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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2003
Why, when the Halloween series had reached such a successfully satisfying conclusion in 'Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later' did the money grabbing Akkads feel the need to undermine all that H20 had achieved, by completely rewriting the ending?

For those who havn't already seen Resurrection, it won't be giving much away to say that unstoppable killing machine Michael Myers wasn't really killed by his sister Laurie (Jamie-Lee Curtis) at the end of the previous film, and is back to wreak more havoc on a group of unsuspecting Haddonfield teens. However, the rather flimsy and implausable reason given for Myers' 'resurrection' is by no means the most offensive flaw in the film. No, that would be the casting of rapper Busta Rhymes. Playing a cunning internet entrepeuner who plans to show a live webcast of a group of students exploring the house where Michael lived as a child, Rhymes displays a complete lack of talent and ability to act. The inclusion of a rap icon proved successful with LLCoolJ in H20 - who brought humour to the role and provided the script with a carefully limited dose of comedic value. However, Rhymes is annoying, loud and very rarely talks in comprehensible sentences. He gurns his way through the film, performs an embarrassing display of martial arts against Myers, and generally smacks of the producers attempting to include as many aspects into the film that they deem popular with the audience - thus gaining maximum box-office returns.

It has been clear that producer Moustapha Akkad sees the series as nothing more than a sure-fire way to pay the mortgage, but never has it been so evident as in 'Resurrection'. Without giving anything away, the first ten minutes of the film are completely unnecessary and poorly executed, leaving what should be the series' most poignant sequence looking like the most amateurish and embarrassing; in what is supposed to be a steady tracking shot down a corridor, the camera actually wobbles.

Rick Rosenthal (who more than competently handled 'Halloween 2') however, can not be entirely blamed for the film's downfall. The script is uningaging and often embarrassing and sorely missing any of the psycho-babble that Donald Pleasance used to spout in the previous films. That - the only adult or intelligent aspect of the previous films which set the Halloween series apart from its evil cousin 'Friday the 13th'- has now completely disappeared, replaced with a focus on a bland, indistinguishable group of teenagers being methodically buthchered in 'inventive' ways.

However, the film does manage to create a few moments of well crafted suspense. Although the whole intenet aspect is a naff attempt to bring the series into the 21st century (previously failing in 'My Little Eye'), the sequence where one of the characters must follow instuctions from an internet user who can watch Michael's every move is genuinely tense. For a moment. The final scenes are also well carried out - were it not for the presence of Busta Rhymes. The setting of the house proves to be quite spooky at times, although when it is realised that all the scary artifacts from Michael's childhood have merely been set up, any potential for an exploration of Michael's evil is immediately lost.

Of course , for general horror fans, 'Resurrection' will still prove entertaining, though not at all on the same levels as the first two outings or H20, but for die-hard fans of the series, the half-hearted execution of (practically every aspect of) the film (even the music is dire) and undoing of the perfect conclusion to the series in H20, will cause serious frustration.
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Worst reason to bring back Michael. They come up with a awful excuse when Michael chock's a paramedic, he then puts his mask on him, so the last 10 mins when Laurie(curtis) cuts his head off in H20 was for northing, to tell you the truth it was embarrassing, but then again so was Busta Rhymes, and the rest of the actors who were all a complete joke. For me Halloween should have ended at H20

The only positive thing I can say and that's this Blu-ray is region free, and the picture quality is very nice, but that's that,
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2009
Okay, I'll try to be balanced here. This movie was terrible. I know a lot of people were disappointed in H20 because it is far too similar stylistically to the post-Scream slasher movies, and some because it abandons the storyline of Halloweens 4-6. However, I think that was the correct thing to do seeing as the wider audience is far more familiar with the Jamie Lee Curtis story, which showed in the box office for H2O.
So, three years later, plus an extra one because of production problems, we have Resurrection. And was it worth the wait? Far from it.

