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on 28 January 2013
My twin brother gave me some money, for me to buy a new computer, to update the one he gave me in 2005 on Windows XP. I'd been checking out what was available and found this Zoostorm on Amazon. I read the reviews and was greatly impressed with what folks had said about them. Everything is much faster than the old Windows XP I had before.

I'd never heard the name Zoostorm before and was apprehensive on something unknown to me. But the value for money, 1 Tb memory, ram and operating system swayed me. The computer arrived within days well before the due delivery date. I asked a friend round to help me set up and transfer everthing I wanted to keep from the old XP to the Windows 7 set up, without any difficulty. All my documents and pictures now up and running. Although the Zoostorm 7877-0095 came with a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010, I loaded in the 2007 version of Microsoft Office & Student I already had and it works fine.

The only problem I have had was that the mic and speaker sockets on the back of the tower were not working. I rang the Zoostorm help line after trying all the options open to me that I knew of. I was E-mailed instructions of a site to access to download the commands to my computer to make the thing work. I found that Aol, would not allow me to do this. So I'd already set up a Google account and E-mail address. Forwarding their mail to the G-mail account and I had absolutely no trouble getting the instructions through. I emailed the Zoostorm, Tec site and thanked them for all their help. Everything works fine now. Only one slight niggle remains is the W or w I print in letters and e-mails comes out faint. I have tried a few keyboards and the same thing happens. I can live with it though.

Very very pleased with the Zoostorm 7877-0095, I would reccommend it to anyone.
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on 15 October 2014
I needed a replacement family pc. the spec and the price seemed right as it won't be doing anything heavier than web browsing, basic office work, and watching dvds etc. It doesn't have a separate graphics card but that's not a problem - I can always add one later but the Intel I5 seems to cope with everything so far. It's quick and does the job. What is a little disappointing is that most new PCs come with some preinstlled software - a cd.dvd burning suite like Nero, a dvd playing suite and so on. Utilities like adobe reader are also usually there. Although I can well do without trial versions of Microsoft Works and Norton antivirue, this comes with nothing at all. Yes I know that Windows 7 has its own suite of tools but I'm used to dedicated programs.

There is a 'return to base warranty' but after you've installed everything etc and discover a fault, its a real pain to pack it up and send it in for repairs. Mine has a slightly faulty dvd drive. the case is one of those with a fascia that hides the drives and the usb port. There is a button to open the dvd drive but its obviously not quite long enough. So to open the dvd drive you have to go to 'computer drive d open...........' It's a real pain but I can't be bothered to send the whole thing back for a problem I can work around.

It's perfectly adequate as a computer but the dvd fault, the pain of a 'return to base' warranty and the lack of any software mean it's probably a good idea to look at something else. I wouldn't buy it again - these are minor niggles but the market is crammed with alternatives.
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on 18 December 2014
I can't really add anything to this review that hasn't already been mentioned by other purchasers. Believe every word of these positive reviews and buy this computer. It is excellent!

UPDATE January 2016
A Hideous Baboon

Back in December 2014 I purchased a 'Zoostorm' desktop computer from 'Amazon'. As you can see by my previous review I was very pleased with it. Before the one year guarantee expired the machine developed a fault. Please note the word before (it's important).

The computer wouldn't start, being 'stuck' on the welcome screen or a blank screen. I telephoned Zoostorm Customer Services and explained the problem. They said that it sounded like a software problem. Using a start-up disk I reinstalled the operating system. (Windows 7) I reloaded all my software and personal files. The computer worked for a while and then stuck again. Again I reinstalled the O.S.et-cetera, this time it worked for a shorter period of a week or so before sticking again. I was becoming frustrated at this point but gave it another go. It lasted about two days. I tried again but this time it wouldn't work at all.

Christmas came and went and I telephoned Zoostorm again. An employee answered the call and I started to explain the problem. Almost the first thing she said to me (before putting me through to Customer Services) was that the machine was no longer under guarantee. It sounded to me as though she had been trained to say this immediately. I was put through and explained that the machine wouldn't start in 'Safe Mode' with or without networking. (It started to load files and then became stuck. It also wouldn't carry-out auto repair). I was told that it was most likely the hard drive that was at fault.

Zoostorm e-mailed me instructions as to check the hard drive with chdisk. It then became clear that the hard drive was indeed to blame. Surely if follows that the problem was the same and ongoing problem that I first reported in November 2015 before the guarantee expired.

