with bigger memory, and had had problems. As the price was low and with Sony being a leading name, i decided to take a punt and go for it. I'm no computer whizz when it comes to locating and loading software, but this really was very easy. If you know basic computer tasks, then there's no problem, in fact you don't really have to load the software that comes pre-installed on the player, as the device operates pretty much the same as a memory stick, just drag and drop your tracks from windows media player onto the device, and 'hey presto', they are on the player within seconds!.
I deliberately chose the 2GB player, so that I can just listen to my favourite albums of the moment and not store 2 million tracks on an ipod and search all day for the ones i wish to play!.The sound quality, I found excellent with the in ear phones provided, although I am currently using some better quality ones that I have had for a while and when you have the 'bass function turned on, the sound reproduction is very good. The functions are straightforward, just click the centre wheel to play/pause and click the wheel up and down to cycle through the menus and locate your songs. There is a 'hold' button, when slided, prevents you from accidently forwarding, pausing etc when you dont want to. Some people appear to be a bit heavy handed with stuff like this and hammer away at the buttons until something happens (or in some cases 'doesn't!). Treat it with respect and it does a great job. OK, it's not an ipod (which incidentally, I do have, and rate highly), but for the price paid, I think it is great. There is also something on the player known as 'Zapping', which from what i gather, lets you play and repeat certain portions of a song. Personally, i can't see the point of this feature and will probably never use it, but that's not to say you wont. It also comes with an attachable clip so that you can attach it to your clothing if desired. All in all, this is a great little device, which you can also store other data and files on besides your music. i recommend this to anyone, probably from ages 10 and up, would also make an ideal gift. Good job Sony!!
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on 4 April 2017
Not overawed, I have to say, the display being very tiny and difficult to read, but plenty of memory and works as advertised. Useless for recording though, unless you can put up with a lot of background clicking.
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on 12 November 2014
perfect, love it
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on 20 May 2013
I've never really needed the massive storage capacity of some modern MP3 players. My requirements for an MP3 player are as follows:
Good bass/treble balance
Fits in a pocket and can be operated without looking at it
Has playlist/album/artist functionality
Does not require batteries

This player ticks all those boxes. It's a bit flashy (literally), but I'm not going to take a star away for that, because if you don't like the LED pulsing, you can easily turn it off.

When paused, it goes into power saving mode after about 10 seconds, but when you press 'play' it resumes your song within a second, which is impressive.

My only real quibble, and the reason I can't give it all five stars, is that because I like to keep it in my pocket all day and operate it without having to take it out and look at it, I find the volume controls quite difficult to use. They're among a number of other controls, including the control that causes the player to preview the next song. If this is not a requirement for you, then disregard this paragraph and consider my review a 5-star one.

I have not tested the earphones which come with it, as I prefer rubber-tipped ear buds, but the sound quality of the player itself is astoundingly good. The enhanced bass is excellent both for modern and classical music, managing to make the music richer without making it obnoxious or loud.
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on 14 March 2013
I like this mp3 player a lot. It is small, sturdy, has a good battery, you can search by many catagories, remembers where you left off, sounds good. Good value for a good basic player.
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This is certainly reasonable for the money BUT, it is very fiddly. There is nothing immediately intuative as with other similar but more expensive devices. The screen does not help, very small with several lines of print proportionately smaller. Loading music to the device. I always read instructions so am saying this from the position of not just the box instructions but having loaded software from the device to my laptop but also instructions within that software. The device loaded, great. Music bought through Amazon loaded unto the device, referred to as syncing, without problem. Now I have hit a brick wall. Loading CD, a proper full shop bought version, ripping the music to the PC, again no problem. THEN the PROBLEM, music ripped from CD to PC will not load (sync) to this MP3 player. It is really annoying as this particular buy is bought for the wife to replace a virtually identicle device Sony make same size and controls and there was never any problem putting tracks unto the older version. The only possibility that I can come up with is that VISTA, sorry for the bad language, is a poor operating system and has all manner of Media Player problems. It might be that I had no problems doing the loading when I had itunes media on the pc and could have transferred to the device at that time. The instructions state itunes software can be used. I can get around the loading problem by buying the MP3 music through Amazon and load it. Already did it earlier on a cheapie album. Problem is Amazon want full money, expensive, for older albums even though just simple MP3 downloads.
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on 18 April 2013
This is good value for the price. Really easy to load with music. However it is not so easy to find what you want when it is loaded. The screen is tiny & navigating to your choice is tricky.
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on 12 August 2013
It was a great purchase.As soon as my daughter got her hands on this mp3 player a while ago, she never stopped using it. Another positive thing about this product is that it's battery life is very impressive. Took two whole days for it to finish, and she was using it non-stop. Loved it as it made her happy.
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on 3 January 2013
Bought for the wife to use while at gym. Very pleased small and just the job. Drag and drop new songs very easy.
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I wanted something for jogging, but as I can't be bothered with iTunes Apple devices were out. This is simple to put songs on to. You just stick it into a usb drive on your computer and drag and drop. Using it is a bit more fiddly, as the screen is tiny and you need to use the round wheel to navigate up and down, then the Play button to enter.

For jogging, I find it easiest to choose a folder, set the volume to the right level, press Play, then Hold, and that's you until you finish. I have it set permanently to Shuffle, which it does at individual folder lever, which is fine for me. I didn't even bother with the earphones and bought jogging ones for a more secure fit.

There's one major flaw with this device, which is the awful Zappin feature. Basically, it plays a few seconds from each track, one after the other. The problem is that if you're jogging, don't have the unit on Hold and try to increase the volume, more often than not you accidentally activate the nearby Zappin button. That's then impossible to stop without you stopping and fiddling about with it, which is extremely annoying, often resulting in me just jogging without music as it's easier to just switch off.

I can't see any purpose in the Zappin button and it's in the most unhelpful position possible, and neither can you disable it. Just remember to use Hold and you'll be ok, although you can't then change volume.

UPDATE - After another silent jog after the d*mned Zappin was accidentally switched on and wouldn't go off, I found the solution. Use a tiny watchmaker's type screwdriver to prise out the Zappin button, then cover the hole with duct tape. 100% success rate. I even did the same for the equally useless voice record button.
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