The Jamie Lee Curtis cameo was the most ill-conceived idea since they killed off James T. Kirk in a cameo in Star Trek: Generations. We had 20 years and three movies of build-up to the event that was motivating this serial killer, and they deliver the most insulting anti-climax since the aforementioned demise of one starship captain. And what's worse, it's the best 10 minutes of this movie. I don't lay this blame entirely with one party, because what was an ill-conceived idea was then filmed very badly by Rick Rosenthal, and then edited even more slopily in post production. Jamie Lee Curtis should have used her contracted obligatory appearance for something much more useful, like having Myers searching for her the whole movie and then she appears at the end. That would have worked much better. Besides which, Laurie's 'death' is highly ambiguous, given that she is stabbed once and falls from the roof, landing softly on the tree tops. I must admit, that is perhaps the best shot of the movie, but it doesn't totally convince you of anything really. After all, look at dear old Dr Loomis. He burned, he was thrown through a window, he was stabbed, he had an apparently fatal heart attack, and then something incoherent happens to him at the end of H6(!). And you KNOW he would have been in H2O if Donald Pleasance were still alive.

Anyway, moving along... to the score, or rather, to a mediocre version of John Carpenter's classic theme (although how many more 'variations' on that I can take, I don't know). I struggled to pick out any decent new cues throughout the entire film, or to be more accurate, any cues at all! Not a good sign. They might as well have just replaced it with some of Marco Beltrami's score from Scream, as they did in H20.

Basically, there is just no point to this story. The reality TV/internet broadcast thing was already two years past its sell by date, besides which it was done much better in My Little Eye that year. It completely undermines the whole story behind the Halloween movies, whether you prefer the H1, H2, H4, H5, H6 or the H1, H2, H2O, H8 path. After finally dispensing with his sister (until H40!) all he seems to do is a spot of housework, cleaning away an unsympathetic bunch of reality TV partygoers.

And cutting past the chase to the denouement, Resurrection also has perhaps the most impotent and predictable final scene in the whole series. At least the incoherent mess at the end of H6 left you wondering what the hell had happened. Not Resurrection.

If you ever wonder why they stopped making the Halloween sequels and went for the remake, then this movie is all the answer you need.

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on 24 July 2011
Awful.This film is awful.H20 redeemed the series and brought closure,then they just got greedy and decided to milk Mike yet again!the way they explain Michael Myers return feels like a kick in the teeth,as if you may as well have not watched H20. The opening scene is definately worth watching for Halloween fans but yet feels anticlimatic,i dont want to say what happens in the opening scene but it should have been handled so much better.You can turn this film off after that because its downhill fast from there.The young hip cast are awful( i dont blame Mike for being mad,i wouldnt want these people in my house either),and this films biggest problem (and this is saying alot) is Busta Rhymes,he absolutely sinks this ship. I like the basic idea for this film,spending Halloween night in Michael Myers house whilst people watch online, but its handled so badly! Barely worthy of the one star i give it, stick to the original Halloween,Halloween 2 and Halloween H20 for your halloween night party!
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on 29 October 2007
'Halloween' is fantastic. It is a creative, beautiful and just tremendous 'Slasher Film' that John Carpenter crafted with excellence.
'Halloween: Resurrection' however, is just rubbish.
It's just a general waste of time.
Busta Rhymes? No thanks.
Jamie Lee Curtis? Yes please but lay off these diabolical sequals for your career's sake.

'Halloween: Resurrection' tells the tale of a group of teens who decide to stay over night at the Myer's family home, where the horrific murders of the original film take place, as part of a reality television sitcom about notorious murderers.
You can probably already tell it's going to be bad by the fact it's about a reality television show which lets face it, are the most pointless, mind-numbingly boring and just worthless television shows ever to be thought up of. Why in God's name would you want to sit and watch people doing exactly the same as you? It's just stupid.

This film has cursed the 'Halloween' franchise and I seriously do not recommend this film to anyone.
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on 12 March 2006
How could they!!!!!!!!! H20 was good and then they have to Trash what I heard was a good script for the next part!! instead we get the dumb! reality tv mixed with Mike Myers?? and whats worse! people in this film are so stupid! duh! why did u kill off Jamie Lee? hope she survived for another sequal to put this all right! H20 set up Halloween perfect for possible sequel ideas? Myers after Jamie Lees son and girlfriend? they could have killed off Jamie lee in the next film! have her sacrifice herself to save her son? big exit! but no!!! they comes up with the dumb idea of Jamie Lee falling from a roof?? and all over in minutes? until we get on with what is basically! a dumb teen slasher, Mike Myers is the only good thing in this, at least hes still creepy, glad they didnt get him to take off his mask and have a chat/song and dance! oh no! whos reading this? I just gave the lame director a fresh idea :(
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on 15 January 2005
'Halloween' should have stayed unresurrected! Laughable characters and situations, and the tasteless death of the series only character left worth caring about are the only horrifying things about this ridiclous entry into the already dead series.
And yes, they are making another one. For shame!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 April 2014
*** Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers - read on at your own risk ***