I had explained that I had spent time re-installing the operating system but they still asked the following and implied that I should have already returned the unit:
I explained that THEY had said it was very probably a software problem. I had spent the interim loading and re-loading the operating system. They answered with:
"The results you have provided below would indicate that the hard drive has failed and needs replacing. I have discussed this with our Customer Services who have confirmed as the previous fault report was in November this would be classed as a new fault with the warranty having expired between the previous report and the report you have provided yesterday.
To resolve this we can offer a chargeable repair with us replacing the drive and reinstalling Windows, this would require the unit to come in for repair and we would test all the components at the same time. If you would like a quote for this please advise.
Alternatively feel free to replace the hard drive yourself and use your recovery media to reinstall Windows onto this. "
I thought this response was most unfair and e-mailed to say this. They profusely apologised and asked yet again " Firstly I would like to offer you my sincere apologies for all inconvenience caused. At Zoostorm we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction and unfortunately we did not meet your expectations on this occasion.
As you have reported this is a ongoing issue, can you advise why there has been a delay in following up the case Logged 19/11/15 "
I contacted 'Amazon' and explained the issue. I presume that they contacted 'Zoostorm' as I received another e-mail (apologising again). On this occasion I was sent their terms and conditions of returning goods for repair. These included removing any hardware I had fitted and making sure that the unit was correctly packed. They said that they could send me new packaging at a cost of £17.40 which must be paid for before they dispatched the materials. I presume this £17.40 was to pay for a cardboard box.
At this point I gave in and took the unit to a local repairer at considerable cost. The above description is quite a truncated list of how many times I explained the reason for the delay in informing them between the first time I reported the fault and the second time. I KEPT REINSTALLING THE OPERATING SYSTEM. They seemed incapable of understanding my point. Perhaps they didn't read my e-mails? Perhaps English isn't their first language? This last point would be ironic as it's a British company! I also find it deeply ironic that a computer company (I.T.) should find it difficult to communicate.
The following questions may be asked and I'll try to answer them:

Question: Did I like the computer when it was first delivered? Answer: Very much. See my original review.

Question: Do you blame Zoostorm for the hard drive problem? Answer: No, not at all. Anyone who knows computers will say that a hard drive can go anytime, from a few months to ten years, there's no predicting.

Question: What is your complaint regarding Zoostorm? Answer: A lack of understanding on their part. They kept apologising but still didn't say that they could see my point. They asked the same question time and again but couldn't or wouldn't understand the answer.

I feel like Basil Fawlty when he is trying to make Manuel understand: "Please, try to get this right before one of us dies!"

It seems such a shame that a company that makes such good machines should be let down by very poor communication. I would recommend their units as long as you bear in mind that if you need to communicate with them be prepared for frustration.

I am sorry this has been such a long review but one last positive point: 'Amazon' have been very good to deal with. Throughout they have given excellent and practical assistance. 'Amazon' 5 Stars 'Zoostorm' 1 Star.
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on 23 February 2014
Had the unit a week now and am really pleased. It is very quiet which I was concerned about re the other reviews but thankfully it's as quiet as a mouse. Very easy set-up....just plug it in and switch on. There are 6 USB's in all. 4 at back and 2 at front covered by a drop down flap. Usual connections at back for audio, monitor mouse keyboard etc. No wi-fi card but I didn't need one and use the ethernet connection for broadband.
DVD writer is in the top slot (not tried it yet) then a blank slot then the usb/headphone socket.
I have had to go for Win 7 as my XP machine finally bit the dust but I am pleasantly surprised. It is not too different from XP as to be a long learning curve and it has a few nice features like the snipping tool (screen capture but easily cropable and usable) and enhanced taskbar stuff. I miss my XP explorer window but am getting used to the new format.
The base unit comes with a keyboard and mouse. They are very usable, if basic, and I will happily use them if my trusty keyboard fails. Packing was adequate....it did the job.
All in all, I would be pleased to recommend this machine. It is a basic machine with not many frills but that's what I wanted. I don't want to pay for card readers, wi-fi cards monitors and anything else that some manufacturers put in and charge the earth for. What I needed was a replacement base unit for my near 10 year old Xp machine. It is fast and efficient and fits the bill nicely.
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on 17 May 2013
As has been stated here, the processor in this system is i5-2330 not the current 3330 advertised on Amazon's listing.

What you do get:

8gb of memory supplied on a single RAM stick, leaving the other slot free for upgrading further.
6 USB 2.0 ports, two on the front under the drop down flap and 4 at the back.
SATA 1tb hard disk by Western Digital
USB keyboard and USB Optical mouse.
Motherboard utility disc and guide books.
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with External Recovery Media disc.

Graphics and sound are on board but fine for general use. 2 PCI Express X1 slots and one PCI Express X16 are available for further upgrade options.

Casing is basic but not unattractive. Fan isn't so noisy that it bothers me, although the PSU is only 300w.

While this is a good system, I am disappointed Amazon didn't supply the current processor version as advertised, so the docked review star is purely because of that.

