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on 18 July 2012
Bought this Foscam FI8910w on Friday, was delivered on Monday with the free delivery option, very happy with this.

The picture quality is very good both on the computer and the iPhone app. night vision is also very good. this camera wont disappoint any budding geek like myself ;)

Set up was a little tricky, I inserted the included cd and installed the IP camera Software, followed the included instructions regarding temporary disabling my firewall and allowing DHCP on my router but still couldn't get the software to find the cameras IP address, fortunately for me I work as an IT engineer so found this another way. Loaded up the control panel via the Ip address, went to login, I was then asked to install the active x plugin but when I clicked yes, it said there was a problem, tired again and again but still wouldn't install. Getting slightly frustrated with this i decided to call the UK Foscam help line number I found on the UK Foscam website. After being re-directed to an American guy (note this is a locally charged number only so don't get worried when speaking to a guy that sounds like he's on the moon) he asked me to go into tools - Internet options - Advanced, then scroll down to Security section and tick the 3rd box "Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid", booom this solved the problem straight away :)

Set up was simple from now on. Had to set up port forward on port 80 on my TP-Link TD-W8960N, I already knew how to port forward but if you don't a simple port forward search for your model router on Google should bring up the info you need.

Once this is set up, wireless set up is pretty simple (you need to know what security your wifi is set up as, for example WEP or WPA2 also you need to know your wireless password as you will be asked to enter the details on the IP camera set up page.

The main reason I bought this camera was to keep an eye on things while I wasn't at home so the next thing was to set up the camera on my iPhone 4. Firstly, after researching different iPhone applications I settled for the "Foscam surveillance PRO". This was £2.99 from the istore. Next I had to set up a free DNS account. for a video on this search YouTube specifically for a video called "How to Access Foscam Wireless IP Camera From an iPhone, Android, & Internet (HD)" under the user name "AwkwardHamster", the video will do through the setup which again is simple, I chose the no-ip DNS service provider.

once this is set up you will need to wait 5 mins then go into the application and select the relevant model camera then enter the DNS address you just set up along with the port (mine was 80, yours will probably be 80 too) then enter your foscam camera user name and password (remember to change your foscam user account details when setting the camera up as you will leave yourself wide open). Once this is set up you are good to go :)

I am using some software called ispy connect for motion detected recording, this is by far the best free recording software I have found and defo recommend.

I hope the helps you with any issue you may have when setting up. If you need any more guidance I am happy to help.


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on 23 August 2014
I bought 1 of these, loved it so much I bought another! I currently have 1 on the living room that takes snaphots if anyone walks in front of it, and these pics then get emailed to my phone. Yes you can set the sensitivity. The 2nd cam is pointed at my car, and I have this one connected to an android app on my tablet (ip cam viewer), if there is any movement around my stationery car then it records a few seconds of video footage onto the SD card in my tablet (doesn't use much space at all). This way i have pics being emailed to my phone wherever I am in the uk, and footage of my car stored on my tablet (a quick 'delete files' button removes old footage). I see loads of bad reviews on here from people who don't know how to set up these cameras. That is not a fault of the camera, nor of the seller, that is like me saying "I hate my car because I haven't learnt how to drive it so its obviously rubbish".

I learnt how to set all of this up simply by following youtube videos and a spot of google searching. You may need to search on your router model to find out how to set 'port forwarding' in your router menus (in layman's terms just unlocking a port in your router to allow the pathway between computer and camera so that your router isn't blocking it) and your router's wps button (usually you use a pin on the bottom of the camera to depress the WPS button for 4 seconds, then on your router press its own WPS button, so that the camera and router talk to each other for the very first time). I also see moans and bad review due to this 'my camera resets/reboots itself. This is easy to sort too! what you do is set preset 1 to a position that you want, then in the camera's webUI, PT settings, take away the disable tick for 'disable preset' and tick "go to preset on boot" and when the camera reboots, it will do it's P/T "dance" then go to preset 1. Also I see these 'the reflection on the window causes problems' but once again a quick google search says to just cover the led's with tape. At the end of the day I see no reason to give this camera bad reviews when you consider THE PRICE. I do not work for this company, seller or anything, but I am sad that people rate a device poorly based on their own impatience/lack of knowledge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS PRICE RANGE
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on 1 October 2014
Ok, I've had the Foscam FI8910W installed and working for 1 year and it is has now decided to not work wireless anymore. So here is what I think:

- When it arrived it was quite easy to setup wireless and lan I thought (compared to others having trouble, but I am technically oriented) It's range is rather limited so careful.