So, (allegedly) Larry Brand (screen writer) had an idea for a Scream-like college student slasher flick but he couldn't find a backer. After giving it a little thought he decided to call it a "Halloween" Michael Myers film. He contacted Jamie Lee Curtis and offered her a shed load of money for a couple of minutes screen time cameo at the start of the film and promised her that she could end her association with the franchise. He then went and pimped his "new" story with its newly attached names (Halloween, Myers and Curtis) round the movie backers until he found one that said "ok". Well that's my theory about how this got made.

Jamie Lee's segment as Laurie Strode is the first 15 minutes though her actual screen time is less than 5 minutes (and I hope she banked a good amount of money) and the whole sanatorium bit is the most atmospheric part of the entire movie. Once this part is over the whole link to the "Halloween" franchise has gone - the rest is just a college students in a murder house where the killer just happened to be named Michael Myers.

In this film a small group of students from Haddonfield University have been selected to appear on a naff Halloween internet reality show which is to be held at the Myers murder house.

These soon to be corpses comprise of the usual suspects:

- a trio of friends: the tarty one Jen (played by Katee Sackhoff - Battlestar Galactica); the food obsessed Rudy (Sean Patrick Thomas); and, of course, the reluctant one Sara (Bianca Kajlich);

- the 3 unknowns: the murder fan and letch Bill (Thomas Ian Nicholas) ; the sarcastic, self-opinionated, bimbo, Donna (Daisy McCrackin); and the weirdo Jim (Luke Kirby). All of which have a target on their foreheads, backs, etc.

Those in charge of the dire idea for a show are Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes) and Nora (Tyra Banks) ... sadly both proving that they can't act for toffee.

Externally there is Myles Barton (Ryan Merriman - Final Destination), a supposed tech nerd, who has been helping Sara with a computer problem and has the hots for her. He is watching the show on TV along with most of the attendees at "the" Halloween party. He never enters the house and he, and the others with him, are supposed to represent us, the viewers, trying to warn the Sara about the boogie man in the house with the big chef's knife trying to kill them.

We are, of course, expected to pull for the "usual suspects" whereas I wasn't particularly bothered about any of them as long as something happened.

As a generic slasher flick it's ok, I suppose, but there are no real shock moments and the deaths are a little underwhelming. The cast is poor, may be if they had been more convincing it could have been a better film.

Any links to Halloween are purely coincidental and solely for sales purposes - it is a money grabbing effort on the part of the makers.

To be honest the horror aspect is quite tame, which is probably why it has a 15 certificate.
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on 11 February 2014
When a group of college students win a contest to spend the night in the childhood home of serial killer Michael Myers

they expect a few scares But none of them are prepared for what awaits them. The house has been rigged with cameras as they are to be broadcast live over the internet to be watched by millions.

As they wander around the house in search of some kind of answer for Michael's murderous actions they find a bigger problem.

Michael has come home and he does not intend to let anyone leave his house alive. ...

So Curtis never finished the job. That quite touching ending of H20 was just a guy asking for help.

Scraping the barrel and cash cow come to mind. The opening is good, and i'm glad Curtis killed off Laurie, because the rest of the film is trying to pull in the Scream crowd, and it fails miserably.

The film isn't scary, the characters are dull and very, very annoying, and to top it all off, we get Busta Rhymes spouting one liners and Tyra Banks spending the entire movie pouting and drinking coffee.

Even the forgettable one from American Pie pops up with a smug grin as if to say i'm the most famous person here, but he gets offed quickly.

It's an offence to the franchise, and the kick in the crown jewels is knowing that Rosenthal, the guy who directed the original sequel, helmed this.

Avoid, or turn off after Curtis buys it.
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on 22 December 2003
To say this movie is bad is unfair...unfair to john carpenter who made such a brilliant movie all those years ago. this movie is terrible. I would only recommend this movie for curiosity, after viewing you can burn it.
The 'plot' is a loada teens go to the family home of michael myers to spend a night there during halloween whilst it is broadcast over the internet...and uh ho, looksl ike the real mike myers may make an apperance. I think the mike myers from ausitn powers would have been more suited to this laughable attempt. a tragic cash in, with awful script, bad actors, worse plot.
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