Amazon say that they have checked their stock inventory and the i5-3330 version is unavailable from them but maybe available from 3rd party sellers.
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on 16 May 2014
Bought to replace 7 year old Dell XP...as you would expect its a whole different world. It's fast and got masses of storage,running Win 7 64 bit Home Premium. Exactly what I wanted for mainly emails, browsing and masses of photo editing and storage. Comes with a perfectly useable keyboard and mouse. Connected up and away it went, setting itself up as I followed its instructions,clicking away until there it was ....up and running without any glitches. I'm in love already. Loaded up all my programmes and away it went. Ran it with Microsoft Security to start but have been told this is not a secure system on Win 7 so switched to Bit Defender and this works well. My photo monitors and pro-printers are running well...no hiccups at all. An easy transfer and upgrade to Win 7 at what is a bargain price.Didn't need to contact Zoostorm during setting up and transfers so cannot comment on after-sales. I doubt if there is a better deal on the internet. Mr Happy.
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on 1 March 2015
I hope it's not too premature to leave a comment since I had the computer for just 3 days. But I believe I can always edit/update the comment should any problem occur.
I don't want either to give it the evil eye by saying it's a superfast computer nor do I want to give Zoostorm a free publicity, even though they deserve free publicity.
For those who commented that it's a cheap case. I say, I do not judge the book by its cover. It's not that bad at all. I love the inside and just added a second internal hard drive exactly underneath the existing one (There are two spare data Sata sockets on the motherboard, and one power one but you need to add a sata power spliter adapter that cost just over £1. There is a spare slot to add memory but 8GB is super fast.
I opened both sides of the computer as well as the black front panel and that helps you a lot to add or change hardware like DVD/CD disc drive or a hard drive.
Also those who said it's noisy. I don't think it's noisier than any computer I ever had either at home or at work.
A bargain not to be missed.

UPDATE !!4 days since bought: I JUST HAD A PROBLEM WITH DVD/CD Drive opening all the time. Contacted Zoostorm, very helpful and received a prompt email response explaining what to do. Easy peasy. The problem was the plastic front panel too close to the DVD/CD eject button and that was opening the draw all the time. Had to open both sides of the computer to remove front panel and pull back very slightly the DVD/CD drive.

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on 9 June 2014
The PC worked well at first but was full of pop up adverts when it arrived.Manged to get rid of this by removing certain programs.The usb ports were playing up and eventually only 2 were working. Customer service is a nightmare, I was dealing with them by email as the phone takes too long to get an opereator.It took 1 week and 2 days to get things sorted, it was 2 emails a day by the time they replied and I replied back.I sent the serial number etc in my first email then after a week I got an email asking for this information.Then I was told to scrub the PC and install the recovery disk which I had received with the PC, I emailed back to say I had not received a recovery disk, got email back to say that according to their records I had received it. To cut a long story short I finally got a recovery disk from them with very poor instructions but I managed to sort the usb ports which are now working.I would not recommend Zoostorm.
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on 29 October 2014
i had only problems with it. it started to freeze randomly approximately 6 months after purchase. i tried my best. Replaced almost all parts inside, but it did not help. So, i contacted zoostorm to fix/replace under warranty.
First, time i sent them PC, they just reconnected CPU fan that i disconnected prior shipment and sent it back to me as repaired unit. Obviously, it didnt fix the problem.
Second time i have sent them the PC, they have returned it to me without loading Windows at all.

very disappointing experience so far.
Contacted Zoostorm again today, i hope they will fix it eventually.
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on 10 November 2013
I have now had this just over two weeks - so far so good. It is an excellent pc.

Unlike some reviewers I find it very quiet indeed. As some others suggest the case is a bit flimsy but perfectly adequate and not over-engineered like my previous machine.

The power supply is fine for normal use but may need to be upgraded for those needing a powerful graphics card.

There are two spare SATA data connections on the motherboard but no spare power connectors. I have just purchased a splitter for £1 which will give two more SATA power supplies from the Molex Connector. This has enabled me to install a backup drive which was on my old pc.

One of the reasons for purchasing this particular package was that I wanted Windows 7 rather than Windows 8, which many other suppliers ship as standard. Having used Windows 7 for just over a week I am convinced this was the correct decision. I am very impressed have previously used Vista, XP etc back to 3.1!

The pc is excellent value for money - having checked component prices on eBay and Amazon I calculate that I could not have build it for less.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 DVI. You can check out the spec on the web.

The power supply is a FSP300-60HCN delivering 300w. Again you can check out the spec on the web.

The Hard Drive is a Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB

However, I suppose Zoostorm could always use alternative components.

There is one PCI Express x16 slot and two PCI Express x1 slot. These are close together so I am not sure how one would get on with "chunky" expansion cards.
It comes with one 8Gb memory module leaving one slot spare for future upgrades - thank you Zoostorm for being so thoughtful. But 8Gb should be sufficient for most users.

I have managed to connect all my old (some very old) peripherals with no problems except an HP 1220 series laser printer. This worked until Windows did a driver update- so do not accept this update if you have this elderly printer. However, I did manage to get it going again. Not sure what I did!!!

Also, it does not come with piles of unwanted software and the hard drive is not partitioned - again Thanks Zoostorm.

USB Keyboard and mouse are very basic but how many of us use the ones supplied with the pc?

I use two monitors, one connected to the DVI-D port and the other to the VGA. I would definitely recommend this arrangement if you have two monitors and the space.

Amazon were as efficient as usual and the pc arrived a day earlier than expected.

So far I am a happy bunny.

Its now April 2014 and I am still a (very) happy bunny.

Still a very happy bunny - August 2015.
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