- When I first got into the web interface my first thoughts were, oh wow, this is how the internet looked back in 1995, poor design and wasn't very responsive (this got better with firmware updates throughout the year (3) of them, but at least the options were there, you weren't sure if the thing was using them correctly but the options were there - zero status or connected / not-connected notifications etc)

- Camera image size, now I thought this would have been bigger than 640x480, I was quite disappointed with this but got used to it. The picture quality was good (7/10) and night vision often just lit up peoples faces so bright you couldn't tell who or what they looked like

- POOR FRAME RATES OF 4fps to 10fps!
OMFG - Over LAN this is fine, over wi-fi - ABSOLUTE F**** SH** 4FPS to 10FPS! I went through support and forums and even tried several different pieces of software. Drop the resolution on the camera again and it will speed it up but then there's little point having a camera at such a low resolution (foscam think it's 1999 again!). So be warned someone walking past the camera, you probably will only see Frame 1: no one there, Frame 2: person in walking stance, Frame 3: no one there, usefull hu.

- The common REBOOTING BUG!
Again I went through support - no joy, went through forum and found a LOT of other people having this problem. I flashed older and newer firmware versions, tried every setting known to man, I even bashed the device about a bit to see if it would stop re-booting each time I use the web interface. NOTE: This didn't start to happen straight away, only after about 2 or 3 months after purchase. If I wasn't using the web interface to view the camera it was fine streaming out to iSpy without rebooting so didn't RMA it (bad move). It eventually got so bad I had to use the lower screen resolution to even be able to connect to the web interface. AND if you don't lock down your IP settings you will have to find that new IP address for it each time it reboots and it takes 1 to 2 minutes to reboot every time (try changing the resolution before it crashes! damn missed, try again! lol).

- No more IP camera / No more wi-fi connection
The camera is no longer picked up by the IP tool, but is found by other network scanner software I've tried however no video data streams can be picked up from it either, it's decided to fail on that part and now become a LAN only camera. I am thinking of stripping out the camera and mounting a microsoft life cam in there seeing as it's going to be LAN only. Maybe I can telnet commands to it or something to use the rotation and tilt features.

- The newer foscam 9831W and a theory
I was just about to buy this in amazon but noticed the seller was in china and people reporting different product arrived. And the ones that are foscam uk don't answer telephone or give support. Not good and not good. At the same time as buying this camera I bought another cheaper one from tibet or some rice farmer somewhere and found that it had identical hardware case etc but the software was different and the nameplate was filed blank. It wouldn't surprise me if the foscam china seller was just flashing foscam firmware on that device and using their logo.

1. Video quality day time 7/10
2. Video quality night time 5/10
3. Video resolution 4/10
4. Software 2/10
5. Wi-fi connectivity and video FPS 1/10
6. Length of life of hardware (wi-fi died in 1 year for me and reboots all the time) 2/10
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on 4 December 2013
Being fairly tech savvy I was slightly concerned about setting the camera up after reading an IT specialists review and how they had struggled.

Honestly.. I wasn't able to set up the cam to work via phone browser by myself. This is why i wanted to leave this review to let everyone know about.

SURVEILLANCE PRO from the apps store.

The product is £2.99 and worth every penny. It connects to your network, locates the camera and detects its settings. After an hour of trying to set the internet settings up myself to view the image through my phone, it took only 3 mins via this app.

As for the camera. Very easy to set up. Nice build, nice quality. iR works brilliantly. Great abilities (movement monitor, microphone/2 way etc.)

I purchased this to make sure my pups are ok when I'm out. I'll definitely be buying more.

4* due to complications of getting it to work over the internet. 5* when coupled with that app
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on 29 November 2012
I read all of the reviews on this site before I purchased this cam and there seemed to be quite a lot of variation on how difficult people found the setup of this cam. I wanted the cam so I could monitor my house while I was abroad so being able to set it up for remote viewing was a must for me. Setup is a three stage process. Stage 1 is to set up the cam whilst hard-wired to the router. Stage 1 must be completed before moving on to stage 2, which involves using the included software to scan for your wireless signal and inputting your password. After this is done, you can now unplug the LAN cable between router and cam. I found stages 1 and 2 fairly straightforward and was done in about 15 minutes. It's fairly similar to setting up a wireless printer.

The final stage was to configure the cam so that it could be viewed remotely and this is where I started to struggle a bit. Suddenly I was confronted with terminology like static IP, dynamic IP and Port Forwarding. I consider myself fairly computer literate but when it comes to networks, I'm immediately out of my depth. I found port forwarding to be a bit of a black art. Being able to configure this requires you to access your router settings, which is probably something that most people haven't done before. I'm on BT Infinity so a quick Google search told me that I had to type in bthomehub.home into my browser to go to the router settings. Eventually, though trial and error and with a bit of help from YouTube, I was able to figure out the whole port forwarding procedure. This was the key to being able to set the cam up for remote viewing.

I found the cam itself to be quite user friendly and was very impressed with how it performs in total darkness. I also wanted it to be able to monitor my 2 year old while he sleeps and this is where my main gripe with the product is. I found that the IR-Cut filter is quite loud as it comes on and goes off. Depending on the light conditions, this cutting can occur very frequently which disturbs my son. Also, the IR LED lights stand out in the darkness.

I also set up the cam for motion detection. It sends an email including a set of pictures when motion is detected. The trouble I've found so far is that the alarm is triggered when the IR-Cut filter comes on. Perhaps I need to play with the settings a bit more to make it less sensitive but if this persists, then it might cause a lot of false alarms.

I've only had the cam a few days and I'm still tinkering with it but I like it so far. I can't comment on how stable it is with my network yet regarding dropouts. I can't compare it to any other IP cams because I've never owned or operated one before. This one seems to do what it claims to and perhaps future firmware updates will eliminate some of the annoyances that I've experienced.
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on 17 June 2013
Over the past 3 years I've had the Edimax IC-1310 working in my home without many problems. It's great to be able to monitor the house when I'm away & know that I'll not have any nasty surprises when I get back.. well at least from a living room point-of-view.

The Foscam range of webcams caught my eye, specifically the FI8910W which can use a wireless network connection, and is steerable. I like the fact that this gives it a lot of placement flexibility.. just needing a power source & off it goes. This newer model has an IR-Cut filter which gives better colour reproduction from it's predecessor. I paid about £65 for the white version from the official UK-based Foscam distributor.

Initial setup of the camera is supposed to include you installing some Windows app to find the camera's IP address on your network; my router gives me a list of connected devices, so I chose to forego the app and use the router's info instead. I could log into the camera once I had it's IP address, and configured it to connect over wifi, altering a few other settings as I went (disabling the DDNS service, since my Edimax camera is already updating with my externally visible IP).

As long as you're used to fiddling with things like port forwarding you'll have everything set up within 10-15 minutes; there's not a lot to it & these days it's handy to have a phone on 3G to check things are working correctly. I added a few extra user accounts, and had TinyCam Monitor for Android working in no time at all.. specifying the local network IP on the main settings, and the DynDNS address on the extra 3G settings page.

Being able to steer the camera is really handy.. when you have it pointing in the right direction, you can save it as a preset, both from your browser, or from an app like TinyCam Monitor. I've set mine to mostly look out of the back window, but can swivel it round to look into the kitchen & hallway.. even up to the skylights, etc.

The quality of the images is pretty decent, but at 640x480, they're not extactly HD quality. Motion detection is a tad limited.. even compared to my 3yr old Edimax. There's no way to specify zones for motion detection, and it only uploads 2 .jpeg files for each motion capture event (the Edimax can upload 5 second videos!).

Annoyingly, even if you turn off the IR LEDs, they'll switch back on the next time the camera is rebooted.. which is a real pain when the camera is looking out of a window (you only see the bright glare of the LEDs shining back at you!). Hopefully that'll get fixed in a future firmware update, but I'm not betting on it. Talking of firmware, make sure you upgrade it.. the latest versions include some (unspecified) security fixes.

UPDATE; a few months on & I'm getting annoyed by the camera rebooting itself a few times each day. There's no guarantee it'll be online when you want to view it, and the IR LED option defaults back to On each time, which adds to the annoyance factor. Dropping this to a 3-star rating.. almost a 2!
review image
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I had been looking for wireless pan and tilt IP cameras for quite a while, so when I saw a duo pack Foscam offered at lightning deal I did not hesitate buy them.

On opening the colourful packaging I was quite surprised by the size of these cameras. They are large, yet sport premium looks thanks to the rubberised coating and sturdy build quality.

The supplied CD is practically useless, with a very low quality video which confuses rather than help!

Just head to the Foscam USA site, download the setup program, and watch the step by step video guides from there. The videos are easy to follow, and I had the first unit set up in under an hour and the second in less than 5 minutes. (Wi-Fi only)

These units are meant for monitoring, hence a resolution of 640X480 makes sense, especially if you have multiple units. Some might argue that these should be in high definition (Foscam does HD version) yet keep in mind that the higher the resolution the slower your Wi-Fi connection will become. Just imagine a couple of these cameras running at high definition! You Wi-Fi will slow down to a crawl.

The picture quality is good considering the resolution, with correct colour redemption. In dark conditions the claimed 8 meter range is just about right. The unit switches quickly to and from IR (Infra Red for night vision)and if the room is silent enough you can notice clicking sound whenever this happens.

I did mention that these units are great for baby monitoring as they really are silent, effective and easy to set up. Panning and tilting is super silent. When using the dedicated application on MAC, iPad, android and PC the sound works fine, yet it does not work well with third party applications. Setup is very easy for use as an in house monitoring system over your wired or Wi-Fi network.

Things do get a bit complicated once you want to view your camera outside your network... say from work. Once through the tedious port forwarding process you would either have to apply for a static ip address or leave the modem on 24 hrs a day..... after all most of us do. There are other options explained on the USA website.

Both of my Foscam cameras are powered continuously, and I have not encountered any problems as yet. I have only used them on my home network using WiFi.

I do find that the units are on the expensive side though, yet I'd rather have a respectable brand camera than some cheap knock off which would not offer any after sales support at all.

Highly recommended.
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on 28 January 2013
I found this camera to be a very good product, easy to set up (for me at least) and provided a good option for the price.

Good value
Simple to set up
Night mode is very good
2-way audio works well
Operated from an android device over 3g which worked well.

Average picture quality
Not the best UI in that it is not the most intuitive of setups.
The motion alarm is very simplistic and is triggered when the IR cut switched out at a certain light level.

I used it in wired mode with a powerline socket in my garage which was ~100m away through a junction box and it was fine.
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on 3 August 2013
I bought this product after some of my colleagues had recommended them. I didn't expect to receive such a good quality product for the price. Out of the box the build quality is excellent. Five minutes later it was up and running with the firmware upgraded to the latest version and streaming to my iPhone and PC. It did require a port to be opened on the router so a little IT knowledge is required but it shouldn't be beyond anyone who has setup a home network.

I used to work in camera design so am often cautious of picture quality and whilst this is a low resolution product, it is intended for indoor use and I could clearly identify people within view. There aren't too many compression artefacts, the sharpening and colour is good and the night vision works well with included IR illumination. You can see the IR leds glow faintly at night which would prevent covert use. There is an included IR filter which is removed in low light and replaced during the day to ensure daytime images keep a good colour balance.

The Foscam iPhone app is not the best for features and I prefer Surveillance Pro which has full control of camera settings and can control the pan and tilt and audio. The camera can be set to email you its IP address (great for those without a static IP) and has motion and audio detect that will take stills and can save them to your network, a remote FTP server or email them.

We bought this to keep an eye on our cat whilst we were away for a week and a family member was feeding it and also to augment our home security. We didn't plan on leaving it running all the time but have chosen to do so and its proved useful to check the downstairs of the house if we are disturbed in our sleep (which recently happened when the cat knocked a chair over!). I'm now considering an outside model to watch the garden.

Update: This product is losing a star as the passwords are transmitted in plain text over the network. This makes it very easy for others to access the password if you are using public wifi. I've checked this with networking software and the password is not sent once to logon but multiple times by some applications as part of the URL it accesses to control the camera functions (e.g. movement). It really needs SSL or an alternative way of securing the login.
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on 8 December 2014
Originally I bought this for work but I never managed to set it up. Now the camera is pointed at my driveway to record people parking on my drive without permission. The distance between the camera and the bottom of the driveway is about 10 meter. At 10 meter I can not make any faces or read the license plate of the care.

Set up is easy but I never managed to get the wireless feature to work.
review image review image
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